Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 36.2

Warning – Cliff ahead yo

Chapter 36 Part 2 Heartthrob

Xiào Mu finished class in the afternoon and it is time for dinner. He went straight to the cafeteria to eat. Not long after he left the cafeteria, he was stopped by a somewhat familiar person.

“Hey now, that blondie can’t bear staying with you and left already? It’s really pitiful to be stared at every day together with you!”

Xiào Mu remembered who this person is. He is the classmate who was brutally suppressed by the cafeteria staff. He wore a black T-shirt today. Then Xiào Mu realized that this is not a safe place. At first glance, he can already tell that this person is looking for trouble and wanted to vent his anger. Xiào Mu didn’t say a word, just stare at the person vigilantly.

Xiào Mu’s silence made the other party even angrier, “What are you looking at? You made this Lao Tzi be laughed at. See if Lao Tzi not beat you to death today!” As he said that, he threw a fist at Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu instantly used the skill ‘Crane Resting on Jade Platform’. Almost in the blink of an eye, Xiào Mu can be seen zooming into the woods 10 meters away… Opposite the cafeteria is a small forest and the environment is very good. There are many seats inside, and a lot of students like to eat in the forest.

“Wow! Did I see that wrongly?”

“Is that the legendary weakling just now?”

“I don’t believe it, even my speed can’t be that fast!”

Shocks and questions sounded one after another. The black-clothed sentinel looked at his fist with a face full of disbelief. The school’s famous weakling actually escaped his attack? He hadn’t recovered from the shock yet, and felt huge pain came from his chin. Then his whole body flew back into the air, falling heavily to the ground 3 meters away.

On the other side, Xiào Mu stared at the big tree less than 1 meter away from him with horror. If the distance of the skill is a little further, at such a fast speed, he would hit himself at the tree and die on the spot. He secretly reminded himself to observe the position before using the skill in the future. Suddenly, he found that the system panel is faintly glowing. As he is about to check it, he heard a scream from the other side, and he quickly raised his head. He happened to see the whole process of the black sentinel flying to landing. Xiào Mu made a ‘hiss’ sound on reflex, that must hurt so much! The person who did a 1-hit KO to the black-clothed sentinel is a gray-haired sentinel. He looked all dressed up and temperamental, judging from the reactions of the surrounding students, he should be a school celebrity.

The gray-haired sentinel turned to look at Xiào Mu. He strode over, and asked coldly, “Injured?”

Xiào Mu glanced at the red and blue bars above the sentinel’s head; Level AA. He shook his head and answered, “I’m fine, thank you.”

Xiào Mu left the forest and returned to the main road of the cafeteria. The black-clothed sentinel had been taken away by the doctor. He checked the system panel and saw the skill of ‘Crane Resting on Jade Platform’ glowing. Looking over, a line reminded, The maximum distance is 10 meters. For safety, please confirm the distance before use. If the distance is not confirmed, the default is the farthest distance. Seeing that, Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up. So the distance can be controlled! He felt safe suddenly.

On the way back to the dormitory, Xiào Mu found that the students who always liked to point at him were extremely quiet at the moment, but their line of sight is still on him. Just that it’s no longer mocking, and more to curious.

“When did he get so powerful?!”

“Wow, what relationship he has with God Kai? He actually helped him!”

“I don’t know, isn’t God Kai always acts alone?”

Xiào Mu turned his head and saw the gray-haired sentinel behind him, keeping 2 steps away. He looked like he didn’t care about the comments around him, and seemed to live alone in his own world.

On the 6th floor, Xiào Mu saw Leo standing at door 601. The gray-haired sentinel who had been silent greeted, “Major General Leo.” His voice was clear and excited.

Leo nodded, and the gray-haired sentinel walked into Room 602.

Xiào Mu was about to ask something when Leo said, “He is Kai Men from 3rd year. If I’m not in school, he will protect you.”

Xiào Mu helplessly replied, “I don’t need protection. What brings you here today?”

Leo pursed his lips, “I want to see you.”

Xiào Mu: “…”

Opening the door, Xiào Mu walked into the dorm, and looked at Leo sincerely, “You don’t need to be like this. I will help if there is any problem with your spiritual state. My medicine is sold online. Although the quantity is small now, it will definitely be a lot more in the future.” He paused and continued, “For safety reasons, you choose to be with someone who is unfamiliar and has a high matching rate. I can understand that, but please believe that this matter1 will be resolved.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “I hope you find the person you really like soon.”

Leo couldn’t help but wanted to defend himself, “You are…” Looking at the closed door panel, Leo frowned. He really wanted to break the door open! He stood at the door for a while before leaving.

After his daily exercise, Xiào Mu checked the forum and got stunned.

‘Shocking, Major General Leo went to school with the famous weakling!’ The picture attached is a photo of him and Leo getting off the aircraft and entering the dormitory.

‘Impossible, it’s definitely a PS-ed picture. Who doesn’t know that Leo hates weak chicken the most! ’

‘Ahhh, my heart is broken! ’


The TS2 soon added another line, “Shocking, Jin You, the son of the Jin family, is actually pursuing the weakling!’ The picture attached is the flower Jin You bought and the card on the flower that says, ‘To Xiào Mu — My Love’.

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. The replies at the bottom were all ‘Shocked!!!’

Unexpectedly, another ‘shocking news’ appeared next.

‘Shocking, God Kai protected the weakling!’ The picture attached is Kai Men hitting the sentinel in black clothes and returning to the dorm with Xiào Mu.

‘My God, how did the world turn so fast? Since when a weakling can be a heartthrob?’

‘His strength seems to be stronger now. He can move 10 meters away in an instant!’

‘I suddenly thought of an ancient legend. Could it be the weakling used voodoo stuff on them?’

‘Maybe he a fox spirit!’

“Pff…” Xiao-Fox-Mu is also shocked. The imagination of these students is too rich. After being shocked, came a headache. This is too high-profile!

Even if he didn’t reveal his identity, these strange behaviors will be noticed by those with keen eyes. Then it will be inevitable that his identity gets suspected. Xiào Mu closed the post, wanting to see if anything else happened. Once he refreshed the forum, he saw that the post that had several thousand replies just now dropped to 2nd spot. The first one is still a ‘shocking news’.

‘Shocking! Major General Leo confessed!!!’

Suddenly, Xiào Mu had a bad feeling. He clicked into the post. The first post is a screenshot, which was a screenshot of Leo’s reply to the previous shocking post.

Leo: “The picture is us, that’s right. I am pursuing him. If you want to chase him too, please contact me for a battle. Also, whoever mentions things like weakling from now on is considered challenging me. He is a diligent and serious student. People who exercise every day and work hard are worthy of everyone’s respect.”

‘Ah ah, male god got captured!’

‘Male god got captured +1, and… my broken heart can’t breathe’

‘Upstairs +1’

Xiào Mu turned off his terminal, raised his head, and sighed.

Zhao Sheng called and asked him about the situation. Xiào Mu told him about what happened last night and said helplessly, “Leo won’t tell anyone about it. As for the others, I’m not sure, but even if I don’t say it, I’m afraid I’m going to be suspected.” He paused, “If someone really investigates it, you just insist that you don’t know that I am a guide. With my ability, there will be no problems, and the original plan will continue.”

Zhao Sheng knew that it is illegal to conceal the existence of the guide and not report it, but he believed in Xiào Mu’s abilities. With Major General Leo behind Xiào Mu, Zhao Sheng is not even worried, “Okay, be careful and stay in touch.”

Next, Hawke called to ask about the situation. Xiào Mu told him the same story. Hawke was worried and wanted to come to school but was persuaded by him. Then he said they’ll meet at Zhao’s residence on the weekend.

In class the next day, Xiào Mu originally thought that he would be stared at by the people, but it was calmer than before. There used to be people pointing and mocking him. Now, almost no one will look at him carelessly, but occasionally someone will look at him curiously. Although he felt that this seemed strange, Xiào Mu still breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he arranged his course schedule tighter.

In the evening, after he exercises, Xiào Mu starts to read the courseware of pharmaceutical practice. Making medicine in this world is through high-tech equipment. They put all kinds of medicine ingredients into the instrument and set the temperature and time. So, medicine making is mainly following a prescription, amount of medicinal materials, and the control of temperature and time. Xiào Mu checked the simple prescriptions published on the Internet. Many of the medicines have complex ingredients, made by mixing Chinese medicines with various chemical agents. It suddenly occurred to Xiào Mu that he hadn’t told Hawke and Gu Miao about the prescription yet!

On Saturday, Xiào Mu went directly to Zhao’s residence. Since Hawke left school, he almost lived at Zhao’s residence half of the time. Hawke gave him a big hug when he saw him.

“I have 16 spiritual filaments now!” Hawke said excitedly.

Xiào Mu was surprised as Hawke’s progress is so fast. He praised, “That’s amazing.”

Hawke was overjoyed. Gu Miao looked at Xiào Mu with his big eyes and his face turned reddish, “Ah Sheng has something to do in the company, and will be back at noon.”

“It’s okay,” Xiào Mu smiled, “Can you take me to the medicine-making room? I want to do an experiment.”

Xiào Mu wanted to compare the difference between his prescription and the online prescription. Also, he wanted to see the difference between the big mortar and modern equipment, the difference between using raw materials and already extracted materials.

“Of course,” Gu Miao’s eyes glowed, and he led Xiào Mu to the medicine-making room on the right. When he arrived, he took out a small box and said embarrassedly, “I made this last night but I don’t know what is the effect.”

“Wow! Cousin’s wife, you didn’t tell me such a big thing!”

Gu Miao blinked his eyes, “I’m afraid that if it has no effect, you will be happy for nothing. So, I want Xiào Mu to see it first.”

The medicine is a white pill the size of a soybean. Xiào Mu can’t see much from the outside. He picked it up and wanted to bring it closer to see if there is a guide’s scent. As soon as he picked it up, a line of words [Primary level medicine, recover spiritual power 500 points. Usage: Every 2 hours] suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

Xiào Mu was taken aback, then he laughed. Gu Miao looked at Xiào Mu nervously, “What is it?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “It’s a finished product, the effect is 5 times that of the low-grade healing pill in the store, and half of the medium-grade one.”

Gu Miao’s eyes widened, “Really?”

“Cousin’s wife, you are amazing!” Hawke jumped up and pounced on Gu Miao.

Gu Miao pursed his lips and smiled. Suddenly thought of something, he immediately raised his terminal to contact Zhao Sheng; wanting to share the joy with him. However, the voice of Zhao Sheng’s assistant came from the other side. The assistant’s voice sounded panicked, “Madam, the president was taken away by the police, saying that the medicine from Delish Meds Company is harmful and needs to be investigated.”

Gu Miao’s eyes instantly turned red, “How is Ah Sheng now?”

“Madam, don’t worry,” the assistant thought of the personality of the president’s wife, and immediately calmed himself down, “It’s just to cooperate with the investigation. Nothing will happen… If you are worried, you can check the news.”

Hanging up the call, Gu Miao opened the news channel and saw that Zhao Sheng has taken away and from the news, it says that the company’s medicine is harmful. The host said, “This time the victim is Yan Chen, the younger brother of Major General Yan Shun of the 5th Army. He is receiving emergency treatment at the First Hospital at this time. Can the Zhao Company solve the crisis this time?”

Xiào Mu frowned. He won’t believe that there is any problem with his medicine. He stood up and said, “I’ll go to the hospital.” He looked at Gu Miao comfortingly, “Trust me, nothing will happen.”

Gu Miao’s eyes were red, but he stood up and insisted, “I want to go with you. If Yan Chen’s situation is bad, I can give him spiritual treatment on the spot. At least I can’t let his current state turn worse and can buy time for investigation.”

Although ever since Gu Miao ‘combined’ with Ah Sheng, he(ZH) would be jealous of other sentinels whenever he performed spiritual treatments for other people, he can’t care about it now. It’s fine as long as Ah Sheng is well.

Xiào Mu looked a little surprised, Gu Miao bit his lip and said, “I have to do something.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “Okay, let’s go together. It’s just right because I can’t do spiritual treatment in public.”

Hawke jumped up, “I’ll go too!”

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