Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 42.2


Chapter 42 Part 2 Cooperation

Understood what happened, Xiào Mu gave the dark-skinned sentinel a Pin Hold buff. He can see that man’s stat – Spiritual power Level A+, the current value is 460/8700, which is less than 10%. Then, he took out a mid-grade healing pill and gave it to Leo.

Leo took it and fed it to the dark-skinned sentinel, “50,000 star coins for a pill, remember to pay Xiào Mu.”

Soon, the dark-skinned sentinel’s face could be seen visibly calmed down. He said to the 2 sentinels who are restraining him, “You can let go now. I won’t attack indiscriminately anymore.”

The sentinels looked at Xiào Mu in shock. The dark-skinned sentinel reacted the same as them and asked, “Did you just gave me a mid-grade healing pill?”

Xiào Mu nodded, and Leo hurried the men away with a cold face, “Go back to the training ground, the evening training is not over yet.”

The dark-skinned sentinel touched his head and smiled, revealing a mouthful of white teeth, “I’m one of the instructors, no need to rush,” he looked at Xiào Mu with piercing eyes, “The scent in your room should also be a kind of medicine for spiritual power recovery? So fragrant. You should have a lot of it, right? Sell me some!”

Recently, the news about the healing pill is overwhelming. The sentinels in the empire are making a lot of noise because of Delish Meds suspending their business. He did not expect that he would meet the medicine-maker in Planet Ba. The source of medicine is near to him, the dark-skinned sentinel doesn’t want the golden chance to pass by like that. Even if he only buys 1 pill, it’s still worth it; the pill he just eaten doesn’t count!

Xiào Mu hesitated for a while and then had a sudden flash of inspiration. When a guide has awakened, they will be taken to the Golden Tower for their protection. This smooth progress1 is inseparable from the support of most of the military. Xiào Mu’s current goal is to let Golden Tower gradually let go of their strict management towards guides, giving the guide the greatest freedom, at least their right to choose. If there he has the support from the military, their plan will be simpler. The military is the place with the most sentinels, and they have the greatest demand for spiritual power’s medicine. Xiào Mu can get the support of the military by relying on his pills.

Thinking of this, Xiào Mu smiled and asked, “Are you the person in charge of Planet Ba?”

The dark-skinned sentinel replied, “I’m the chief instructor Irwin. Don’t worry, my salary is completely enough to pay for the medicine. For now, I will transfer the payment for the pill just now, 50,000 star coins.”

After the man said that, Xiào Mu corrected him, “The market price for mid-grade healing pill is just 10,000 star coins, no hurries,” he thought a little bit and asked, “you should have guide pheromone agents here, right?”

“Yes,” Irwin nodded, “but we used it since we were young, so the effect is getting lower and lower for us. On the other hand, the medicine I took just now is very effective.”

Xiào Mu asked again, “What is the range of the sentinels’ spiritual power training in Planet Ba?”

“Level B (7000) and above,” Irwin smiled confidently, “All the top students from various army groups are trained here. Tomorrow, the sentinels from other army groups will come for special training. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look.”

Xiào Mu is overjoyed when he heard that the trainees are made up of various army groups. It would be even better.

“Can you decide matters related to medicine procurement?”

Hearing that, Irwin’s eyes lit up, “You want to sell us the medicine? If it’s your medicine, I can make the decision right now. I can pay as much as needed, out of my own pocket.” Irwin laughed, he wouldn’t lose any money anyway as he could resell it.

Xiào Mu: “As for now, the medicines sold in our store are basic level pills. Just now, I made a batch of intermediate low-grade healing pills. The effect is 3 times that of the medicine you just took. The interval of use is the same.”

“3 times?!” Irwin widened his eyes. “You must be joking. If your words are true, then even if the spiritual power of a Level S sentinel is exhausted, they can recover fully with just 3 pills!”

More than 9,000 spiritual power is Level S, and 1 intermediate low-grade healing pill restores 3,000 points, which is almost the same indeed.

Xiào Mu spread his hands, “I’m not kidding and I hope to do long-term business with you. The price of intermediate medicines will not be cheap. It’s fine if you use a guide pheromone agent for minor mental confusion. I am confident that my medicine being used during critical time can completely replace the need for a guide.”

“I accept, no matter how expensive it is!” Irwin said immediately.

Planet Ba has a harsh climate and the guides are weak and precious. Even if some instructors have guide companions, they won’t allow their partners to come to Planet Ba. Therefore, Planet Ba has no guide at all, and everyone relied on the guide pheromone agent to treat mental confusion.

The daily guide pheromone agent for military usage does not work well. Advanced guide pheromone agent on the other hand is not available to ordinary people. The quantity is small and expensive. This causes many soldiers to return to Area A once a month to get treatment from the hospital. The most troublesome thing is that sometimes there is a sudden case during training, and there is no way to treat it in time. If they are lucky, they will be sent back to Area A for treatment. The unlucky ones will suffer spiritual power damage and even sudden death. Every soldier who comes to Planet Ba is a valuable asset of the empire. Any death will also make people feel heartache. As the chief instructor, Irwin hopes that they won’t need to use the sacrifice quotas given by the military.

Xiào Mu smiled and took a step back, letting the door open, “Let’s go into the room and talk!”

Everyone sat on the L-shaped sofa. Leo directly sat next to Xiào Mu, and coldly glared at Irwin who wanted to get closer. Irwin sat down to the opposite side of Xiào Mu instead and stared intently at the pills on the table. The other 2 sentinels who followed in had the same reaction, and even one of them couldn’t help taking a deep breath, “Such a pleasant scent.”

Xiào Mu pointed to the medicine, “After it goes on the market, I will sell it at 50,000 star coins. But I will give you a special discount. For every 100 pills you buy, I will give 1 free. How many you want?

Irwin: “I want it all.”

Xiào Mu reminded Irwin, “Use it only when you are close to zoning or mania, it is not cost-effective to use in normal times, you can give me a specific number ba.” He smiled and continued, “Also, we are doing long-term cooperation. You may not be able to grasp the speed of consumption now, so do not buy too much for the first time. I will trade with you once a month, then you can buy the quantity according to your needs.”

Irwin calmly thought for a while and said, “You’re right, but… these are less than 500 pills. Our troops in total are more than 10,000 people, which is not enough.”

“I don’t have enough raw materials,” Xiào Mu expressed his intention, “Wolfberry leaf is the main material of intermediate low-grade healing pill. The main production of the ingredient is at Planet Ba. That’s why I also want to make a deal with you.”

“Do you want us to gather medicine for you?” Irwin immediately understood what Xiào Mu meant.

“Yes,” Xiào Mu said helplessly, “I can’t always come to Planet Ba to pick the medicine by myself. So, you can exchange a catty2 of Wolfberry leaf for 1 pill. What do you think?”

Xiào Mu felt a little for setting the exchange rate. He can make 50 pills per catty, but if he set the rate to more pills, then the price of Wolfberry leaf will be too expensive. This exchange rate is something Xiào Mu had seriously thought about. 1 catty of Wolfberry leaf is equivalent to 50,000 star coins, and 1 catty only left 100 grams after processing unwanted parts. The price of Wolfberry leaf is 500 star coins per gram online, which is 5 times more expensive than Plantago. Both require interplanetary transportation, but Planet Ba is a military star, and there are restrictions on entry and exit. This price (exchange rate) is not too exaggerated.

“Okay,” Irwin nodded without hesitation, “but I will need you to teach me to recognize the herb.”

Xiào Mu took out a leftover Wolfberry leaf, “This is it.”

“Isn’t this found everywhere?” Irwin asked in surprise, “I thought it is just some useless weeds! Really can exchange a catty for a pill?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Yes, but I suggest digging herbs at intervals. Don’t dig too much, so that it won’t extinct.”

“These are all star coins now. I will definitely let the soldiers take care of them to make them grow better.” Irwin said.

“Can you guys pick some for me tomorrow morning? I will sell you 500 pills for the first time, and 5 complimentary pills. Then I will a few more pills based on how many herbs you can give me.”

Irwin nodded, “I’ll bring it to you tomorrow morning.”

The next morning, when Xiào Mu washed up and went out, he saw the Wolfberry leaf piled up on the doorway.

Irwin smiled, revealing 2 rows of white teeth, and said, “A total of 50 catties, how about it?” These weeds that he usually thought are useless actually worth 2.5 million star coins. Just thinking about it made Irwin very happy.

“Awesome!” Xiào Mu gave him a thumbs up, “Come to find me after lunch, and we will trade on the spot.”

Irwin looked at Xiào Mu in surprise, “So fast?”

Xiào Mu smiled faintly, “Of course, a good mood makes the process faster,” he sighed, “but this kind of good day may not be long. You know, my identity is known to the empire, and maybe I will be locked up soon in the Golden Tower. At that time, it may be time for our cooperation to terminate.”

Irwin blinked and chuckled, “You are really interesting. The Delish Meds Company announced that you are afraid of going to the Golden Tower and being restricted in your freedom. Hence, you are not in the mood to make medicine for the time being, but you are willing to cooperate with me.”

“I understand what you mean,” Irwin continued with a smile. “There is only 1 god-level guide. I don’t dare to dream that you can become my guide. Medicine on the other hand is real. I absolutely support your complete freedom.”

Xiào Mu smiled deeper; doing business with smart people is comfortable. He stretched out his hand, “Happy to cooperate with you. Trust me, one day, sentinels will no longer need a guide partner, and can live a long life safely.”

“I am looking forward to it so that I can,” he blinked, “find a sentinel as a partner, hahaha.”

As Irwin said that, he raised his hand to shake Xiào Mu’s hand. Before he touched Xiào Mu, his hand is slapped aside heavily by one hand.

Leo glanced at Irwin coldly, and passed the breakfast he held in his other hand to Xiào Mu, “Ignore him and have breakfast first.”

Xiào Mu felt a little embarrassed. It is obvious that Leo came back to the dorm after eating breakfast. He took the breakfast over and said, “Thank you, did I get up too late?”

“You’re just too tired,” Leo said, “Rest more later.”

Irwin shook his head and said, “When one is in love, their principle is beyond recognition.” After saying that, he dashed away.

Xiào Mu glanced at Leo, he felt that Leo is really different from before. He ate breakfast and looked at the time. He really slept longer than usual last night, probably because he consumed too much spiritual power. Although his spiritual power can be maintained at its full value almost all the time, but if he uses too much, he will gradually get mentally tired.

“How many days do we need to stay at Planet Ba?” Xiào Mu asked Leo, who is sitting across from him.

Leo: “I’m planning to leave tomorrow morning, do you want to stay longer?”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “No, the ingredient collection is left in Irwin’s hand.” He needs to return to Planet Yao as he had a lot to handle.

Leo looked at Xiào Mu quietly, and suddenly said, “The 1st Army absolutely supports you.”

The sudden declaration caused Xiào Mu to be stunned. Then he smiled and asked, “En, your army should also need medicine, right? Can you give me the contact information of the head of the logistics department? I want to cooperate with the 1st Army too.”

“No need, just talk to me.”

Xiào Mu: “Alright. But the personnel trained by the 1st Army and Planet Ba are different. Their spiritual power is different. One needs to be more careful with the medicine intake. I will talk more about it when I go back. I need to see how Zhao Sheng’s spiritual power tester is going.”

Leo’s expression changed slightly, “Are you worried that the medicine is too effective that it will cause a breakthrough?”

“Yes,” Xiào Mu looked serious. “This is very dangerous. Last time, Yan Chen’s spiritual power level is low and he can barely withstand it. So, people with high levels may not be able to endure the pain at all. In the future, people who want to buy Delish Meds pills that are at least medium-grade or higher must be prescribed according to the prescription before they can buy.”

“You are right,” Leo nodded. “I will introduce the tester to 1st Army too to make sure there are no problems.”

Xiào Mu smiled and wondered to himself. Is there any way, that even if the breakthrough condition is reached, it will only restore one’s spiritual power to the maximum and won’t break through? If they can’t find a way, then they can only rely on the tester to write a prescription and sell the pills accordingly.

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