Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Adopted son

Feeling that he is deeply despised, Xiào Mu determined that he must exercise well after he has solved his living problem!

“Doctor, where is the library?” After a staring match with the doctor for a long time, Xiào Mu decided to ignore the part about paramecium.

As soon as he asked, he received the look as if he’s an idiot again. The doctor exaggeratedly said, “God, are you an old antique who has just crawled out of a grave?”

“How many years ago was the library? It is now in the network era. For any question, you can open a personal terminal to enter the network and you can get all the answers – of course, confidential questions are not included.”

“Uh,” Xiào Mu asked helplessly, “what if there is no personal terminal?”

“How could there not be? Everyone has it from birth, even if you have a bad family background, there are still the outdated terminals sent by the country to store your personal chip…” The doctor said suddenly “No, the hospital will not recruit people without identification, you are teasing me!”

Xiào Mu has a sincere expression, “What I said is true. Dr. Xi Mu told me that I have memory loss, and the relevant departments will not reissue the personal terminal until after the investigation.”

“Oh, you are the patient who was mistakenly taken as a guide by the interstellar pirates and captured. Then they found out that you are not a guide, so they threw you into Zone F no man’s land,” the doctor suddenly shook his head and said with emotion, “So pitiful.”

What’s all this? Xiào Mu looked dumbfounded. No man’s land in Zone F? Is he talking about the place where he can’t see the side when he walks all the time?

“You may have misunderstood.” Xiào Mu said.

“I know, it’s shameful, and it’s normal if you don’t want to mention it.” The doctor full of understanding and patted Xiào Mu’s shoulder. “Don’t be discouraged, boy. You are still young and you can grow taller later. I’m going to see a patient. If you want to check any information, go to Xi Mu for help.”

Looking at the doctor’s back, Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. He wanted to say that he only came to this world inexplicably, and he was not mistakenly taken away as a guide by some pirates at all! But this explanation, he can’t say it, he can only think about it.

Since there is no library, he decided to find Xi Mu. Xi Mu has been treating patients on various floors, and he might miss him, so Xiào Mu went to the dispatch room to ask. The dispatch room is on the 20th floor, and he has to take the elevator. He walked toward the elevator, and when he passed a ward, he stopped. The feeling in the ward made him very uncomfortable, and his spiritual filament was eagerly moving about, wanting to erase this discomfort. He controlled them and couldn’t help but push the door into the ward.

The patient in the ward was lying on the bed with a distorted expression and looked particularly uncomfortable, even then he did not wake up. Obviously, he was injected with sleeping pills, and after sleeping pills, he would usually be injected with a guide pheromone agent. So, it seems that the guide pheromone agent is not very useful to him. A large eagle was flying randomly in the sky, hitting the wall from time to time, and a lot of feathers were scattered down. Upon seeing this, Xiào Mu twisted his eyebrows and closed the door, and stretched out a filament.

The next moment, he saw the patient’s chaotic spiritual filament, like a jumbled ball of wool, with torn splits in the middle. The scene in the movie at lunch immediately appeared in his mind, and almost instinctively, his spiritual filament penetrated the patient’s mind and flexibly organizing the man’s spiritual filament. It’s just that the patient’s spiritual filament is much more than his, which is too slow. He just thought about it, his spiritual filament suddenly split, one became two, and the work of disentangling was accelerated instantly, and the chaotic spiritual filaments were sorted out in a short while. He retracted his spiritual filament, only to find that the big eagle standing at his feet and rubbing him lightly, and the patient on the bed recovered calmly.

A sense of satisfaction arose in his heart. This feeling was wonderful, just like treating a crying child and making them laugh. Thinking of the spiritual filament he had just increased, he opened the character attribute panel, and his spiritual power increased by two hundred! There was a joy in his eyes, he was about to close the system, but saw the skill panel glow slightly, he opened it in a daze.

The glowing position is the progress bar of the ‘Pin Hold’ skill. He looked at it and the current progress is 1/100.

After reading it, the glow disappeared. He stared at that 1 progress for a long time, then looked at the patient on the bed. Could it be that only the patient who he used spiritual filament to treat mental confusion counted as progress? If so, not only would he have to work part-time in the hospital, he would also have to take advantage of the time the sentinel being fed sleeping pills and fall asleep for treatment. Otherwise, he will definitely be discovered. He closed the system panel and left the ward. Then he took the elevator to the 20th floor and went directly to the dispatch room.

Xiào Mu didn’t expect that the moment he went in, he saw Xi Mu with a bad expression. Xi Mu was glaring at him, “Where have you been? Didn’t I say you can’t leave the hospital?”

Xiào Mu was shocked, thinking that something was wrong, and quickly explained: “I went to the first floor and did not leave the hospital.”

“Why are you walking around? I have been looking for you for a while and asked the doctor around, but they all said that they didn’t see you.” Xi Mu walked out quickly after that, “Catch up.”

Xiào Mu hurriedly followed him, and Xi Mu glanced at him, “I thought you were dragged away by someone to the bathroom and get done in. You’d better have a deep understanding of your appearance that can tempt other people into crime.” He tsk-ed, “You can’t protect yourself, but still dare to run around.”

Xiào Mu opened his mouth slightly in surprise, “Did you make a mistake? I am a man, a man!”

“Are you an antique or what? Marriage has been free of gender restrictions for thousands of years. As long as it feels nice, who cares if it is a man or a woman?” Xi Mu squinted at him.

Xiào Mu felt attacked. According to Xi Mu, his current situation is the same as those beauties on Earth. And his risk index is higher than that of ordinary people. He touched his side face, regretting it very much. If he knew about this ‘transmigration’ earlier, he would never customize Brother Hua to look so good, and he would make a rough man face instead.

Xi Mu took him to an office where a man in military uniform sat. When the man saw them, he immediately got up, and his gaze fell on Xiào Mu, “Master Xiào Mu, the major general1 has something to do, so he specifically asked me to pick you up.”

Xiào Mu let out a bewildered sound, and then immediately said, “You have recognized the wrong person, I don’t know you.”

“I heard from Dr. Xi Mu that you have lost your memory.”

The man stepped forward and reached out to grab Xiào Mu’s left hand. Xiào Mu quickly retracted his hand and looked at him warily, “What are you doing?”

Xi Mu said, “He is your father’s adjutant, John. He just wants to help you wear your personal terminal. I really can’t tell at first, you are actually the adopted son of the Greene family.”

“Father? Where did that come from? Didn’t you say that gene matching couldn’t find out who I am? I am probably an orphan.”

Xiào Mu looked dumbfounded. This body is a game character. What father? If there’s really one, he should be this character’s father, both his soul and body. Uh, that sounds a little strange.

John looked at Xiào Mu blankly, “Master Xiào Mu, don’t be willful. The major general doesn’t like willful children.” As he said, he turned on the personal terminal, swiped twice, and then turned the virtual screen in front of Xiào Mu, “This is a picture taken during New Year.”

There are more than a dozen people in the photo. John points to the person on the far right of the first row. Xiào Mu looked over and was stunned. The person inside was wearing a white shirt with a shallow smile on his face and looked very shy. His appearance was almost exactly the same as he is now, but his hair was light blond, and he was thinner and shorter.

“I admit, I look a lot like him, but I am not him. Didn’t you find that he is thinner than me and shorter than me, and his hair color is different?”

John frowned, “No one cares what hair color you dye. I haven’t seen you for half a year. It’s normal for you to change a little. Besides, don’t you still remember your name, Master Xiào Mu Greene2? Don’t make a scene.”

“My name is Xiào Mu, and my surname is Xiào.” Xiào Mu felt confused, how could such a coincidence happen?

John ran out of his patience, “Master Xiào Mu, you are already seventeen years old. Although there are still three years to adulthood, you should be sensible. Don’t always make trouble for the major general.”

As he spoke, he firmly grasped Xiào Mu’s left wrist and stuck a circular sheet on it. Xiào Mu felt warm in his wrist for a while, and after a while, the sheet disappeared. He touched his wrist in shock, and suddenly, a virtual screen appeared, very similar to the normal web page.

“Doctor Xi Mu, I have already paid for the medical bills. Can I go through the discharge procedures now?” John glanced at Xiào Mu and asked Doctor Xi Mu.

Xi Mu nodded, “Of course.”

“No, I still have to stay in the hospital as a part-time job!” Xiào Mu hurriedly said. He currently has no other way to make money, and he has to activate his skills.

Doctor Xi Mu said, “Your medical expenses have been paid and you don’t need to do labor services. As the adopted son of the Greene family, why do you need to do part-time jobs?”

“I am not.” Xiào Mu is helpless, even if he resembles that person, he can’t impost others and enjoy other people’s property. He looked at John and said seriously, “You really recognized the wrong person, this is a mistake. You should quickly find a way to search for that person. Maybe he is very dangerous now.”

“No mistake,” John was very troubled by the young master’s stubbornness. “The aircraft that captured you did pass through the F zone no man’s land, and you were saved there. There is nothing wrong with it.”

“What about the genes? You can compare the genes, compare it with my ‘previous’3 genes.”

“No, your genes are not recorded in the system,” Doctor Xi Mu said and then looked at John, “This is very abnormal, Mr. John.”

Every citizen will carry their genetic information in the personal chip as soon as they are born, and the genetic information will be archived at the National Information Office to prevent one from being trafficked or lost.

John said solemnly, “The doctor just needs to do his job well.”

Doctor Xi Mu raised his eyebrows. There must be a problem, but it has nothing to do with him.

“Master Xiào Mu, I will take you back to your apartment.” John walked to the door and turned to look at Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu ignored John. He looked at the virtual screen and clicked on the personal information tab at the top left.

Name: Xiào Mu Greene
Age: 17
Adoptive father: Kain Greene
School: Imperial Grass Academy4

There was also a passport-type photo in the upper left corner of the personal information. He stared at it for a while and had to admit that they looked so alike. He was taken aback for a moment, and Xiào Mu began to wonder. Could it be said that his current body was not his game’s Brother Hua, but transmigrated into Xiào Mu Greene? A chill ran through his back, and Xiào Mu shivered suddenly.

John glanced at the time and urged again, “Master Xiào Mu, I still have to work in an hour, please hurry up.”

Xiào Mu was unsure of his current identity. After thinking about it, he exchanged contact information with Xi Mu and got into the aircraft behind John.

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