Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 50.2

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Chapter 50 Part 2 Brain death

Just as Xiào Mu is thinking about it, his terminal suddenly vibrated. It is a message from Ren. He is a little surprised and opened the message. After that, Xiào Mu looked slightly stunned.

“Xiào Mu, I need your help. Please come to the apartment. Don’t let Leo know.”

“What’s the matter?” Leo realized that Xiào Mu’s expression looked wrong, and thought he saw there is a hint of helplessness.

Xiào Mu recovered to his sense and closed his terminal quickly, worried about being seen by Leo. His heart sank slightly because considering Ren’s attitude, something big must have happened. Xiào Mu replied, “It’s nothing.”

When Xiào Mu is thinking about how to let Leo leave naturally, Leo received a call from someone. Frowning, he then hung up and said to Xiào Mu, “I have to leave now. Contact me if something happened.”

The communication arrives so timely that Xiào Mu suspected that Ren did something. He forced a smile and said, “En.”

When Leo left, Xiào Mu found that his guards almost looked down at the same time at their terminal. After reading it, Ah Da looked at Xiào Mu and asked seriously, “When will we leave?”

Xiào Mu: “Now.”

On the aircraft, Xiào Mu couldn’t help but whisper, “What instruction did you just receive?”

Ah Da: “First-class secret, and it is strictly forbidden to spread it outside.”

Xiào Mu’s expression becomes thoughtful and he asked, “Do you also need to keep it secret from Leo?”

Ah Da: “En.”

Xiào Mu suspects that Leo is the one person who they really need to keep secret from. After all, this is the feeling Ren gave him from his message. Soon, their aircraft landed in Louis’s apartment and Xiào Mu walked into the living room. When Xiào Mu saw Ren, his heart tightened. Ren’s face looked haggard, his eyes are red, and his body is full of sadness.

As soon as Ren saw Xiào Mu, he quickly greeted Xiào Mu and calmed his mind. He asked Ah Da and the others to stay outside the door and took Xiào Mu to his bedroom. At the door, he paused before opening the door. A person is lying on the bed in the bedroom, and various medical instruments are placed around the bed. At the end of the bed is a display device. In front of the display device stands a middle-aged doctor, who is the famous spiritual power expert in the empire, Qiao.

Xiào Mu had a bad feeling about this. He stepped forward, clenching his fists heavily, and saw Louis lying on the bed. No wonder Ren’s expression looked so bad. Qiao looked very serious and turned his head to look at Xiào Mu to explain, “Lieutenant General Louis suffered a strong mental attack on his mind. At the critical moment, his mind entered a suspended animation state. However, this state is very dangerous and may cause him to be brain death at any time.”

As Qiao said that, he looked at Ren who has a pale face, “Marshal, you need to rest.”

Ren shook his head and solemnly said to Xiào Mu, “I have to depend on you, please tell me whatever you need.” He paused, “Don’t be under too much pressure, just do your best.”

Xiào Mu nodded, “I will try my best.”

Walking to the left side of the bed, Xiào Mu looked at Louis and frowned. At this moment, Louis’s red bar has almost turned entirely black. It’s a black color that makes people feel very uncomfortable, and the edges of the bar seem to be foggy. Only about 1/20 of the length of the red bar is in dark red. The remaining value of Louis’s spiritual power is 1, and it keeps flickering. Xiào Mu suspects that when the red bar turned black, Louis will be dead. He immediately used Pin Hold skill on Louis. The buff icon is displayed under the red and blue bars. However, after 15 seconds, the remaining value of the bars has not changed at all. His skill seems like a drop of water falling into the sea, no effect can be seen. He used Pin Hold in a row, but still no effect.

Xiào Mu turned his head to Ren and said, “Marshal, I need the sentinels with Level AA and above around the apartment to raise a spiritual barrier around them.” He knows that many of Ren’s guards are high-level sentinels. If they got attracted by their high match rate, the sentinels will affect him during spiritual treatment.

Ren: “It’s okay, I have installed a quantum isolator in my bedroom, and I will go out temporarily.”

Xiào Mu nodded, Ren went out and closed the door. Qiao stood in front of the display and said, “If the situation is not right, I will remind you.”

Xiào Mu made a sound of acknowledgment. Then he stretched his spiritual filaments and entered Louis’s spiritual state. Although Louis is an ordinary person, his spiritual power is not weak. When Xiào Mu saw his current spiritual state, he couldn’t help gritting his teeth. Generally, one’s spiritual state is constructed by spiritual filaments. Under normal circumstances, the filaments will be glowing with white light and appear full of vitality, but Louis’s spiritual state is dark, with only a few gray filaments in the center. Xiào Mu released all his filaments and wrapped them around those dark filaments. Then he transmitted his spiritual power over until the system reminded him that his spiritual power is less than 20%.

Louis’ spiritual state is still black, but the dark shade looked fainter and faded. Xiào Mu’s heart is slightly relaxed; at least something has changed. He retracted his filaments and checked the condition of Louis’s red bar. The remaining value is still 1, but the length of the black color was reduced by about 1/20, and the dark red color increased accordingly. According to this calculation, Xiào Mu needs to do 18 more spiritual treatments to restore the entire bar to dark red. However, the color would be dark red, not the normal red color.

“How is it?” Qiao asked hurriedly upon seeing Xiào Mu move.

Xiào Mu answered, “I can help but it takes time,” he looked at the display and asked, “has the display changed?”

Qiao shook his head, “No, but the situation earlier was Louis getting progressively worse. It’s a good thing that it stopped.”

Xiào Mu’s expression slightly relaxed. He took an intermediate low-grade healing pill to restore 3,000 spiritual power and kept using Pin Hold on himself. After his spiritual power became full, Xiào Mu went to treat Louis again. After repeating this 3 times, and Xiào Mu’s mind felt sluggish, he stopped the treatment.

Xiào Mu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The effectiveness of all his tries is the same. If this treatment continues, Xiào Mu just has to repeat the process 3 times a day for about 6 days and the red bar will turn dark red. Only for these days, he probably has no way to make more medicine, and he can barely treat 50 appointments. Xiào Mu rubbed his forehead, “I will come again tomorrow.”

Qiao looked at the display screen, his eyes gleaming when he raised his head, “Can I use a quantum instrument to observe your treatment process?” He paused and hurriedly added, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about it.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while, “Sure.” He didn’t do anything special anyway. He just connected their filaments together to transmit his spiritual power.

Getting the approval, Qiao is full of joy, “I’ll let someone bring the equipment over.”

Xiào Mu smiled and walked out of the room tiredly. Ren was leaning against the wall. He turned his head when he heard the noise, and his voice trembled with an imperceptible tremor, “Can, can he be saved?”

Xiào Mu sighed in admiration regarding Ren’s feeling for Louis, and smiled comfortingly, “Marshal, don’t worry. He can be saved, but it takes time. I will temporarily suspend my medicine-making, and shorten the treatment time of my appointments as much as possible. Then, I will come here every day.”

Hearing that, Ren became stunned. He lowered his head abruptly and pinched the bridge of his nose. It took a long time before he recovered his composure. Ren stood up straight and seriously said to Xiào Mu, “Thank you!”

Xiào Mu said, “Marshal, you are too polite. I am also very happy to be able to help.” He hesitated for a moment, but still asked, “Will you keep hiding it from Major General Leo?”

Ren sighed, “I probably can’t keep it under wraps for long.”

Ren felt fortunate in his heart. If Louis cannot be saved, he had to tell Leo immediately. On the other hand, if Louis can recover quickly, he will keep this hidden. Although Louis is saved now, the treatment takes time so he can’t keep it from Leo for so long.

Xiào Mu puzzledly asked, “Leo must be very worried about Lieutenant General Louis too, so why didn’t you tell him?”

Ren explained, “Do you remember when Greene disappeared? We have always known that there is a transition point there, but even after moving inside for 10 minutes, we still can’t find an exit. We speculated from Greene’s experience that there must be an exit there, so Louis is trying again. This time, about half an hour after entering the jump point, he was attacked.” He paused before saying, “Except for Louis, no one knows what happened, but he is very likely to be close to the exit. Obviously there is a huge danger there. If Leo knew about it, he would definitely go there to check it out personally… 20 years ago, both Leo’s father and dad disappeared in there.”

That information caused Xiào Mu to be stunned. When he read about Leo’s information online, he had seen photos of Leo’s parents. The two were a strong sentinel-guide combination. His father was an army general while his dad is a guide with Level A spiritual power. He had never seen or heard anyone mention Leo’s parents, so he thought they were stationed elsewhere.

Sighing, Ren continued, “At that time, Leo was super agitated. He went around searching frantically and fell into a mental mania. It took a long time for him to be completely healed. After that, Louis took over the search and did not allow Leo to intervene.”

Xiào Mu understood what happened now. Thinking about Leo’s temperament, Xiào Mu also felt a little anxious and asked, “What to do now? The situation there is unknown. If Leo went to check, it will be very dangerous for him.”

Ren replied, “After you two came back from Planet Ba, I have ordered the research of instruments to resist the spiritual power attack, but time is too tight, and there is no progress at the moment. Without enough preparation, I will not let Leo take the risk.” He thought for a while and said, “I need you to help me persuade him.”

“Me?” Xiào Mu is startled.

Ren showed a smile, “I know what’s on that kid’s mind. I have never seen him care about a person so much, and even restrained his nature a lot. You can persuade him.”

Xiào Mu’s face turned red, Ren asked again, “Can you help?”

Xiào Mu embarrassedly replied, “I’ll try.” He is not sure whether he could persuade Leo, but just as what Ren said, Leo will rush forward recklessly, which is too dangerous.

Leo got inexplicably called out by Lyle for something important, but in the end, there weren’t any important matters. Lyle simply called him out because he said it has been a long time since them brothers went to relax together. Fearing that Leo would not agree, Lyle made an excuse. Hearing that, Leo’s expression turned ugly, but he gave face and didn’t leave on the spot. Hence, Leo got dragged by Lyle to play ball one-on-one, but the more he played, the more he found something is wrong. Lyle frequently zones out during the game.

“Go back to the nursery school to practice skills before you play with me again,” Leo sneered. Spinning the ball on his fingertips, he flipping his wrist and tossed the ball aside. “Say, what do you want to ask for help? It’s not your style to beat about the bush.”

Lyle reluctantly curved his mouth and said, “I’m fine, why do I need your help?”

Leo looked at Lyle suspiciously. Suddenly thought of something, he contacted Ah Da. Ah Da replied saying that Xiào Mu is still in his apartment. Then he asked if anyone is visiting Xiào Mu, but Ah Da said no.

“Did you get someone from the 2nd Army to ask Xiào Mu to help break through?”

Lyle’s mouth twitched, “No, I’m not interested.”

Leo didn’t believe it. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Lyle had deliberately distracted him away so as to let others take the opportunity to find Xiào Mu. So he warned Lyle, “He doesn’t like it, and no one can force him.”

Lyle raised his hand, “I know you treasure him, who dares to force him?!” Lyle picked up the ball and said, “Go on.”

Leo’s terminal vibrated. Leo waved his hand, connected the call. Then, his expression became more and more ugly. After hanging up, he turned to look sharply at Lyle.

Lyle got taken aback. He blinked and acted innocent, “What’s the matter?”

Leo didn’t answer. He summoned Ying directly and drove the mecha to the apartment. Lyle hurriedly sent a message to Ren, “Marshal, the secret seems to be exposed.”

Ren calmly replied, “I just told him.”

Lyle: “…”

There is no good person in the Arnold family!

Even though Lyle thought this way, he hurried to Louis’s apartment as well. His expression became more and more serious. Since the Marshal decided to tell Leo about the secret, does that means Lieutenant General Louis cannot be saved?

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