Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 38.2

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Chapter 38 Part 2 Completely exposed

Everyone’s eyes fell on Xiào Mu, and the crowd behind him suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my God, could he be a legendary god-level guide?! Only god-level guide has a super high match rate with high-level sentinels.”

“I also remembered. I have read that mythology book, sentinels below Level AA won’t even have a 1% match rate with the god-level guide.”

Xiào Mu built a barrier but his body gradually weakened. He tried his best to stand while being supported by Kai Men. Everyone’s eyes fell on him, and someone asked, “Are you a god-level guide?”

Xiào Mu shook his head. He had never heard of this term. At the moment, his physical strength is depleting very quickly. He wanted Kai Men to send him back. Before he could say anything, some people started talking in surprise.

“Isn’t he the… Xiào Mu with the worst physical strength?” Due to Leo’s warning before this, the person swallowed the word ‘waste’ in time.

“It’s him, I have seen pictures of him.”

“No wonder his strength is so poor, it turns out that he is a guide!”

“But, my terminal couldn’t detect anything right now. Hey, aren’t you a sentinel? Can you feel that he is a guide?”


“It must be due to his ability as a god-level guide. Otherwise, how could he be so powerful that even the Quantum Sensing Apparatus be fooled by him?”

An aircraft for school usage landed not far away, and a middle-aged Level AA+ sentinel walked out of it.

“Principal An Rui.” Someone called out in surprise.

Earlier, upon receiving the alert, An Rui immediately drove his aircraft to the PE hall. This all started after he heard about Leo’s confession. He went to the forum curiously to see it, and already feeling suspicious at the time. A normal person suddenly being pursued by a sentinel is too easy for other people to be suspicious of. However, Leo didn’t change his expression and acted like nothing happened, so An Rui also pretended he didn’t realize anything. In his heart, he is thinking to wait until Leo successfully chases the person, then he would go to old man Ren to get more benefits1. But he didn’t expect such a sensation to happen within a few days. He had already seen the school surveillance video on the way to the PE hall and knew that someone wanted to catch Xiào Mu. He just couldn’t understand how Xiào Mu managed to injure the bald young man in the end.

“I’ll take you to the infirmary.” An Rui smiled kindly.

Xiào Mu looked at Kai Men subconsciously. Kai Men is the only person that he is familiar with here. But before Kai Men could speak, a black aircraft landed nearby. Leo walked toward Xiào Mu with a cold face and stooped to carry him up. Without saying anything, Leo turned around and walked towards his aircraft. Xiào Mu didn’t have much strength so he didn’t resist and didn’t speak2. He wanted to leave as soon as possible anyway and he is more familiar with Leo than the others.

An Rui yelled with anger, “You rascal, did you know that the school prohibits flying vehicles from outside of school?!”

“Principal An Rui,” Leo turned around, “Send the campus surveillance video to me as soon as possible.”

An Rui glared at Leo without speaking further. Looking at the injured black-haired man and the bald man, he smiled and said to Kai Men, “Get these 2 people into my aircraft. By the way, there is another person somewhere. The 3 of them tried to hurt this guide.” An Rui released the screenshot from the video and swept a glance at the other students. “Before class, bring him here.”

The sentinels acted immediately. The ‘talented’ student who had escaped earlier, tremblingly sent a message out before getting caught soon after.

“How are you feeling?” Leo asked Xiào Mu nervously.

Xiào Mu frowned, “Lack of energy. I got injected with a weakening agent… It should be Roa’s people.”

Hearing that, Leo’s eyes flashed sharply, “It’s Kain’s. Not long ago, Eileen was caught because her medicine contained contraband. To solve that matter, Kain wanted to recognize you as Xiào Mu Greene.”

Xiào Mu is stunned by Kain’s plan. Then he thought about it and felt that it’s plausible. If he really got taken away, with their access to prohibited medication, it’s not impossible they have other methods like hypnosis or ways to confuse one’s memory. Xiào Mu hesitated before saying, “Xiào Mu Greene is an adopted son to the public, but they are actually biological father and son. If I were to replace Greene, him calling me an adopted son is the best plan.”

“Biological son?” Leo is surprised to hear that.

“Yes,” Xiào Mu nodded, “he accidentally said the truth when he misidentified me.”

Leo sent a few messages out and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you become Xiào Mu Greene.”

Xiào Mu nodded and said in distress, “I can’t hide my identity anymore,” he pursed his lips, a little nervous, “How does Golden Tower usually make a guide enroll inside?”

Leo lightly flicked a finger on Xiào Mu’s lips. Xiào Mu shrank his head and glared at Leo, “Don’t think to do anything. You should know, even if I don’t have the strength, I still have the ability to hurt you.”

Leo is not afraid of the threat but thought Xiào Mu is cute instead when he is pretending to be fierce. Just that he is worried that Xiào Mu will get angry at him, so Leo obediently took his hand back and looked at Xiào Mu intently, “Don’t be angry, I just can’t help but want to touch you.”

That reply caused Xiào Mu to feel a little uncomfortable and more helpless. This damn match rate, it is simply confusing people’s mind.

Leo sent Xiào Mu to the First Hospital and get him hooked up with a glucose IV drip. Before the infusion is over, some people from the Golden Tower came. There were a total of 4 people; a refined middle-aged man plus the director Nila he had met, and the other 2 are bodyguards. Leo frowned when he saw the group but remained seated on the stool beside the bed without moving.

The middle-aged man smiled gently at Xiào Mu, “I am Qi Sai, the principal of Golden Tower. I am here to take you to Golden Tower, where you will get the best education and treatment as a guide.”

Xiào Mu expressionlessly asked, “Can you sensed that I am a guide?”

Taken aback by the question, Qi Sai moved closer until he reached the head of the bed and got blocked by Leo. Then he puzzled replied, “No.”

Nila: “You don’t want to admit it? The whole Empire already knows about this matter. The Golden Tower has more sophisticated equipment, and it can definitely detect your guide’s pheromones.”

Xiào Mu: “How? Testing me by using stimulants or instruments to stimulate spiritual power?”

Qi Sai solemnly said, “You have a deep misunderstanding of Golden Tower. Guides are precious assets and we will never do anything to harm the guides.”

Xiào Mu looked at the man with a serious face and breathed a sigh of relief. Actually, this is just something he is worried about. “Since even you guys are not aware of my identity, I don’t think I have anything to learn from the Golden Tower. I prefer to learn like ordinary people.”

Qi Sai disagrees, “It is too dangerous for you outside. Not to mention that you and high-level sentinels have a super high match rate, there are too many people coveting you.”

Xiào Mu raised his eyebrows, “There is nothing dangerous about that. Aren’t I’m fine now? Or you wanted me to go to the Golden Tower, so you can make a deal with someone at the graduation prom? Then scheme at me to bond with that person?”

That question caused Leo’s expression to suddenly turn cold. This is something he had never thought of. His dissatisfaction with Golden Tower is only because Golden Tower has raised the guides to become weak, making the situation more dangerous for the sentinel3.

Qi Sai’s eyes widened, “Why do you think so? The combination of sentinel and guide is completely voluntary,” he looked grim, “Who is your guardian? He has caused you to have a deep prejudice against Golden Tower!”

Xiào Mu blinked, the principal didn’t seem to be guilty at all. This is the worst thing he could guess. Regardless of whether Golden Tower really has under-table deals or not, he only said it to express his concern. It is also the reason why he refused to enter the Golden Tower.

“Prejudice?” Xiào Mu is about to speak but was cut off by Leo. The moment Leo received the updates of the messages he sent out earlier, he stood up suddenly and his voice is freezing cold.

“Major General Leo, what do you mean?” Qi Sai asked in dissatisfaction.

Leo looked at Qi Sai coldly, “Major General Greene and his guide met through the Golden Tower, right?”

*Squeak*’ A stool moved and it made a noise on the floor. Nila forced a smile and said, “I’m sorry, I accidentally bumped into it.”

Qi Sai threw a glance at NiLa and said to Leo, “Yes, I remember it clearly.”

“Then, did you know that he already combined with a guide before that marriage?” Leo sneered.

Qi Sai’s expression suddenly changed, “How is it possible? If Kain combined with a guide before, how can he combined with another guide?”

After a sentinel guide pair combined, they only have each other in their eyes, and there are no other people who could get in between them.

Leo stared at Qi Sai, “Did you forget the knot cutter? There is only one knot cutter that could cut off the link of a combined sentinel guide pair. In order to protect the guide, this instrument is placed in the Golden Tower.”

“Impossible,” Qi Sai tremblingly refuted. “The knot cutter is only used as the highest punishment. It has not been used for 50 years already.”

After a sentinel guide pair is combined and forced to cut off the connection, it will cause a huge blow to both parties and could cause death. Only the worst offenders will be punished in this way.

Leo frowned, Qi Sai looked like he didn’t know about this matter. He said, “You’d better investigate it. Apart from this possibility, I can’t think of how an already combined sentinel gets together with another guide.”

Seeing Leo’s serious expression, Qi Sai knew that Leo is not a nonsense person. He said seriously and cautiously, “I will investigate as soon as possible.”

Without waiting for Qi Sai to finish his words, Leo interrupted, “There is a problem with the Golden Tower. I will not let Xiào Mu go there and I will take care of him.”

Qi Sai didn’t want any guides to wander outside, but there is something more important at this time. He told Xiào Mu, “Please exchange contact information with me. If you have any danger, you can contact me. The Golden Tower will always be a haven for guides.”

Seeing that he spoke sincerely, Xiào Mu agreed to add Qi Sai’s number.

Qi Sai glanced at Leo and left before saying to Xiào Mu, “No matter what the other party’s identity is, they can’t force you4. After dealing with internal matters, I will pick you up as soon as possible.”

Xiào Mu wanted to say don’t come, but that would lead to another conversation, so he didn’t say anything.

“Golden Tower doesn’t seem as terrible as I thought.” Xiào Mu said, leaning on the big pillow.

Leo strangely looked at Xiào Mu and asked, “How do you know that Golden Tower has those dirty deals? You couldn’t be…” Leo couldn’t help thinking that Xiào Mu has escaped from Golden Tower before this.

“I’m just spouting nonsense,” Xiào Mu said, “Those are all the excuses why I don’t want to go, and of course, there’s the freedom restriction factor.” No matter how good is a guide’s life inside the tower, he still doesn’t want to go.

Leo’s blue eyes looked at Xiào Mu tenderly, “No one can force you what you don’t want.”

Xiào Mu raised his eyebrows at the statement and Leo immediately thought of the night he discovered Xiào Mu’s identity. Xiào Mu said, ‘I’m not willing’, but he(L) didn’t stop at that time. Leo suddenly felt gloomy. From the time they are acquainted to the present, he has done so many things that Xiào Mu doesn’t like, so how can Xiào Mu like him? But, he will never give up!

After recovering his strength, Xiào Mu went directly to Zhao’s company and saw the building surrounded by many people.

“Zhao Sheng didn’t pay the staff their wages so they came to collect the debt?” Xiào Mu couldn’t help but guess.

Leo’s hearing is much better than Xiào Mu so he explained, “The crowd came to request Delish Meds Company to open their business,” he frowned before adding, “We can’t get in at the front door. Please contact Zhao Sheng to let us walk through the special passage.”

When they arrived at Zhao Sheng’s office, Zhao Sheng smiled bitterly, “The news that our company’s medicine can assist with spiritual power breakthrough has been spread. As per your requirements, since the detailed tester has not been completed, our online store will not open. So, now a bunch of people surrounded the company to demand the store to open.”

Xiào Mu: “Spiritual power breakthrough is very dangerous, are they are not afraid of pain?!”

“To be able to improve their ability, it’s nothing to hurt a little,” Zhao Sheng said, “Strength is the most important thing.”

Xiào Mu’s eyes shifted as he thinks of something, “It just so happens that my identity has been exposed and something is happening in Golden Tower now. After they finished dealing with their matter, they might come to get me in again, so I might as well take this opportunity to put pressure on them.”

“So, help me post an announcement in the shop. Just say… my identity got exposed and I feared that my freedom would be restricted if forced to go into Golden Tower. That’s why I won’t be making medicine for the time being.”

According to their original plan, the store’s medicines are all made by a guide, which proved the guide’s ability. Then when the company’s medicines have enough influence on the public, Xiào Mu will reveal his identity and the company suspends operations. Using the pressure of public opinion, Golden Tower would have to lessen the restriction. After he studied enough about a guide’s abilities in Golden Tower, he can freely choose whether to stay in Golden Tower or leave whenever just like sentinel (at Silver Tower). At the moment, his identity has been exposed so their plan has to be changed. But with special cases as supporting, the things they are going to do next will be much more convenient.

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