Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 46.1

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Chapter 46 Part 1 Reservation

Xiào Mu arrived at the company on time at 8:30 in the morning. As soon as he entered the door, he saw that the hall is crowded with people. Some were sitting on the sofa, and some had no seats so they just stand around talking excitedly in twos and threes. The guard hurriedly blocked in front of Xiào Mu, and the people in the hall instantly reacted to the movement. The moment Xiào Mu appeared, all the gazes swept over. Xiào Mu is still wearing the peaked cap with a long brim. He pressed the brim down and asked, “How did you guys manage to come up?”

Xiào Mu’s figure is petite among a group of big men where the minimum height is at 1.9 meters and the majority is over 2 meters. It is precisely because of the difference in height and the brim of the hat is big enough that the people cannot see his face.

“So small, is that a guide?”

“Definitely. It’s just that I didn’t feel the aura of a guide, and my terminal did not react.”

“Could it be a god-level guide?”

“I also heard that a god-level guide can perfectly cover up his aura.”

Listening to the noisy discussion, Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched; his words have been completely ignored! He opened the terminal and checked Xiaojin’s appointment records. Then he felt a bit speechless. These people are actually the sentinels who made appointments for today’s spiritual treatment. His sight swept past the group; there are 20 people in total, no more, no less. But the appointment instruction sheet already mentioned the exact date and time, with an approximate time of each turn. Half of the people here were arranged to come in the afternoon. But in the end, everyone arrived even earlier than him.

“The session starts after 10.30 am so why are you all here so early?” Xiào Mu asked helplessly and added, “Lunch is not provided here.”

“Of course we have to be early. There is a guide here. In case we are late, it would be too rude. I will take care of my own lunch, and I can even treat you too.”

“My treat, my treat! Just order whatever you want.”

Suddenly, Xiào Mu felt like he is here to fish for free food.

A sentinel suddenly asked, “Are you Xiào Mu?”

“It must be!” Another person raised his hand to compare a height, “I have seen the photos. Not only do you have the same figure as Xiào Mu, but you can also hide your aura perfectly.”

Xiào Mu hesitated for a moment. These sentinels’ deducing abilities are too strong. He flicked the brim of his hat. Just covering his face seemed useless.

“I am,” Xiào Mu simply confessed. Taking off his hat, his delicate face is revealed. With a serious expression, Xiào Mu said, “I suggest that you guys go shopping in the mall or go home first. The office needs to maintain silence.”

“It’s really Xiào Mu! I actually managed to see a god-level guide with my own eyes!”

“Wow! He looked better up close!

“I must be dreaming. Being single for 30 years, the speed of this hand finally have achieved a big thing1.”

Xiào Mu coughed slightly, “If you can’t keep quiet, please leave.”

The hall instantly became quiet. Xiào Mu glanced at the time and thought to himself that he should get Zhao Sheng to send someone to add one more restriction on the elevator to the 3rd floor, which is one could only arrive at most, half an hour earlier than the allocated time. Otherwise, the hall will be crowded with people every day, like a vegetable market.

After the crowd stopped making noise, Xiào Mu is satisfied and signaled to the head of the guard, Ah Da. The guards asked the sentinels to make way and escorted Xiào Mu to the office. Xiào Mu opened the store homepage and set the number of pills to be sold today. Then he sets the opening time at 10.00 am, and then checked at the message area. The message area is super active, and comments keep coming in, causing Xiào Mu to be dazzled by the speed. He tapped at the page and slowly swipe down manually.

“Mr. Zhao really has quite the ability, he actually managed to invite the god-level guide to work in the company.”

“Ahhhh, what use of my hands? I want to see the god-level guide quickly too. The speed of this hand is too slow. I only make managed to get an appointment 7 days later.”

“The god-level guide is really nice. Not only does he make medicine, but he also personally provides spiritual treatments. He is closer to the citizens, unlike ‘some people’ in the Golden Tower.”

“Yes, yes, I used to go to the guide hospital for treatment. The level C guide they provided had a reluctant look on their face, and my face nearly turned stiff from trying to smile the entire time.”

“Not only I am a fan of Xiào Mu’s ability, but I’m also a fan of his beauty, ah, ah, he is simply too perfect.”

Xiào Mu randomly looked around for a bit more and left the shop. It is only 9.00 am. After thinking about it, he walked out of the office and sat down on the sofa behind the frosted glass partition. Turning on his terminal, Xiào Mu typed a sentence and sent it into Xiaojin. However, a sentence popped up on the screen saying: [There were too many appointment messages.] Xiaojin’s AI brain is overloaded, so it hangs. Xiào Mu stayed silent for a moment and contacted the robot company’s maintenance staff, hoping that they could repair it as quickly as possible. He checked the progress of the appointments and found that it has already reached 100 days later. Xiào Mu couldn’t help but rubbed his forehead. Delaying for so long, according to the low remaining spiritual power of the sentinels when they made an appointment, how could they be able to hold on for 100 days?2

Xiào Mu entered the message area of the store again, and as expected, he saw a bunch of comments from people who are unable to make an appointment. Xiào Mu created a post and wrote, “So sorry, there are too many appointments, and the schedule waiting list is too long. The appointment is temporarily suspended for new requests. In the future, I will only open appointments within the span of half a month. For sentinels who didn’t get it, please go to the hospital for treatment in time or buy our medicine.”

“Feeling uncomfortable, and I haven’t made an appointment yet!”

“I have a bold idea. Could it be the official account is now being used by the god-level guide?”

“I agree with the idea upstairs.”

Reading this, Xiào Mu felt helpless. These people’s brains are spinning too fast. He did not reply but replaced the content on the announcement box regarding spiritual treatment with what he wrote in the comment area. After that, Xiào Mu closed his terminal and called out to the external lobby, “Appointment #1, you can come in.” He is free right now anyway, so Xiào Mu simply took the opportunity to treat people as soon as possible, lest they all crowded here.

Immediately, 2 guards stood at the junction between the inner and outer halls. Sentinel No.1 looked stunned, and then he jumped up suddenly, “Oh, the appointment time is advanced?” He quickly rushed to the inner hall.

Xiào Mu motioned for the man to sit down, and reached out a spiritual filament to check his condition. However, he immediately took it back in the next second. Other than his guards, Xiào Mu could sense at least 4 Level AA sentinels, one of which is sentinel No.1.

“Good God, a guide with 93% match rate!” A Level AA sentinel excitedly ran towards the inner hall, where Xiào Mu is at but is stopped by Ah Da with a cold face.

Sentinel No. 1 stared at Xiào Mu with fiery eyes, “It turns out that the rumors are true. The match rate between you and Level AA sentinels exceeds 90%.”

Xiào Mu looked annoyed by his mistake and said, “Sorry, I forgot about that.” In his previous spiritual treatments, the sentinels are either low-level sentinels or unconscious sentinels. Xiào Mu only thought of them as patients coming for an appointment. Still thinking with the same awareness back in the hospital, Xiào Mu did not think that the sentinels here might be high-level sentinels, which is too reckless of him.

“It’s okay,” Sentinel No. 1 said softly, “Can I pursue you? No, even if you refuse, I won’t change my mind.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, and he took the opportunity to correct the man’s thoughts, “It is not sensible to decide your life partner just because of the match rate.”

“This is an instinctive sign!” Sentinel No.1 said.

“No, it’s not. If so, what about people like me? And the number of guides is much lower than sentinels. Are those sentinels destined to spend the rest of their life alone until they die?” Xiào Mu smiled, “I believe you will meet someone you really like in the future and it will have nothing to do with the match rate. You will like that person because of your emotions, your love, which is not solely thinking to possess that person.”

Xiào Mu spouted the lines from some romance drama and tried to hold his expression as he said it. As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately changed the subject, “Now close your eyes and feel your spiritual state. You can open them when I say so.”

Sentinel No.1 closed his eyes, hiding his thoughtful look that was caused by Xiào Mu’s words.

Xiào Mu released the Pin Hold skill to sentinel No.1. The man’s spiritual power is at 8,500 points, and the remaining value is only 8%. He almost needs to recover nearly 8,000 spiritual power. 15 seconds later, after the Pin Hold buff disappeared, Xiào Mu added another one. 4 minutes later, sentinel No.1 spiritual power has returned to its full value.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

Sentinel No.1 is full of wonder. Countless spiritual filaments stretched out under his control, each one glowing faintly, and the sensitivity was extremely high. A black Tibetan mastiff appeared beside him, looking majestic and strong, and its fur seemed to be shining.

Xiào Mu moved back subconsciously. Spirit animals here this world is much taller than the real animal. The Tibetan mastiff’s eyes shone brightly. Although it is not fierce, it still looks terrifying.

“Thank you so much!” Sentinel No.1 swiftly got up and bowed.

Xiào Mu quickly got up and avoided the bow, “Don’t be too polite. I am not doing this as a volunteer job. You still have to pay for the medical fee.”

Sentinel No.1 said sternly, “With this level of treatment, it’s not an exaggeration even if you charged 300,000 star coins. But you only charge 30,000 coins, which is no different from voluntary labor.” After he finished speaking, he proceeds to pay the money in full.

Xiào Mu suddenly felt that what he had is not a game system at all, but a gold mountain!

When Sentinel No.1 left the inner hall, the waiting sentinels are surprised to see him, “You finished the treatment so soon?”

“Or your illness is hard to treat?”

“Could it be even the god-level guide couldn’t enter your spiritual state?”

Sentinel No.1 said, “Nah, I’m treated already. I’ve never felt so good!” As he said that, the man released his spiritual power with all his strength, and the vigorous spiritual power spread out instantly. Even sentinels of the same level felt the pressure.

“Ohh, my God! I can’t believe it, the process is so fast!”

“As expected of the god-level guide, I can’t wait for my turn any longer.”

“I’m No.2, can I go in?” The sentinel No.2 asked with an anxious expression on his face when he got stopped by Ah Da.

At this moment, the maintenance staff came to fix the robot, and Xiào Mu paused his treatment. Xiaojin is quickly repaired, and the staff reminded Xiào Mu before leaving that when processing too much information, he could set more filters to avoid malfunctions. Xiào Mu thanked him, he controlled Xiaojin to come inside the inner hall, and let Xiaojin call the numbers.

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