Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 51.1

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Chapter 51 Part 1 Returning to marshal’s apartment

Striding into the living room, Leo saw Ren and Xiào Mu drinking tea. One of them is not in good condition while the other looked mentally tired. The faint smell of tea made them relax a lot. Leo’s tight expression slightly loosened and he walked to Ren, “Grandfather, how is Grandpa?”

Ren explained what Louis had encountered and the current situation, “Xiào Mu said he can be saved, but it will take some time.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu, and Xiào Mu nodded to agree with Ren’s words. Leo glanced at him deeply, “Thank you.” After he finished speaking, he went to the bedroom to look at Louis. Leo came out soon but his face was ugly.

“Grandfather, tell me all the relevant information. I want to go there in person.”

Ren is not surprised by Leo’s reaction, and pointed to the sofa, “Sit down.”

Clenching his fist, Leo finally sat down patiently and said with a firm tone, “I must go. If you don’t give me the information, I will just go directly. I know where that jump point is anyway.”

“You can’t go,” Ren said in a gentle voice but in a tone that cannot be refused, “You have seen Louis’s situation. That place is very dangerous. I have ordered the study of related equipment to counter the attack. You will go there when we are prepared.”

“I can’t wait!” Leo stood up suddenly, “I’m not afraid of danger.”

Seeing Leo turn around and want to leave, Xiào Mu couldn’t help but said, “Leo, don’t be impulsive.”

Leo stood still, and Lyle arrived at this moment. Seeing that the atmosphere is not right, he sat quietly on the edge of the sofa.

Seeing Leo’s sight falling on him, Xiào Mu thought about what Ren had said, and persuaded, “The situation at that place is unknown. At least you have to wait for Lieutenant General Louis to wake up before making arrangements. If you go forward rashly, it is easy to get an accident.”

Ren continued from Xiào Mu’s words and scolded softly, “Xiào Mu is a minor but he knows better. You have been in the military for so many years. So, you should be very clear about the importance of knowing yourself and the enemy, not to mention…” He paused before saying, “Don’t forget, the beginning of November is the founding day of the Planet Yao. There will be large-scale celebrations going on. This year, many countries from other planets are coming to join the ceremony. You know who are they coming for, right?”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu’s heart moved. Don’t tell him is it because of him?

Ren’s expression sank and he looked at Leo, “It is still unknown whether Louis will recover at that time. Are you going to leave Xiào Mu and me behind and leave Area A unguarded?”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. Why does the last question sound so strange? He glanced at Ren and felt that the main reason Ren asked him to help persuade Leo is actually placed in this question.

Leo looked struggled. He stood silent for a moment, and sat down again, “After the celebration, as long as Grandpa wakes up, I will go to Area F.

Ren secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It’s fine if Leo didn’t act impulsively for the time being. By then, the instrument to resist spiritual power’s attack might have already been made.

After Leo finished speaking, he saw that Xiào Mu looked tired. Earlier when he entered the bedroom, he asked Qiao about Louis’s situation. He knew that Xiào Mu’s fatigue is caused by excessive use of spiritual power. Leo is both grateful and distressed for Xiào Mu, “I will send you back to rest.”

Xiào Mu was going to leave after the treatment just now. He only stayed behind because he promised Ren that he will help to persuade Leo. Xiào Mu nodded, but thinking of the injured Louis, shook his head next, “I won’t be in danger with Ah Da and the other guards guarding me. You can take care of the marshal here.”

Leo hadn’t spoken yet but Ren waved his hand. After knowing that Louis could be saved, he felt a lot relaxed, “I don’t need him to look after Louis. Let him send you back, your current safety is more important than anything else.”

Lyle finally found the time to interrupt, “I’ll stay here to look after the marshal. You guys can leave without worry!”

Leo nodded to Lyle. Previously, he was angry to know that his friend deliberately diverted his attention to hide his grandpa’s injury. Now Leo has a clear mind and understood that it must be Ren’s idea so he is not angry anymore. Getting up, Leo moved to escort Xiào Mu out. After taken 2 steps, Leo suddenly stopped. He turned his head and said solemnly, “Grandfather, no matter what happens in the future, I hope you will stop hiding things from me. I am not a kid anymore and I don’t want to be deceived by my most trusted person.”

Ren stunned by Leo’s firm gaze, then solemnly nodded, “Okay.”

As usual, Leo followed behind Xiào Mu’s aircraft with his black aircraft, leaving after Xiào Mu entered his apartment. Leo didn’t return straight to the Louis apartment but went to spot-check the patrols nearby first. After a round of inspections, he sent additional manpower to the neighborhood’s security. Then he gave an order to the transportation department to strictly inspect the entrances and exits of the air track near the Garden Community. It must be checked throughout the day and continue to be monitored for 24 hours at the same time. After making a series of arrangements, Leo returned to the Louis apartment.

Xiào Mu returned to his apartment. Because of the excessive use of spiritual power, he did not go to the medicine-making room. Instead, he sat on the sofa in the bedroom and entered the homeland’s vegetable patch to harvest seeds and reclaim the land. By now, the raw materials of various medicines for level 50 had already accumulated a lot so Xiào Mu took out some and made 2 of each medicine. The intermediate mid-grade healing pill is an emerald green ball, which can restore 4,000 spiritual power at a time. Even if there are only 2 pills on his hand, Xiào Mu can still smell a light fragrance. He stored the pills carefully before washed up and went to bed.

The next morning Xiào Mu went to the company and asked Zhao Meng about the acquisition of guide’s finished product. The guide from the previous day mailed 100 pills with recovery of 500 spiritual power and a sample of another pill.

Zhao Meng passed the sample pill to Xiào Mu and said, “This was done after you gave your suggestion for improvement. The guide made it last night. He is very eager to know the effect of the medicine.”

Xiào Mu took it and felt a little surprised, “The recovery of this medicine is 1,000 spiritual power. The guide has made quite rapid progress. By the way, what is his name?”

Zhao Meng switched his terminal to the chat interface and answered, “The name he used to contact with me is Abei. I will tell him about the effect of his new medicine now.”

Xiào Mu nodded and added, “The price of medicine with recovery of 1,000 spiritual power is 5,000 star coins. Please contact him and accept as much as he can provide.”


Xiào Mu left Zhao Meng’s office and soon received the medicine that Gu Miao sent to the company. It contained 100 pills with 700 recovery points and 200 pills with 1,000 recovery points. Xiào Mu is a little surprised, the speed of Gu Miao’s medicine-making is faster than he thought. Xiào Mu updated the stock with Gu Miao and Abei’s medicines on the shelves and set them to start selling at 10.00 am. At the same time, Xiào Mu stated in the shop announcement that for special reasons, he will temporarily stop making medicines and the medicines sold by the company are made by other guides.

After updating the announcements, Xiào Mu entrusted the mailing work to Zhao Meng and then went to Louis to continue the spiritual treatment. After the treatment, Xiào Mu walked out of the bedroom looking slightly tired. Leo who is standing at the door looked at him worriedly. He reached out to support him but retracted his hand in time, “You should go to the sofa and rest.”

Just as Xiào Mu sat down, Leo brought him a cup of hot tea. Xiào Mu held the teacup with both hands and felt the warmth passing from the palm of his hand to the bottom of his heart. Xiào Mu looked at Leo gratefully and said, “Thank you.”

Leo: “You’re welcome, and it’s me who should say thank you.”

Xiào Mu smiled. He sipped his tea and felt Leo watching him intently. Xiào Mu gradually became a little uncomfortable and his face slowly turned red. If he didn’t think about Leo’s feelings, he would feel comfortable. But now that he knows Leo’s feelings to him and he can feel it as well, it is difficult for Xiào Mu to stay calm. He felt somewhat strange, but also a little embarrassed.

“Cough cough cough…” Stunned by his thoughts, Xiào Mu’s breathing became unsteady, causing him to choke on his tea, and he coughed violently. Xiào Mu quickly put the glass on the desk, then covered his mouth and turned his head away.

Leo pulled a few pieces of tissue and handed it to Xiào Mu. Seeing that his fair porcelain face is flushed from the cough, Leo finally reached out and patted Xiào Mu on his back, “Is the water too hot?”

Xiào Mu took the tissue and wiped himself. When his breath calmed down, he looked embarrassed as he explained, “No, I just choked on it accidentally. Sorry, I am being rude.”

Staring at Xiào Mu’s red face, Leo’s eyes turned deep, and he sat back to where he was, “It’s alright. It’s fine as long as you are okay.”

Xiào Mu calmed down and laughed suddenly, “If it were you before, you would definitely say, ‘Are you a paramecium? How can anyone choke even when drinking water?’ Or ‘Even students in the early childhood department/kindergarten can’t choke while drinking water’.”

Hearing that, Leo’s expression became unnatural for an instant but he quickly recovered his composure. The corner of his eyes curved up as Leo said, “You know me well. No one ever told me that those words would be this annoying.”

Xiào Mu blinked. In his heart, he thought to himself that even if someone finds it annoying, they won’t say it. After all, Leo’s identity is not simple, and everyone around him is probably flattering him all the time. They will throw all good words at him like it’s free, no one will want to offend Leo by saying bad things.

“Actually, it’s not annoying,” Xiào Mu whispered, “For people unfamiliar with you, they will find it hateful. But after one understands you better, they will know that you are not malicious, just that your words/expression is too arrogant.”

“So you don’t hate it?” Leo’s eyes shone slightly.

Xiào Mu quickly added, “It doesn’t feel good either.”

A smile flashed in Leo’s eyes. His blue eyes stared deeply at Xiào Mu, making no secret of his emotions, “Then you have to look after me well and remind me to correct myself from time to time.”

The words caused Xiào Mu’s face to feel hot, and his heart beat rapidly. Leo’s eyes are so strong that he is at a loss. And the meaning of this sentence is too intimate. Fortunately, after a short while, the butler came in to remind them about lunch and rescued Xiào Mu from the complication.

After lunch, Xiào Mu returned to the company under Leo’s escort. He took a nap first, and then attended to the appointments all afternoon. When he is back to the apartment, the time is at about half-past five and Xiào Mu is a little tired. Instead of cooking, he ordered takeout. He also ate the biscuits he made previously, and then took a rest before starting to exercise. Before going to bed, Xiào Mu opened his terminal to check the current status in Delish’s store. The medicines put on the shelves were all sold out, and there was no bad review.

Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief and switched to the message area. Most of the comments are about them wailing that there is too little stock and their hand speed is not quick enough. Also, many messages are speculating about the special reason (for XM not making meds temporarily).

“Did b’s live broadcast last time frightened male god? So, for fear that the same thing would happen, the medicine he made would not be sold in the store in the future?”

“Oh no, I still want to store more medicine!”

“I don’t think that is the problem. You are not well informed, huh? Bach from the 4th Army took the pill in front of male god to force him to help him break through, and he almost died. Male god rescued him, but Bach’s spiritual power ended up downgraded. I don’t think anyone will dare to take the pill in excess anymore, at the risk of getting their spiritual power downgraded.”

“There is such a thing? Bach is too much! Male god mentioned it long time ago that doing so is dangerous, and for this problem, he has specially developed a measurement device. Bach is clearly mentally blackmailing male god.”

“Anyway, I for one won’t dare to do so. I would rather die than get downgraded. I will definitely take my medicine according to test result in the future.”

“I don’t think that is the reason. Have you forgotten what day it will be soon? The empire’s founding day celebration! There must be many countries from other planets coming by then. Not selling medicines is actually to avoid the medicine being bought by people from other planets!”

“It makes sense. Delish’s shop is available within the planet’s intranet. Other planets can’t access to buy them. Now that they know that there are such good medicines, after they come to Planet Yao, they will definitely want to buy the medicine for research. Male god must have stopped selling his medicines after receiving orders from the military.”

“I think that is the truth.”

“The truth +1.”

“Guys, be a little conscious. Don’t give the pills to the outsiders if you have some in your hand. Maybe the empire has some arrangements for this matter! We can’t let the outsiders get the formula of the medicine for free.”

“Yeah, we can’t let the outsiders get benefits for free!”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help being amused when he saw this. He only stopped making medicine because treatment for Louis consumed too much spiritual power. Plus he had to complete the appointments in hand. However, he has to admit that the masses have a high IQ and a high level of ideological awareness. If Xiào Mu didn’t know the inside story, he would really think what they said is the truth.

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