Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 45.2

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Chapter 45 Part 2 Confession

After posting the announcement, Xiào Mu contacted the building management and proposed restrictions on entering the 3rd floor. Those who did not meet the requirements are not allowed to stay on the 3rd floor. Since the entire 3rd floor belonged to Xiào Mu for the time being, his request is quickly approved. Then, he immediately contacted Zhao Sheng and asked him to send a technician over to set the restriction on the scanning terminal at the 3rd floor’s entrance which everyone would have to scan to enter.

The required documentation needed to enter the 3rd floor includes Delish’s staff card (for the staff) or, the appointment instruction sheet for that specific day (for the sentinels). Next, Xiào Mu went to adjust the settings for Xiaojin to accept the appointment requests. Xiaojin has to first confirm the value of the sentinel’s spiritual power and his conditions before approving the appointment request. When it is approved, Xiaojin will send an appointment instruction sheet to the other party. The day of the appointment is marked on the instruction sheet. Each day will only accept 20 appointments so if the appointments exceed the limit for that day, the extra ones will be pushed to the next day and so forth. Therefore, everyone whose request is approved will receive an appointment instruction sheet, but their time will be different. After everything is set up, Xiào Mu went to check the appointment requests received by Xiaojin on the terminal and got stunned by the number. Within a few minutes after he posted the announcement, the number of appointments set for him tomorrow is already full.

Xiào Mu checked the comment area of the store and saw these:

“Ah ah ah, can you not post stuff in chunks like stuttering? Earlier when I saw that the pills are sold out, I exited the store’s webpage and didn’t see your latest announcement in time. When I got to it, my appointment date is already 5 days later.”

“Is the boss doing this deliberately? You want me to live inside the shop’s webpage, is it? Say it! Do you still have anything left that you forgot to say?”

“I don’t dare to leave anymore. I felt like if I leave, I will regret it next moment.”

Xiào Mu laughed and replied, “I have said everything I have to say, there is nothing left to see in the shop.” He thought for a while, and sent another reply, “Oh yeah, to add to my reply just now, the stocks will be updated at 10.00 am every day from now on, welcome to buy~”

“Cheater, I almost left the webpage.”

“Doesn’t dare to believe what the boss says anymore, how could Boss Zhao give his account to someone who stutters!”

“Same, I also don’t dare to believe it. I’ll just live here.”

Xiào Mu watched as the last comment being copied and pasted indefinitely and felt helpless. He posted a reply, “I’m sorry, I promise I didn’t forget any more things to say. If I forget anything again, I will add more stocks as an apology and also give a discount.”

Since Xiào Mu offered to add stocks as an apology, the customer finally believed his words and stopped trying to ‘live in the store’s webpage’. They said they would check the store’s page before 10.00 am tomorrow.

Xiào Mu exited the shop interface and looked at the time. It is less than 11.00 am, but the shop’s goods are all sold out. Since he has nothing to do in the office, Xiào Mu decided to leave work early. He talked to Zhao Meng and told him to leave early. If any matters arise, he(ZM) could deal with the matter at home. Zhao Meng agreed, and the two left the company together.

Xiào Mu returned to the Marshal’s Mansion and continued to make medicine, preparing the pills that he is going to sell tomorrow. Then he entered the homeland in the system and continued to reclaim the land. When it is time for dinner, Xiào Mu left to head to the dining hall. The moment he stepped out of his room, Xiào Mu met Leo, who is walking towards him. Leo’s expression is slightly dark and he stood in front of him. Xiào Mu felt a little strange. He has been very busy with his own thing these two days. It seems that he hasn’t offended Leo in any way, right?

“Is there something you want to ask me?”

“Did you take over Delish?” Seeing Xiào Mu nodded, Leo asked in an unhappy voice, “You will also provide spiritual treatment to sentinels?”

Xiào Mu nodded again, “Yes.”

Leo looked down at Xiào Mu and said solemnly, “I don’t agree!”

The reply caused Xiào Mu to feel inexplicably confused. This has nothing to do with Leo, right? Thinking of Leo’s identity, Xiào Mu said seriously, “The company’s operations are completely formal and legit. There is no illegal transaction going on, and spiritual treatment is also legal.”

“Even so, I don’t agree with it,” Leo said. “Doesn’t your medicine able to treat mental confusion? Why do you need to provide spiritual treatment as well?”

Xiào Mu internally replied that his skills would not improve with just selling medicine. But on the outside, he said, “The more I use my spiritual power, the more proficient I can be. Also, my spiritual power can gradually increase.”

“If you want to practice, practice with me.” Leo stared intently at Xiào Mu with his blue eyes.

Xiào Mu did not understand why Leo is being so persistent, “Your spiritual state is at its peak and does not need treatment at all. Why, why do you disagree?”

Leo said in a deep voice, “It’s dangerous for you to face sentinel by yourself. It’s inevitable that someone will harm you.”

It turned out that Leo is worried about his safety. Xiào Mu replied in amusement, “You can go to see the announcement on Delish’s page. I set restrictions on the appointment for spiritual treatment. You should know that my spiritual power is not only for healing but also for hurting people. They can’t hurt me.”

Leo’s jaw tightened, staring at Xiào Mu without speaking. So, Xiào Mu took a step aside and said, “I’m going to eat first.”

Leo followed Xiào Mu and blocked in front of him, “No spiritual treatment is allowed unless it involves life safety.”

Xiào Mu is feeling really helpless now, “Major General Leo, I can’t agree with that.” He just wanted to activate his skills earlier to make himself stronger and stronger. He smiled, “Thank you for your concern, but I will guarantee my own safety.”

“It’s not just for your safety.” Leo looked at Xiào Mu intently.

Xiào Mu looked puzzled, “Huh?”

Leo’s expression is serious as he said, “I will be… jealous.” Since Leo started the first part, he can now say out the rest of his words smoothly, “I will be jealous. During spiritual treatment, the spiritual filaments from both parties will be in contact, and I don’t want you to have intimate contact with other sentinels.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help being surprised when he heard the first sentence from Leo. Then the corners of his mouth twitched when he heard the latter part. He is obviously just giving a treatment. Why does it sound so wrong when Leo said it? Xiào Mu didn’t know how to react for a while. After thinking about it, he took out an intermediate low-grade healing pill and said, “When you are having mental confusion, take it and try the effect. I can make better medicine in the future.”

Leo furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Xiào Mu puzzledly.

Xiào Mu thought about how to phrase his words and finally said, “After you try the pill, you will believe what I said before about not needing a guide as a partner. In the future, even if sentinel doesn’t have a guide partner, they don’t need to worry about their safety. The medicine made by guides can completely replace the need.” Xiào Mu paused and concluded, “So, sentinel does not need to regard the guide as the first choice of the partner for the sake of their safety, especially for people with status like you. If you are worried that you can’t buy the medicine, I will personally sell you 1 every month.”

As long as Leo doesn’t always focus on him.

Xiào Mu smiled confidently, “Believe me, there will be more of the medicine in the future, and it will be a sustainable source. The safety of sentinel is long-lasting.”

Leo’s expression turned uglier as Xiào Mu explained himself. He stepped forward and his chest almost hit Xiào Mu’s nose. Xiào Mu subconsciously wanted to back away, but Leo’s hands are wrapped around his waist so he is unable to escape.

“Do you still think that I like you because of your identity?” Leo’s low voice has a tone of strong displeasure, and his eyes were also slightly disappointed.

Xiào Mu blinked. Leo’s aura is too strong. Xiào Mu wisely said nothing to reply, but Leo could see his expression at a glance that said plainly, ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ Leo lifted Xiào Mu’s chin and looked down at him. His eyes were ruthless as if he wanted to see into Xiào Mu’s heart, “No, I said it before that only waste gets dominated by their compatibility rate and I have not forgotten nor changed this view/opinion.”

“I’m worried that my sudden behavior will be too radical and will make you feel disgusted, and I have been trying my best not to touch you. God knows how much I want to touch you.” As Leo said that, he rubbed his thumb against Xiào Mu’s lips.

Xiào Mu shrank his neck subconsciously, and Leo continued, “I don’t want to you misunderstand anymore, and I don’t want to follow any stupid suggestions like ‘to boil the frog in warm water’ so that you can slowly adapt to my contact.”

“I like you. Because I can’t see you during the military exercise1, I think about you every day. After I returned, I immediately went to stand at the door of your dormitory, just to confess to you.” Leo looked at Xiào Mu deeply, “So, do you understand it now?”

Xiào Mu blinked quickly, nodded lightly to express that he understood. Xiào Mu has a deep impression of what happened that day that he could remember every detail clearly. The fact that Leo realized his identity as a guide is after he returned to the dormitory. But Leo had already decided to confess at that time. That is to say, the fact that Leo confessed is not because he discovered his identity. The scene of their previous interaction appeared in Xiào Mu’s mind, and it seemed that Leo’s attitude towards him is getting better and better. Xiào Mu is a little confused. If someone asks him who he thinks is the least likely to like him, his answer must be Leo, but the facts completely subvert his thoughts.

“Tell me,” Leo saw that Xiào Mu is not saying anything, so he lowered his body, his eyes changed rapidly as he asked, “Tell me how can I make you believe my words? Do you want me to prove it to you?”

Xiào Mu got taken aback, and gripped Leo’s wrist, “Let me go first.”

Leo’s eyes narrowed slightly. His gaze stayed on Xiào Mu’s face for a moment, and he let go.

Xiào Mu immediately took a step back to put more distance between the two of them. After thinking for a moment, he said, “I believe you, but I’m sorry. You are a very good sentinel, but I do not have feelings for you that are more than friends.”

Truth to be told, as long as his identity problem (as a guide) is not resolved, Xiào Mu couldn’t even consider the issue of relationship at all. He has thought about finding a partner in this world before, but the premise is that he is not restricted by his identity. The first thing he thought of last time was not to be forced to enter the Golden Tower. But now, Xiào Mu added another goal, which is to make the guides normal so that even when they walk on the street like usual, they will not be stared at by other people.

Hearing that reply makes Leo feel a little disappointed. He gripped his fist in his hand and stared fixedly at Xiào Mu, “I understand. But starting from today, please face my feelings squarely as I want to pursue you.”

Xiào Mu was stunned and felt a little embarrassed inexplicably. This is too straightforward, he didn’t know how to react.

But Leo didn’t say anything. He just took a step forward and held Xiào Mu’s hand, “Go eat dinner.”

Xiào Mu struggled but couldn’t break free. He glared at Leo, “Let me go.”

“You should know that it is impossible for a sentinel to be indifferent when facing the person they like. I will only hold hands, and that is already very restrained of me.” Leo said seriously with a blank face.

Xiào Mu frowned and said, “But I don’t accept it. If you are going to do this again in the future, I will move out tonight.”

That caused Leo to stop walking. He stared at their holding hands for a long time before letting go. “You are not allowed to move away, as other locations are not as safe as the Marshal’s Mansion.”

Xiào Mu didn’t expect that Leo would compromise so quickly so he turned to look at him in surprise, “If I live well here, I won’t move out.”

After all, staying in another location is likely to cause more people to be sent over to protect him, and Xiào Mu doesn’t want to cause trouble.

Leo felt depressed. He found that even after he said everything clearly, their relationship is still not closer. Also, because he is worried that Xiào Mu would really move away, Leo didn’t even dare to make small moves anymore.

After dinner, Leo called Lyle’s number. When the call is connected, Lyle’s smiling voice came, “Well, is my suggestion great? How far is your relationship now?”

Leo said with a cold face, “The things you said like inadvertently making small movements, let Xiào Mu gradually become familiar with my touch… all of those are useless. I just confessed to him, and he… rejected me.”

Lyle went silent for a moment and then couldn’t help laughing, “Well, finally you got what you deserved. The number of people who you rejected is enough to circle around the empire once, you know? Man, how the tables have turned.”

“I didn’t call you for this,” Leo said coldly.

“Then why are you calling me?” Lyle asked, then added, “Do you want me to give more tips to you?”

“No, I just want to tell you to read lesser of these useless strategies in the future; it’s just a waste of time.” Leo finished speaking and hung up without hesitation.

Leo stood quietly for a long time and went online searching for a bunch of courting strategies. After reading it, he felt silly for even believing those advice and closed his terminal. In his mind, Leo thought – he had to rely on himself.

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