Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 37.1


Chapter 37 Part 1 Breakthrough

Xiào Mu didn’t let Hawke go with them. Hawke’s spiritual filaments have recently increased so he is worried that Hawke might not be able to control himself and risk the exposure of his identity. There were many sentinels in the First Hospital, which is very dangerous. He and Gu Miao took some Zhao family’s bodyguard with them and head to the First Hospital. On the way, Zhao Sheng’s assistant informed them of Yan Chen’s ward number. Yan Chen is in ward 108 at the emergency building, behind the main building. When the two arrived, there is a group of reporters at the door. The reporters were stopped 5 meters away from the door by soldiers in dark green uniforms and were not allowed to get closer.

Gu Miao’s body trembled slightly. He seldom went out, and crowded places make him more nervous. With red eyes, he looked at Xiào Mu worriedly, “How do we get in?”

Xiào Mu placed his hand on Gu Miao’s shoulders to comfort him. Then he led him to the edge of the group where there are few people and said, “If we are stopped, just explain your intentions that we are here to help.”

Gu Miao took a deep breath. Thinking of Zhao Sheng, he calmed down.

“Stop right there!” A dark-skinned soldier stopped them. Then he got stunned by the fact that one of them is a guide. With a much softer voice, the soldier said, “Please step back.”

Gu Miao bit his lip and summoned his courage, “I am a guide. I want to see Yan Chen. If he is not in good condition, I can give him spiritual treatment.”

The soldier looked at Gu Miao in surprise. This is clearly a guide with a partner. Generally speaking, a guide with a partner is more suitable to give spiritual treatment, because their spiritual filaments will not get distracted by other sentinels. However, because of the sentinel’s strong possessiveness trait, almost no sentinel is willing to let their guide partner give other sentinels spiritual treatment.

Being stared at and not given any responses, Gu Miao’s eyes became redder, “Can I?”

The soldier nodded subconsciously. Sentinels had a natural protective desire for the guide. Seeing Gu Miao looked so soft and weak, it seemed like a crime to even speak louder to him. After nodding, the soldier realized his wrong, and quickly added, “Please wait a moment, I’ll go and ask for instructions.”

After a while, a tall sentinel walked out. He is dressed in a dark green military uniform with the major general’s badge on his shoulder. The sentinel looked elegant and handsome, but his bloodshot eyes and unkempt stubble make him looked haggard. The sentinel gave Xiào Mu an inexplicable sense of familiarity. Just as he is thinking about who is this person, the loud commotion from the reporter beside him gave him a headache. When the reporters saw the sentinel, everyone started asking questions, “Major General Yan, what is your brother’s current situation?”

“Major General Yan, did your brother really have an accident caused by Delish Meds Company’s medicine?”

“Major General Yan…”

Yan Shun’s face was cold, and he swept his eyes across the group of reporters. In an instant, the noisy commotion disappeared. “This is a hospital, please keep quiet.” He walked towards Gu Miao and Xiào Mu. When he saw Xiào Mu, a hint of unexpectation flashed in his eyes. Next, his gaze fell on Gu Miao, “Do you know Ah Chen?”

Gu Miao shook his head. At this moment, all reporters are looking at him. Gu Miao’s nervous lips trembled, unable to speak. Xiào Mu patted Gu Miao’s shoulder hurriedly, and asked, “Major General, can we talk in the ward? Staying outside makes him nervous.” Xiào Mu finally remembered who this person is. He saw him around Leo’s side a few times before.

Yan Shun thought for a moment before nodding and took the two to the ward. The ward is a 2-room ward. The outer room is a reception room, while the inside is the hospital bed. Gu Miao finally calmed down and explained, “I am Zhao Sheng’s partner and I hope I can help,” he opened his eyes wide, “Delish Meds doesn’t have any problems.”

Hearing that, Yan Shun’s brows jerked. He thought of his younger brother’s painful appearance and looked at Gu Miao coldly. If it wasn’t because the other party is a guide, he would have thrown this person out the moment he knew his identity.

Gu Miao stepped back subconsciously. Xiào Mu held his hand and looked towards Yan Shun, “The most important thing now is your brother’s health. Gu Miao is a Level B guide who already has a partner.”

Level B guide has spiritual power that exceeds 7000 points, which is considered a higher-level guide. There are not many guides who have spiritual power higher than this in the Golden Tower. Moreover, guides with a partner are more stable and have more advantages in doing the spiritual treatment.

Yan Shun understood this as well. Although he is angry with Gu Miao, he nodded for Yan Chen’s sake, “If Ah Chen is okay, then everything is fine. However, if something happens to Ah Chen, then Zhao’s company…” He didn’t continue but everyone present understood the rest. Yan Shun took them inside, and as soon as he entered, a howling of pain could be heard.

The painful cries make Xiào Mu’s heart trembled, and Gu Miao’s body trembled even more. Xiào Mu looked at the hospital bed. On the bed is a young, thin, black-haired boy. His face is flushed at the moment but his face looked terrible. Blue veins were popping on his forehead, his hands and feet were fixed on the bed, and he kept struggling. His stamina is 7800 points, Level B+ and in a stable state. On the other hand, his spiritual power is only 300, but the total value is constantly changing. It suddenly becomes 2000, and then erratically drops to 1000 plus. Xiào Mu stared for a while and found that every time the point drops, the total value of Yan Chen’s spiritual bar would increase. From the moment he entered the ward until now, Yan Chen’s total value had increased from 1758 to 1763. Xiào Mu instantly understood what is going on; Yan Chen’s spiritual power is breaking through.

Xiào Mu is a little upset with the realization. He himself had accidentally broken through the level of his physical strength before. He should have thought that the healing pills would cause a breakthrough as well. In the future, people who buy pills will have to be restricted in terms of grades. For the sake of their safety, it is best to accurately measure their spiritual power value before deciding which grade they could take. The Zhao family is doing business in selling medical equipment. Maybe they can study to make an instrument for accurate measurement of spiritual power value. The most important thing now is to let Zhao Sheng come out safely. Xiào Mu retracted his thoughts and glanced away. There are 4 doctors in the ward, and the oldest is standing at the foot of the bed. Xiào Mu had seen this doctor outside Leo’s ward before.

Yan Shun clenched his fists heavily and looked at the doctor at the end of the bed. His voice was hoarse, “Qiao, how is Ah Chen?”

Qiao’s expression tightened as he stared at the screen at the foot of the bed. He answered, “His spiritual state is on the verge of collapse.”

Yan Shun looked at Gu Miao abruptly before asking, “He is a guide, can he help?”

Qiao shook his head, “Yan Chen is now in an attacking state and will repel anything that approaches.”

Hearing that caused Yan Shun’s expression to become uglier. He said coldly to Gu Miao and Xiào Mu, “Get out.”

Gu Miao’s eyelashes quivered quickly and looked at Xiào Mu helplessly. Xiào Mu returned the gaze with a soothing smile.

At this moment, Yan Shun is full of anxiety. Hence, upon seeing Xiào Mu’s smile, he immediately exploded, “You smiled?! What’s there to smile at this moment?! Get out!”

Xiào Mu was taken aback by the sudden increase in Yan Shun’s voice, and hurriedly apologized, “Sorry.” He threw a glanced at Yan Chen and used the ‘Pin Hold’ skill on him. An emerald green leaf floated into the space between Yan Chen’s eyebrows. The total value bar which is slowly rising with every erratic drop of spiritual power now increased by an extra 100 points each time. The extra point is from the buff that recovers spiritual power every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.

Yan Chen’s struggling movement became lighter in an instant, and Yan Shun couldn’t bother with Gu Miao and Xiào Mu anymore. His heart tightened as he rushed to the side of the bed, “Ah Chen.” His voice trembled when he said that. Ah Chen suddenly stopped struggling, he shouldn’t be… Yan Chen didn’t dare to think deeper about it.

On the other side, Qiao’s voice sounded excited, “His pain value is decreasing.”

Xiào Mu heard the words and thought in his heart. It seems that, the closer the total value during the fall and the total value bar, the lighter the pain. When the two values are the same, the breakthrough is successful and the pain will disappear. Just that with this current speed, the difference is more than 200 points, Yan Chen only recovers 1 point every minute. That means he will still need to endure the pain for about 4 hours. The pain of this intensity will probably make anyone faint in the middle of the process. What’s more, the patient is a sentinel, and his 5 senses are much sensitive than ordinary people. Xiào Mu looked at the teenager on the bed and couldn’t help admiring him. When his physical strength broke through a level last time, he almost couldn’t endure it.

Soon, when the buff countdown only left one-third, Yan Chen’s spiritual power finally stabilized. Right now, his spiritual power’s remaining value is 300 while the total value of his spiritual power is 2000 points.

“Brother.” A weak voice sounded in the ward.

At the same time, Qiao yelled, “My God, this is a miracle. How could Yan Chen suddenly recovers?” He clicked frantically on the screen to check the values just now.

Yan Shun knelt on the floor at the head of the bed, his eyes stung, “Where else hurts?”

Yan Chen shook his head tiredly and wrinkled his nose at Yan Shun, “Brother, you look really ugly now. Be careful you can’t get a wife like this.”

Yan Shun scolded with a smile, “And who do you think caused this?”

Yan Chen is about to say something when he got interrupted by a loud yell. Then Qiao, a famous spiritual power expert in the Empire flailed around like a madman. Qiao rushed to the bed like a gust of wind, and asked excitedly, “Yan Chen, your previous spiritual power was at Level E, right?”

“En.” Yan Chen narrowed his mouth. For a sentinel, this value is too low and it bothered him for a long time. Fortunately, his physical strength is not bad, and the things he liked to do did not require high spiritual power.

“My God, do you know that your spiritual power has broken through?!”

Yan Chen’s eyes lit up, “Is it Level E+?”

Qiao shook his head, wishing to stare a hole into Yan Chen’s head to see what miracle has happened inside, “Level D! You must stay longer in the hospital, I must figure out what happened!”

Yan Chen was so scared by Qiao that he shrank his neck. Qiao saw it and the corner of his mouth twitched. Showing a kind smile, he asked, “Ah Chen, tell me, what did you do before this happened?”

“After attending the commendation ceremony with my brother, I played around in Area A, and then went to repair the mecha for my brother.” He looked at Yan Shun carefully before continuing, “I accidentally overused my spiritual power, so my brother gave me a pill to recover…”

In an instant, all eyes fell on Gu Miao at the door.

Gu Miao probably understood what happened, and he looked at Xiào Mu in surprise. He knew that Xiào Mu’s medicine is good, but he didn’t know that it would enable one’s spiritual power to break through. As a native-born guide, he most understands how difficult it is to break through one’s spiritual power. If it is simple, then the average spiritual power of the guide will not get lower and lower each year. Noting the gazes from the sentinels, he subconsciously pinched Xiào Mu’s sleeves.

“Major General Yan, since everything is okay now, can you inform the police and let Boss Zhao go…”

Before Xiào Mu could finish his words, he saw Qiao rushed towards Gu Miao. So he hurriedly reached out to stop Qiao.

Qiao was dissatisfied, and stood on tiptoe to look at Gu Miao, “Who made the medicine for your company? Sell me a few!” After he finished speaking, his eyes felt like he wanted to see through Gu Miao, “What did you do earlier?”

Gu Miao looked dumbfounded, “I didn’t do anything.”

“Impossible, you have just entered the ward and Yan Chen suddenly got better. How can there be such a coincidence?!”

Xiào Mu doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, Qiao is really keen, but his posture at the moment really made him helpless. He stretched out his hand and pushed Qiao backward, “Doctor, can you step back?” He(XM) is standing in the middle, but Qiao didn’t care, as if he is just a wall. And this wall is just a low wall, the type that you can see the people on the other side of the wall if you tiptoe.

Gu Miao stuck to Xiào Mu and ignored Qiao. He poked out his head to look at Yan Shun, “Delish Meds doesn’t have any problem, will you let Ah Sheng out now?”

Yan Shun nodded, “I have just notified the police,” he paused, “but your medicine is too potent. Even if it is beneficial for certain individuals, you should remind the buyer about the risk.”

Gu Miao tilted his head to look at Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu knew that with sentinel’s sense of hearing, even if he talked to Gu Miao in a low voice, Yan Shun would hear it. So he simply replied, “We will take that into consideration in the future.”

Yan Shun relaxed, and asked with a smile on his face, “Aren’t you with Leo? How are you related to the Zhao family in this case?”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “I’m working with the Zhao’s family. Also, I’m just temporarily staying in Major General Leo’s house.”

“Since when have you been so gossipy?” Leo walked in and asked Yan Shun rudely. With a glance, he saw that Qiao looked like he is about to grab Xiào Mu, so he walked quickly to push Qiao away, “Qiao, you are almost 100 years old!” So, don’t even think of seducing Xiào Mu!

Qiao glared at Leo, “What’s wrong with being 100 years old? I’m still young. Get out of the way, I haven’t asked the truth yet!”

Yan Shun looked at Leo meaningfully. He didn’t expect to ever see Leo being an anxious person. Clearly, he(L) has fallen in love.

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