Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 40.1

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Chapter 40 Part 1 Spiritual damage

In the northeast of Planet Jiu, a large hole was dug in the northwest corner of a rocky mountain. A bunch of miners with weapons stood at the entrance of the hole. In front of the miner stood a dark black humanoid mech and a tall sentinel jumped from the mech. He had short hair and a ferocious-looking face. This is the space pirate’s leader, Jonassen, the one in the video that Leo played before. With a face full of fierce expression, he said to the thin man who is crossing his arms beside him, “Mitte, what do you want to do now? If we wait any longer, the imperial reinforcements will come soon.”

“What’s the rush?” Mitte’s face looked pale. His hair is slightly long, and it has half-hidden his eyebrows, making him looking very gloomy. “The announcement is just sent. The empire has just conducted a military exercise at the nearest Planet Ba and it ended a few days ago. So, for the next few days, there’s no one there.”

“The nearest empire’s reinforcement is at least 3 hours away from us. The people inside have been surrounded for 3 days and they have no energy to come out. The smoke bomb that I asked you to throw in will make them all unconscious within 10 minutes.” Glancing at the time, Mitte said, “Get your people to tie up everyone in 10 minutes, especially Qian Yao.”

Jonassen glared at Mitte dissatisfiedly, “Why didn’t you give me the smoke bomb earlier? You caused us to waste 3 days here.”

Hearing that, Mitte looked at Jonassen coldly, “Your people took 3 days before finally finding out all spacial jump points for Planet Jiu, you still have the face to say?”

“You!” Jonassen’s chest heaved violently. He took a step closer and glared at Mitte viciously, “Do you believe that I can pinch you to death in the next second?”

Mitte sneered and his eyes looked gloomy, “You can try? We’ll see who will die first?”

Jonassen gripped his fist. Thinking of Mitte’s bizarre methods, he stood on guard. Just then, his terminal vibrated. Pretending to read the notification, he took a step back. But when he saw the content of the message, Jonassen’s face suddenly changed.

“There is movement at the south jump point,” Jonassen glared at Mitte. “Didn’t you say that it should take at least 3 hours for someone to come?”

Mitte sneered, “What are you afraid of? Too sooner they come, the better, lest you have to wait longer for them. The mined ores have been shipped away anyway.”

“Do you know who is here? Leo Arnold!” Jonassen said while sending a message, “I already helped you to rob the mines, and I also posted a video to cover for you. Whatever you want to do next, suit yourselves. I’ll be leaving now. ” Jonassen said that he is about to jump into the mecha, but was stopped by Mitte, “Wait. Are you not curious why I deliberately attracted the reinforcements?”

Jonassen waved his hand, “The result of my curiosity last time is I get caught and sent to jail. Just after I escaped, I have to do things for you. I don’t want to be curious.”

“If there is no effective treatment, you will get into mental confusion in less than 10 days, right?” Although Mitte is asking a question, his tone is a confirmation. He did not wait for Jonassen to answer, and continued, “You have recently made preparation for the moment you fell for mental confusion, and you are worried that the interstellar police could find your track so you didn’t follow Planet Yao’s news?”

“There is a new type of medicine that can restore spiritual power in Planet Yao. It could instantly restore one’s spiritual power without side effects. With the best quality one, even if a Level S sentinel is close to madness, they can be cured by taking 5 pills.”

Jonassen immediately understood what Mitte meant, “You want to change the medicine with the remaining Planet Jiu garrison soldiers?”

Mitte nodded, “I was going to grab the mine ores and leave. But I didn’t expect Qian Yao to be good at defending. It took me that long to settle him but the timing is just right. If I left earlier, I would miss the news about the medicine. It doesn’t matter to me if the soldiers die, so we should exchange them for something beneficial.”

“What do you want me to do?” Jonassen asked.

Mitte pointed his chin toward the mine, “Get your people inside 10 minutes later. Tie the soldiers up, and take them to the east transition point for negotiation.” He paused and explained why he wanted help, “I’m by myself so it’s not very convenient to do all these.”

“You are not by yourself,” Jonassen sarcastically replied. “Aren’t you still carrying a trash with you?”

Mitte’s face instantly darkened, and Jonassen felt a chill down his back. He put away his mecha and said, “I’ll get someone to come over.”

The soldiers under Leo’s command drove a small military aircraft, advancing swiftly to Planet Jiu. Most of them sneaked behind the miners, knocked them out, and then changed into mining suits neatly. Xiào Mu looked at their actions and gave them a thumbs up silently; so handsome!

“According to the news from the miners, the riots mainly occurred in the northeast, where there is a red silver mine.”

Leo frowned. Red silver is the main material of advanced mechas. It is precious and difficult to collect. Its accompanying ore is flammable and explosive, and it has always been traditionally collected by hand. Where there are red silver mines, thermal weapons cannot be used.

“There is a small starship staying in the east. It is located in the middle of the mountain. There is electromagnetic interference around it and it is impossible to approach it.”

“Team 1, approached the starship from the east. Be careful to hide yourselves. If someone approaches or leaves the starship, catch them.” Leo ordered.

On the main starship, 100 soldiers stayed behind, while the remaining 900 soldiers are scattered around Planet Jiu. They are divided into 9 teams, consist of 100 soldiers per team.

The captain of Team 1 heard the order and immediately conveyed it to his team. Then, everyone in the team gradually approached the area where the small starship is stopping. 10 minutes later, the live feed of Team 1’s captain suddenly flickered in the command room, and the next moment it turned completely black.

“Captain of Team 1, please reply if you hear this.” Leo frowned and contacted the leader of Team 1. However, the opposite side did not react at all, as if they have disappeared.

Xiào Mu’s heart tightened suddenly. The man was fine the moment before, so how could he suddenly break contact?

“Captain of Team 2, reply if you hear this.”

“Major general.” The captain of the second team said briskly.

Leo looked at the live feed from the captain of Team 2 staying in the southeast, and said with a serious voice, “Team 1 found a small starship in the east, and lost contact when trying to approach it. Take someone with you to check the situation, and immediately withdraw if the situation is not right.”

“…Yes.” The captain of Team 2 sounded surprised for a moment, before replying in a deep voice.

5 minutes later, Team 2 captain appeared not far from the place Team 1 captain lost contact. Leo stared at the screen and said, “Stop. Look around and check if there’s anything wrong?”

Team 2 captain cautiously released his 5 senses. When he looked to the right front, he is taken aback and ran forward subconsciously, “I saw the captain of Team 1.”

“Stop!” Leo roared.

The captain is stunned for a moment, then he suddenly grabbed his head like he had a headache. The image of the live feed got disrupted at the same time and then turned black.

“What caused the communication interference?” Xiào Mu recalled the scene before the screen turned black. “The captain from Team 2 seems to be…under a mental attack.”

Xiào Mu used mental attacks twice, and the one being attacked looked similar to Team 2 captain’s expression.

As one of the victims of Xiào Mu’s mental attacks, Leo can relate with his reaction when being attacked. He said, “I agree with you, Planet Jiu may have beings with advanced spiritual power.”

Saying that, Leo sent a message to all other teams, “Everyone, avoid the east. Stabilize the miners everywhere, and react accordingly if the situation is not good.” After the order, he looked at Xiào Mu, “Stay here, I will go to the east.”

“Major General, you can’t take risks.” Wood said hastily.

Leo opened his terminal, and it showed Jonassen’s photos and information, “Jonassen is the head of the infamous Nathan space pirate a year ago. He is mainly active in the galaxies near Plant Yan. He escaped from Planet Yan’s prison more than a month ago.”

“According to the data, the person with the highest spiritual power in the Nathan space pirate group is Jonassen himself, Level A. Team 1 and 2 captains have Level B+ spiritual power. With just Jonassen’s ability, it is impossible for him to cause the captains to lose consciousness immediately… especially when the captain of Team 2 is on guard.”

Wood: “They must have new people joining. Since the situation is unknown, you can’t take any risks.”

Leo sneered, “If even I am in danger, who else in our troop won’t get caught?” He turned and walked out, “I want to see how much this shabby space pirate group can do.”

“Wait!” Xiào Mu shouted when he saw Jonassen’s face suddenly appeared on the screen.

Leo turned around when he heard Xiào Mu’s voice. He saw him pointing at the screen and looked over, then his complexion immediately became extremely ugly.

“Major General Leo, and friends of the Empire, hello everyone.”

Taken aback, Xiào Mu quickly turned on his terminal. The first channel of the Empire Interstellar Live Platform showed the exactly same content as the screen on the command room screen. Jonassen is broadcasting!

Jonassen smiled evilly, “This is Jonassen, currently at Planet Jiu, and this…”

He pinched Qian Yao’s neck with his right hand and dragged him from outside the screen into the screen. Qian Yao’s eyes are closed, and he stayed limp like a ragdoll; unable to fight back. Jonassen seemed to be particularly satisfied and smiled deeper, “This is Qian Yao, the commander of Planet Jiu’s garrison. There are also some garrison soldiers behind me but I don’t think you would want to see their current sorry state.”

“I’m a pacifist,” Jonassen didn’t feel embarrassed to say it blatantly. He looked straight at the screen and continued, “Major General Leo, my request is simple. Use 1,000 high-grade healing pills in exchange for their lives. ” He paused, “Oh, not only them but also your subordinates. 1,000 pills are no more than 20 million star coins. Their lives are much more expensive than this, right? I’m a reasonable person and will give you enough time. 3 hours later, if I don’t get the medicines, I will kill one person after every minute.” There is a bloodthirsty light in his eyes, “I’ll kill the newcomer first.”

The newcomer means the soldiers brought over by Leo.

After Jonassen finished talking, his broadcast disappears and the live feed of each captain returns to the display. Even the breathing sound can be heard in the quiet command room. Leo has never been threatened so blatantly before, and he felt like he is going to explode. He unfastened the top 2 buttons of his uniform and tapped on the screen, “Dare to be so arrogant, see if this Lao tzi don’t kill you?!” He strode out but stopped after 2 steps. Turning to Wood, Leo said, “Make sure Xiào Mu is safe.”

Seeing his furious appearance, Wood quickly saluted him, “Yes, Major General, but you are alone…”

Leo ignored Wood and turned to look at Xiào Mu. His eyes softened as he comforted, “Don’t be afraid, wait for me to come back.”

Xiào Mu’s lips moved, but he didn’t say anything. He doesn’t think he could persuade Leo to stay. As Leo said earlier, with his spiritual power, if he also gets in trouble, the rest of the troop won’t be safe. Xiào Mu’s spiritual power is high enough, but his combat power is too thrashy so he is equally unsafe outside.

Leo’s actions are extremely fast. He released his Ying mecha as soon as he exited the hatch and swiftly disappeared.

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