Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 34.2

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Chapter 34 Part 2 Danger

At about 12.30 pm, Zhao Sheng called them back to the living room. The virtual screen shone at the wall of the living room is showing real-time news.

“Dear viewers, I just received the news that there is an incident on Baijin Road. Please come to the scene with our reporter.”

When the screen was switched, it showed a tall sentinel on the street with gro-a.ning in pain. His face is flushed, and his eyes were bloodshot. The sentinel keeps attacking everyone he sees like a crazy person.

“Mental confusion.” Gu Miao was startled to see that. His voice trembled, and he looked at Zhao Sheng in panic, “You must tell me if you are unwell.”

Zhao Sheng held Gu Miao’s hand and calmly said, “Silly, you forgot that our spirits are combined. You know my situation best, don’t you? So, don’t worry.”

The screen began to shake violently, and the reporter seemed to have been spotted by the manic sentinel. The reporter ran, so the camera shifted to the other side for a while. Suddenly there was a cry of pain, and the image stabilized. The camera turned to the manic sentinel, and the sentinel can be seen restrained by the 2 other sentinels. Among them, the blond sentinel said in displease, “Consider yourself lucky.” As he said that, he fed a pill to the manic sentinel.

In less than a minute, the blood lines in the eyes of the manic sentinel disappeared, and his expression calmed down. After that, the previously manic sentinel thanked the two sentinels.

The blond sentinel stretched out his hand, “I bought the pill from Delish Meds Company at 25,000 star coins. The purchase of this medicine is limited to 2 pills a day. Consider this a goodwill from me1, you can just give me the money of the pill.”

The manic sentinel asked excitedly, “Where is this company you are talking about? I have never taken medicine that works so well, I want to buy it too!”

The blond sentinel didn’t answer but lowered his head to place another order online. He heaved a sigh of relief after completed the purchase, “Phew, fortunately, it’s not sold out yet.” The blond sentinel then replied, “Just search for ‘Delish Meds Company’ on the Internet. I was planning to buy food but accidentally clicked on this company. Seeing that the described effects are good, and there is a sales license, I wanted to try it. If I knew earlier that the effect is this good, maybe I won’t give it to you!”

At this time, the police arrived, and the director switched the interface to a public service announcement – “It’s a false alarm. But here’s a reminder to all sentinels that spiritual power illness must be treated in time.”

Zhao Sheng turned off the news and went into the online store to check, “Business is good.”

“It’s all sold out!” Hawke said in surprise.

Xiào Mu looked at the selling prices, which were 1,500 coins, 8,000 coins, and 25,000 coins2. Excluding his selling price for each medicine, the profit was less than one-third. For a rich person like Zhao Sheng, the current profit is not enough to be called allowance money.

“There is too little medicine,” he said.

Zhao Sheng said, “The store has a notice that we are buying medicine from guides. I have arranged for people to advertise in the major forums frequently visited by guides. After all, the idea of using spiritual power to make medicines has only come out recently, so there won’t be much finished products for the time being.” He smiled, “Don’t be impatient, the first step went smoothly, and it will be better in the future.” As Zhao Sheng said that, he transferred the money of the pills to Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu looked at the 7.3 million star coins in his account, and his heart beat wildly. It is the first time he saw so much money. Until he left Zhao Sheng’s house and went to the infirmary with Hawke, he still had a sense of unreality.

Hawke tugged at Xiào Mu’s sleeve, “What’s wrong with you? What got you so happy?”

Xiào Mu whispered, “Do you know how much medicine money your cousin transferred to me just now? More than 7 million! I will treat you to dinner tomorrow.”

Hawke blinked, patted Xiào Mu’s shoulder, and said in pain, “Xiào Mu, for you to be so happy for so long with such a small amount of money, you must have suffered a lot since you were young.”

Xiào Mu’s eyes widened, “7 million! How is that a small amount of money?!3

Hawke counted down with his finger, “You can’t buy the latest aircraft, you can’t buy a house in the city, you can’t even buy a Level B mech. The only thing you can buy is probably delicious food,” Hawke felt moved and continued, “You are so kind, for wanting to treat me to dinner when you have some money.”

Xiào Mu: “…” Sometimes the rich second generation really does make other people’s teeth itchy with hatred.

Xiào Mu calmed down from the excitement. He is living by himself and had no fixed place to live. There are a lot of places that he needs to spend money in. Apart from improving the quality of his life, the rest of the money should be saved up. When he reaches adulthood, he can buy a house and gift it to himself!

The next day, Xiào Mu went to Wilderness Forest early in the morning and kept making medicine. He took a top-grade healing pill every 2 hours to restore his spiritual power and then continued the medicine making. In the evening, in order to be less conspicuous, he wore a mask and went to the black market to give Zhao Sheng the pills. He returned to the infirmary before the battledome starts and stared at the online shop dashboard with Hawke. Zhao Sheng updated the store with 350 top-grade medicines, and it got sold out in less than 10 minutes. There were a bunch of messages in the shop comment box:

“My god, can you inform in advance when you replenish the stock? I have just gone to take a shower, and the pills are sold out!”

“Can you add more stocks? I can pay more!”

“Why do you need to limit purchases? Afraid I can’t afford them? I can afford them all by myself!”

“Wake up, the one on top. Do you think anyone here is short of money? If they don’t limit purchase, won’t reseller hog everything?”

Hawke looked at Xiào Mu admiringly, “You are amazing. I wonder when I can make a finished product like you.”

“Don’t worry, don’t you already have 4 spiritual filaments now? It will get better, but you have to be careful not to be discovered.” Xiào Mu reminded in a low voice.

Hawke has a serious look as he replied, “En, I will be very careful,” he paused before continuing, “I am going to quit school. It is not very convenient for me at school. I want to study via online classes at home and apply for college directly next year.”

Xiào Mu was stunned to hear about the news, but he smiled and said, “That’s good. It will be much safer for you.”

“How about you drop out of school too and live in my house?”

Xiào Mu rejected Hawke’s proposal. Knowing that Hawke is worried about him, he smiled and said, “No, you don’t have to worry about me. I have a bad foundation and it is better to study at school.”

Although the system gave him a godly ability to make medicine, he didn’t learn how to make it physically and that has always made him feel uneasy. If the system is gone someday, wouldn’t he end up with nothing? Xiào Mu wanted to master the real skills, not to mention, after understanding how are the procedures, he may be able to find a more suitable formula.

Hawke dropped out of school on Tuesday. Since then, Xiào Mu’s school life is very regular. After attending class every day, he returns to his dorm to exercise, read, and make biscuits. To his delight, he saw Wuming Extract on the encyclopedia, but in another name, Wolfberry leaf. As he expected, Planet Yao did not have it. Planet Ba farther away has it but it is a planet that belonged to the military. It is said that the military exercise this time is organized in Planet Ba. Therefore, the plant is not sold on the Internet. Xiào Mu hesitated whether Leo could help bring some back, but then he remembers that this was a drill. Moreover, they are not particularly familiar with each other and Xiào Mu doesn’t want to disturb Leo so he gave up.

On the next Saturday, Xiào Mu made medicine during the day, and at night, in order not to attract attention, he still wore a mask to Zhao Sheng’s office. In the infirmary, with Hawke playing cover, it is more convenient for him to carry out the spiritual treatment. After finishing a treatment, Xiào Mu saw his progress for ‘Pin Hold’ skill is at 99/100 on the system panel. Then he took a glance at his spiritual power that was more than 30% of 2,700 left and started to treat another sentinel.

[Congratulations, host. You have activated the skill ‘Pin Hold’. Buff skill, restore spiritual power 100 points every 3 seconds for 15 seconds, a total of 500 points recovery. Spiritual power consumption is 10% of the total recovery value, no CD4]

Immediately after the treatment, a notification from the main system popped up in his mind, and Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up.

The effect of Pin Hold is equivalent to that he consumes 50 points, which can make the receiver recover 500 points. Although it looks incomparable with the healing pill, this skill does not have a CD, which means that it can be used continuously. Using ‘Pin Hold’ on the same target every 15 seconds for a minute, the receiver can recover 2,000 points. Even with Level S sentinel, they can fully recover in less than 5 minutes! Moreover, he can use ‘Pin Hold’ on another sentinel within 15 seconds of waiting time to achieve the effect of simultaneous treatment.

[Congratulations, host. You have successfully activated the skill. Please choose reward: 1.Backpack, 2.Mount, 3.Candied haws]

Immediately after the 1st notification, the mechanical sounded again. Xiào Mu looked at the selection interface and felt inexplicably nostalgic. In the Sword Three game, he can be an apprentice of a teacher. These 3 rewards are almost the standard rewards given by the master to the apprentice. Mounts are most likely to be horses. They might be useful in ancient times but in this world, it is completely impractical. As for the candied haws, it is even more unnecessary. Xiào Mu didn’t hesitate and picked the backpack. The next moment, an additional backpack interface appeared in the lower right corner of the system panel. He clicked on it and saw a total of 24 grids.

Taking out the spare pills from his backpack, Xiào Mu thought in his mind to put it in the system backpack. The pills disappeared instantly and now occupy 2 grids in the system backpack. The high-grade healing pill and the mid-grade boost pill each occupy a grid. Xiào Mu was overjoyed. This is so convenient, it is equivalent to saving a million from buying space storage! And there is no need for a carrier medium, so he doesn’t need to worry about losing it.

When Xiào Mu got off work, his spiritual power is close to a safe point, but he is in a good mood. He used ‘Pin Hold’ on himself while walking. The moment he used the skill, a green tea leaf floated out of his right hand and entered the space between his eyebrows. A cool and comfortable feeling swept over his body. A ‘Pin Hold’ buff icon appeared under his red and blue bars, and there is a countdown on the icon.

Xiào Mu bid farewell to Hawke and left through the back door. When he is approaching the parking place of his aircraft, a sudden tingling came from the back of the right side of his neck, the pain of being stabbed by a syringe. He swung his fist backward and clutched his neck with the other hand. Then he looked back with a guarded stance.

“Why is that you?” Roa looked at this hated face in surprise. If his clothes and height were not the same, Roa even suspected that he got the wrong person.

“Roa?” Xiào Mu noticed that his spiritual barrier is gradually disintegrating, and the spiritual filaments went crazy. Frowning, he asked, “What did you inject me?”

Roa glanced at the syringe in his hand, “Such a waste, using the guide stimulant on you. I thought you might be the medicine maker or the guide who sold the pills!” He did not hide the contempt in his eyes, “But I knew it is impossible when I saw you. Who made the medicine that you sold?”

Xiào Mu felt something is wrong. Although he had never heard of guide stimulants before, he could understand it literally. It is probably a medicine that stimulates the spiritual filaments of the guide. He found that his spiritual power is being drained, and controlling spiritual filaments is not as easy as usual, so he quickly continued to use ‘Pin Hold’. The rate of loss of spiritual power stopped, but it did not increase. The spiritual filaments were extremely active, and it was very difficult for him to control them. Xiào Mu suppressed the panic in his heart and said coldly, “I don’t understand what you are talking about!”

“Stop pretending. I had people monitoring the black market, but the person who sells the healing pill never returns. Instead, a company called Delish Meds Company appeared on the Internet.”

“Unfortunately, the general manager of this company is Manager Zhao from the black market. Obviously, you sold the medicine directly to him.”

“When you came out of Manager Zhao’s office, I kept my eyes on you. But at the battledome, there was too much audience and I lost you. Then I asked everyone to guard each door and I choose the back door. It seems that I am really lucky. My question is who made the medicine?”

Xiào Mu didn’t expect someone to keep an eye on him all the time. He pinched his fingers. His current situation is too dangerous. If he continues this talk with Roa, he will definitely be exposed.

“Don’t you know who is the company’s R&D manager?” Xiào Mu asked while walking towards the aircraft.

“Impossible, that is Zhao Sheng’s partner.” Roa stopped Xiào Mu from walking away.

“He has Level B spiritual power and has been studying medicine at home, why is it impossible? Why do you think I want to sell the pills on the black market? He requested it because Zhao Sheng works in the black market.”

Xiào Mu expressionlessly continues to spout nonsense, “Why do you care about this husband pair’s preference?”

Roa frowned. He recently received news that Xiào Mu and Gu Miao took a walk together. If this is the case, it will be troublesome. Some things must be done as soon as possible. He was a little unwilling, but after looking at Xiào Mu with an ugly expression, he turned away and left.

Xiào Mu felt slightly relieved but doesn’t dare to be careless. He swiftly stepped on the aircraft, set the route back to school, and leaned back on his chair with a frown. His heart beats wildly, and after the spiritual barrier collapsed, he re-established it, but it quickly became thinner. His spiritual filaments wanted to go out from the barrier with excitement, and he could hardly control them. Xiào Mu thought to himself that things are not good as the effects of the stimulant have completely activated. He clenched his fists tightly and used ‘Pin Hold’ without stopping, but making a spiritual barrier and using strong control of spiritual filaments still cause the spiritual power to gradually decrease.

Xiào Mu glanced at the time. He had taken a high-grade healing pill before, and it is almost an hour and a half from now. He just has to hold on for another half an hour, Xiào Mu secretly cheered himself up. When the aircraft landed, he ran to the dormitory as fast as he could. However, when he reached the 6th floor, his spiritual filaments became crazier, and Xiào Mu’s face instantly turned pale.

What happened?!

A tall figure stood at the door of his dormitory and turned his head to look over. Upon seeing Xiào Mu, he then strode towards him.


Xiào Mu bit the tip of his tongue hard. He turned his head and ran downstairs without hesitation.

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Banana: Supposed the medicine maker is another guide and Roa stabbed him with syringe, what do you think he will do to the guide? ‘Eat’ him? Urgh, simply despicable. #RoaYouBeetch


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