Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 37.2

[Warning – Cliff ahead. Don’t jump]

Chapter 37 Part 2 Breakthrough

Leo ignored Yan Shun and lowered his head to ask Xiào Mu, “Are you all right?”

Xiào Mu shook his head. After a while, Zhao Sheng arrived at the ward. Gu Miao threw himself into Zhao Sheng’s arms when he saw him, and then burst into tears. Zhao Sheng hugged Gu Miao and glanced at the people in the ward with a cold face. Finally, his gaze fell on Yan Shun, “Major General Yan, it’s not manly to bully a guide.” Suddenly, a cougar appeared in the ward, roaring fiercely at Yan Shun; showing its owner’s inner anger.

Yan Shun frowned and pressed down his spirit animal that is about to emerge, “Stop talking nonsense, I didn’t bully him. Although my brother has survived the danger, he suffered a lot because of your company’s medicine. If it wasn’t for his spiritual power breakthrough, I will not stop pursuing the matter, you better be friendly.”

“Spiritual power breakthrough?” Zhao Sheng was taken aback.

Yan Shun: “You don’t even know the effectiveness of your company’s medicine, but you dare to sell it?”

Zhao Sheng briefly glanced at Xiào Mu. His eyes could not hide his surprise but then he moved away in a flash, and said lightly, “Company secrets.” He lowered his head and whispered to comfort Gu Miao, “Let’s go home.”

Before they could leave, Qiao swiftly grabbed Zhao Sheng’s arm, “Boss Zhao, sell me 2 pills from your company!”

Zhao Sheng: “It’s out of stock. The store will replenish it from time to time. You can check the store for an update.”

“Ei! I can’t match the hand speed of a young man, just open a back door for me.” Qiao has completely forgotten that he was boasting about being young a moment ago, and looked at Zhao Sheng eagerly.

Zhao Sheng can’t do anything else with Qiao. There are very few high-ranked families in the imperial that didn’t recognize Qiao. Almost all sentinels had been treated by Qiao since they were young. “I will let you know next time it is available.”

Qiao is satisfied to hear that and released his hand. He went to check Yan Chen’s condition again, preparing to check him carefully to see if he could find the key to spiritual power breakthrough.

Xiào Mu followed Zhao Sheng and left the ward. The reporters were extremely excited to see them, “Boss Zhao, is this a misunderstanding?”

“What is the relationship between Major General Leo and Boss Zhao?”

“Did Major General Leo help to suppress the matter?”

“Major General Leo, is this ordinary black-haired man your confession object? Will your family allow you to be with ordinary people?”

Xiào Mu discovered that Leo has left the ward and is following behind him. He lowered his head slightly, not wanting to be photographed. At that moment, a shadow covered him. Leo has walked to his side and blocked the view of the reporters.

Boarding the aircraft, Zhao Sheng was taken aback when he saw Leo. He looked at Xiào Mu questioningly, and Xiào Mu simply spread his hands helplessly.

“I’m very interested in your plan,” Leo said, naturally sitting next to Xiào Mu.

Zhao Sheng nodded, with Major General Leo joining, their plan will be more successful. Gu Miao being held in his arm has stabilized his mood. And now, he is joyfully telling Zhao Sheng about his medicine-making success. Zhao Sheng kissed Gu Miao deeply and praised, “Miao Miao is awesome.”

Gu Miao held onto Zhao Sheng’s neck with a smile and curved his eyes, “I will work hard to make better medicine.”

Zhao Sheng said warmly, “Don’t get too tired.”

“I’m not tired, I like this very much.” Gu Miao’s eyes are bright as he said that and Zhao Sheng can’t wait to swallow this little white rabbit in one bite. Miao Miao is more dazzling now than usual; confident and happy.

Leo sat blankly across from the pair. He turned his head and looked at Xiào Mu deeply; he wanted to hold Xiào Mu like this too!

Xiào Mu blinked and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong? Do you have anything you wanted to tell me?”

Leo took a deep breath and raised his hand. Instantly, a pill appeared on the palm of his hand, “Greene’s medicine.” After he said that, Leo thought of Roa hinting at something when he asked to buy a pill. In his heart, he mocked, ‘Want to marry into the Arnold family? In your dream!’

Xiào Mu didn’t take it, but asked, “Can you smell the fragrance?”

Leo nodded, “Orchid.”

Xiào Mu stretched out his hand to look at it. This is exactly the same as the mid-grade healing pill he made, but how could the fragrance change? He looked at Gu Miao, saw that Gu Miao also looked at the medicine in his hand curiously. So Xiào Mu explained the matter to him and then asked, “Does your house have any equipment for analyzing the components of medicine?”

“Yes.” Gu Miao nodded.

Speaking of instruments, Xiào Mu thought of what he had considered before, “The current instruments for measuring spiritual power and physical strength are too general. I want instruments that can measure specific values.”

“Specific value?” Zhao Sheng furrowed his eyebrows and thought.

“Yes, what happened to Yan Chen today reminds me. The high-grade healing pill can recover 2000 spiritual power but Yan Chen’s spiritual power is only more than 1,000 at Level E. He took the top-grade medicine when he had 300 left. The remaining value plus the pill recovery value is greater than 2000, which is Level D, causing a level breakthrough.”

Xiào Mu sighed, “This is very dangerous. It is extremely painful when breaking through, and there may be other problems cropping up. In the past, high-grade pills were probably bought by people with high spiritual power. Their remaining spiritual power is very low when they eat the pill, so there was no problem.”

“So I want an instrument that can measure specific values. Then we will prescribe different pills according to the buyer’s situation. Of course, if the instrument can be promoted to the public, it would be easier for everyone to take medicine according to their own situation.”

Zhao Sheng looked at Xiào Mu puzzledly, “How do you know the specific value of other people’s spiritual power?”

Xiào Mu: “Perhaps because my spiritual power is higher, my feeling is more accurate.”

Zhao Sheng didn’t doubt Xiào Mu’s words. Level S guide is just a legend before this, and it makes sense that Xiào Mu has this ability. He pondered for a moment, “Logically speaking, it can be done, but there is no specific standard to follow. Different values need to be adjusted according to different spiritual power.”

“I can help with this.” Xiào Mu said. He can see the specific value of anyone’s spiritual power at a glance. As for their total value bar, he can just let the other party eat a low-grade healing pill1.

Zhao Sheng nodded, “I will arrange for someone to improve the current tester as soon as possible. I’ll notify you when we need to set the value data.”

As Zhao Sheng was talking, the aircraft arrived at Zhao’s residence. The housekeeper informed them that Hawke had gone to his laboratory, so they went to Gu Miao’s workshop. The results of the orchid scented pill’s test came out quickly. Gu Miao frowned, “The scent is dyed onto the pill, and the outside is covered with a layer of guide’s inhibitor. I peeled the layer off and looked at it. The inside is a mid-grade healing pill.” After saying that, Gu Miao is a little angry, “This medicine does not affect sentinel, but the guide’s inhibitor will affect the guide’s health.”

Leo sneered, “The Greene family is so brave. They dare to use forbidden drugs. I’ll solve this.”

Xiào Mu asked, “What do you want to do?”

Leo: “Direct conviction. The pill is the evidence.”

Xiào Mu pondered for a moment and shook his head, “The problem with the pill only got detected after it is in your hand. What if he refuses to admit it and says you framed him?”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu. He(XM) is sitting silently and tilted his head to think. The sun outside the window is shining on him, and his whole body is glowing. Leo couldn’t control his heart beating wildly, but when he saw Xiào Mu’s eyes lifted, there is a smile in his eyes. The pair of black eyes are bright enough to suck people in, and the corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth lightly curved up, “I have an idea.”

After Xiào Mu finished speaking, Leo couldn’t help raising his hand towards Xiào Mu but he came back to his sense in the middle. Thus, he moved his hand that is heading to the side of Xiào Mu’s face to the top of his head and rubbed it. The soft hair rubbed in the palm of his palm, gave Leo an itchy feeling that reverberated to the bottom of his heart.

Xiào Mu was stunned by Leo’s action and shrank his neck, “What’s the matter?”

Leo covered his gaffe and withdrew his hand, “You are so smart.”

Xiào Mu doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He is not a kid anymore so he doesn’t need to be praised with a pat on the head.

Gu Miao nodded hurriedly, agreeing with Leo’s words, “Yes, Xiào Mu is the smartest. The company promotion before this was also his idea!”

Zhao Sheng embraced Gu Miao with a gentle smile and looked at Leo pitifully. The invincible Major General, it seems that his emotional path does not go smoothly!

Xiào Mu looked at Zhao Sheng questioningly, “Is there any problem with what I just said?”

“No, I will arrange it.”

2 days later, a major incident occurred in the Golden Tower pharmacy training class. Eileen took out the medicine she had made and was being praised by the teacher. Then, Weyner suddenly took the medicine and ate it.

Director Nila, the supervising teacher, was taken aback, “Weyner, what are you doing?”

Weyner looked innocent as she replied, “I heard that Eileen’s medicine is very effective. I recently used a lot of spiritual power in refining pill. I want to try the effect of her pill. Maybe I will feel the effect after eating it. It will be inspiring for me to make medicine, en… ”

As she said, Weyner suddenly gr.o-an in pain. Clutching her head and squatting down, a gleam of light flashed in her eyes. She got the news that Eileen’s medicine contained prohibited ingredients, which did not affect the body, but would suddenly and temporarily increase spiritual power. Recently, her limelight has been suppressed by Eileen. She wants to take the opportunity to expose the problem with Eileen’s medicine. Daring to use an illegal ingredient, not only Eileen but the Greene’s family will also be affected.

Nila was taken aback, and Eileen was trembling all over. How could this happen? Brother already reminded her that every pill should be handled with care and not let anyone take it away.

As the guide with the highest spiritual power in Golden Tower, Weyner is highly valued and is immediately sent for treatment. Suspicious looks were directed to Eileen. Soon the results came out and Eileen is taken to an office. Nila asked with a calm face, “Why do you add inhibitors to the medicine?”

“I didn’t.” Eileen’s lips trembled.

Leo opened the door, “Director Nila, Eileen’s use of inhibitor drugs is a crime and this case will be taken over by the military.”

Roa is in school and was unceremoniously arrested. Then, Kain heard the news that both his children were under control, and Greene’s residence is also surrounded and searched. His usual mild expression with a smiling face is currently expressionless. He opened his terminal and issued an order. Then he went to find Leo and angrily asked, “Leo, what do you mean by this?”

Leo threw a faint look at Kain, “Major General Kain, I just deal with the case impartially. Eileen pretends to be a medicine-maker and also used illegal ingredients in her medicine. Don’t tell me you don’t know about this.”

Of course Kain knew, but the medicine had no effect on sentinel, and Eileen had only a pill in her hand. Not only is the pill needed for class assignments, but she also carries it with her to give it to a sentinel at any time. That way, the sentinel could feel the effect of medicine right away, and this will enhance Eileen’s attractiveness, thus achieving her purpose of a good marriage. Unexpectedly, the pill was eaten by a guide. Kain’s expression looked ugly. According to the information he received, Leo definitely did it on purpose. He ‘happened’ to go to the Golden Tower by such a coincidence, and also took out the pill he tested 2 days ago. The extra evidence makes it even more difficult for Eileen to escape. If it’s just that Weyner feeling uncomfortable, they could place the blame on Weyner, saying that she accidentally consumed the inhibitor somewhere and not from the pill. But with the pill Leo obtained from Eileen2, which still has the scent of Eileen’s guide pheromones, it is difficult to argue.

Kain stabilized his thoughts and revealed an uncomfortable look, “Eileen is young and competitive. She will only let me know that she is good, so how can she tell me that her abilities are fake? If I know earlier, I will stop her. As long as she is happy, I don’t care if she doesn’t know how to make medicine.”

Leo stared at Kain’s expression and was very upset in his heart. This kind of sneaky people who pretended to be innocent working in the military department; it is annoying to see.

“When the house search results come out, you can’t say that you don’t know anything anymore!”

Kain didn’t panic at all because he is confident that Leo wouldn’t find anything, “Eileen should be punished if she made a mistake at a young age. But Roa didn’t know it, so you should let him go.”

Eileen is a guide and a minor. The consequences are not serious and she will not be severely punished.

Leo sneered, “I don’t think he doesn’t know anything. He gave Eileen the pill, right?3” His eyes became colder when he thought of Roa injecting Xiào Mu with stimulants and bullying him at school.

Kain took a step forward and lowered his voice, “The Greene family and Arnold family have always been ‘well water avoiding the river water’4. You suddenly taking action, it’s for the guide named Xiào Mu, right?” He suddenly chuckled, “Don’t forget, it’s illegal to hide the guide’s identity and not report it.”

Leo: “What are you talking about?”

“Maybe I’m talking nonsense, since… Xiào Mu doesn’t exist. At all.”

“What do you mean?” Leo looked at Kain fiercely, feeling uneasy.

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