Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 51.2

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Chapter 51 Part 2 Returning to marshal’s apartment

In the next few days, Xiào Mu went back and forth between the Louis apartment and the company from his apartment. During this period, 2 more guides contacted Zhao Meng and signed a sales contract with Delish. The store’s stock for medicines has increased and this change makes the buyers extremely excited. Not because of the added stock, but they begin to realize and believe that more and more guides will learn to make medicine. The sentinels feel that in the future, buying medicine made by guides will be as easy as buying clothes and food online. Also, the days when they no longer need to worry about mental confusion is not a fantasy, but something possible to achieve. The news made them very excited. Not only did they left messages in the message area of the store, but they also shared their joy in the forum posts. When Xiào Mu browsed online with his terminal before going to bed, he couldn’t help but feel delighted. This is a good phenomenon and everything is progressing smoothly.

On the morning of the 6th day, on the way to the Louis apartment, Xiào Mu saw fluttering red star flags everywhere. Colorful lights hung on the trees by the road, which looked particularly festive and lively. Xiào Mu glanced at the date and asked Ah Da, “Is the celebration happening in 3 days?”

Hearing that, Ah Da glanced at Xiào Mu in surprise. As a citizen of the empire, this question is really strange. He replied, “Starting from the 1st, the celebration lasts for 3 days.”

The moment Xiào Mu asked the question, he knew that he had asked a stupid question. Hence, he nodded and didn’t ask anymore, but opened the terminal to check. The imperial celebration lasts for 3 days, and the schedule is different every day. The 1st day is to review history and talk about how they look forward to the future. It is probably where higher-ups go on stage to give speeches one by one and report on the development of the year. At the same time, they will reveal exciting benefits for the future, making people excited. The 2nd day is a performance exhibition of top achievements in various industries. The highlight is military-related performances, including friendly discussions with people from other planets, and demonstrating the strength of the empire. The 3rd day is a big carnival which will last from morning to night, and the highlight is the dinner banquet.

“Master Xiào Mu, we have arrived.” Ah Da’s voice snapped Xiào Mu back to reality. He closed the terminal and got off the aircraft.

Ren’s complexion has improved a lot compared to the previous few days. He wore a grand military uniform and came out of the bedroom. “Xiào Mu, there will be envoys from other planets arriving starting today. I will be very busy so I entrust everything on your hand.”

Xiào Mu nodded, and Ren said again, “For your safety, I hope you will temporarily stop going to your company and avoid contact with strangers. This time there are unprecedented numbers of envoys. Even foreign countries that have not been in contact for hundreds of years also have sent their messengers. Their goal is obvious, it’s you.”

Ren saw that Xiào Mu is nervous, and calmly added, “I will add more guards around you and try not to let you appear in front of others.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help but worry. He tried to think from the positive side, “Since they are visiting the empire, they shouldn’t be doing bad things, right?”

Ren’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Not necessarily. They might not do anything openly but I am afraid they will use tricks or hidden schemes, and… the transition point in the no-man’s land is very problematic. I am worried that one of the envoys has something to do with it.” Ren looked serious as he continued, “Refrain from going out as much as possible. The situation at the transition point is unknown. If someone starts to attack and kidnaps you, there will be the greatest danger.”

Xiào Mu solemnly nodded. He understood Ren’s worries very well. Greene disappeared in there and Louis got seriously injured at the same place. In case of him being caught, the situation will be too dangerous.

“I’ll stay here in the apartment for the time being ba!” Xiào Mu said after a moment of thought. The security here is tight, and Xiào Mu can save time traveling from his apartment to here, which can minimize the danger.

Hearing that, Ren’s expression turned softer, “That would be great. I wanted to suggest it, but I was worried that you would be unwilling. Your attitude was too firm last time in the marshal’s mansion.”

Xiào Mu smiled embarrassedly, and Ren added, “Your room has been kept clean by the house robots. Leo has gone to the military office at the moment. I will ask him to come back as soon as possible.”

Xiào Mu: “It’s alright even if he doesn’t hurry back, this place is safe.”

Ren didn’t say anything as time is running out, he left the apartment under Zorn’s escort. Xiào Mu walked into the bedroom, greeted Qiao, and checked Louis’ situation. Louis’s red bar is only a little bit black, and the rest had turned dark red. Xiào Mu didn’t delay and started the treatment for Louis. After a round of treatment, Louis’ spiritual state is no longer black and gloomy but looked grayish now. Xiào Mu took an intermediate low-grade healing pill and released Pin Hold to himself while looking at Louis’s status. The red bar turned dark red. Although the remaining value of spiritual power is still 1, it didn’t flicker anymore.

After Xiào Mu’s spiritual power is fully restored, he started the treatment again. After it ended, Louis’s dark red red bar is shortened by 1/10, and the shortened part revealed the normal red color. This result lets Xiào Mu relax a bit. He sat on the seat next to the bed and started resting, waiting for his spiritual power to recover by the way.

Qiao’s eyes lit up, “Lord Louise is getting better.”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Yes, he might be waking up in 3 days.”

“It’s amazing,” Qiao exclaimed in an emotional tone, “I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

Qiao stared at Xiào Mu with a burning gaze, “Lieutenant General Louis’s brain was in fake death state for 6 days. To be honest, if it wasn’t you saying he could be saved on the 1st day, I would have given up. In fact, I have always been puzzled.” He paused before saying, “Even the instrument can’t accurately detect the improvement of Lieutenant General Louis’s spiritual state. Why are you so sure that he will be fine? I recorded Lieutenant General Louis’ spiritual state through quantum glass, and found no changes.”

Xiào Mu looked at Qiao in disbelief, “No changes have been found?”


Xiào Mu finds that strange because he can clearly see that the color of Louis’ spiritual state has changed. Although it only changed from black to gray, the change is still obvious. He asked, “Can you show me the change in spiritual state?”

Qiao nodded, “Of course.” As he said, Qiao walked to Xiào Mu and tapped his terminal twice. Then, a 14-inch virtual screen unfolded in front of them.

“This one is the 1st day,” Qiao said, half a minute later, he swiped to the next pictures, “This is the next day… and this is today.”

Xiào Mu nodded, “It looked exactly the same indeed.” It looked like an x-ray image, all the filaments are shadow-like, and there is no difference in color.

Qiao stared at Xiào Mu with a strange light in his eyes, “Then, how can you be sure?”

Xiào Mu thought for a while. He can be sure because he saw from the status of Louis’s red bar which confirmed that he can be saved. Upon careful inspection, he then found that the filaments have become a lighter shade. If he couldn’t see Louis’ red bar, perhaps Xiào Mu would ignore the color change too. Xiào Mu can’t mention the red bar since it’s a system plug-in, so he pondered for a while and said, “What I saw is different from what you see with the quantum glass.”

“Not the same? How is it different?”

“I can see the color/shade of the filaments. On the first day, Vice Admiral Louis’s filaments were completely black, but now it is gray.” Xiào Mu finished speaking and smiled, “Perhaps this is what a guide sees with their eyes.” He couldn’t help but suggested, “The observation of spiritual state through quantum glass is not very accurate. You can consider studying to make better quantum instruments, preferably shows results in color. That way, you can judge one’s health according to the color depth of their spiritual filaments.”

Qiao excitedly said, “You are right, the treatment will be more precise like this. In the future, people who encounter the same situation as Louis will not be mistakenly judged as cannot be saved and giving up their treatment.” Qiao stood up and walked around in the bedroom. He muttered as he checked his terminal, “Hmm, how to create something like that? What is the principle being used here? Will improving the quantum glass works…”

Xiào Mu saw that Qiao is immersed in his thoughts so he did not disturb him. He proceeds to give Louis the 3rd spiritual treatment. After Xiào Mu is done, he checked the state of his mind and found that his fatigue is not serious. This finding caused Xiào Mu’s eyes to brightened so he refilled his spiritual power and did the 4th spiritual treatment. After it is over, the familiar feeling of tiredness struck him. Xiào Mu rubbed his forehead and smiled. He guessed that because of the extreme use of spiritual power these days, his endurance has strengthened.

Walking out of the bedroom, Xiào Mu drank a cup of hot tea and informed Zhao Meng about not going to the company in the next few days. Then, Xiào Mu sent a message to Xiaojin, asking the robot to inform the sentinels of the incoming appointments that he is suspending the treatment for time being and wait until the celebration is over. Soon someone replied. Some people are not satisfied with the temporary hiatus, while most expressed their understanding. The citizens of the empire knew that various envoys will be arriving one after another starting today.

Reading the replies, Xiào Mu sighed. He too felt that it is not very good for him to keep making changes with the appointment schedules. So, he decided to open future appointments only 1 day in advance and he will confirm that he is free before opening the slots. Xiào Mu got up and walked outside. Before he reached the door, Leo pushed the door open and walked in. When Leo saw him, his expression became tense for an instant. Then Leo looked at his reaction while saying, “Grandfather said you would be staying here for a few days. Are you regretting your decision? ”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “No. I just want to go back to get some daily necessities. I’ll return later.”

Hearing that, Leo’s expression relaxed, “Wait a minute, I’ll go back with you.” He walked quickly to the bedroom to check on Louis, then walked to Xiào Mu’s side, “Let’s go!”

Xiào Mu knew that Leo is worried about Louis so he told him about Louis’s current situation, “He may be waking up in 3 days. As of now, Lieutenant General Louis is recovering well.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu and laughed at himself, “I don’t know what to say except thank you.”

Xiào Mu smiled, “Then don’t talk about it.”

Leo paused and his gaze is incredibly soft, “Oh, I thought of a sentence to say – it’s nice, to be able to meet you.” Xiào Mu helped his grandfather with his recurring mania, and he helped his grandpa with treatment. These caused Leo to feel emotions he had never had before. Now think about it, it’s great that he meet Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu’s ears turned red. Leo’s words seemed to be magical, rushing into his ears to the bottom of his heart. Leo’s eyes fell on him as if it could melt people. Xiào Mu’s heart lost its usual rhythm, and at this moment, Xiào Mu is deeply aware that his reaction is very strange1. He flees quickly to the aircraft. Upon taking off, Xiào Mu turned his head and looked back. The black aircraft followed behind, guarding silently.

Back at the apartment, Xiào Mu didn’t need to pack many things. It’s mainly clothes and toiletries, which took less than 10 minutes to tidy up. He went downstairs with a backpack. Just as he reached the bottom of the stairs, his terminal shook. It is a call from Zhao Sheng.

“Xiào Mu, Hawke’s identity as a guide has been exposed.”

Xiào Mu’s eyes widened, “How come? Hasn’t Hawke been practicing his spiritual power and making medicine at home recently?”

Zhao Sheng helplessly explained, “The Huo2 and Zhao’s family will attend the dinner on the 3rd day of the celebration every year. Hawke got excited and took Miaomiao out to buy an evening suit. As a result, they got into a conflict with other people. During the fight, Hawke couldn’t maintain his spiritual barrier properly.”

Stunned by the news, Xiào Mu said, “Hawke’s control of spiritual power is already quite stable, that shouldn’t happen!”

Zhao Sheng sounded even more helpless, “His match rate with the person he fought has reached 65%.”


Xiào Mu didn’t know what to say anymore. With this luck, Xiào Mu didn’t know whether to say it is good or bad. Under normal circumstances, if a pair of sentinel and guide reached a match rate of more than 50% and this situation occurred at the Golden Tower’s prom, they can already go to get the wedding certificate the next day.

“The most troublesome thing is that the sentinel is Planet Yan’s prince3, Prince Noga, who just arrived at the empire today.” Zhao Sheng finally couldn’t help sighing.

Xiào Mu turned speechless, “Where is Hawke now?”

“At the Huo family’s residence, my uncle forbids contact with the outside world. Hawke wants to see you.”

Xiào Mu: “What can I do?”

“Hawke didn’t say anything else, he just begged me to help him see you. He asked me to help him sneak out to find you, but uncle found out,” Zhao Sheng smiled bitterly, “Uncle won’t even let me enter Huo’s residence now.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while before saying, “I’ll go to Huo’s residence to see him later.”

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