Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 36.1

Here’s the reason why~

Chapter 36 Part 1 Heartthrob

Recalling what happened last night, Xiào Mu remembered clearly that several Level AA sentinels sensed his presence. After he was taken away by Leo, it is easy to find his bedroom with their enhanced 5 senses. Moreover, they left in a hurry so his dormitory had not been cleaned up. That means the smell of his guide pheromone should still remain in it. Even a fool knew that a guide is living in one of the rooms in unit 601. It is easier to inquire about a student’s information based on their dorm. That’s why Xiào Mu thinks his identity is exposed no matter how he thinks about it.

Being stared at by Xiào Mu tickled Leo’s heart. His fingers twitched, but he restrained his urge to touch Xiào Mu; he couldn’t afford to scare him anymore.

“Your identity is not exposed. You can see it by looking at the school forum.”

Of course! Xiào Mu thought to himself that he is being stupid. If he really got exposed, the school forum would definitely explode. Hence, Xiào Mu swiftly entered the forum and scrolled through the posts from top to bottom. There wasn’t any news about him. Instead, there were a few posts about sentinels.

‘Are they crazy? Sentinels fought to stay in the quadruple dormitory!’

‘Big news! The Jin family is definitely going bankrupt soon. The Jin’s young master, Jin You, now lives in a slum dormitory – Building 30.’

‘I feel that the financial crisis is coming. Young Master Wu, Wu Nai1 has also moved into the slum!’

‘On the other hand, could it be the rich have nothing to do and wanted to experience the suffering of the commoners?’

‘Agree with upstairs +1’



After reading the post, Xiào Mu felt complicated and didn’t know whether to be happy or unhappy. He deeply hoped in his heart that the guess wrote in the forum is correct. Those young masters who he did not know probably wanted to experience the sufferings of the commoners. Though Xiào Mu felt that the quadruple dormitory is super luxurious, and it is not really a suffering!

Moving his gaze from the forum post to Leo, Xiào Mu asked, “Have you heard of Jin You and Wu Nai?”

Leo answered, “They are both Year 2 students of the Imperial Military Academy,” he paused, showing an unhappy expression, and added, “Level AA sentinel.”

Xiào Mu felt his previous hope is gone. These two people are definitely from the bunch of sentinels who discovered him last night.

“Do you know which dormitory they are living in?” Xiào Mu asked again. He only hoped that the answer is not 6012. Living with unstable factors is really dangerous.

“There are 5 sentinels in total. They fought to determine the privilege. The worst one got unit 603 while the other four got unit 602.” Leo asked tentatively, “How about, I live in unit 601?”

“No!” Xiào Mu refused without thinking.

Leo’s expression darkened, but the residual pain in his head reminded him that he should not rush. He said, “Don’t worry, I am in the opposite dormitory so you won’t be in any danger.”

Xiào Mu blinked. In fact, he felt that the greatest danger is Leo.

“It’s okay,” Xiào Mu said. Frowning, he added, “It was an accident yesterday.”

“Accident?” Leo’s voice sank, and his aura suddenly became frightening. “What happened?”

“You already know that I made those medicines, right?” Xiào Mu explained about his medicine sales and his cooperation with Zhao Sheng, “The first batch of medicine was sold to Roa, and he set his eyes on me.” He said helplessly, “He suspected that the medicine maker and the person who sells the medicine is the same person. So he injected me with stimulants, wanting to verify my identity.”

A mockery flashed in Leo’s eyes, “Such dishonesty. As far as I know, the medicine you sold to him was said to be made by his sister. Recently, the Greene family’s popularity has skyrocketed.”

Xiào Mu was stunned to hear that. He didn’t think that there is such a thing. But there’s something he doesn’t understand, “The medicine has the smell of guide pheromone. Could it be my scent is the same as his sister?”

“Not sure. Do you want to check it out? I’ll get some medicine for you to study.”

“I’ll buy it myself!” Xiào Mu said hurriedly, he didn’t want to trouble Leo. On the other hand, he is quite interested in the matter of covering up the guide’s scent.

Leo looked at Xiào Mu deeply, “At least don’t refuse my kindness. Greene’s medicines are not sold to the public. I heard that they take a week just to make one.”

Leo’s blue eyes were deep and focused, and Xiào Mu was stunned by the gaze. He agreed before he could refute himself.

Leo changed the subject and asked, “Breakfast is ready. After breakfast… are you going back to school?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “En.”

After Xiào Mu washed up, he went downstairs. There were only 2 of them in the house; him and Leo. As he is eating breakfast, Xiào Mu couldn’t help asking, “Where is the marshal?”

Leo: “Today’s military exercise commendation meeting, he went to host it.”

Xiào Mu was stunned, “The military exercise just ended yesterday?” Seeing Leo nodded, Xiào Mu’s lips moved and he wanted to ask Leo why he came looking for him yesterday. But if he really asked, the topic will inevitably touch on what happened last night. Hence, he decided not to ask.

After eating, Leo said, “I will send you back to school.”

Xiào Mu did not refuse because his own aircraft is still at school. Plus, Leo can be considered a school teacher, so it’s a good way to go!

Halfway through, Leo received a call, and Xiào Mu heard the roar even from 2 seats apart.

“You rascal! Still not coming over soon?! If you are not here, who would dare to take the championship trophy of the 1st Army?”

“No time,” Leo replied with a frown.

The answer caused Ren to choke and he was surprisingly angry, “No time? I checked the records. You just left the apartment after breakfast and are heading to school now. Don’t you tell me you are busy going to class?” Without waiting for Leo to speak, Ren shouted again, “Come over right away. This is the biggest event I attended after recuperating for 2 months. If you mess this up, I will teach you a lesson!”

Leo looked helplessly at the hung-up call. Based on what he knew about his grandfather, he is not joking about the threat in his last sentence. As for the ‘lesson’, it should be getting transferred to remote planets to patrol or chase after space criminals. He usually doesn’t mind these tasks, but right now, he doesn’t want to leave Area A for even a moment. Thinking of the students staying in unit 602/603, he doesn’t even want to leave the school. When the aircraft landed, Leo said, “I will walk you to the dormitory.”

“No need,” Xiào Mu quickly refused, and helplessly added, “Didn’t you have things to do?”

Leo wanted to say something, but Xiào Mu looked at him and asked, “In your eyes, I am so weak that I need someone to accompany me to the dormitory?”

“No,” Leo denied immediately. He is now very sensitive to the word ‘weak’. “It’s the classmates in your dormitory next door, I’m not relieved.”

Xiào Mu is also a little bit unsure. They are the few people who knew his identity and matched him with a very high rate but they did not disclose it to the public. Obviously, they wanted to keep it to themselves. Just that Xiào Mu doesn’t know if they are a domineering type or not. He didn’t refuse anymore, letting Leo go back to the dormitory with him. Though, the dormitory on the 6th floor is exceptionally quiet, as if there weren’t any newcomers living in.

Xiào Mu stood by the door, “Thank you. The dormitory is an absolutely safe area, you don’t have to worry about it, go and do your thing!”

Leo looked down at Xiào Mu, “If something happens, contact me in time.”

Xiào Mu nodded. Seeing Leo’s bad complexion, the feeling of guilt could not dissipate in his heart. So, Xiào Mu took out a top-grade medicine and handed it to Leo.

Leo’s eyes brightened. His expression was unbelievably gentle as he reached out to take the pill from Xiào Mu’s hand. At that moment, his fingers inadvertently rubbed Xiào Mu’s palm. Even the momentary touch makes him feel happy.

Xiào Mu hurriedly retracted his hand and saw that Leo looked normal. Thinking the touch just now is accidental, he said nothing and closed the door.

Leo stared at the door panel for a while. The corners of his eyes and brows were full of joy; his little guide is really soft-hearted and cute.

Xiào Mu tidied his room and went to the virtual net to make biscuits. When he logged off, the door of his room was knocked. As soon as he opened the door, all he can see is a big bunch of something brilliant red, and a scent wafted from there. Xiào Mu subconsciously took a step back, and then he could see the whole picture. A handsome sentinel with light blond is holding a large handful of roses. His smile is shining, and he is looking at Xiào Mu with bright eyes.

“You are?” Xiào Mu was stunned.

“My name is Jin You, I live next door to you,” his gaze fell on Xiào Mu’s face, “Beautiful boy, you may not believe it but I fell in the river of love when I saw you the first time. From now on, I will be your loyal follower.”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “This classmate, did you got the wrong person? I’m not from the drama club!” There was even an aria in his speech!

After Xiào Mu finished speaking, he closed the door directly. Thinking for a moment, he turned on the sound insulation system. There are only a few people he knows in the school anyway. If anyone really needs to see him, they can call him. Looking at the class schedule, Xiào Mu decided to attend 2 major classes in the afternoon to make up for the missed classes in the morning. He didn’t open the door again until he is about to eat lunch.

There is a sentinel with pale yellow hair standing outside the door. He was pushing a dining cart and it is full of food. He smiled slightly when he saw Xiào Mu.

“Hello, I am Wu Nai, a classmate in the unit next to yours. To show my friendliness to classmates, I am treating everyone in Building 30 to lunch. Please don’t refuse me.”

Uh… Hearing that makes Xiào Mu felt that it is raining money in this person’s background. Although the occupancy rate of Building 30 is small, there are at least 100 students here. He is treating everyone? So rich.

Xiào Mu smiled, “You are too polite, thank you for the meal.”

Wu Nai’s eyes brightened, and the faint smile at the corner of his mouth deepened, “May I take it in for you?”

“Isn’t it 1 serving per person?”

Wu Nai handed Xiào Mu a dish to hold, and picked up another 2, “Of course not, just 1 dish is too shabby.”

When Wu Nai moved quickly to move the food on the cart to the unit’s living room, Xiào Mu realized that something is wrong, “Wait, there is only 1 person in my dormitory, not four, so you don’t need to give this much dishes to me.” He looked at Wu Nai suspiciously, “Do you really treat everyone in Building 30 with this many dishes?”

Wu Nai looked at Xiào Mu calmly, his expression indifferent but his gaze was hot, “Of course not. You are special, the rest of the dormitory got much simpler food.”

Xiào Mu sent the person away politely, “Thank you for your lunch. I won’t need it in the future.”

Wu Nai sighed, “Although I know you would be more receptive if I lie to you that everyone gets the same dishes, but you are special in my heart.” He stood outside the door, his eyes burning with passion.

Xiào Mu was speechless, “Allow me to remind you that we only met for the first time today.” He closed the bedroom door with a bang.

Wu Nai went back to his room at the next unit and swiped the terminal to open the door. If Xiào Mu saw the inside, he would doubt his eyes. Is this really the same quadruple dorm as him? Wu Nai sat on the sofa and smiled lightly, “He accepted the food I sent.”

Jin You looked at his terminal, checking ‘100 ways to pursue a guide’, and said with disdain, “Guide is sensitive and hates being cheated the most.”

“I didn’t cheat.” Wu Nai rested his chin on his hand; he only misled him.

When Jin You saw the list wrote ‘Give him the best’ on the guide, he raised his head and asked, “Say, want to take advantage of him attending classes to renovate his dormitory? Whenever I recalled that my destined guide living in that kind of dilapidated room, my heart is breaking.” He held his chest and added, “Old-fashioned door, antique curtains, My God, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe these things still exist in this world.”

A piece of orange peel hits Jin You’s face between his eyebrows, and the black-haired sentinel sitting across from him said in disgust, “Go to the drama club if you want to be dramatic.”

Jin You instantly pounced at the black-haired sentinel, “A55h0le, who do you think you are? You dare to laugh at me?!” In the morning when he returned to the dormitory with flowers in his hand, he already suffered merciless ridicule. Right now, he is particularly sensitive to the word ‘drama’.

The fighting between the two quickly implicated everyone present. The fight between 5 sentinels exploded, and they almost demolished the unit. Fortunately, they kept their sanity, knowing that there is a fragile guide next door, so they didn’t really demolish it.

Raw word count: 6657 (whole chapter)



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