Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 34.1

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Chapter 34 Part 1 Danger

Lyle led his 6 surviving soldiers to escape the chase and hide behind a bunker. He pushed his sweaty bangs back, then gritted his teeth and cursed, “Is Leo’s brain damaged?!” Next, he sent a private message to Leo, expressing a strong question: “???”

Leo was very satisfied with the results, and replied in a good mood, “Treating the opponent with the most serious attitude is our respect to them.”

“Scram!” Lyle ruthlessly replied. If it wasn’t the circumstances don’t allow it, he really wanted to challenge Leo for a hand-to-hand fight right now.

Leo didn’t mind Lyle’s irritable reply and showed a faint smile. After thinking for a moment, he asked his adjutant, “Say, the scene where the 2nd Army was intercepted just now, do you think it will be selected as a highlight clip for the public announcement?”

The adjutant trembled in his heart and wanted to remind his major general that if he really did that, Major General Lyle would definitely hunt him(L) down! Major General Lyle was born beautiful, so he hated the most when other people questioned his abilities. This time, he was caught off guard and fled miserably. The main reason was that he took the 1st Army lightly. This is definitely a huge black spot in his life. However, seeing how his major general seemed to be looking forward to, the adjutant vaguely replied, “I don’t know.” He tried to guess his major general’s thoughts. The public announcement is nothing more than to show that the 1st Army is better than the 2nd Army. He paused and added, “As long as the 1st Army wins, even if there are no highlights, the people of the empire will know that the 1st Army is the strongest.”

War spirit raised in Leo’s eyes and he nodded, “You are right. Next, let the rest of the army see the true strength of the 1st Army!”

Xiào Mu stared at the empty door of the bakery for a while before closing the door helplessly. He thought for a while and checked guides about security issues on the virtual net. He only found 1 answer – to ensure safety, immediately go offline. Uh, that makes sense, and it makes Xiào Mu feels stupid. He turned off his terminal and continued to make cookies. After it is done, he put it in the vending machine and left the virtual net.

A week passed in a blink of an eye, and it is the weekend again. On Saturday morning, Xiào Mu got off the treadmill and was about to take a bath. Then his terminal vibrated, it is a call from Zhao Sheng.

“Good morning, are you free in the morning? The pharmacy company has completed the relevant procedures, and the medicines can be put on the shelves after they are passed to the relevant departments for testing.” Zhao Sheng paused, “I have an acquaintance in the relevant department. The medicine test is just a formality. Also, I want to invite you to come to my house as a guest. The first reason is to send the medicine for testing. The second is my partner wants to see you. Apologies, he is timid and is not used to going out.”

Xiào Mu was a little surprised to hear that. He didn’t expect the procedures to be done so soon. Opening a pharmacy company is the first step in the plan. Their company will only sell medicines to restore spiritual power.

“It’s okay, I have time. Just send me the location, I’ll go later.”

“Come here with Hawke, he usually comes to my house to play on weekends.”

“Okay.” Xiào Mu responded and hung up the call.

After hanging up, Hawke contacted him, and the two agreed to meet at the door of the dormitory in half an hour. Xiào Mu took a bath and put the dirty clothes in the washing machine. After that, he sorted the medicine and the medicinal materials he bought last night. Putting them in his backpack, Xiào Mu went downstairs. He drove his aircraft while Hawke set the route. After that, Hawke sat in the co-pilot and chatted with Xiào Mu all the way, “Cousin’s wife is super nice and very cute. He always buys a lot of clothes for me.” Hawke smiled brightly and added, “You will definitely like him. He is a little timid but he will be fine when you guys get familiar.”

Xiào Mu nodded and asked curiously, “What is his spirit animal?”

“Long-eared rabbit,” Hawke’s eyes lit up, “Just as cute as your spirit animal. Ah ah ah, why is my spirit animal so small? I can’t even see its shape.. maybe it doesn’t have a shape at all.”

Xiào Mu thought about the information he read about Paramecium and didn’t know how to comfort Hawke. Even with his eyesight, he couldn’t see the Paramecium at all, let alone know what it looked like.

Hawke smiled again for a moment and shook his fist, “Fortunately it’s a paramecium. Otherwise, I might not be able to hide my identity so smoothly. I’m quite lucky.” Then he looked outside, “We are here, it’s the one with a lawn. Hey, we are not stopped. I guess my cousin must have informed the guards in advance.”

Xiào Mu looked out, and it is green everywhere he can see. The two-story villa is built on a large area of grass. A row of the latest aircraft are docked in front of the villa, and a path winding through the grass led to the villa. Xiào Mu landed the aircraft to a position near the gate of the villa under Hawke’s command. His dilapidated aircraft looked even shabbier in front of this series of luxury goods around.

The security guard at the villa’s security office looked puzzled, “Since when Mr. Zhao get acquainted with the less privileged? When I received a message saying not to intercept an old aircraft just now, I thought it was a joke!”

The colleague glanced at him, “Stop talking nonsense. Can you understand the world of the rich?”

Entering the gate of the villa, they came to a garden. After going around the garden, Xiào Mu saw Zhao Sheng standing at the door and the handsome man with half of his head exposed behind him.

“Welcome, this is my partner Gu Miao, a guide.” Zhao Sheng took Gu Miao’s hand that is holding his sleeve and squeezed his hand comfortingly.

Gu Miao blushed and exposed his head. His round eyes looked at Xiào Mu curiously before he swiftly hid behind Zhao Sheng again.

Xiào Mu: “…” Does he look scary?

Zhao Sheng helplessly turned his head and said softly, “Miao Miao, have you forgotten what I said? Xiào Mu is Hawke’s classmate and a guide as well.”

Hawke jumped to Gu Miao’s side, “Yes, cousin’s wife, Xiào Mu is super nice!”

After a while, Gu Miao moved out from behind Zhao Sheng. He is about 1.8 meters tall. His black hair was supple and his skin was particularly pale. The contrast caused his face to look especially red now.

“I’m Gu Miao, hello.” Gu Miao bit his lip. His eyelashes trembling as he stretched out his hand.

Xiào Mu had never seen a man1 like this, but he didn’t feel disgusted at all. He subconsciously lowered his voice, shook Gu Miao’s hand, and quickly let go, “Hello, I am Xiào Mu.”

Hawke took Gu Miao’s hand and laughed, “You guys are too polite. I’m thirsty, I want to drink juice.”

Gu Miao: “I’ll get it.”

Zhao Sheng invited them to sit in the living room. After Xiào Mu drank the juice made by Gu Miao, his eyes brightened and he praised, “It’s delicious.”

Hearing that, Gu Miao is overjoyed, and the corners of his mouth curled up, “As long as you like it.”

“Cousin’s wife’s cooking skills are very good, the food and drink he made are very delicious.” Hawke quickly praised.

Gu Miao blinked his big eyes and looked at Xiào Mu expectantly, “Will you stay for lunch?” Seeing Xiào Mu nodded, he immediately showed a happy expression. Standing up, he moved to go to the kitchen.

Zhao Sheng held Gu Miao by the waist and pulled him back to sit on the sofa. Then he kissed him on the cheek and said, “Baby, I know that you are happy to meet new friends, but it’s not even 9.00 am yet. It’s too early to prepare lunch. Let’s talk about things now.”

Gu Miao blushed and sat upright, “Oh.”

Xiào Mu is a little embarrassed, but seeing everyone looked natural, he felt that he is a bit too anxious. The husband-husband relationship is legal in this world, and interactions between partners are normal. Xiào Mu took out the medicine he had prepared and handed it to Zhao Sheng, “One each for the low, mid, and high-grade healing pill. Is 1 enough for testing?”

“It’s enough.” Zhao Sheng nodded and sent a message via terminal. Soon, someone walked in and took the medicine away.

“It takes about 2 hours for testing plus sales permit processing,” Zhao Sheng said, and transferred a document to Xiào Mu, “This is the company’s information. You can take a look. If you have any comments, you can put them forward.”

Xiào Mu read it carefully, and when he saw the name ‘Delish Meds Company’, his eyes paused. If people didn’t know about their company, they would think their company is selling gourmet food!

General manager: Zhao Sheng
R&D manager: Gu Miao
As for the heads of other departments, Xiào Mu doesn’t know them.
Main business: Selling medicine to recover spiritual power
Business Category: Manufacturing and sales
Sales channels: Online

Xiào Mu clicked on the attached store link. The store page is simple and refreshing, with the store name written on the top, and the rest are empty. After reading it, he said, “I think it’s good. The cost of selling online is low and it avoids a lot of trouble. However, without any popularity, it won’t sell after opening. Have you thought about how to promote it?

Zhao Sheng smiled and said, “After the store opens, Zhao Company will broadcast related advertisements. As long as someone has bought the pills, with the high effect of the medicine, there is no need to worry about the follow-up.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and said, “I have an idea. It won’t occupy your advertising space, and will send business straight to us.”

Zhao Sheng was curious, “What is it?”

When Xiào Mu talked about his idea2, Zhao Sheng’s eyes lit up, “I’ll make arrangements right away.” After he finished speaking, he got up and walked outside to contact someone.

Hawke and Gu Miao looked at Xiào Mu with bright eyes, and Hawke said, “Xiào Mu, you are so smart.”

Gu Miao kept nodding his head to agree with Hawke’s words. He pinched the corner of his clothes and whispered, “Ah Sheng said that you are not suitable to come forward in the public, so he wrote the R&D manager’s name as mine. Don’t be angry.”

Xiào Mu hurriedly said, “I’m not angry as I’m the one who proposed it. I also want to thank you. This may cause you some trouble.”

“It’s okay,” Gu Miao blinked and opened his eyes widely. Then he said with joy, “I’m glad to be able to help, you… can you teach me how to make medicine? I can’t do anything for Ah Sheng except cooking every day, I want to help him.”

“Who said you can’t do anything for me?” Zhao Sheng heard that the moment he entered. He walked over to Gu Miao and hugged him, “You have done a lot for me, don’t get yourself tired.”

Gu Miao pouted, “But I can only cook.”

“Cooking is already very hard.” Zhao Sheng patted Gu Miao’s head.

“But when you went to work, I am bored at home,” Gu Miao’s eyes glowed as he continued, “Aren’t you going to buy the medicine made by other guides as well? If I can do it too, won’t I be able to make money?”

Zhao Sheng whispered, “Are you short of money? Where is the gold card I gave you?”

“I want to use the money I earn to buy you presents.” Gu Miao said softly, looking up.

So cute!

Zhao Sheng received a violent ‘cute’ blow and he reached out to stroke Gu Miao’s ears. Gu Miao shrank his head, and his face instantly turned red. This was a habitual movement from Ah Sheng whenever he ‘wanted’ him. Thinking of the people in the room, Gu Miao whispered, “Don’t…”

Zhao Sheng clenched his fist sharply. If it weren’t for other people present in this room, he really wanted to swallow his little partner right away.

Xiào Mu closed his half-opened mouth that was ready to reply to a question. He deeply suspected that the lunch today is dog food. The pair over there finally got tired of flirting with each other, and Gu Miao looked at Xiào Mu expectantly again. Xiào Mu felt pressured and replied honestly, “I have not gone through systematic medicine studies and cannot teach other people. The only thing I can say is to release spiritual power when making medicine and inject your spiritual power into the medicine. The effect of the medicine should be much better.”

Gu Miao carefully noted, “I’ll find some instructional video later, I will definitely study hard.”

Xiào Mu glanced at Gu Miao’s spiritual power Level B, 7000 points, and looked forward to it. He didn’t know how other guides felt when they used their spiritual power to make medicine, so he asked, “Can you write down your feelings and thoughts when making medicine later? I want to know more about the process.”

“Alright,” Gu Miao nodded and blinked quickly, “Let’s exchange numbers, and I will send it to you as soon as I write it.”

The two added each other’s number and Xiào Mu glanced at his list of friends in the contact book. The 3 present in this room already accounted for half of them, and the other 3 were Ren, Leo, and Dr. Xi Mu3.

At 11.00 am, Gu Miao went to the kitchen to cook. After a while, Zhao Sheng received the information that the medicine passed the test. Soon, the sales permit was sent to him. Zhao Sheng asked Xiào Mu, “How many medicines of each type are there in your hands?”

Xiào Mu took out 3 porcelain bottles, all pills are yellow in color, but with different shades. He said, “The colors from light to dark, contain 300 low-grade pills, 500 medium-grade pills, and 200 top-grade pills. I will make some more tomorrow. Which one needs to make more?”

“Top grade,” Zhao Sheng answered without hesitation. “The welfare of sentinel is very good, and their purchasing power is very strong. They can afford 25,000 star coins for a top-grade pill with no problem. In fact, in terms of efficacy, it is even cheaper than the usual guide pheromone agent.”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Okay, by the way, have you heard of a medicinal plant called Wuming Extract?”

Xiào Mu made a lot of medicines for several consecutive weekends, and his medical skill level has finally reached 40. He unlocked the intermediate low-grade healing pill, which could restore 3000 spiritual power. Each pill needs the material Wuming Extract 2g, but he searched around in the online shop and nobody is selling it. Planet Yao4 didn’t have the material for high-grade healing pill5, so he suspects that Planet Yao doesn’t have Wuming Extract either. Thinking that Zhao Sheng has a wider experience than him, Xiào Mu thought Zhao Sheng might know.

Zhao Sheng thought for a while and shook his head, “I haven’t heard of it.”

Xiào Mu felt helpless, he managed to unlock a new prescription, but without the ingredients, he couldn’t do anything!

Hawke asked curiously, “What kind of medicinal plant is that? I have read the encyclopedia of medicinal plants but why haven’t I heard it?”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help asking, “Do you really know all the plants in the encyclopedia?”

Hawke proudly answered, “Of course, I started reading it ever since I decided to study pharmaceuticals a long time ago. My foundation is solid.”

A sudden thought crossed Xiào Mu’s mind. Could it be Wuming Extract has another name in this world? He is unfamiliar with medicinal materials and has never seen Wuming Extract before, but when he clicks on the medicinal materials, the system will display the appearance of Wuming Extract.

“Do you have any courseware I can borrow? I may have remembered the name incorrectly. I want to take time to read it.”

Hawke immediately transferred a copy of the medicinal plant encyclopedia to Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu opened a page casually and saw those pictures and texts. Not only it included the efficacy of the medicine, but also the origin of the medicinal materials. He is very satisfied with the encyclopedia and decided to browse it in his dorm later.

Lunch is not the dog food Xiào Mu thought, and the dishes are very exquisite. Gu Miao’s cooking is very good. Xiào Mu is full of praise, while Hawke ate until his stomach is full. Gu Miao smiles broadly and is not so nervous when facing Xiào Mu. After eating, the 3 guides went for a walk on the lawn outside the villa. Only then did Xiào Mu found out that such a large area of lawn is built because Gu Miao liked grass.

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