Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 45.1

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Chapter 45 Part 1 Confession

Xiào Mu couldn’t help but wonder if Hawke made a mistake, “Are you sure your dad is coming to work in Delish? Our company is lacking an employee to receive the guides. The employee is responsible for guide-related matters, such as receiving the guide or organizing information about the sale of medicines by the guide.”

“Your cousin did recommend someone to me, but didn’t say who it was.”

“It’s my dad,” Hawke said. “I’m with my dad right now and he just got a call from my cousin.”

“Er…”, Xiào Mu asked in a low voice, “Does Uncle want to help?” Apart from this, he couldn’t think of why Hawke’s dad wanted to come to Delish to work.

Hawke: “Yes, my dad felt bored staying at home every day. He has always wanted to help since he heard that our plan is progressing. Hence, he had an agreement with my cousin that he needs to tell him if manpower is needed.”

Hawke raised his voice, “If there’s any place you can use my help, don’t be polite and ask me for help!”

Xiào Mu responded with a smile, “Okay.”

After hanging up the call, Xiào Mu entered the online shopping mall, ordered the signboard for Delish Meds Company. Then he walked around on the third floor and bought two sets of sofas. After placing the order, Xiào Mu began to visit the robot market. There are many types of robots, including simple household robots, but also complex housekeepers or assistant robots. The IQ varies greatly, and the price difference is even larger than the IQ. Xiào Mu chose for a long time and finally bought a relatively simple humanoid robot for 2 million coins that can be set with a program and let the robot work according to the program.

After completed the purchases, Xiào Mu sat in the lobby and browsed the forum while waiting for the delivery to arrive. As he is reading through the forum, Xiào Mu received a private message from Xing Chen. Xing Chen told him that he had received the high-grade healing pills. Today, they set off for Bran Forest. At the same time, Xing Chen asked if he had other needs. The team is happy to fulfill the request with medicine as the commission fee. Xiào Mu replied to the message, and sincerely wishing them all the best. At the same time, he expressed that he doesn’t have other needs.

Sitting in the lobby for less than half an hour, all the things Xiào Mu bought before arrived. The guards helped him hang up the signboard and put the sofa in the inner lobby and the office on the inner right. Xiào Mu followed the instructions from the manual to learn how to use the robot. He pressed the switch button on the back shoulder of the robot. Then the LED screen of the robot’s eyes immediately flashed with a faint blue fluorescence, followed by a mechanical sound, “Hello Master, please connect your terminal to me.”

Xiào Mu docked his terminal according to the prompt, and the mechanical sound came again, “Please give me a name, and at the same time enter how you want me to call you.”

The terminal virtual screen displayed the naming interface. Xiào Mu hesitated for a moment and fill in Jinjiang (nickname Xiaojin) and Xiào Mu (as to how to address him) respectively. The reason why Xiào Mu filled in the name Jinjiang is because the moment he saw the robot, he thought of a novel about robots that he had read on the Jinjiang website in his previous life. As for the address, he is really not used to being called Master. It’s enough to hear that from his system.

“Xiào Mu, Jinjiang will serve you wholeheartedly. Please set up the relevant procedures according to what you want me to do.”

Xiào Mu pondered for a long time and referred to the instructions and videos several times before finally setting up the program in Jinjiang working mode: It will automatically say hello when its eyes scanned a facial feature. Then, Jinjiang will introduce the spiritual power measuring device while raising its hand to show the way. The whole process is very simple.

Xiào Mu copied a section of the introduction of the measuring device and imported it into Xiaojin. Next, he put Xiaojin at the reception desk. To test whether Xiaojin is set up properly, he then opened the door from the outside and walked into the company. After confirming that everything is correct, Xiào Mu locked the door and returned to the marshal’s mansion.

The next day, Xiào Mu met with Hawke’s father. Zhao Meng. Zhao Meng is also a guide with paramecium as a spiritual animal but he hid it well. If he hadn’t said it, Xiào Mu would not have realized it. Compared with Hawke’s liveliness, Zhao Meng seldom speaks and looked attentive when listening to people. Hearing how Hawke described him before, Xiào Mu can tell that his father is a serious person. The meeting between the two parties is very enjoyable. Although Zhao Meng spoke few words, he is an easygoing person to get along with, and he spoke quite straightforwardly. Zhao Meng didn’t feel like someone who has a son as old as Hawke; he was particularly innocent. Xiào Mu asked Zhao Meng to arrange his office as he like, and bid farewell after eating lunch together.

2 days later, Xiào Mu received a call from Zhao Sheng. Zhao Sheng told him that the measuring device is ready so he made an appointment with Zhao Sheng and went to the company at 2.00 pm. Zhao Sheng arranged for someone to deliver the measuring device to the physical store. Xiào Mu asked the staff to place the measuring device in the outer hall and moved Xiao Jin’s position a bit to make sure that when it raised its arm to lead the way, its arm will be pointing at the measuring device.

After he is done, Xiào Mu contacted Zhao Meng and told him to start working the next morning. Next, he returned to the Marshal’s Mansion to make medicine. He made 200 hundred pills for each of the 3 grades of primary level medicine. After he finished it, he packed them into porcelain bottles. When Xiào Mu thought of the delivery part, he searched for shipping business-related matters on the Internet and found that there is a drop-off/receive point near Pingle Square. After finishing the preparations, Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief and felt a little excited. However, when he switched to the forum and saw that all the red Hot posts are related to him, he began to consider if he should hire a few more security guards. After thinking for a moment, Xiào Mu gave up this idea. The business building has a security team already, plus he also has guards with him. It should be enough. The more people there are, the more complicated it will be.

The next day, Xiào Mu had breakfast after a morning exercise and went straight to the Delish company. He sat in the office room on the right-hand side and turned on the monitor in the living room. He also checked the situation in the lobby through the screen on the wall. Not long after, Zhao Meng also came. His office room is opposite him, the office on the left-hand side. Zhao Meng is mainly responsible for talking with the guide who contacted Delish, and if they offered to sell their pills, he will liaise with them. This also means that Zhao Meng in the early stage doesn’t have much work as there are very few guides who would contact Delish.

Xiào Mu entered Delish’s online store with the authority as the boss and deleted the previous announcements. Then he released the latest announcement:

[Delish has reopened. Welcome to buy medicines. In order to ensure the safety of those who take the medicines, they need to go to Delish logistics points which are available in various places. After getting checked by the spiritual power measuring device and obtaining the result, the customer can then purchase the corresponding medicine.]

Xiào Mu uploaded a map of Delish’s logistics points, which is actually vacated space in various offices that belonged to Zhao’s company. After uploading that, Xiào Mu saw the recording he took of Gu Miao making pills in his terminal and proceed to upload it in the shop’s announcement board. Xiào Mu saw that the number of messages in the message area increased sharply. So, after the video is uploaded, he immediately clicked on the message board.

“God! It’s finally opened!”

“Ahhhhh, why is there no logistics point near me? Then I definitely can’t fight for the pills!”

“Upstairs, I am very close to a logistics point. So I quickly got the test result which prompted me to buy a high-grade healing pill… But! I already got my test result at such a fast speed, right? Currently, I doubting my eyes right now, because I think the stock quantity is always at 0.”

“It’s 0 alright, +1. Did the boss forget to update the number of goods on the shelves?”

“Don’t anyone question why you need to measure your spiritual power first?”

“I have an idea. Didn’t Major General Yan’s younger brother break through his spiritual power last time? I heard that the process is very dangerous. Delish is probably worried that someone will break through after taking the medicine and then can’t bear the effect, right?”

Seeing this, Xiào Mu couldn’t help but reply, “Upstairs, you are witty. That’s right, the breakthrough of spiritual power is accompanied by severe pain, which is very dangerous. Please take the medicine according to the grade of your test result.”



After a row of ellipsis representing speechlessness appeared, Xiào Mu is stunned as well. What does this mean? He glanced at the ID, it is indeed the boss of Delish, and there is also the official Delish logo under his avatar. Everything is correct! Then Xiào Mu re-read what he wrote just now, it’s completely written in an official tone too.

“Who is this?”

“As far as I know, this is Boss Zhao’s own account, but Boss Zhao is attending the Morning Financial News Channel as a guest right now. Then, who is the person responding at this moment?”

Reading the replies, Xiào Mu realized what happened and is about to reply to say that he is an assistant when he saw another reply.

“No matter who it is, what I care about is whether today’s medicine is on the shelves? If it is on the shelves, then how many were set? I am considering whether to go to the ophthalmology department.”

“Going to the ophthalmology +1.”

Xiào Mu is slightly embarrassed by the mistake, he really forgot about that. He silently filled in the quantity of the 3 primary medicines at 200 pills each. Then he added a new product, the intermediate low-grade healing pill, which is sold for 50,000 coins per pc. The quantity is 200 too. After pressing OK, Xiào Mu went to the message area and posted, “Dear customer, the goods are now on the shelves, welcome to buy.”

Xiào Mu temporarily closed the message area and switched to the homepage interface. He wrote a note beside the video uploaded before:

[Welcoming guides to discuss with our company about medicine-making methods. Our shop will buy finished products produced by the guides and the price is paid according to the efficacy of the medicine. Our shop only charges a small admin fee. If you are interested, please contact us privately.]

After making sure that there is nothing to add to the note, Xiào Mu switched to the message board.

“Wow! There are new products! Inferring from the price, the efficiency must be super good.”

“Maybe I’m too noob. I have spiritual power Level D. In the later stage of mental confusion, I have a vague tendency of zoning. I always pay attention to Delish’s products. The moment I got the news of the reopening, I went to the logistics office immediately. As a result, I only got recommended to take the high-grade healing pill. Didn’t get recommended to use the new product. Based on this speculation, the revelation is extremely shocking.”

“Mine is Level C, my recommended pill is also not a new product!”

“Is Delish looking down at my account balance? I can afford the pills! I want to buy the best medicine.”

“I am more curious about the new medicine when I see the announcement. Anyone who bought the new medicine, can come out and talk about it?”

“56 of the new product is gone from the available stock. It means someone can buy it.”

“Level B here, after taking the pill, my spiritual power recovered about half of it. I feel great now! Support Delish! With Delish’s medicine, I don’t have to worry about mental confusion anymore.”

“So powerful?”

“Probably fake?! Or self-bought?”

“It’s definitely self-bought. In less than half a minute, the new medicine is also sold out!”

Xiào Mu shifted to the stock backend view and saw that the remaining quantity for all pills has become 0. He opened the purchase record and generated an electronic delivery note with one click. Soon, 800 delivery notes are printed out. Xiào Mu took a look at the printed delivery notes, and found that it has been printed neatly for each grade of medicine; 200 pcs stacked together in each stack. Soon, the robot worker of the express company came to Delish company to pick up the goods. Xiào Mu handed the medicine to the robot, and the robot quickly separated the medicine into boxes, stuck the shipping slip, and then left with the packages.

The high efficiency caused Xiào Mu to be dumbfounded. He originally thought that it would take a long time to sort out 800 copies of deliveries, but he didn’t expect the robot to finish everything in less than 10 minutes. And so, with the free time, Xiào Mu went to Delish online store again and added a sentence to the announcement:

[Sentinels with the remaining value of spiritual power that is less than 10% can make an appointment for the spiritual treatment service at Delish headquarter. For those who are interested, please send a message to the assistant robot Xiaojin. There will be only 20 slots per day. The fee is 30,000 star coins.]

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