Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 3

Hey guys, before we start on this chapter, lemme explain something first. It’s better that I explain first than explain in the middle and break immersion. Our MC will be using a lot of spiritual powers and they come in the form of threadlike thingy, like plasma ball light. In Chinese, they called it 精神触角 (spiritual ten-tac-les hehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)).

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But this keyword here absolutely doesn’t spark joy if you know what I mean. Not sure about you guys, but the word ten-tac-le is kinda distracting to me XD Maybe it sounded fine in Chinese, but it does sound fishy in English hehe. And so, I will be renaming it to spiritual filaments. To those who don’t like translators changing keywords as they like, my apologies. I usually don’t do that, but these tentacles demand a suc-ker-less impression _(;3/

Chapter 3 Weak chicken

Xiào Mu was busy all morning and finally finished his work. The hospital treated the staff well and provided packed lunch. Lunch was eaten in the lounge, and eating with him were two other men who looked around 20 years old. Both of whom were around 185 and taller than him; one with blond hair and the other with black hair. The lunch is still made up of two meat dishes and two vegetarian dishes. After a bite, the sweet and sour taste filled Xiào Mu’s taste buds, and he almost cried with joy. Fortunately, he did not lose his sense of taste!

The blond man ate lunch while watching a movie on his personal terminal, and chatted with the black-haired man, “Work meal is still more delicious. The life-sustaining meals that I’m usually given have no taste at all.”

“At least it can fill your stomach. This hospital is already benevolent. Even if it’s all nutritional-based ingredients, they still deliberately make it look like a delicacy to increase appetite.”

“It’s all because for those sentinels, so the food tastes bland.” The blonde tsk-ed.

The black hair guy turned his head to watch the movie with the other guy, “Wow, what dense spiritual filaments, this guide looks so amazing.”

“Of course, this is a Level A guide!” The blonde was smug.

Xiào Mu’s heart moved, and he slowly moved closer to look at the actor guide. The blonde looked up at him, “You are even more beautiful than this actor.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. If it is just a face he customized in the game, he would be very happy to hear the praise, but right now he is using this face1. He is a man, what the hell does the blonde guy mean by beautiful? He took a mouthful of food and looked at the screen, only to see two men sitting opposite each other on the screen; one tall and the other petite. Countless transparent filaments sprang from the petite man’s head and entered the tall man’s head. The chaotic spiritual ball of thread in the tall man’s head gradually became loosen, and then he opened his eyes and hugged the petite man.

“If there were such a good guide, the hospital wouldn’t have so many sentinel patients.” The blonde snorted.

“It’s useless even if such guide exists Once a sentinel paired with the guide, they will become each other’s only ones. There are so much lesser guides than sentinel soldiers. Single dogs still have to come to the hospital.” The black hair hehe-ed.

The plot on the screen gradually developed to an ‘adult’ ‘feel’, and sounds that could make one blush and has a rapid heartbeat kept coming out. Xiào Mu glanced at his enthusiastic temporary colleagues and moved aside with a blush.

“Wow, Xiào Mu, you blushed!” The blonde laughed.

The black hair looked at him, “Could it be you are still a vi-rg-in? You want to chat with me tonight?”

“Cough…” Xiào Mu was choked with food and kept coughing. It took a long time to calm down, and his face turned redder, “No, no need.”

The blonde and black hair laughed again at his embarrassed look.

Xiào Mu continued to eat speechlessly, thinking of the movie scene that he had just watched in his mind. The thread that stretched out before in his mind was the same as that of the guide. According to black hair, it seems to be called ‘spiritual filaments’. It seems that there is no problem with his body! However, all signs indicate that he is a guide, so why didn’t Xi Mu realize? Is it because he didn’t have spiritual filaments before? In any case, it is a good thing not to find out because Xi Mu said that all guides are in the Golden Tower. It’s hard for ordinary people to see them, which means that they rarely come out, and he doesn’t want to be kept in one place.

Calculating that he treated a lot of people in the morning, he opened the game panel and looked at the ‘Pin Hold’ skill bar expectantly. The progress was 0. Why is it still 0? He obviously went to the first floor to treat patients with spiritual confusion. Could it be this system has broken down? He shut down the system depressedly, put the lunch box in the recycling area, said goodbye to the blond and black hair, and went back to the room to rest.

After waking up from a nap, there was an extra creature in the room. He looked at the familiar animal beside him, and he was stunned. Isn’t this the Wanhua’s sect pet squirrel? His brother Hua2 has one. Because the squirrel is chubby and its tail is fluffy, he named it Fatty. The moment he got up, Fatty, which was motionless earlier, stood up quickly; like a roly-poly toy that suddenly bounced up. Its tail was facing him, and its big fluffy tail swept his entire face. The next moment, it turned around flexibly, holding its paws in front of Xiào Mu, and looking at him with round eyes. Xiào Mu found that his pet squirrel is much larger than the average squirrel, almost half his height. It was so cute that Xiào Mu couldn’t hold back, and rubbed its head. Strangely, he managed to immediately understand Fatty’s thoughts.

Looking at its paws in front of him, Xiào Mu said sadly, “I don’t have nuts, I want to eat it too.”

Fatty pounced into his arms, its tail kept sweeping his feet, acting like a baby.

Xiào Mu can’t defend against the cuteness and said, “I work hard to make money, and I will buy it for you when I have money.”

Fatty’s tail swept faster and looked very happy.

So easy to coax, Xiào Mu thought. He held Fatty and found that his spiritual filaments had increased again, and are stretching out comfortably around his head. Xiào Mu took them all back, and when all the spiritual filaments disappeared, Fatty also disappeared. He froze for a moment, and then immediately realized that he might really be a guide, and Fatty should be his spirit animal. Xiào Mu is a little nervous. If someone finds out, will he be caught in Golden Tower? After thinking about it, he put on his shoes and went out, decided to find a library or something to learn about the world, so that he could make the right plan.

Several patients were walking quickly in the aisle. Xiào Mu saw it as soon as he went out and then couldn’t help rubbing his eyes. These people actually have a red and blue bar on their heads! For a moment he thought he was playing a game. He stared at the red bar on the head of the person who passed him, and suddenly an explanation appeared in his mind: Stamina 2000, Level D. He looked down slightly at the person’s blue bar, and another line of explanation: Spiritual power 1000, Level E.

Xiào Mu immediately thought of the effect of the previous ‘Pin Hold’ that said ‘continuous restoring of spiritual power’. He looked at the others and found that other people’s physical strength was between 500 and 4000, Level E to C, and spiritual power was between 100 and 2000, Level E to D.

As soon as his thoughts turned, he opened the system panel and clicked on his character attributes.

Name: Xiào Mu
Stamina 100/unknown, Level E, potential discovery,
Spiritual power 2000/20000, Level D, the seal is in a process of being lifted.

This is the lowest physical strength he has ever seen! Does the discovery of potential mean that it can be improved? Then for spiritual power, the seal is being lifted? Is it saying that he has a cap of 20,000, but is it sealed? He looked at the spiritual power, and a line of explanation suddenly appeared in his mind.

[The spiritual power of the body exceeds the upper limit of this world, and it will be automatically sealed after entering the world and will be gradually unblocked in practice.]

He looked at physical strength again, [The physical strength of the body is the lowest in this world, but the human potential is endless, keep up the good work3!]

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched and he turned off the system. Then he walked towards the elevator. The elevator reached the first floor. As soon as he walked out of the elevator, his heart beats violently again, and the familiar heat quickly swept through his body. His breathing was stagnant, and his spiritual filaments kept struggling to come out. He subconsciously felt dangerous and tried his best to control them. He looked to his left. There was a separate ward building over there as if something was calling him. It was a strong desire he had never had before. When he reacted, he had already stood at the door of a ward.

Along the way, he subconsciously controlled his spiritual filaments. Gradually, a transparent film appeared in his brain, and his violent emotions eased a lot. what is inside? Why does he become so strange? Xiào Mu held the door handle nervously and pushed open the ward door. The room was very empty, only there was a soft sofa and stool in the middle. Sitting on the stool was a handsome short-haired man with tall stature. The muscles on the man’s chest and arms are very formidable, and the rush of male scent wafted to his face. The man is closing his eyes at the moment, frowning tightly, and seemed very uncomfortable.

Xiào Mu’s heart beats violently uncontrollably, and he swallowed. This man really fits his aesthetics too much.

Suddenly, the man opened his light blue eyes and looked at him sharply, “Get out.”

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Xiào Mu was about to apologize and was patted on the shoulder. He turned his head. It was a doctor. “You went to the wrong ward. Are you new here? This is a silent room. ”

Xiào Mu found out that he was wearing the white coat he changed before work in the morning. He secretly rejoiced and took a step back: “I’m sorry, I went wrong.” As he said that, he turned around to leave.

“Hold on.” The man sitting in the room, that is, Leo suddenly spoke, got up, and walked in front of Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu’s whole body froze, even his fingertips tremble, almost all of his mind is used to control the spiritual filaments that are about to move around. The man is a head higher than him, he is extremely oppressive, and what makes him unbearable most is to control the urge to pounce. When was he so ‘thirsty’? Xiào Mu was so disappointed in himself.

Leo frowned and looked at the man. The feeling before waking up was too real, so real that he thought that the guide with a 100% match rate is standing next to him. But this person didn’t have any guide aura. He tentatively stretched out his spiritual filaments. His spirit animal, a black panther, its height reaching his waist, appeared beside him. The graceful cat was very agitated at the moment and circled around Xiào Mu.

The hair on Xiào Mu’s whole body stood up, Le… le… leopard! He was so scared that he stepped back a few steps, not paying attention to the steps behind. He stepped on the emptiness and fell to the ground on his back. Fortunately, he fell onto a patch of grass, and he supported his body with his elbow in time, without falling too badly, just that he felt too shameful. Xiào Mu knew that he was blushing even without looking in the mirror. He quickly got up, embarrassed.

Seeing a person fall so easily, Leo frowned, retracted his filaments that wanted to test the person. He stared at Xiào Mu, who was flushed with a red face, and mocked unceremoniously, “Are you a Paramecium?”

The doctor on the side crazily shouted in his heart. It has appeared! Major General Leo’s standard mocking question!

Xiào Mu retorted subconsciously, “I am not.”

“Paramecium is better than you.” Leo dropped that sentence and strode out of the ward.

The doctor looked at Leo’s back and patted Xiào Mu’s shoulder, “Don’t feel inferior. You looked young. Work hard and you will be better than Paramecium.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “May I ask, what does Paramecium mean?” He had a feeling that it is not only referring to single-celled animals.

The doctor looked at him as if seeing an idiot, “Don’t stay at home every day, you are out of touch with society. Paramecium, a single-celled animal, the weakest animal a guide ever had as a spirit animal is a Paramecium.”

“In short, weak chicken.”

Xiào Mu: “…”

The author has something to say:
Leo→_→: Are you a Paramecium?
Xiào Mu: o ( ̄ヘ ̄o#) No, I am not!

Raw word count: 3116



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