Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 40.2

Here’s Part 2, remember that it ends with a cliff yo~

Chapter 40 Part 2 Spiritual damage

Jonassen threw Qian Yao aside and looked at the satisfied Mitte, “Don’t forget, 500 pills are mine.”

Mitte coldly replied, “Won’t be any lesser,” he stretched out his hand, “Give it back to me.”

Jonassen took off the small round magnet behind his ear, “This is the anti-interference device? If I give it to you and you use mental interference on me, what can I do?” Saying that, he looked down at the bunch of unconscious army soldiers. Jonassen tsk-ed twice, and his gaze fell on Mitte, “Give me a mental disruptor device. Since we have a cooperative relationship, the stronger I am, the better for you.”

Mitte sneered, “Dream on!” The mental disruptor device is his bargaining chip. If given to Jonassen, he will become useless to Jonassen. No doubt, the first person Jonassen will deal with is him.

Jonassen only said it casually and didn’t expect Mitte to give it to him. Pretending to forget what Mitte asked for, Jonassen put the round magnet behind his ear again.

“I’ll rest for a bit and come back when the time is up.” Jonassen kicked Qian Yao who fell to the ground. “Will he wake up halfway?”

“Get someone tie him up. Then, it wouldn’t matter if he really wakes up.” Mitte didn’t care much and turned back into the small starship. However, his expression turned ugly soon. He caught up with Jonassen, coldly glaring at him, “Where is he?”

“How do I know?” Jonassen rolled his eyes. “Isn’t ‘he’ from the Empire? He probably heard that the Empire army is coming, so he ran away.” Having said that, Jonassen warned, “Don’t make mistakes for that waste.”

Mitte’s complexion changed, and there was no warmth in his eyes, “Shut up! I’m an ordinary person too, would you like to try my ‘trashy’ skill?”

“Don’t,” Jonassen raised his hand. Grabbing Qian Yao’s collar, he walked towards the Nathan Starship docked in the north, while cursing in a low voice, “So many messy things in my hand. It’s not like I like seeking death. That person, other than his face, which part is not a waste?”

Mitte’s face changed several times. He turned on his terminal and stared at the red dot on the map for a moment. Then he went to Jonassen with a cold face.

“Let your subordinates bring him back in good condition,” Mitte directly said his intentions. Before Jonassen could refuse, he added, “If you don’t send someone, I will go personally. If the imperial soldiers come, you will deal with them yourself.”

Hearing that, Jonassen’s expression looked ugly. He only has a small number of people. This time he has lost a lot of people. Without Mitte’s mental disruptor device, he has no chance of winning.

“You stay here, I’ll let someone go,” Jonassen said and contacted his men. “Old Third, go get that waste back.”

The remarks caused Mitte to glance at Jonassen coldly but he shared the position of the red dot with Old Third anyway. Jonassen is worried that the situation would change and refused to let Mitte leave, so he dragged Mitte with him into the Nathan starship. Suddenly, Mitte’s terminal shook frantically, he raised his hand and walked out with a calm face. Jonassen followed Mitte out and watched the surveillance video from his terminal. A black mecha activated their sensor and is moving fast around the mine, seeming to want to find a place to breakthrough. Surprised and shocked, Jonassen blurted, “Leo Arnold’s Ying mecha?! He actually came in person!”

Mitte sneered, “So what?” He unceremoniously turned on the mental disruptor device and adjusted it to the highest level. At the same time, the surveillance video showed that Ying has stopped moving suddenly. The next moment, the surveillance video flashed and turned black.

“What happened?” Mitte was stunned.

“Anti-interference, your surveillance has been disrupted,” Jonassen looked around warily, “He is a Level S sentinel. Could it be your disruptor is useless to him?”

“Impossible,” Mitte said with certainty. “You should be clear about that since you have tried it yourself. Even if one doesn’t go into a coma immediately, he will at least suffer severe injuries.”

“Just injuries are not enough,” Jonassen took out a dagger and dragged Qian Yao out. “Just in case, if he comes, I will start a broadcast. Let’s see if he dares to ignore Qian Yao’s life in front of the empire.”

Mitte looked at Jonassen contemptuously, “What are you afraid of? No one here dared to use thermal weapons and Leo’s spirit is severely damaged. You can’t even beat him like this?”

The question makes Jonassen glare at Mite, “Even if a Level S sentinel is injured, you can’t underestimate him. If you can make him unconscious right away, I won’t have to be so cautious,” he said bluntly, “I will leave if the situation is not right.”

Mitte sneered, “You can just start the broadcast now and let others see how cowardly you are.”

Jonassen remained unmoved, “If I don’t cherish my life, I am long dead.”

Suddenly, a huge black panther leaped up to the mid-level platform. The surrounding guards exclaimed and got knocked out one after another. Jonassen’s expression changed. He pressed his dagger to Qian Yao’s neck and moved back in the direction of the Nathan Starship. At the same time, he opened the live broadcast and said with a grin, “Major General Leo, I’m currently broadcast live to the Empire. Do you want me to kill him?”

Leo sat in his mecha with a pale face. The sudden strong mental disturbance made him felt like his head is about to explode so he immediately established a spiritual barrier to make him feel better. The mental disturbance continued and his spiritual power is declining rapidly, but Leo did not retreat and decided to end the fight quickly. He felt that the closer he is to the mid-levels, the greater the intensity of interference, which means the source of interference is nearby. Such steady and continuous interference caused Leo’s expression to become more serious. He realized that this does not come from a person with high spiritual power, but a weapon to attack spiritual power.

“Jonassen,” Leo’s voice came from the tall mecha, with a metallic coldness, “Go to hell!”

As soon as the voice fell, Jonassen’s head suddenly felt severe pain. Screaming, he fell on his back and let go of the dagger. At this moment, a huge black panther lunged at him like a phantom. The pain in his head is fleeting, and his rich combat experience made Jonassen react reflexively. He rolled to the right and avoided the killing blow. Releasing his humanoid mecha, Jonassen jumped onto the cockpit. However, at the moment he entered his mecha, his back was severely clawed by the panther. That hit almost sent Jonassen shooting into the cockpit, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

[Warning! Master, your spiritual power is seriously insufficient. Please get it treated.]

Ying’s mechanical voice radiated from the seat, and Leo’s forehead is filled with cold sweat. He had just launched a mental attack on Jonassen, which greatly consumed his spiritual power. His spiritual filaments lost the protection of the barrier and got attacked by the mental disruptor. Although it only happened for a moment, it was excruciatingly painful. Leo took out the high-grade healing pill given to him by Xiào Mu and his expression softened. After eating the pill, his complexion looked better.

Jonassen did not counterattack, instead activated the acceleration mode and ran to the Nathan Starship quickly. Leo snorted and followed closely. Within 2 seconds, he caught up with the humanoid mecha. Jonassen gritted his teeth fiercely, showing a fierce expression on his face. Knowing that it is impossible to escape, he turned to face the enemy head-on. Jonassen has been relying on his good judgment and has always avoided opponents who are stronger than him, so as not to fall into disadvantages. In fact, his strength is not bad at all. He has the foundation of Level AA, plus rich experience in fighting after being a space pirate. His strength is not weaker than a normal Level AA+ sentinel.

It is lunchtime in the empire at this time, but no one is eating. All of them are staring at their terminal, watching the battle between the panther mecha and the humanoid mecha in the live broadcast without blinking. This is purely hand-to-hand combat, and no one uses thermal weapons.

“Major General Leo, bombarded him with particle cannon!”

“Are you a fool? Look at where they are. This is clearly the ores associated with the red silver mine.”

“I also recognized it. If a particle cannon is used and high temperature is generated in an instant, this mountain will definitely explode and Major General Leo will die with the opponent!”

In order to avoid the mental interference, Leo kept the spiritual barrier on. Although his spiritual power has recovered nearly by a quarter, it gets consumed extremely fast, so Leo is very cautious with his usage. He didn’t use spiritual power to connect with Ying but manually piloted the mecha instead. His hands on the control panels were like phantoms, and the panther mecha moved quickly and sharply under his control. With a ‘bang’, the humanoid mecha fell heavily to the ground. The panther mecha didn’t give the enemy time to breathe and stomped on it fiercely. Then, a laser sword rolled up from its tail and plunged into the humanoid mecha’s heart area.

“Oh my God, if the laser sword went through and stabbed on the ground, the place will explode!”

However, there is no explosion. Leo managed to control his action accurately. After damaging the cockpit, he retrieved the weapon. Jumping out of his mecha, he dragged the bloody Jonassen out of the cockpit, “Who gave you the right to crazy, and you dare to threaten Lao tzi?!”

“Wow, Major General Leo exploded!” The barrage went crazy.

“Has anyone noticed that Major General Leo’s face is very pale?”

Jonassen opened his eyes and looked at Leo unwillingly, “How did you avoid the mental interference?” Then, noticing that Leo’s hands are shaking slightly, Jonassen suddenly grinned, “It turns out that your spiritual state is injured. It seems that you won’t be able to hold on for long.”

“Hahaha, urgh…” Jonassen got choked with laughter, “It’s worth it, exchanging my life for yours. Too bad I won’t be here to see you getting crazy and die from mental confusion!”

Leo kicked Jonassen into the air. Without the chance to say anything, Jonassen died straight away. Leo wiped his hands, and muttered with a despising tone, “Trash.”

After that, Leo turned back and prepared to get on the mecha. The tingling sensation from his head made him dizzy slightly. He rubbed his forehead and continued to move. Suddenly, he stopped and turned his head to look to the right. A small white starship gradually disappeared from sight, and at the same time, the mental interference disappeared. Leo’s complexion changed and he immediately sent a report to the military, “The white starship fled and it carried a weapon that could attack spiritual power. Track its tracks closely, and paying attention to safety.”

Next, Leo jumped onto Ying and drove the mecha away.

“Major General Leo’s spiritual power is damaged? It looks dangerous!”

“Wow! No, are there any kind people who could continue the broadcast?”

“Major General Leo won’t have any trouble, right?”

Everyone on the live broadcast screen is full of worries.

Ren sat in the office with an ugly face after watching the broadcast. Combined with the expression on Leo’s face, Ren can’t help worrying that his spiritual power is seriously damaged. He ordered the whole army to track down the small white starship. After a moment of thought, he contacted Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu is currently persuading Wood in the starship command room, “Please let me out. Leo is in a very bad state. If he encounters any riot army in the middle of returning, it is very dangerous.”

Wood had a complicated look as well, “It’s a warzone outside, it’s dangerous for you to go out.” He promised the major general that he would never let Xiào Mu get into trouble.

10 minutes ago, a large-scale cargo starship suddenly appeared at the jump point not far from them. When that ship encountered Team 10 that was left behind as backup, it immediately started attacking them. At this moment, a battle is going on outside.

Xiào Mu contacted Ren again to explain the situation. Ren gave up his original idea and said solemnly, “Let the nearest team pick him up, don’t go out. Believe in Leo. If something happens to you, no one can help him.”

Xiào Mu relayed Ren’s meaning to Wood, and Wood contacted the captain of Team 3 and asked him to get Leo.

Leo jumped down the mountain platform and found the unconscious captains and their team members. He is about to contact Wood to ask him to escort Xiào Mu over. Then, he heard a cry not far away. Next, Leo saw a thin figure being apprehended by a bald head guy. Seeing that, Leo’s expression suddenly changed, “Xiào Mu!”

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