Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 52.1

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Chapter 52 Part 1 Apology

After Xiào Mu hung up, he continued to walk downstairs. Leo saw that Xiào Mu is only carrying a backpack. Xiào Mu’s light packing made Leo think Xiào Mu is staying over for 1 night only. Hence, Leo tried to ask in the most unpresuming way he could think of, “You packed everything up already? Or you placed them all in your space storage?”

Xiào Mu patted his backpack, “All the things I need are here, I don’t have many things to pack.”

Leo glanced over Xiào Mu’s shirt and slacks and suddenly understood. Then he realized what he could gift to Xiào Mu. Leo pressed the urge to place an order online immediately, and stretched out his hand, “I’ll help you carry it.”

Xiào Mu took a step back and avoided Leo’s hand. Then, he said helplessly, “Although I have poor physical strength, I can still carry a bag like this.”

The moment Leo heard the word physical strength, he subconsciously explained, “It’s not that I’m thinking you can’t carry it yourself, I just want to do something for you.”

Leo’s expression is very serious and he looked like he is a little bit annoyed by himself. Seeing that, Xiào Mu’s heart moved slightly. He felt like Leo has suddenly activated his speaking skills, and it’s making his face feel hot. Xiào Mu coughed slightly and changed the subject, “I’m going to Huo’s residence to find Hawke first.”

“Why are you looking for him suddenly?” Leo asked, and added, “I’ll go with you.”

Xiào Mu repeated Zhao Sheng’s words as they head outside, and said helplessly, “Such a coincidence.”

Leo raised his eyebrows after he heard what Xiào Mu said. The corners of his mouth curved up slightly; obviously in a good mood.

Xiào Mu glanced at Leo and frowned, “You seem to be happy?” He thought of it a little and stopped. “You always mocked other people with the word paramecium before. Could it be you are biased against paramecium guides?” The more Xiào Mu thought about it, the more he realized it is possible. So, Xiào Mu solemnly said, “You don’t need to accompany me to Huo’s residence, to avoid conflict.”

Surprised, it took a moment before Leo could react, “Hawke… is a paramecium guide?”

Leo’s reaction looked like he didn’t know about Hawke’s identity. But if he really didn’t know, why would he looked happy just now after hearing what he said? Isn’t it just gloating over people’s misfortune? Xiào Mu looked at Leo strangely, “Yes, don’t you know that? Then what are you smiling at just now?”

The question made Leo smiled deeper, and the laughter overflowed from his mouth. Because Leo deliberately lowered the sound, the chuckle sounded hoarse and magnetic, as if it could get into people’s hearts through the ear. Leo looked at Xiào Mu intently and said, “He has the best relationship with you so I was worried before this that you would like him. Since he is a guide, I got a tough rival off the list, so I am happy.”

Xiào Mu’s ears silently turned red, and he is a little speechless. If Leo hadn’t said it out, he would never think that Leo had such an idea.

Not long after, Xiào Mu and Leo arrived at Huo’s residence. Hawke’s father Huo Tian is an elegant middle-aged man with a gentle attitude. Xiào Mu couldn’t see how he is the harsh uncle mentioned in Zhao Sheng’s words.

Zhao Meng has already rushed back home when he heard about Hawke’s matter. With a concerned tone, he said to Xiào Mu, “Please go and see Hawke. Persuade him, and make him stay at home obediently.” He sighed lightly, “With his identity suddenly exposed, not only the prince from Planet Yan, major news reporters, and ill-intention people in the empire must be monitoring Huo’s residence. If he goes out, it’s very easy for him to get into accidents.”

Xiào Mu nodded, “En, I will persuade him.”

Zhao Meng took Xiào Mu to the door of Hawke’s room. Then he looked at Leo, who had been following Xiào Mu, with a vigilant look, “Major General Leo, please go to the living room for tea first.”

After Hawke’s identity as a guide is revealed, Zhao Meng is particularly sensitive to other sentinel’s approaches. Guides are usually kept in the Golden Tower and are usually difficult to be seen outside. Hence, guides are extremely attractive to sentinel.

Leo raised his eyebrows. Zhao Meng’s thoughts are so obvious that they made him amused. He only had his little guide in his eyes, and he is not interested in another guide.

Hawke heard the sound outside the door and quickly opened the door. He saw the people outside, and his eyes lit up. Turning to the side, he held the door open and said, “You guys, come in.”

“Hawke, Major General Leo is a sentinel!” Zhao Meng said disapprovingly.

Hawke uncaringly answered, “It’s okay, he likes Xiào Mu anyway. Even if he doesn’t like Xiào Mu, he still won’t be interested in me.” Hawke acted cute and shook Zhao Meng’s arm, “Dad, I need their help with something. Please go and talk to Father instead so that he won’t be angry with me.”

Zhao Meng patted Hawke’s head and turned to Leo. Leo said, “Don’t worry, I am only interested in Xiào Mu.”

Zhao Meng then turned to Xiào Mu and said, “If there is any danger, remember to shout loudly.”

Xiào Mu held back a smile and said, “En.” Zhao Meng then left, feeling assured.

Hawke invited the two into his room. After he closed the door, he muttered, “Dad is too serious about everything, and he is very stubborn.”

Xiào Mu: “He is just worried about you. So Zhao Sheng said you want to see me?”

“En,” Hawke pointed to the sofa and said, “sit down first.”

After Xiào Mu and Leo both sat down, Hawke bit his lip, struggling to say something. Next, as if he had made some important decision, his gaze firmed up, “I asked you to come so that I can ask for Major General Leo’s help through you. Since he came with you, it’s easier. ”

Xiào Mu’s thoughts turned in his mind. Thinking of what Hawke had said to him in the past, he had a guess in his heart.

Leo sounded surprised, “Asking me for help?”

“Yes,” Hawke nodded and then solemnly said, “Please help me call Major General Lyle out. I know you and him are good friends. If you ask him, he will definitely come.” Hawke sounded a little upset, “My father doesn’t allow me to go out, so I can only trouble him to come to my house.” After Hawke said his intention in a breath, he paused. He lowered his voice and looked at Leo eagerly, “Can you help me?”

Leo: “It’s a simple request, but why are you looking for him? If it’s going to harm him, I refuse.”

“How could I harm him?” Hawke retorted subconsciously. Then, his face flushed, and his eyes wandered for a while before he said loudly, “I want to confess to him!”

Leo nodded and swiftly opened his terminal. He proceeds to send a message, “I will ask him to come over.”

Xiào Mu frowned, “Why so sudden?” Hawke had a crush on Lyle for a long time, but specially asking Leo to help arrange for the confession right now is too abrupt.

Hawke shook his fist, “Before Noga left, he said he will be coming to ask for my marriage from my family. He is a prince from Planet Yan. I am worried… I am worried that I will be sent to him as alliance marriage.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “Aren’t you thinking too much? Are there still alliance marriages in this era?”

Hawke looked at Xiào Mu, “Why not? Many allied planets often sent their people to marry each other. If Planet Yan offers good conditions to the empire, even if I don’t want it, there is no way to refuse.”

“Father and Dad have been spoiling me, I can’t cause them trouble. I can only think of this way, I have to try it anyway.”

Xiào Mu wondered if meeting with Lyle is the way he thought of? What does he want to do during the meeting? All of a sudden, Xiào Mu thought of a possibility and looked at Hawke in surprise. Could Hawke be thinking of the bold idea he(XM) just thought? Xiào Mu hesitated for a moment. Although he felt embarrassed to ask directly, he still wanted to confirm what is Hawke’s plan. He was about to speak when someone knocked at the door.

Zhao Meng pushed the door open, and his expression looked ugly, “Hawke, Planet Yan’s 2nd and 3rd prince, and Major General Rys are here to offer their apology.”

Hawke jumped up instantly, “I don’t want to see them.”

Zhao Meng frowned, “Don’t be childish. They are messengers from Planet Yan. They are here to offer their sincere apology. If you don’t give them face, it will make people think that we are hostile to Planet Yan.”

Hawke grabbed Xiào Mu’s arm. Xiào Mu noticed that Hawke’s hands are trembling slightly, and asked worriedly, “What’s the matter with you?”

Hawke explained, “My match rate with Noga is 65%. Although I hated him a lot in my heart, but when I come into contact with him, the barrier disappears. Then, I will unconsciously… want to get close to him.” Hawke glared, “I hate it, I don’t like him!”

Xiào Mu went silent. Hawke’s hand trembled because of fear and fear of being out of control when facing Noga. Xiào Mu held Hawke’s hand and said, “It’s okay. Build a barrier around yourself. If you don’t touch him, nothing will happen.”

“Go out together with me.” Hawke looked at Xiào Mu expectantly. In his opinion, though Xiào Mu’s match rate with all Level AA sentinels is over 90%, he can still stay calm in Leo’s presence, who is Level SS. Hawke feels safe around Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu’s gaze met Hawke’s round eye. Then he looked at Leo. This is Huo’s residence and Leo is here as well, safety will not be a problem.


Hawke’s eyes lit up instantly and his hands stopped shaking. Raising his chin, Hawke humphed, “Let’s see how he apologizes.”

Zhao Meng slapped Hawke on the head, “Be obedient and pay attention to etiquette. Don’t cause trouble so they can leave quickly.”

Hawke rubbed his head and answered honestly, “Oh.”

4 people were sitting in the living room, Huo Tian and the other 3 envoys from Planet Yan. As soon as Xiào Mu and Hawke approached the living room, all 4 of them looked over. One of the men with blond curly hair and wearing a long blue trench coat stood up. He glanced over them, and then looked at Hawke.

“I am Novi, apologies that my 3rd brother has offended you previously. Please don’t blame him, Young Master Huo.”

The young man is less than 1.8 meters tall and has exquisite features with fair skin and red lips. Although he said the apology, he didn’t have a shred of sorry on his face, as if he is just here to go through the motions.

Xiào Mu looked at Novi and frowned. This person, Novi should be a guide, but… under his blue bar, there is a translucent gray icon showing debuff (harmful to the body). However, Novi’s complexion looked pretty good. He didn’t look poisoned or sick at all, which made Xiào Mu a little puzzled and a little curious.

“I’m sorry,” the Level AA+ sentinel with short blond hair beside Novi stood up and said to Hawke, “I didn’t know your identity before, and I was wrong to fight with you. I have already told my imperial father about this. I am willing to offer 2 mining stars as dowries to marry you.”

“I don’t want it!” Hawke glared.

The tall man in the dark purple military uniform who has been staying silent beside Noga suddenly smiled at this moment, “It is inevitable for Young Master Huo to be angry, but you should know that it is not easy to encounter a sentinel with a high matching rate.”

“I do not care about that at all.” Hawke said with a straight face, “Since you have finished apologizing, leave my house quickly.”

Novi frowned: “Master Huo is too rude. Is this how Planet Yao treats guests?”

Huo Tian glanced at Hawke and Hawke shut his mouth obediently. Huo Tian smiled gently and said, “Hawke has an impatient temperament, Prince Novi, please be magnanimous to him. Do take a seat. As the distinguished guests, you naturally have to at least drink a cup of tea.”

Novi pinched his fingers with anger. Those words obviously meant for them to leave after drinking tea. He glared at Noga and sat down on the sofa. Noga sat next to him, looking unhappy as well, “If you have any other requirements, you can say it. I will try my best to satisfy them. Hawke is the first guide I have ever met with a match rate of over 50%. I take this matter seriously. ”

“I won’t marry you,” Hawke glared at Noga and added, “I already have someone I like.”

“The person you like?” Noga frowned, “What is your match rate with him?”

“I like him even if the number is only 1,” Hawke said firmly.

Hearing that, Noga looked puzzled and angry as well, “Are you going to watch as that person fall into mental confusion and die with your own eyes, and then you die with him?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, he won’t die, neither will I!” Hawke took a step forward, itching to fight Noga again, but Xiào Mu held him back in time.

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