Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 39.2

Here’s the part 2~

Chapter 39 Part 2 Getting ingredients

Xiào Mu stepped back subconsciously and Leo swiftly raised his hand. Seeing that, Xiào Mu shrank his neck. Could it be Leo will hit him? The next moment, his head bumped at the railing1, but the sensation is soft instead. Xiào Mu is startled. He turned his head and see Leo’s palm resting on the back of his head.

Leo casually rubbed Xiào Mu’s hair and couldn’t help but sneered, “So jumpy, is your head made of iron?”

Xiào Mu glared at Leo, “Who ask you to get so close all of a sudden.”

Xiào Mu’s face is red after the exercise, and his black eyes are filled with amazingly bright lights. Leo’s eyes turned deep and he put his hands on the railings on either side of Xiào Mu; trapping him in the middle.

“What… what are you doing?” Xiào Mu’s heartbeat speeded up sharply. With sufficient spiritual power, he has built several barriers and is not afraid of contact with Leo, but he is not used to being so close to other people. Especially Leo’s figure is big and tall, with his body covering him at the moment, Xiào Mu’s nose is full of manly hormones, which makes him nervous.

Leo: “I made a mistake in the physical education class arrangement before. What is the reason?”

Xiào Mu immediately understood what Leo had said before about the explanation. He is in the wrong and he pursed his lips, “Sorry, I didn’t deliberately want to hide it. It’s just that I’m afraid the news of this boost pill spreading out and attract people’s attention.”

“Can recover energy in an instant?” Leo asked.

“Yes,” Xiào Mu didn’t plan to hide it anymore and added, “Can be consumed once every 2 hours, it’s the same recovery rate as the healing pill of the same level.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu in surprise, and said solemnly, “This kind of medicine can enhance combat effectiveness then.”

“Yes, it can.”

Leo thought for a moment, “Are you going to make and sell it? If you are selling, remember to tell me. I want it all.”

“This… I am currently mainly focusing on making the healing pill. If you need the boost pill, I can make some and sell it to you, but I don’t want to make it public for the time being.”

The healing pill has already driven the buyers crazy. If the boost pill is launched, won’t Zhao’s company gets demolished2? Moreover, there are too few healing pills on the market now. Xiào Mu planned to wait until most guides can make them, and when the quantity can stably meet the demand, he will then make the boost pill.

“You already made some medicine today, will you be exhausted?” Leo worriedly asked.

“No,” Xiào Mu reached out and poke Leo’s shoulder, “Just step back, I need to go buy some materials.”

Leo moved his fingers, but he held back from grabbing Xiào Mu’s hand and stood aside.

After Xiào Mu placed an order for the ingredients, he continued his training. When his physical strength reached the safe point again, he left the training ground. Receiving the courier parcel, Xiào Mu then went to his room to make 200 high-grade boost pills.

After eating breakfast the next morning, Xiào Mu handed the porcelain bottle to Leo, “There are 200 pills in total. I will bill you the same price as the high-grade healing pill. One is 20,000 star coins so the total is 4 million.”

Leo took the porcelain bottle and it disappeared in his hand instantly. Then he opened his terminal to transfer money.

Looking at the 8 million extra star coins in his account, Xiào Mu said, “You have transferred too much.”

“It’s not that much,” Leo didn’t mind the money and continued, “This kind of medicine is not available on the market. It is worth twice the price, or even higher. I will transfer another 2 million to you.”

“Don’t!” Xiào Mu felt helpless. People usually asked for a bargain when buying things, but this person is afraid that he didn’t give enough instead. The cost of his medicine is no more than 10,000 star coins. Looking at the balance in his account, Xiào Mu inexplicably felt a little guilty. Selling medicine is really a huge profit!

Leo’s adjutant Wood walked over with a bag and handed it to Leo, “Major General, this is what you ordered last night.”

Leo took the bag and gave it to Xiào Mu, “Put on this suit and you will be my accompanying doctor on this trip.”

The bag contained a light green military uniform with a cross sign on the arm. After putting it on, Xiào Mu looked in the full-length mirror sighed in admiration, thinking that he did a good job on the customization on his character’s face. So handsome. The uniform made him stand straight, showing his narrow waist and long legs perfectly. However, after Xiào Mu went out, his excitement is like a bubble getting popped by a needle. The legs he thought were long looked a bit short beside Leo. In his heart, Xiào Mu comforted himself silently that at least he(XM) has perfect proportions.

Leo looked at Xiào Mu, frowning, “Change to normal clothes!”

“Huh?” Xiào Mu got stunned by the order. “Didn’t you said to wear a uniform?”

Fire is burning in Leo’s eyes. Xiào Mu looked too tempting wearing the military uniform. He wanted to do ‘something’ very much. Also, Leo didn’t want other people to see what Xiào Mu looked like at this moment.

“Major General, there are only 10 minutes left.” Wood reminded. Meaning, if you drag on, we will be late.

Leo also knows that wearing regular clothes is more eye-catching. It is easy for someone with keen eyes to guess the identity of Xiào Mu. Hence, Leo stopped talking about changing Xiào Mu’s clothes. He didn’t hold back and went to hug Xiào Mu at the waist. He whispered, “Stand next to me, where I can see you at any time, hear that?”

Xiào Mu’s ears turned red, and then he stopped struggling, “If someone finds out that I am not a member of the military, will you be punished?”

“Don’t worry, it’s my starship, I have the final say.”

Xiào Mu curled his lips. If that is the case, then why he so nervously reminded him to stay near? Doesn’t that mean Leo is afraid that he will be exposed? Xiào Mu patted Leo’s hand, “Let go, I will be careful and follow you all the time.”

As the aircraft landed in the suburbs, Xiào Mu followed behind Leo. He stared at the huge triangular black starship ahead, with eyes full of admiration. About 1,000 sentinels lined up in the open space next to the starship. They are dressed in black military uniforms and stood upright. After seeing Leo, they saluted neatly, “Major General.”

The sudden explosion of greeting startled Xiào Mu. Leo simply returned a military salute and walked into the starship. Xiào Mu discovered that there is a giant black panther icon on the side of the starship, which is obviously Leo’s logo.

Leo entered the operation chamber, and the entire wall in front of the console is occupied by screens, monitoring the starship in real-time.

“Major General.” The captain is checking the details when he saw Leo, so he quickly saluted.

Leo nodded, “What’s the situation?”

“The area nearby the jump point is safe and there is no storm sighted. Planet Ba is sunny today and we are expected to arrive smoothly in 4 hours.”

Leo left the operation chamber after learning about the situation and went to the rest room not far away. His rest room had a bedroom, a living room, and a bathroom. Except for its small size, it looked normal like any usual room.

Wood went to the lounge next door, and Xiào Mu asked, “Where is my lounge?”

Leo pointed to a room and sat down on the sofa, “Here.”

Xiào Mu walked around and found that there is only a bed. But it’s just a 4-hour journey so he could just sit on the sofa. Sitting down, Xiào Mu looked out the window excitedly. He is about to go from one planet to another, and see the sights of space in person!

Leo looked at Xiào Mu with a smile in his eyes. It never crosses his mind that he would come to like someone, be tolerant to this person, be afraid of being hated; like he is bounded by his hands and feet.

The starship took off, Xiào Mu leaned over to the window expectantly. However, he soon realized that he couldn’t see anything. So, Leo took Xiào Mu to the operation chamber and opened the interstellar map. Xiào Mu couldn’t help exclaiming in admiration. It turned out that there are so many beautiful planets and floating rocks in places he couldn’t see, and some looked like mountains. The starship flexibly passed over them and moved forward quickly.

About 2 hours later, the starship broadcasted an announcement, “A space jump is about to take place, please be prepared.”

Xiào Mu is about to ask what he needs to prepare when he got picked up by Leo. Then he is taken to the lounge and placed in a seat against the wall. Leo turned on the switch and Xiào Mu is immediately tied up.

“Don’t be afraid.” Leo sat next to Xiào Mu. “It will be all right soon.”

Not long after, the starship shook violently. Xiào Mu felt dizzy and some tightness in his chest. Then, the starship stabilized again after about 5 or 6 minutes. Leo poured him a glass of warm water and Xiào Mu felt a lot more comfortable after drinking it. “Thank you.”

Leo brushed Xiào Mu’s wet lips with his fingers and retracted the empty water glass in his hand. Hearing Xiào Mu’s thanks, he frowned and said, “Don’t be so polite.”

Xiào Mu’s face reddened, and he pursed his lips. There seemed to be the touch of Leo’s fingers remaining on his lips. Xiào Mu thought that Leo is being rude. His various actions are clearly ambiguous, but Leo didn’t seem to notice it at all. Xiào Mu hesitated, but couldn’t help but asked, “You, can you not always make small movements like this?” Leo looked at Xiào Mu seemingly puzzled. At this moment, his terminal shook. Xiào Mu saw his brows tightening and his whole demeanor became hostile, so Xiào Mu didn’t speak anymore.

Leo snorted, “They must be tired of living!”

Hanging up the call, Leo immediately notified the officers on the starship to go to the command room for a meeting. He looked at Xiào Mu, “Stay here.”

Xiào Mu ignored Leo and followed behind him, asking, “What happened?”

Seeing that Xiào Mu didn’t want to stay, Leo went silent for a moment and finally let him follow; taking Xiào Mu to the command room with him. Leo didn’t say anything along the way. Instead, he opened his terminal to play a video. In the video is a tall sentinel with dark skin, short hair, and a fierce appearance, “Planet Jiu is mine from now on. Anyone who wants to mine here has to buy from me.”

The video changed to another one and a tall, thin, man in a dark-green military uniform appears. He has bloodshot eyes, looking sad and tired.

“I am the commander of the Garrison of Planet Jiu, Qian Yao. Space pirates have sneaked into Planet Jiu and encourage miners to launch a riot. The garrison has suffered heavy damage and is requesting support.”

Leo turned off the video with a grim expression, “Planet Jiu is the planet that supplies energy ores to the empire. It belongs to the territory of the empire. Whoever dares to grab the planet, we will destroy them! Since we are the closest to Planet Jiu, I have accepted the military arrangement. From now on, we are the suppression army troop.” He paused before adding, “Planet Jiu has 30,000 miners. According to the current news, there are no more than 30 people in the space pirate group. There is 1,000 garrison soldier in total, however, the remaining number is unknown. Right now, they are trapped somewhere in a mine. We must hurry and get them out.”

“Now, listen to my arrangement.”

With clear instructions, Leo made a series of arrangements, and the officers went down to prepare. He said to Xiào Mu, “If I leave the starship, I will get a small group of people to protect you. So, stay on the starship.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while, he is weak while other people are all mecha fighters. Even if he followed Leo, he will only drag him behind so he nodded, “Okay.”

Leo raised his hand and stroked Xiào Mu’s furrowed eyebrows, “Don’t worry,” he looked disdainful as he said, “The space pirates will definitely regret what they did today.”

Xiào Mu smiled. It just that he(XM) has never faced a warring situation directly before but he soon relaxed upon seeing Leo’s confident expression.

The starship quickly jumped into a landing point nearest to Planet Jiu. It activated the anti-reconnaissance mode and landed quietly on a remote grassland. At this moment, the starship entered a simulation state, and its appearance became the same green color as the grass around. Leo had long put on his combat uniform and stood in the command room, watching various live videos and news from the soldiers who are quickly dispersing.

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