Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 43.1

Here’s part 1~

Chapter 43 Part 1 Clan

Xiào Mu stayed in the room to make pills after breakfast, while Leo went to the training ground. Today, the soldiers from the rest of the army will be there for special training so he has to go and see.

When Xiào Mu is making the pills, he ate a healing pill in the middle of the process and used his game skills to boost his spiritual power too. With the experience of last night, he can make the medicine smoothly now. Almost running out of the 50 catties of Wolfberry leaves, Xiào Mu produced a total of 2500 pills. Thinking of the prices that these medicines could sell, Xiào Mu suddenly felt like he turned rich overnight.

Xiào Mu looked at the system panel. His medical skill level has been upgraded to level 50. The new prescriptions for level 50 are intermediate mid-grade healing pill and mid-grade boost pill, with a recovery value of 4,000 points. At the same time, he unlocked the 2 special prescriptions, escalate pill and dispel pill. Xiào Mu searched the Internet for the materials he needed, and the medicinal materials needed for the Level 50’s formula are not sold on the Internet. He is not discouraged though and decided to look for them in the Medical Encyclopedia when he had time.

Xiào Mu counted 555 pills in the big medicine mortar and put them into porcelain bottles. As for the rest, he stored them in the system backpack. He didn’t prepare enough porcelain bottles for this trip. Fortunately, each medicine in the system backpack only occupies 1 grid for every 1,000 pcs.

After the pill-making, Xiào Mu felt a little tired, so he took a nap. When he woke up, it is time for lunch. He opened the door of the room to go to the cafeteria and saw Leo holding his lunch as if he is about to knock on the door. Irwin stood beside Leo and asked, “Is a guide’s hearing that good?” Then answering his own question, Irwin said, “That’s right, your spiritual power is so high. It’s not difficult to temporarily increase your five senses.”

Hearing that makes Xiào Mu’s heart moved. He can use spiritual power to improve the five senses? Xiào Mu put this question aside first, and replied with a smile, “I didn’t hear the sound. I just happened to be going to eat.”

Leo: “Don’t go. There are too many people in the cafeteria today so I brought you food.”

Xiào Mu thought of the stares from the sentinels during the meal before and immediately nodded. Then he let the two men into the room, “Thank you.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu with a soft gaze, “You’re welcome.”

After Xiào Mu finished his meal, he handed the bottles of intermediate low-grade healing pill to Irwin, “There are 555 pills in total, and I’ll bill you the price for 500 pills.”

Irwin carefully collected the porcelain bottle. After that, he docked his terminal with Xiào Mu’s terminal, and immediately transferred 25 million star coins to him, “I have arranged for someone to pick the herbs, and I will bring it to you tomorrow morning.” He chuckled, “You have enough pills to exchange with the herbs?”

“Yes, I made more.”

Irwin smiled and pointed to his terminal, “Add my number since I will contact you frequently in the future.” Saying that, he sent a friend request to Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu approved the application, and the next moment, a familiar mechanical sound came from his mind.

[Congratulations, host. You have reached 10 friends. Activating the permission for the creation of clan. Do you want to create a clan now?]

The notification stunned Xiào Mu. In the game, it is very simple to establish a clan. Players just need to reach 10 members within 3 days, otherwise, the clan will be disbanded. Unexpectedly, Xiào Mu could create a clan with 10 friends as well in this world. He didn’t know what’s the use in creating a clan here, but there are only good things in the system so he did not hesitate to choose ‘Yes’.

[It takes 30 star coins to create a clan, do you agree to continue?]


The system panel suddenly disappeared, replaced by a three-dimensional view of a big house, almost exactly the same as the clan’s house in the game. [Congratulations on the establishment of the clan. Do you agree to use 20,000 star coins to starting the homeland?]


[Congratulations to the host for starting the homeland. The homeland currently has a piece of land that can be used for planting after reclaiming. If you want to get more land, you must reclaim the land you already own first, and the purchase cost per piece of land is 20,000 star coins.]

As soon as the voice fell, a land overgrown with weeds appeared in a space that should be the vegetable field in the game. On the right side of the clan interface, there are 2 buttons, which is to enter the clan view and the other is to leave the clan view.

“Xiào Mu.”

A pain at his chin caused Xiào Mu to leave the clan interface. He saw Leo pinching his chin and asked him(XM) with a frown, “What’s wrong with you? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Xiào Mu recovered to his senses and shrank his head back. At the same time, Leo let go of the hand holding his chin. Xiào Mu glanced across his terminal and smiled awkwardly, “It’s the first time I see so much money, I just got too excited.”

“That’s not excitement, more like shocked witless,” Irwin teased, “I thought you got overjoyed from adding me as a friend!”

After Irwin finished speaking, he felt that the surrounding air instantly became cold, and he glanced away from Xiào Mu. As expected, he saw Leo looking at him coldly. Irwin looked back innocently, it’s not like he is going to snatch someone from Leo.

Xiào Mu put the matter about clan and homeland aside and reminded Irwin, “You should have seen the news about spiritual power breakthroughs. The spiritual power breakthrough is very painful. The more advanced is a sentinel’s level, the painful it is. Therefore, it is best to use this medicine only when one’s spiritual state is in a bad state.”

Irwin noted it down seriously and smiled, “I am not willing to give such precious medicine to others.” He stood up, “I’ll go oversee those little boys so they don’t make trouble during the lunch break. I’m going first.”

Leo also got up and said to Xiào Mu, “Take a good rest. If you want to go out, you must let Wood follow.”

Xiào Mu nodded. He is not planning to go out. Since he didn’t need to dig for medicinal herbs, he has nothing to do to go out. Moreover, all the army groups have arrived. He would definitely be stared at when he went out. When both men were out, Xiào Mu locked the door and sat on the sofa. He opened the system panel, switched to the clan interface, and then chose to enter the clan view. Suddenly, his vision changed, and the surrounding scenery is familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. He had seen it on the computer screen many times, but this time it is immersive. Not only that, Xiào Mu saw himself sitting on the sofa. He is leaning on the sofa and closing his eyes as if he is asleep. It’s as if he has an extra clone now, one in the real world and one in the clan territory.

Xiào Mu walked to the vegetable field area, and the only available piece of land is square. It’s much larger than he thought, about 100 square meters. Walking around the vegetable field, Xiào Mu saw various farm tools in the southeast corner. An idea flashed in his mind. This vegetable field can be used to grow herbs! Although the deal has been negotiated with Irwin, Planet Ba and Planet Yao are planets apart after all. What if there is an urgent need for medicinal herbs? By growing some on his own, he can collect it at any time and save money. Moreover, the raw materials for pills at Level 50 are not sold online. From this point of view, the more advanced medicines are more difficult to obtain in this world. If he plants it himself, Xiào Mu only needs to search for the herb once. Later, after he has the seeds, he can plant them directly on the vegetable field instead of buying them everywhere. He just doesn’t know if the environment of his homeland can grow these herbs or not.

Xiào Mu picked up the sickle and began to cut the weeds. Whether he could plant the herbs or not, he had to try first and plant Wolfberry leaf after preparing the land. After working for almost 4 hours before he finally cleared the ground, Xiào Mu rested against the shovel and panted. Then, he wiped the sweat from his forehead with one hand.

[Congratulations, host. The land has been successfully reclaimed. Do you use 20,000 star coins to buy the second land?]

Xiào Mu chose Yes. Suddenly, another piece of exact same land appeared beside the land he was on, except that there are overgrown weeds all over it. Just by looking at the second land, Xiào Mu felt his hands and feet turning sore. He put the shovel in the place for farm tools and decided to leave the interface first. He is too tired now and must take a rest. Looking at the button to leave the clan view, Xiào Mu’s eyes suddenly stopped. Not sure when it appeared but there are 2 more buttons on the right side of the clan panel; sowing and harvesting.

Xiào Mu tried to choose sowing, and after a while, a line of prompt is displayed next to the sowing button: [Insufficient seeds, 22% of the land occupied.] Xiào Mu immediately looked at the ground and saw that in about one-fifth of the land close to him, the large clods that he had turned out with a shovel before are looking neat and nicely tilled at this time. It looked exactly the same as those sown land he had done before in the countryside.

Xiào Mu is at a loss, what is this sown inside? He hasn’t prepared any seeds yet!

Digging out the seed in the corner, Xiào Mu held it in his hand and stared at it for a while. He is quite familiar with it as he had seen it on the Wolfberry leaf before. A thought turned in his mind and Xiào Mu looked at the system backpack. The remaining Wolfberry leaf is still stored in the grid. He took 1 out and found that there is a broken mark on the top. After thinking about it, it seemed to be the fruit growing on top. Xiào Mu is startled by his finding and then laughed. Farming with the system is really convenient, it’s just that the reclaiming part is a bit tiring, but this is much better than actual farming.

Xiào Mu left the clan view thinking that the sky should be getting dark by now, but he didn’t expect the light outside to be still bright. Checking the time, Xiào Mu realized that though he had stayed in the clan for more than 4 hours, it is only more than 4 minutes in reality. If it weren’t for aches and fatigue all over his body, Xiào Mu would almost suspect that he had only dreamt of farming.

Not only he is tired, but he is also sweating. Xiào Mu quickly took a shower and changed clean clothes, and felt much more comfortable. Just as he came out of the bathroom, he suddenly heard crying from outside the door. Xiào Mu is hesitant whether to look at it when the doorbell rang. Wood stood outside the door helplessly, and beside him is Greene who is crying with red eyes. Greene’s appearance is in a pitiful state, his pants are stained with mud, and his face looked flushed as if he had been exposed to the sun. His arms under his short sleeves are in the same state, and he has some peeling skin.

Xiào Mu asked in surprise, “What’s wrong?”

Wood pointed to Greene as he explained, “He went out without an umbrella and got sunburned. He rushed back to get one and fell down on the way. But he didn’t have a change of clothes and he couldn’t wear our clothes. Can you lend him a set of clothes?”

“Wait for a moment, I’ll get it.” Xiào Mu went back to the room and took a white shirt and black trousers. Greene looked at him embarrassedly, and he smiled at Greene, “I wore your clothes before this so consider us even.”

Greene looked at Xiào Mu in surprise, and Xiào Mu simply explained, “Your father mistook me for you and let me stay in your apartment previously.”

Hearing that, Greene finally understood. He took the clothes and thanked Xiào Mu, leaving with a sad feeling in his eyes. When Major General Leo saw him, he recognized right away that he is not Xiào Mu, but his father did not recognize him.

Wood saw that Xiào Mu’s hair is slightly wet. Thinking that Xiào Mu is going to rest now, he doesn’t want to continue bothering him, but said, “Please let me know when you want to go out.”

Xiào Mu nodded and closed the door. He looked at the umbrella leaning next to the door and thought of the skin on Greene’s face and arms. It turned out that Leo and Wood didn’t exaggerate their concern at all.

Xiào Mu got up very early the next day. As soon as he went out, the door next door opened. Leo is dressed in a stiff black military uniform. The military cap concealed his sharp eyebrows, leaving only a hard jaw and thin lips. His whole figure resembled a sharp-edged sword; sharp and cold. Xiào Mu stopped subconsciously, but when Leo walked to him, as if the cold winter had turned into warm spring, the cold air all over Leo’s body had dissipated.

Leo raised his hand and tuck a bunch of hair that fell on the side of Xiào Mu’s face behind his ears, and naturally retracted his hand, “Let’s go to eat breakfast together. Then we will leave for Planet Yao later.”

Xiào Mu is startled by Leo’s action, feeling a little strange in his heart. However, seeing Leo’s serious appearance, Xiào Mu felt that he is just thinking too much. The two went to the cafeteria together. There is no one in the canteen now, and there are chants from the training ground. Obviously, the sentinels of the special training team are training in the morning.

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