Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 39.1


Chapter 39 Part 1 Getting ingredients

As soon as Xiào Mu said his idea, Zhao Sheng immediately understood what he meant. Just as he is about to contact his subordinates to make arrangements, he received a call from Gu Miao. It was not known what the other side said, but Zhao Sheng’s expression looked extremely ugly. He stood up and softly comforted Gu Miao. After hanging up the phone, he rubbed his eyebrows and explained, “I’m going back first. Someone wanted to sneak into Zhao’s residence. He was caught in time but Miao Miao got frightened by the break-in.”

Xiào Mu is surprised to hear that, and asked quickly, “Is he okay?”

“He’s fine, just scared.” Zhao Sheng walked out and hesitated for a while, “Are you sure you want to expose your identity as the medicine maker? You will be in danger.”

The medicine maker will not only receive people’s admiration but jealously as well. The effectiveness of the medicine is too crazy, and the quantity available is far from enough. People with bad intentions will inevitably target the medicine maker. Xiào Mu also thought of this scenario but still, he nodded. Right now, the R&D manager is Gu Miao. If he does not expose himself, Gu Miao is the one who is in danger.

Zhao Sheng apologized, “Feel free to do what you want at the moment. The spiritual power tester has been improved and the process is going smoothly. The value data can be adjusted in a few days.”

Xiào Mu: “It’s fine. Just notify me when the time comes.”

After Zhao Sheng left, Leo said to Xiào Mu, “Your identity has been exposed so it is not safe to continue staying in school. How about staying at my house?”

Xiào Mu hesitated. Then, Leo received a call and he informed Xiào Mu after hanging up, “The military has received the news and is arranging a team of guards for you.”

“Team of guards?” Xiào Mu is speechless. “Isn’t that a bit exaggerating? Or do other guides have the same treatment?”

Leo shook his head, “You are a god-level guide, and your medicine-making ability is even higher than that of a senior pharmacist. Your situation is special.” He paused, “The marshal wants to see you.”

And so, Xiào Mu got on Leo’s black aircraft to visit the marshal. When they landed, Xiào Mu realized that they are not in the apartment community but a mansion that looked like a castle.

“That apartment is where my grandfather used to live. He had very little time to come back because of military tasks. So, Grandfather would only go to the apartment to rest for a while every time he is in spiritual confusion state.” Leo explained after jumping off the aircraft.

Xiào Mu kept the information in mind and the two approached the living room. Ren is sitting on the chair facing the door, pretending to be angry, “You are good, you managed to fool everyone.”

Xiào Mu said his greeting with a smile, and touched his nose awkwardly, “I’m sorry, I just don’t want to go to the Golden Tower.”

“Sit down. Wait for the guards recommended by the various army groups to come over, then you pick 4 from them yourself,” Ren said.

This gives Xiào Mu a headache. He doesn’t want people to follow him everywhere, “Can I not? I’m not used to someone following me around.”

Ren looked serious as he said, “You are a legendary god-level guide and you can make medicine that allows one’s spiritual power to breakthrough. You are too precious, and we must ensure your safety.”

Xiào Mu voiced his doubts, “What is a god-level guide? I am not that. My spiritual power is only at Level S!”

“God-level guides only exist in legends. They have extremely high spiritual power and powerful treatment methods. And… their matching rate with all sentinels above Level AA is higher than 90%.”

Ren could not help but sigh, “Do you know what 90% means? This means that the offspring after the combination is definitely a high-level sentinel or a guide. After the combination, the abilities of both parties will be strengthened. Some sentinels went through their lives searching but couldn’t even find a guide with a match rate higher than 50%.”

Xiào Mu glanced at his stomach subconsciously. Although he is a guide, he is a man. Where do the offspring come from? He hesitated for a moment before asking this question.

Hearing that, Ren looked at Xiào Mu in surprise. His eyes are full of pity. Such a good child and he has amnesia. “The offspring of the male partner is cultivated in the nurturing capsule. Or if one of them is willing, an artificial uterus can be implanted.”

Xiào Mu is stunned to hear about the artificial womb… just mentioning it makes his scalp turn numb. He quickly changed the subject and returned to the previous question, “I’m fine with people protecting me when I want to go out, but I don’t want them around in the house.” Xiào Mu doesn’t want his place to rest to be too tense.

Ren’s eyes lit up, “We can do that, but you can’t live in a dormitory anymore. You have to live in my marshal’s mansion. The security facilities in the mansion are complete and safe.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while. It takes no more than 10 minutes to drive the aircraft to school. He just has to get up a bit earlier. Xiào Mu nodded, “Okay.”

In his heart, Xiào Mu also knows that he can’t stay in the dormitory anymore. In fact, he is very worried about whether he would be able to attend school at all. Facts have proved that his worry is not an overthinking. The next day when he went to class, he already deliberately wore a mask but was found as soon as he entered the school – because he is the shortest one in the school! Leo was worried so he sent Xiào Mu to the door of the classroom. His 4 guards are sitting on the front, back, left, and right side of his seat, and everyone’s eyes almost glued on him during the entire class.

After the class and on his way to the PE hall, Xiào Mu looked at the tall sentinel who is confessing to him. This gives him a headache, and he couldn’t even remember how many times someone came to confess to him so far. This one is the 15th or 18th? He almost couldn’t maintain his polite smile, and his mouth is getting dry from refusing the sentinels. Hence, Xiào Mu made a decisive decision and went back to his dormitory to pack up his belongings. After going through the formalities of returning the room, Xiào Mu returned to the marshal’s mansion with a backpack.

Leo also came back with 2 PE sessions in the morning and saw Xiào Mu sitting on the sofa while browsing the forum. Seeing him, Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up, and asked hurriedly, “Can you help delete the photos related to me on the Internet?” Without the photos, lesser people would know about him. Leo also felt that Xiào Mu’s photos on the Internet would increase his danger so he immediately replied, “I will get someone to deal with it.” As Leo said, he swiftly contacted the relevant personnel.

At noon, Ren returned to the marshal’s mansion with a tired look. Xiào Mu threw a glance at Ren’s spiritual power, which was above the safe value, so he is relieved. Ren sat down and took a sip of water, and then said, “Kain is sued in a military court.”

Leo frowned, “He really had a deal with Golden Tower?”

“Yes,” Ren said with a stern face, “His first combined guide is Xiào Min, who had weak spiritual power. The two were married in private. Before they could get married officially, Kain went to the battlefield.”

“His spiritual state was severely damaged, and his condition was terrible. Xiào Min couldn’t save him. Kain’s father is a teacher in Golden Tower at the time, so he thought of an idea to forcibly cut off his bond with Xiào Min. At the same time, he immediately arranged for a level B guide (Kain’s current wife) for Kain.” Ren sighed, “Kain recovered, but Xiào Min was in very poor condition. Xiào Min only found out that he is pregnant and persisted until the child was born prematurely. Worried that the matter would be revealed, and in order to appease the Xiào family, Kain took the child in to raise him as an adopted child. Then he paid a large sum of money to the Xiào family.”

Ren patted Leo on the shoulder, “If it weren’t for you realizing that something is wrong, this incident would not have been discovered. This incident also brought out some private transactions in Golden Tower. It’s very messy, Qi Sai will be keeping busy for a while.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu, “It was Xiào Mu who told me that Kain’s adopted son is his biological son, so I asked people to check it.”

Xiào Mu felt that Kain deserved it, “He revealed the secret himself.”

Ren felt upset when he thought of the Greene family’s affairs. He changed the subject and asked Leo, “Are you going to Planet Ba tomorrow?”

Leo nodded, “En, there are a total of 1,000 people training in this selection and all of them are mecha fighters. I will come back after the handover with Planet Ba.”

“Why are you in a hurry?” Ren glared at Leo. “Those are your soldiers. Stay a bit more and check out their situation.”

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu, “I will return as soon as possible.”

Xiào Mu’s heart moved when he heard of Planet Ba. Wuming Extract is his new medical prescription material for level 40 and it is in Planet Ba. The progress bar of his current medical skills from level 40 to level 50 is still 0/2000. That’s right, although he made a lot of medicine after upgrading his level, his progress has not changed. Xiào Mu suspects that the progress bar of the intermediate medicine can only be increased by making intermediate medicine, so he is a little impatient.

Xiào Mu has checked the system panel many times. The medical skill level for making intermediate medicine is 40/50/60. When he checked the formula for intermediate medicine, Xiào Mu found that other than restoring spiritual power and physical strength, there are 2 more special formulas. It’s just that both are greyed out at the moment, and he needs to reach level 50 to unlock it. One is escalate pill, which increases the running speed by 50%, and the other is dispel pill, which removes a poisonous state. Xiào Mu is very interested in the dispel pill, especially after being injected with harmful agents twice in a row that put him in a dangerous situation. Right now, Xiào Mu couldn’t wait to upgrade to level 50 to see the effect. According to the remarks of the pill, Xiào Mu guessed that the dispel pill could relieve the unfavorable effect of the certain medicine. As for whether it can do it or not, he had to try it first.

Xiào Mu thought of this and looked at Leo expectantly, “Can I go to Planet Ba with you?”

Leo is startled by the request. He didn’t expect that Xiào Mu would make such a request and his eyes lit up, “You want to go with me?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “There is a kind of medicinal material in Planet Ba, I want to collect some.”

Hearing that, Leo is slightly disappointed. In his heart, he hoped that Xiào Mu wanted to follow is because of him. But when he thought that he would not need to be separated from Xiào Mu for a few days and that the mission is not dangerous this time, Leo immediately agreed, “Alright, you can follow along.”

“Great,” Xiào Mu smiled brightly, “How’s the weather over there? What preparations are needed?”

“It’s hot,” Leo dropped his gaze on the fair skin of Xiào Mu’s neck, “pay attention to sun protection.”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. He is an adult man. It is a bit weird to say to pay attention to sun protection so seriously. Xiào Mu asked, “Is there nothing else to prepare?”

“Just bring a few sets of clothes. The starship has the rest of the things you needed.”

Xiào Mu got up and said, “I’ll make some preparations like buying some tools for digging herbs and a storage container.”

Xiào Mu went shopping online immediately after returning to his room; purchasing tools and containers for digging herbs. Thinking that his identity had been revealed, he then bought high-grade healing pill materials and a large medicine mortar without needing to hide anything. After the things arrived, Xiào Mu made 200 high-grade healing pills in the marshal’s mansion, which consumed 6,000 spiritual power. Xiào Mu ate one and immediately recovered 2,000 points, and then continued to use the Pin Hold skill.

Ever since Xiào Mu activated the Pin Hold skill, his spiritual power can be maintained at full value almost all the time, except for the times he is low on spiritual power from making too many pills in one go. However, the skill can recover 2,000 points in a minute, plus the instant-recover top-grade healing pill, Xiào Mu’s spiritual power will be full in less than 3 minutes. He took out the porcelain bottle and is about to pack the rest of the pills when someone knocked at his room’s door. Xiào Mu stopped what he’s doing and opened the door.

Standing outside are Leo and the 4 guards who should only follow him when he went out.

“What…what’s wrong?” Their gazes are so hot that Xiào Mu took a small step back subconsciously.

“I smell a nice smell, are you making medicine?” Leo asked.

Xiào Mu nodded and said embarrassedly, “Does it affect you guys? I will put it away right now.” He returned to the room, quickly put the pills from the large medicine mortar into the porcelain bottle, and then store it in the system backpack.

Leo’s eyes flashed the moment the pills disappeared, but thinking of the money Xiào Mu got from selling the pills, he reasoned that it should be more than enough to buy space storage.

“It’s not affecting us, it just smells pleasantly comfortable,” Leo explained and the guards nodded. They looked reluctantly at Xiào Mu’s hand that was holding the porcelain bottle just now.

After dinner, Xiào Mu went to the training room for exercise. The facilities in the mansion’s training room are even more comprehensive than the school PE hall. When his physical strength is almost reaching the safe point, Xiào Mu took a boost pill and rested for a while. Then he continued to run and did pull-ups. Suddenly, a shadow covered him and Xiào Mu turned his head. He saw Leo leaning on the railing.

Xiào Mu’s hair is wet from the sweat, and his sharp facial features are completely revealed when he casually brushed his bangs to the back of his head. Leo’s blue eyes fell on Xiào Mu and he looked at him(XM) quietly without speaking.

The look caused Xiào Mu to feel uncomfortable and a little awkward. Leo’s current state is unfamiliar to him. Xiào Mu stopped exercising and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Leo stretched out his hand to wipe off the sweat that is about to fall on Xiào Mu’s eyes. He lightly rubbed the wetness on his fingers when he retracted it, and his expression didn’t change a bit after doing this. “Your physical strength has increased a lot.”

Xiào Mu is stunned by Leo’s action, but his expression looked natural as if there isn’t anything wrong with the action just now. So, it would be strange when he(XM) voice out about it. He nodded, “Yes, I’ve improved.”

“What pill did you just take?” Leo asked.

The question had Xiào Mu taken aback. Leo was in his mecha while he(XM) took the medicine. How did Leo see it? Xiào Mu hesitated. But sooner or later, this boost pill will be exposed since they spent every day in the same training ground, Leo will find out that something is wrong.

“The mid-grade boost pill, it’s to restore physical strength.”

Leo’s complexion changed slightly. He took a step forward and they are so close that they almost touched each other. Leo bent over and looked at Xiào Mu with slightly narrowed eyes, “Aren’t you going to explain something to me?”

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