Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 52.2

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Chapter 52 Part 2 Apology

“Are you the god-level guide of Planet Yao?” Novi looked at Xiào Mu seriously. Then his eyes brightened, “I heard that your spiritual power is very powerful, I want to compare with you.”

Xiào Mu is a little surprised, “How do guides compare their spiritual power?” It won’t be fighting using spiritual power ba?

Novi raised his hand, and a crystal ball suddenly appeared in his hand, “This is to test the strength of one’s spiritual power. You just have to inject your spiritual power into it. If your spiritual power is high, the color will turn red. We will compete who can make the crystal ball turn red first.”

Hearing the explanation made the corners of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “No.” His spiritual power now is needed to do a lot of things, so Xiào Mu doesn’t want to waste it inexplicably on stuff like this.

“Could it be that the rumor that you are a god-level guide is fake?” Novi asked in dissatisfaction, “I only came here because of the god-level guide, otherwise I wouldn’t bother to come to Planet Yao.”

“True or not, we’ll know after we test it.” The man in the dark purple uniform made a wicked smile at the corner of his mouth. At the next moment, a big tiger with yellow skin and black stripes suddenly appeared in the living room. It raised its head and roared, then pounced towards Xiao Mu.

At that moment, Xiào Mu felt pain from his arm as Hawke gripped him tightly, and his heart stopped for a moment from seeing the tiger. This tiger looks the same as the Siberian tiger, but its body is much larger than the pictures he has seen. Its height is at least 1.5 meters. Just as the Siberian tiger is about to reach Xiào Mu, a giant black panther stood in front of him and opened its mouth wide, revealing its sharp canine teeth. At the same time, Leo stepped forward and blocked the Siberian tiger owner’s hot gaze at Xiào Mu.

“Major General Leo, I heard of your name for a long time.”

Leo said with a cold face and sharp eyes, “Major General Thornton Rys, you are in Planet Yao’s capital, you should restrain your behavior.”

Thornton spread open his hands and smiled indifferently, “Major General Leo, don’t be so serious. It’s just a little joke, we just want to confirm something.” He curled his lips playfully. “Now I’ve confirmed it…”

Thornton narrowed his eyes evilly, “I heard that the match rate between the God-level guide and all Level AA sentinels is over 90%. I am very curious because I have never encountered a guide who has over 50% match rate with me.”

“God-level guide, you might as well remove your spiritual barrier and let me experience it?”

Hearing that, Leo’s expression sank, and the pressure belonging to Level S sentinel rushed towards Thornton. Thornton’s complexion stiffened for a moment, but then his complexion returned to normal as he released his own pressure to confront Leo.

Xiào Mu noticed that Hawke’s hand is shaking again. Turning his head, he realized that not only Hawke, but Zhao Meng’s face also is pale as well, “Hawke, what’s the matter with you?”

Hawke gritted his teeth and reluctantly said, “The pressure is too strong.”

Realization dawned and Xiào Mu called out, “Leo, stop.”

Novi, who also looked pale on the other side, kicked Thornton angrily, “Major General Thornton, are you trying to murder the royal family?”

Leo and Thornton restrained their pressure at the same time. Huo Tian embraced Zhao Meng and his gentle smile has disappeared. With an expressionless face, he said, “The Huo family doesn’t welcome unfriendly visitors. Please leave.”

Novi got up and looked at Xiào Mu whose expression looked normal. He bit his lip and said, “You didn’t get affected at all. They are both Level SS sentinels, and your spiritual power is even stronger than them.” He paused for a while and then said, “I lost, but I will continue to train, and one day I will surpass you.”

Noga’s face is not very good too because of the pressure from Level SS sentinels. He looked at Hawke and said, “Sorry, but I won’t give up on you. We are destined partners.”

Hawke is half-leaning against Xiào Mu. When he heard this, he immediately stood up and said angrily, “No, I won’t marry you!”

Thornton looked at Xiào Mu with an extremely aggressive gaze, “God-level guide, we will meet again.”

Xiào Mu frowned. The look Thornton gave him made him particularly uncomfortable. It’s like a beast staring at a certain prey, making him feel dangerous.

Leo watched the three people left with cold eyes and issued an order in his terminal for his men to pay close attention to their whereabouts, especially Thornton.

At the door, the Planet Yan’s envoys bumped into Lyle. Lyle raised his eyebrows and they greeted each other courteously. The group left and Lyle entered the house.

“Am I late?” Lyle greeted the owner of Huo’s residence, then raised his eyebrows at Leo, “You can’t handle the three of them? Have you turned into a noob?” Lyle thought Leo asked him to come to help deal with the Planet Yan’s trio.

Leo snorted and glanced at Hawke. “He wants to see you.”

Ever since Lyle appeared, Xiào Mu can feel Hawke’s hands trembling constantly. At first, he is worried for Hawke, but when he saw him blushing, Xiào Mu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. When Lyle’s gaze fell on Hawke, Hawke subconsciously pulled away from Xiào Mu and stood upright, with a perfect military posture.

Xiào Mu walked to the side and Leo followed him. Huo Tian frowned, but didn’t say anything, and sat down on the sofa next to Zhao Meng.

Lyle’s beautiful fox eye blinked, and some light flashed in his eyes. With a hand supporting his chin, Lyle glanced at Hawke from top to bottom. Hawke’s whole body became stiffer and his military posture became more erect. Lyle said, “The military posture is good.” Then he turned his head to look at Leo, “ff he’s your people, why don’t you let him enter the 1st Army? Besides, even if he wants to enter the 2nd Army, since he is your friend, he doesn’t have to stand so seriously like in assessment.”

Leo sneered, feeling once again that he is really stupid for asking Lyle how to chase people. Lyle’s emotional intelligence is worse than his!

Hawke’s face blushed, and he couldn’t maintain his posture anymore. Flustered, he quickly said, “No, I don’t want to enter the 2nd Army, oh, no, I want to enter the 2nd Army.” Hawke spouted things randomly and felt anxious and embarrassed. He wanted to show his best in front of his crush, but he always ended up embarrassing himself instead. Hawke bit his lip hard and stopped talking.

Seeing Hawke lowering his head with a frustrated look and red ears, Lyle couldn’t help feeling soft in his heart. His voice is gentle with a chuckle, “Don’t worry, say it slowly. Why do you want to see me?”

Hawke looked up and saw Lyle’s extremely beautiful face. There is only a faint smile and no trace of disapproval. Sensing it as a sign of encouragement, Hawke suddenly felt courageous again.

“I like you!”

After Hawke finished saying that, he really wished to burrow underground. The confession he imagined in his mind countless times for so many years, he ended up yelling it at Lyle. Yes, Hawke got too excited and couldn’t control his volume. People who didn’t hear what he said will think that he is arguing with someone.

“I’m, I’m sorry.” Hawke’s voice instantly become tinier. However, thinking that this might be his only chance, he straightened his waist. Hawke’s handsome face is full of seriousness, and his sleek and pure eyes only reflected Lyle in it.

“I like you, I have liked you for a long time, you, can you marry me?” Hawke felt extremely shy in his heart, but he still mustered up the courage to finish the sentence in one breath.

After that, Hawke saw Lyle opened his mouth to say something. Afraid of hearing words of rejection, he hurriedly said, “I am a paramecium guide. Although my spiritual power is not high, I train every day so I will definitely get stronger in the future.”

“I have also studied medicine-making for a long time, and I will definitely be able to make medicines for you in the future. I will make sure that you get enough medicine in case you get into mental confusion.”

“Yes, even if my spiritual power is not as good as a high-level guide, I will definitely not let you get into an accident, I promise you.” Hawke’s eyes are reddish as he added, “Please believe me. What I said is true, I am no worse than a high-level guide.”

“Silly.” Lyle sighed slightly, regretting the teasing he had made before. He raised his hand and rubbed the top of Hawke’s hair. “I agree.”

“Huh?” Hawke blinked, staring blankly. “Agree to what?”

“Agree to marry you,” Lyle smiled softly. “Seeing you are so anxious, I will speed up the process and try to choose a good day for the wedding.” Then Lyle frowned as he said, “Hmm, that is not acceptable. If the time is too tight, the wedding won’t be grand enough, and you will be wronged.”

“I’m not afraid. I don’t want the wedding. It’s okay if we go to get the marriage certificate now.” Hawke’s eyes lit up. If it were not for self-restraint, he would have taken Lyle out of the house and get the marriage certificate right away.

“I don’t agree!” Huo Tian cannot maintain his elegant face anymore, and now it’s black like the bottom of a pot. The son he raised with care sent himself to other people’s doors and the other party didn’t even have to hook his finger. Huo Tian really couldn’t understand how their Huo family as a business family could raise such a son who didn’t seek benefit and loss himself in the process.

“Father.” Hawke looked at Huo Tian pitifully. He felt like he is dreaming at this moment. He hadn’t thought that Lyle would agree to marry him. He is afraid that a little bit of trouble would wake him up from this dream.

Huo Tian scowled and looked at Lyle, “Major General Lyle, Hawke is just fooling around so why are you joining the play? You should already know that he is a guide, right? Do you know what it means to marry him?”

“Of course,” Lyle said calmly. “He will be the only one in my life.”

If the sentinel marries an ordinary person, they can still divorce in the future. But after the sentinel gets together with a guide, they will only have each other. A sentinel guide pair is rarely forced to cut off the union, which is fatal to both parties. Moreover, except for criminals with serious sins, it is illegal to forcibly cut off the union.

Hearing that, Hawke stared at Lyle blankly, and tears fell in big plops from his clear eyes.

Zhao Meng saw it and glared at Huo Tian, “What’s there to disagree with? Isn’t it great that our son’s wish is going well? Are you still thinking about the 2 mining stars?”

Huo Tian: “I don’t care for those…”

“That’s fine then,” Zhao Meng grabbed Huo Tian’s hand and walked to the bedroom. “Let’s check our assets first and arrange for Hawke’s dowry.”

Lyle held Hawke with one hand and wiped his tears with the other. But the more he wiped away, the more came out. Lyle smiled bitterly, “These are not eyes but a faucet ba? Stop crying, or your eyes will feel hurt later.”

Hawke sobbed softly, “I, I can’t help it, I’m so happy.”

Lyle felt amused, “Isn’t one suppose to laugh in happiness, why cry?” Seeing Hawke still not stopping, he helplessly lowered his head and pressed his forehead at Hawke’s forehead. Then he threatened, “I will kiss you if you don’t stop crying.”

Hawke is stunned. Then he blinked, and the tears flowed more fiercely. His round eyes stared at Lyle as he said, “Then I won’t control it. I, I will continue to cry, and you must fulfill your threat.”

Lyle is stunned for a moment, then he chuckled. Lowering his head, He dropped light kisses from Hawke’s forehead to his cheek, and then he licked away the tears, “Don’t cry, or I won’t kiss you anymore.”

Hawke: “…” Sentinel is really fickle.

Hawke didn’t dare to cry anymore and he looked at Lyle unmovingly. Lyle felt weak in his heart and kept pecking him, “The Huo family’s young master is so powerful when beating others. Turned out he is a crybaby.”

Hawke blinked, “You know me?”

“Of course,” Lyle rubbed Hawke’s earlobe. “Otherwise you thought I would marry a stranger?”

Hawke’s eyes widened, “You, weren’t you moved by my confession?”

Lyle pinched Hawke’s nose, “I’m touched.”

Hawke’s heart felt tickled, “No, really, how did you know about me? Did you agree to marry me because you took a liking in me before this?”

“Secret.” Lyle kissed Hawke’s red nose and sat with him on the sofa opposite Xiào Mu and Leo.

Only now that Hawke noticed there are still people here. He looked at Xiào Mu’s face and blushed, but his face is full of joy, “Xiào Mu, Lyle agreed to marry me.”

Xiào Mu felt tired in his heart and replied, “Yes, I saw and heard it. I want to thank you because I don’t have to eat lunch anymore. I’m full with dog food already.”

The corners of Hawke’s mouth couldn’t be suppressed and they curved up. “You heard it too, did you? So it’s not my hallucinations or dreams.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t stand it and got up, “Since you are okay, I will leave first.”

At this moment, Huo Tian and Zhao Meng, who was preparing the dowry for Hawke, came to the hall again, and neither of them looked good. Huo Tian turned his face to the door and said, “Golden Tower is here.”

Xiào Mu sat down again. He doesn’t know what kind of attitude the Golden Tower will have regarding this matter. If their attitude is tough, then some things that have been planned for the future will have to be said now.

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