Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 35.1

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Chapter 35 Part 1 Exposed

Leo waited expectantly until Xiào Mu came back. He didn’t expect Xiào Mu to turn around and ran. All of a sudden, his mood fell into a trough, followed by a wave of rising anger. Is he so scary? Don’t they already familiar with each other? Are those interactions during exercise every night fake? Leo gave chased with his long legs. His speed is very fast, and in a blink of an eye he caught up with Xiào Mu. He put his hand on Xiào Mu’s shoulder to stop him from running forward, and asked unhappily with a cold voice, “Why are you running?” The shoulder trembled slightly, and Leo was taken aback. Anxious, he asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

Xiào Mu clenched his fists, he almost exhausted all the strength he could use now. Turning around, he waved away Leo’s hand, while rebuilding the barrier that had just collapsed. At the same time, he tried to control the spiritual filaments that almost on the edge.

“Don’t touch me.” Xiào Mu’s voice was muted with restraint. Every cell in his whole body wanted to hug Leo fiercely, and he wanted to let go of all control and relax.

It is midnight, and the sky is very dark, but there were emergency lights in the aisle. Although it was very dim, it did not affect Leo’s eyesight at all. At a glance, he saw Xiào Mu’s face is flushed, his brows furrowed, and the hair on his forehead was wet with sweat. Leo felt tight in his heart and asked, “Are you sick?”

Xiào Mu pinched his fingers fiercely and reluctantly replied with forced calmness, “I am uncomfortable and want to go back to rest. Can we talk about this tomorrow?”

How can he not worry? Leo stepped forward and grabbed Xiào Mu’s arm, “I’ll take you to the infirmary.”

“No,” Xiào Mu struggled, “Let me go!”

Leo was stunned by Xiào Mu’s action. His reaction was too great, and his voice suddenly rose sharply. Xiào Mu looked a little stern in the night light, so Leo subconsciously let go of Xiào Mu’s hand.

The barrier that Xiào Mu had just built collapsed again so he built another one. Looking at the remaining spiritual power, his face looked tense and he ran towards his room. He didn’t understand why Leo would appear at the door of his dormitory at this time. He only hoped that Leo could leave now and let him stay in his dormitory quietly. As long as there is no interruption by Leo, he can concentrate to restrain the stimulant by himself. Moreover, in another 20 minutes, he will be able to take a healing pill and recover his spiritual power. However, his hopes fell through. Just as Xiào Mu is about to close the door, Leo pressed against the door panel and suddenly wrinkled his brows, “Are you injured?”

He smelled blood, it was very light but couldn’t be ignored. As he asked the question, Leo’s left hand pressed the light switch by the door of the bedroom, and the room instantly lit up. Xiào Mu’s eyes were stimulated by the light and instantly closed to avoid the light. Before he opens his eyes again, Leo grabbed his left hand.

Leo opened Xiào Mu’s fist gently and looked at the obvious pinch marks on his index finger, which was clearly caused by himself. Leo’s voice sank, “It’s so uncomfortable that you hurt yourself, why don’t you go to the doctor?”

Xiào Mu wanted to withdraw his hand but was firmly grasped by Leo. Leo added, “I will take you to the infirmary!”

His tone was firm, and he bent over to carry Xiào Mu after speaking.

Xiào Mu took a step to the side, but his hand still got caught. He absolutely can’t go to the hospital. With his current condition, his spiritual filaments would be uncontrolled soon. From here to the infirmary, they have to pass through the other dormitory buildings. The dormitories for the university department and the higher education department are in the same area, and each building may have at least a sentinel. The sentinel of the University Department of the Imperial Military Academy has always been the best. Among them, there are a lot of Level AA sentinels, so Xiào Mu can’t take risks. Now, Building 30 is the safest place. Sentinel has good welfare and they have no financial pressure at all. Therefore, there is no sentinel in the quadruple dormitory. Other than that, Building 30 is the outermost building. In case his spiritual filaments get out of control, based on the distance, only the Level AA sentinel of the nearby 3 or 4 dormitories can be affected. Xiào Mu only hopes that there are no Level AA sentinels in these buildings.

“Let me go.” Xiào Mu looked at Leo firmly. The hair on his forehead and temples was wet, and he looked miserable.

Leo felt angry and funny at the same time, “Afraid to see the doctor? Your face is red, so you might have a fever. Normal trauma is fine but this kind of injury can easily get worse if it is not treated in time.”

Xiào Mu’s expression was strained and he built a spiritual barrier again. Then suddenly, he received a prompt in his mind. His spiritual power is less than 20% now. Xiào Mu is in extreme pain. If he has the ability to do so, he really wants to throw Leo downstairs. “Why the hell are you looking for me?”


After saying a word, Leo’s voice cracked and he looked at Xiào Mu in shock.

Xiào Mu’s jaw tightened. In an instant, he couldn’t control himself properly and a very thin spiritual filament passed through the barrier. Although he took it back almost immediately, his heart sank when he saw Leo’s expression. Leo stared at him closely, and his expression changed several times. A black panther suddenly appeared beside him, walking anxiously around Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu’s heart jumped to his throat. Because of the distraction, his control on the spiritual filaments became weaker, and two more sprang out. Xiào Mu’s eyes widened. As if guided by fate, his and Leo’s spiritual filaments moved close to each other. Xiào Mu controlled them back to his mind, but they only retracted a little bit before extending forward again.

Fatty appeared at his feet. With its big tail swept in front of itself, it curled into a ball. The panther lowered its head and pressed its head against Fatty. Its fat body was trembling, staying in place without giving any response.

Xiào Mu felt soft all over, and the familiar heat instantly swept through his body. He bit his tongue hard. The pain made his mind clearer, and he glared at Leo, “Get out!”

Leo didn’t go out but took a step forward instead. Kicking the door open, he slides his hand along Xiào Mu’s wrist uncontrollably, “It’s you.”

The refreshing smell of the guide rushed into his nose, and Leo instantly understood everything. The part about buying pills from his 100% compatible guide was fake, Xiào Mu has always been the only one. Xiào Mu is his 100% compatible guide; the medicine maker!

Leo’s dark voice shocked Xiào Mu. He shuddered uncontrollably by Leo’s contact on his skin. He could no longer stand, his feet fell softly, and was caught by Leo’s powerful arms halfway. Immediately after, hot breath spread to the side of his neck. Xiào Mu tilted his neck to avoid it, and his voice trembled, “No!”

Leo’s eyes were red. He has just realized his heart no long ago. He always did things cleanly so he came back to the dorm immediately after the military exercises and wanted to confess to Xiào Mu. However, he didn’t expect the development of things to be completely unexpected. With his love and the attraction of a 100% match rate, Leo almost immediately fell into the combined heat and wanted to ‘eat’ this person in front of him. He tried his best to control himself, and the person in his arms trembled, causing him to feel pity involuntarily. The guide’s pheromones became more and more intense, and he knew that his guide would also enter the combined heat soon. Leo kissed the side of Xiào Mu’s forehead, and soothed in a low voice, “Don’t be afraid, I will help you.”

Xiào Mu’s eyes widened, and his soft hand pushed against Leo’s shoulders. Although it was a useless attempt, he expressed his emotions very clearly, “Let me go and get out of here!”

Leo frowned, his voice darkened, “A sentinel will not leave his guide alone.”

“I am not your guide!” Xiào Mu immediately retorted, he took a deep breath, “Leo, don’t forget, I am the weak chicken you hate most1.”

“You are not,” Leo couldn’t help tightening his hand, bringing the two closer together, “I like you.”

Leo bowed his head and wanted to kiss Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu turned his head to avoid him.

Xiào Mu tightened his brows uncomfortably. His whole body went crazy and desperately wanted to get close to Leo. His refusal to Leo made him felt particularly uncomfortable. Xiào Mu bit the tip of his tongue, and the smell of blood spread in his mouth. The sharp pain made his paste-like mind clearer, and the words he said next were filled with undisguised irony.

“Leo, you said that anyone who is controlled by their match rate is rubbish. Do you also finally succumbed to your match rate?2

“No,” Leo pinched Xiào Mu’s chin to make him open his mouth slightly. The smell of blood in Xiào Mu’s mouth stimulated Leo’s nerves. Leo brushed Xiào Mu’s lips with his thumb and replied, “I only follow my heart.3

Xiào Mu almost laughed angrily, “Don’t tell me you like me.”

Leo’s blue eyes looked at Xiào Mu intently, and his voice was dull and deep, “Yes, I like you.”

If he hadn’t been ridiculed by Leo so many times, hadn’t been disgusted so many times, Xiào Mu would almost believe it when he saw Leo’s expression at the moment4.

“Major General Leo, I really despise you.”

Leo’s face changed slightly, and his tone was low and hoarse, “You don’t believe me.”

“No one will believe that. This is just your excuse for not being able to resist finding a 100% match.” Xiào Mu mocked.

Leo leaned close to Xiào Mu, and their breath mingled with each other, “I will make you believe it.”

Xiào Mu shrank his head and was about to say something, then his expression changed. He looked in the direction of Building 29. His spiritual filaments swayed for a few moments over there but firmly stretched towards Leo in the end.

Leo’s brows wrinkled. There was no soundproofing system in this room. He felt that 5 people are running towards Building 30; all sentinels with high abilities.

Xiào Mu knew that his hopes were unfulfilled. Not only there are Level AA sentinel in the nearby dormitories, there are several of them.

“Leave, right away!” Xiào Mu said immediately. He can’t stay here, otherwise, he can’t imagine what will happen when the sentinels arrived.

Leo knew by looking at Xiào Mu’s expression, that he(XM) also knew that someone is coming. But he is a guide and his hearing should be similar to that of ordinary people. This is not normal.

“How did you know?”

Xiào Mu looked helpless as he explained, “The match rate between me and all Level AA sentinels is above 90%. As long as my spiritual filaments get out of control, the nearby Level AA sentinels should be able to sense me.” If right now weren’t late at night, and most people should be in a deep sleep state, they would have come here long ago.

Leo: “…” He looked at Xiào Mu with a complicated expression. Picking him up, Leo opened the door. He released his mecha Ying from the space storage and activated the flight mode.

Ying fell down the dormitory building, and a pair of huge metal wings suddenly raised from the side. It flew back to the corridor on the 6th floor and opened the hatch. Leo held Xiào Mu and jumped to the mecha. He put Xiào Mu in the lounge behind the driver’s seat, set the destination to leave.

Xiào Mu lay on the leather sofa and curled up into a ball. He used the skill ‘Pin Hold’ without stopping, and his spiritual power that had been empty slowly rose back up. Joy flashed in his eyes, and the effect of the medicine is gradually disappearing. However, the next moment, he is held in Leo’s arms, and he could feel the heat on his back. His joy dissipated in a flash. Leo’s fiery breath spread across the back of his neck, followed by a light bite. Xiào Mu had to bite his lip to restrain himself from gro-a.ning. He knew that Leo’s current condition is very bad, and he is the same as well. If this continues, something will definitely happen.


Xiào Mu was turned over to face Leo. Looking at Leo’s gaze as if he is about to eat him, Xiào Mu hurriedly calls out. However, he is not in a good state at this moment; his whole body seemed to be burning, and his voice sounded soft and sticky.

Leo heard Xiào Mu’s voice and his eyes darkened. Lowering his head, he kissed Xiào Mu firmly in the mouth.

[end of this chapter]

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