Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 41.1

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Chapter 41 Part 1 Powerful treatment

As soon as Leo spoke, he realized that he got the wrong person. Although this person’s appearance looked the same, his demeanor is quite different. His body shape and hair color are also different. Also, Xiào Mu never cried in front of him.

The tall mecha is particularly conspicuous. Even though there is still some distance away, the bald man can still see Ying at a glance. His expression becomes tense. He dragged Greene behind him, and said in a vicious voice, “You better behave!” Had he not come out to search for this waste, how could he bump into Leo?

Greene staggered back 2 steps, sobbing while staring dazedly at the black panther mecha. He recognized it as Leo’s mecha at a glance, so he felt like he is dreaming right now. Major General Leo is not far away from him.

Leo jumped off the mecha and stared at Greene, “Are you Xiào Mu Greene?”

Greene’s eyes suddenly widened, “You, you know me?”

Hearing that, Leo’s face changed slightly. Instead of answering his words, Leo looked at the bald man and asked, “Who is he?”

The bald man immediately realized that something is wrong, this trash actually knew Leo. His eyes flashed, and he pulled Greene forward, trying to use him as a cover.

Leo kicked off from the ground at the moment he stretched out his hand. Before the bald man could react, Leo has arrived in front of him. Throwing a kick at the man, Leo sneered, “Nathan Space Pirate is famous for holding hostage as cover, huh?”

The bald man fell to the ground and coughed up a mouthful of blood. He tried to contact Jonassen with trembling hands, but there was no response to the call. He felt cold in his heart and wanted to run.

At this moment, the captain of Team 3 rushed over with a small group of people. When they saw what happened, they restrained the bald man and brought him to Leo, “Major General.”

Leo frowned, “Why are you here?” He had given his order before this. In order to avoid more people getting affected by the mental inference, all teams should avoid the east.

The captain of Team 3 immediately repeated Wood’s order. Then Leo asked after hearing it, “How is the situation on the starship side?”

“A dozen minutes ago, a large-scale cargo starship appeared at the jump point and clashed with the remaining Team 10.” The captain of Team 3 reported honestly.

Leo’s jaw slightly tightened. He gestured lightly with his chin towards Greene, “Take him back to the starship and leave half of your men here to protect the safety of Team 1 and 2 soldiers. Qian Yao is at the middle of the mountain, get him down.” After the order, Leo jumped into his mecha and hurried back to the starship.

Xiào Mu stood in the command room, keeping an eye on the situation everywhere. The rioting miners had been apprehended by the various teams of the 1st Army. In fact, most people didn’t even know what happened.

“Major General!” Wood exclaimed, and Xiào Mu turned his head to see Leo walking towards him with a pale face. He frowned immediately. Leo’s spiritual power is less than 10%, which is dangerous. Xiào Mu used the ‘Pin Hold’ skill on Leo and the emerald green tea leaf flew to the middle of Leo’s brows. Then the buff icon appears under Leo’s red and blue bars.

Leo paused, he instantly noticed that his spiritual power had changed. He looked at Xiào Mu in surprise, “You gave me a spiritual treatment?” However, he said with a puzzled look afterward, “I didn’t feel your spiritual power.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t explain the system skills, so he thought about it and said, “It’s not a spiritual treatment, but a simple treatment. If I need to give you a spiritual treatment, you must take sleeping pills.” He and Leo have a compatibility rate of 100%. Hence, unless one of them is unconscious, doing the spiritual treatment is comparable to taking ‘spring’ medicine.

Leo felt that his spiritual state is much more comfortable, and was surprised by Xiào Mu’s high treatment methods. He didn’t ask anymore, just shook his head, “That’s fine for now. I still have things to handle, it’s not the time for spiritual treatment.” He paused after speaking, “Team 1 and 2 soldiers are all in a coma, can you go see their situation?”

Xiào Mu nodded. Seeing that the buff under Leo’s red and blue bars disappeared, he added another, “Of course.”

If it weren’t for Leo letting him follow the trip, it would be difficult for him to go to Planet Ba. It would be better if he could do something for the 1st Army. Xiào Mu can just consider the service as a starship ticket to Planet Ba plus the permission to enter the planet.

Leo contacted the teams and made proper arrangements after understanding the various situations. After watching the battle between Team 10 and the cargo starship, Leo lightly sneered and took Xiào Mu out of the command room without any worries. When both men arrived at the door, they happened to run into the captain of Team 3. Xiào Mu looked at the person being supported by the captain in surprise. They really looked alike.

“You…” Greene was stunned. Unlike Xiào Mu, he didn’t know that there is a person who looked similar to him.

“Hello, my name is Xiào Mu. Xiao as the last name and Mu as the given name.” Xiào Mu smiled.

“Are you a relative from my mother’s side?” Greene couldn’t help but wonder.

Xiào Mu waved his hand, “No, I have no relatives.” He is just a character from the game, how can he have any relatives?

Greene nodded slightly but still couldn’t help wondering. After all, they were so alike. He glanced away, only to find that Xiào Mu and Leo are standing closely side by side.

Frowning impatiently, Leo let out Ying and bent down to pick Xiào Mu with him. Greene exclaimed loudly, staring at Leo’s back, with an incredulous expression on his face. Leo carried Xiào Mu directly into the mecha and put Xiào Mu in the co-pilot seat. Then he issued the command, “Go to the east.”

Ying received the order and started to move.

Suddenly rising 3 meters high from the flat ground caused Xiào Mu’s heartbeat to jump rapidly. When he recovered, he is already sitting in the co-pilot seat. Xiào Mu tilted his head and realized Leo is sitting in the driver’s seat while looking at him with his blue eyes, “Don’t be sad. That person just can’t say nice things.”

“Huh?” Xiào Mu felt confused by Leoi’s words but after he thinks about it, he replied in amusement, “Don’t tell me, you thought Greene asking about his relatives brought up my sadness?”

When Leo saw Xiào Mu’s reaction, he immediately knew that Xiào Mu isn’t bothered at all. Feeling a little embarrassed, Leo pursed his lips and said nothing.

Xiào Mu didn’t continue with the question, but got surprised by another thought, “Is this place close to the no-man area of Zone F? Why is Greene here?” Xiào Mu remembered clearly that in the guide abduction case related to Greene, the ship suddenly disappeared in no man’s land. After Leo watched the video, his reaction was quite agitated.

Leo’s expression changed slightly, “There is no Planet Jiu’s jump point near the no man’s land. After returning, I have to ask Greene about the details.”

Xiào Mu didn’t ask again. Although he didn’t know what it meant when the guide disappeared suddenly in the no man’s land, he knew that Leo is very concerned about it, and Greene probably knew the inside story.

Ying’s speed is very fast, and they reached their destination in a short while. Team 3 has carried out the soldiers from Team 1 and 2 who are mostly in a coma. Xiào Mu then got carried by Leo and they jumped down. The momentary weightlessness made Xiào Mu frowned. The sensation like he is jumping off a building. Patting Leo’s arm, Xiào Mu asked Leo to put him down. After he could stand firmly, he looked at Ying helplessly and asked, “Is jumping up and down the only entering and exiting the mecha?”

Reminded of Xiào Mu’s weak body, Leo felt annoyed by himself and asked, “Uncomfortable?”

“It’s not good for the heart,” Xiào Mu answered. After that, he walked to the captain and squatted down. He looked back at Leo and thought for a while, “Can you build a spiritual barrier?”

Xiào Mu maintains the smallest barrier around him at all times, but if he uses spiritual power to check the patient’s condition, unless a large barrier is built, it will definitely cause Leo to react. There are too many sentinels in a coma, so he must use his spiritual power carefully. It takes too much spiritual power for Xiào Mu to build a large barrier but Leo building a barrier has the same effect.

Leo immediately understood what Xiào Mu meant. Now is not a good time to trigger the heat fever. He nodded and immediately established a barrier.

Xiào Mu blinked and he saw the transparent barrier around Leo’s mind; the same as his. After Leo built the barrier, his(L) spiritual power is consumed a lot in an instant. Xiào Mu gave him a Pin Hold buff again, before reaching out his spiritual filaments to check the spiritual state of the team leader.

At first glance, he couldn’t help frowning. The spiritual state is composed of spiritual filaments. And it represents the body’s spiritual power. When one’s spiritual power is sufficient, the filaments will glow faintly. However, at this moment, the filaments of Team 1 captain seemed to be struck by lightning and looked gray in color. Even if he(XM) could not see the remaining spiritual power of the captain, Xiào Mu knew that the situation is very bad. He didn’t hesitate and used the Pin Hold skill on the captain. Watching as the buff counts down and the withered filaments gradually come back to life, Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief.

With so many people in need of help, it is impossible to complete spiritual treatment by himself. If Pin Hold can be used, then the matter can be settled easier. After all, Pin Hold does not have CD1 and can be used again and again. What surprised him is after he used the skill, he could see the remaining value of the captain’s red and blue bars. Xiào Mu turned to face the unconscious soldiers and used Pin Hold skill one after another. Each time, he would consume 50 spiritual power, and every 5 times he used it, he would use the skill on himself once to ensure sufficient spiritual power.

Team 3 worked very fast and they managed to carry the remaining unconscious soldiers of Team 1 and 2 to the nearby ground to lie down. Xiào Mu stood on the spot and moved only after a while. The distance to use Pin Hold is 20 meters, and it is an instant skill. Although 200 are a lot of people, he could heal a person in about 5 seconds so his speed is very fast.

15 minutes later, Xiào Mu managed to use Pin Hold on everyone who is in a coma.

“Is the situation tricky?” Leo saw Xiào Mu returning to stare at the captain of Team 1 without speaking. He(L) swept a glance at the soldiers on the ground and pursed his thin lips.

The faces of the Team 3 soldiers looked ugly because many people recognized Xiào Mu’s identity at close range. At first, they are grateful and thought to themselves that their comrades would be fine since they had a god-level guide with them. However, in their eyes, Xiào Mu did nothing but walked back to forth, and standing still from time to time. Because of the major general’s attitude and that they are worried about their comrades, the soldiers have been patiently waiting. But at this moment, someone finally couldn’t help but speak out.

“Major General, he did nothing!”

A sturdy sentinel’s eyes turned red as he looked at Xiào Mu, “I know that you guides are precious and do not like to give spiritual treatment to other people. Say it, what conditions do you have to give them treatment? I’ll agree to everything!”

Xiào Mu is taken aback, “I have already treated them.”

“Liar,” a young sentinel yelled, “You obviously just walked around. Could it be you don’t dare to admit it in front of the major general?”

Leo’s face darkened, and he glared at the young sentinel, “Apologize!”

The young sentinel stiffened his neck and fought back, “Major General, you look down on useless guides the most. This time, you must have been deceived by him. I think he just sounded powerful in the legend and is useless in reality. Otherwise, he wouldn’t do nothing like this and treat us as a fool.”

Leo’s brows twitched. He doesn’t want others to mention his previous attitude2 towards guides and weak people. It really hurts his face3. When this is mentioned in front of Xiào Mu, Leo felt that his life looked gloomy. He is afraid that Xiào Mu would not believe that his(L) feeling for him(XM) is real. Leo glanced at Xiào Mu nervously. Xiào Mu originally thought he confessed because of their match rate. After hearing this, wouldn’t Xiào Mu think he confessed because of his level S guide identity?

To be honest, if someone tells him that he would like Xiào Mu (before his identity was revealed) when he hadn’t met Xiào Mu yet, Leo would definitely ridicule that person severely. But the facts are always unexpected. Even he himself doesn’t know when he started falling for Xiào Mu. The appearance of his blushing face, the appearance of his serious exercise, the appearance of him making biscuits… even the appearance of him lowering his head down makes Leo like it very much.

“Shut up!” Leo scolded, “Apologize to Xiào Mu. If he said that he has given the treatment, then it is done. He would never lie.”

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