Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 32.2

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Chapter 32 Part 2 Moved

The next day, Xiào Mu got up for a run as usual. He was pleasantly surprised to find that he could run 8 kilometers in 10 minutes, several times faster than before. Moreover, after running, his body was not uncomfortable as before. When attending the PE class, he completed the items more easily. At the end of the PE class, Xiào Mu only used a quarter of his stamina, and he just panted lightly; unlike the uncomfortable feeling previously. When he calmed down, he immediately pretended to be tired and powerless. Then he sat at a corner to rest, secretly worried.

During training at night, with Leo’s keenness, he would definitely find something wrong. How would he explain himself then? No, he has to find a way to avoid Leo!

Leo, the person who Xiào Mu wanted to avoid, is blankly looking at the rows of students queuing in a square at the moment. He wore a pair of army boots and dressed in a black costume. This is the PE class of the university category, Class 3 of the 1st grade. Even though the students are physically and mentally exhausted by Major General Leo’s iron-hard and bloody methods, they still look at him excitedly and admiringly. Their class is so lucky! They were actually picked by Major General Leo, who temporarily attend their PE classes and showed them fighting skills on the spot.

Leo walked around, and finally stopped in front of the tall sentinel with short yellow hair, “You, step out.”

“My God! This kid, Roa is too lucky!”

“Could it be that Major General Leo knew him, so he deliberately chose him to guide him personally?!”

“It’s great to have an amazing father.”

Leo glanced over sharply, and the students who were whispering shuddered all over. They immediately stood upright with their heads looking straight in front. Let alone talking, they didn’t even dare to turn their eyes.

Roa looked excited and said, “Thank you Major General Leo for your advice.”

Leo looked at Roa faintly, “At the school, I am a teacher,” he finished, and threw a glance at Roa, “Let’s begin!”

Soon, under the gaze of all the classmates, Roa personally demonstrated what it means to be a punching bag. There are various colors on his body. He already mobilized his spiritual power to strengthen his vision and perception, wanting to see Leo’s actions clearly to dodge them. However, even when his spiritual power is consumed more than half, he found that everything was in vain. Even if he used his vision to the extreme, he couldn’t see Leo’s moves, let alone dodging them.

“En…” Suddenly, throbbing pain shoots up to his mind. Knowing that his spiritual power is overused, Roa hurriedly said, “Please wait.”

After he finished speaking, a gleam flashed in his eyes, and he lightly touched the ring of the little finger of his left hand. The next moment, a pill appeared in his palm. Roa swallowed it without hesitation, and his original pale face returned to a healthy blush.

“Teacher, I am not your opponent, you are too good.”

Leo frowned while staring at Roa’s expression, “Where did you get the pill you just took?” He would never recognize it wrongly, that pill is a mid-grade healing pill, exactly the same as the one he bought from Xiào Mu.

Everyone in Class 3 listened with their ears perked up. They could see clearly that Roa is in a very bad state just now, but he recovered a lot soon after taking the pill. This pill is definitely good medicine.

Roa hesitated before saying, “My sister made it,” he seemed to be anxious, “My sister just learned medicine not long ago, and she didn’t dare to give it to others after she made it. I tested the ingredients and it is harmless to the body. To encourage her, I try to eat it. After taking the pill, I found that I could restore spiritual power, so I took the rest with me.”

An exclamation came from the square queue, “Oh my God, restore spiritual power?”

“Is it the one discussed on the forum, the medicine that is made with a guide’s spiritual power?”

Leo snorted, “Not long after she learned to make medicine?” From the first time he saw the medicine until now, it has already been more than half a month.

“Yes,” Roa thought Leo didn’t believe that Eileen could make a finished product since she only started learning medicine not long ago and added, “This is a recent cooperation project between the Pharmacy Association and Golden Tower. She is also worried that the medicine she made will not work so she dare not spread it.”

“Then your sister is really talented in medicine.”

Roa smiled, “My sister said that their pharmacy teacher also said the same. She has always dreamed of becoming a high-level pharmacist, making medicines that recover spiritual power, and helping all sentinels who suffered damages in their spiritual state!”

“That’s awesome.” Leo continued to snort coldly, curving his index finger, “Continue.”

Soon, Roa fell to the ground painfully and was sent to the infirmary under Leo’s instruction. Leo’s eyes scanned the rest of the students, “Did you see the moves? Train by yourself now.”

The students in Class 3 looked at each other, they didn’t see anything at all! What to see with such a fast speed?

“Oh my god, such a demonic teacher. Seeing Roa being beaten so hard, I don’t envy him for getting selected by Major General Leo.”

“I really sympathize with him.”

“Don’t be sympathetic, he has a guide sister who can make medicine to recover spiritual power!”

“Oh, I must pursue her. With her, I don’t have to worry about mental confusion anymore.”

“Stop dreaming, she is mine.”

“…” All sentinels in Class 3 became rivals in love at the same time.

After Leo finished giving his instructions, he walked away to the entrance of the exercise hall. A big beauty, Lyle in white casual clothes stood by the wall next to the door. Seeing Leo coming over, he waved his hand, “You are so slow, I thought you didn’t see me!”

Leo: “What are you doing here?”

Lyle put a hand on Leo’s shoulder, “I say, are you addicted to being a teacher? I finally got a day off, can’t I have a meal with you?”

Leo pursed his lips, “How is Zone F?”

“Lieutenant General Louis will take over, so I don’t know,” Lyle said, changing the subject. “Did the kid from the Greene family messed with you? You beat him up so unceremoniously?”

Leo sneered, “He doesn’t have the ability, but still wants to bully other people. I just make him recognize his limit.”

Lyle raised his eyebrows and curiously asked, “Who is being bullied?”

“That…” Leo originally wanted to say ‘weak chicken’, but thinking of Xiào Mu’s face, he inexplicably rejected using bad words to describe him, so Leo simply said, “Xiào Mu.”

Lyle and Leo have been playing together since they were young, and they know each other well. The first half of Leo’s words are clearly meant to be sarcastic, but he actually stopped himself, which is really unusual. What made him even more strange was his behavior. Lyle removed his hand on Leo’s shoulder and looked at Leo with his arms folded, “I say, brother, since when you will take revenge for a bullied person? Even I don’t get this kind of treatment. Could it be your heart is moved?”

Hearing that, Leo was shocked, but his expression didn’t change. He unceremoniously revealed, “Major General Lyle, you shouldn’t forget that you have always been the one who bullied others.”

Lyle smiled and didn’t press further for the truth. He felt that with Leo’s slowness (dense), Leo probably didn’t know what his heart felt. Pretending not to realize that Leo had ignored his question, he said, “Let’s go for lunch.”

The two had lunch together. After they were separated, Leo sat in the back of the aircraft and blankly swiping on his terminal. On the search box, he typed the word ‘how to know if one is moved?’. Clicking on the top entry on the search page, he read through the content. The more he looks at it, the more rigid his expression becomes.

When one’s heart is moved,
1. Facing the crush, their heart will thump wildly.
2. Their face will blush uncontrollably.
3. Their surrounding would look like surrounded in pink bubbles, other people would feel that the air is exuding a sweet aura…

Leo thought to himself, ‘See, that bastard Lyle likes to talk nonsense, how could he be moved!’

He continued swiping to the end and saw the words – ‘from observation of guide’s mood when they are facing sentinels.’

Leo: “…”

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