Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 32.1

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Chapter 32 Part 1 Moved

Xiào Mu saw Hawke in a daze, and couldn’t help but laugh. He waved his hand before Hawke’s eyes, “Come back to your senses yet?”

Hawke grabbed Lin Mu’s hand and asked, “Really? Really?!”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Really.”

“Oh my God,” Hawke’s eyes widened. “I didn’t notice it at all. How did you do it?” As he said that, Hawke lowered his voice, “Are you also using inhibitors? Or are your spiritual filaments too weak so it’s difficult to be detected?”

Xiào Mu asked, “Inhibitor?”

“It’s the medicine that can hide a guide’s pheromone. It is contraband though,” Hawke replied subconsciously. After saying this, he was taken aback, “You don’t know about the inhibitor? Then how did you hide your pheromone?”

Xiào Mu: “I controlled the spiritual filaments in my brain, and establish a spiritual barrier when it is really uncontrollable, then prevents the filaments from leaving the barrier range.”

Hawke’s mouth opened in surprise, “You can control it without medicine?

Xiào Mu nodded. He had only come to know about the existence of inhibitor so he didn’t use it. And according to Hawke, the inhibitor is contraband, so he has no way to get it by himself.

Hawke looked at Xiào Mu incredulously, “How much is your spiritual power?”

Xiào Mu hesitated for a moment, but decided to answer honestly in the end, “Level S.”

Hawke was stunned by the answer and repeated after Xiào Mu stupidly, “Level S?”

Hawke’s reaction made Xiào Mu felt helpless, “How about we continue this talk after you calmed down?”

“AHHHHH…” Hawke yelled suddenly and grabbed Xiào Mu’s arm, “How can I calm down?! Level S guide, a live one! I actually met a living Level S guide, I really wanted to tell everyone about this.”

Xiào Mu: “Only you can know about this. I hope you don’t tell anyone.”

Hawke blinked and gradually calmed down, “I know, I just randomly express my thoughts. I will never say anything out,” he hesitated, “But can I tell cousin?”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “I don’t want to take risks. I’m not ready to expose my identity.”

Hawke: “You don’t want to be locked in Golden Tower, is it?”

“Yes, you should be thinking the same too, right?”

Hawke nodded but shook his head after that, “I awakened as a guide when I was very young. My family concealed my identity very tacitly and they hired private tutors for me since childhood so I learn at home. I also get training since childhood. I didn’t know that I was a guide until middle school. At that time, I was told that if someone knew about my identity, I would be locked in the Golden Tower and lose my freedom. Hence I have stayed concealed since young.”

Xiào Mu sighed, “Your family must love you very much to keep concealing your identity for you.”

Hawke laughed, “Yes, my family treats me very well, but it is a tradition in my dad’s family to conceal the identity of a guide. My dad is also a guide, although no one knows about it.”

Xiào Mu was surprised to hear that. Then he asked, “Does Manager Zhao know your identity?”

“Yeah,” Hawke said, “The relatives from both my father and dad’s side know that. Our family members have been working to fight for the guide’s freedom in case anyone of us got exposed one day. It’s a pity that there has been no big progress in making medicine to recover spiritual power. ” He said, looking at Xiào Mu with bright eyes, “If you can join us, our plan will be successful.”

“What’s the plan?”

Hawke scratched his hair, “I may not be able to explain it clearly, but I know that as long as the medicine to restore spiritual power can be produced efficiently, the chance of success of our plan will be very high. How about I let my cousin explain the details to you? Don’t worry. My cousin will definitely not reveal your identity.”

Seeing Xiào Mu thinking for a while and hesitated, Hawke anxiously added, “I give you my promise. If my cousin tells other people who you are, I won’t talk to him anymore, and I… I will take the initiative to tell Golden Tower that I am a guide.”

“No need,” Xiào Mu sighed. Since Hawke can say those words, he had to believe him and nodded. “I will talk to Manager Zhao. I also hope that guides can freely choose their lifestyle instead of staying in the Golden Tower, waiting for people to arrange their pairing.”

“Great!” Hawke jumped up and opened his terminal. “I’ll let my cousin come over now.”

Xiào Mu stopped Hawke from calling, “Let’s wait after we get off work. We should change to a suitable place for conversation. I will deal with the talk later.”

Hawke reluctantly nodded, “Well, then,” he said, looking at Xiào Mu expectantly, “Can I see your spiritual state and spiritual animal? I have never seen a Level S guide!”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “Okay, but get closer.” He leaned close and almost touched Hawke’s forehead. Next, he established a spiritual barrier to cover them before releasing all spiritual filaments.

Fatty stood by Xiào Mu’s feet and raised its hands. Then it tilted its head and looked at Hawke curiously. Its whole body seemed to be covered in a transparent film. Suddenly, Fatty tilted its head and swept its fluffy tail in front of it, staring at the tiny yellow dot on the tip of its tail.

“So cute!” Hawke looked at Fatty with bright eyes. “Is this a squirrel?”

“En,” Xiào Mu nodded, and hesitated for a moment to ask, “What is your spiritual animal?”

“Paramecium!” Hawke pointed to the tip of Fatty’s tail. “Only a paramecium can be so small. It is actually hard to see with the n.a.ked eye. My only spiritual filament is attached to it so that it has a light on it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find it, even for me.”

Xiào Mu: “…” Leo’s sarcastic lines suddenly appeared in his mind: Are you a paramecium?

Hawke did not notice the emotions in Xiào Mu’s heart, but curiously looked at the film surrounding Xiào Mu’s spiritual filaments, “Is this the spiritual barrier you are talking about?”

“Yes, it is.”

“You’re really amazing,” Hawke exclaimed in admiration and pouted, “I only have one spiritual filament. People on the Internet laugh at guides with paramecium spiritual animal as a single cell individual.”

Xiào Mu pondered for a moment before asking, “Have you never exercised your spiritual power? It stands to reason that spiritual power can be enhanced through exercise.”

“Yes, but I still can’t generate extra filaments.” Hawke was a little frustrated.

Hearing that make Xiào Mu’s heart moved, and he was about to make suggestions. Then someone slapped the door loudly and snapped, “Hawke, Xiào Mu, haven’t you finished ‘doing it’? Quickly zip up your pants and get out to work.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, and Hawke turned to open the door. He glared at the person outside, “What are you talking about? Do you want to try being my guinea pig?”

“No, no need,” the person who lifted the injured person outside the door waved his hand again and again. Seeing the speed of Hawke opening the door, he knew that he had misunderstood, and laughed, “I’m kidding, but the person we got here is seriously injured. He needs immediate attention. ”

“If you are that worried, you should call the emergency number and send him to the hospital!” Hawke humphed. Although he said so, he has started walking to the ward to treat the wounded.

The battledome began, and one by one injured patients were sent to the infirmary. Xiào Mu and Hawke both got busy until after the 10th patient was dealt with before they had time to rest. At this moment, the door of the ward was knocked. Hawke turned to look at the person at the door, and exclaimed in surprise, “Cousin, why are you here? I haven’t contacted you yet!”

Zhao Sheng smiled and said, “I came to find Xiào Mu for the medicine. Did you forget, I said yesterday that I want to cooperate with him. Why do you want to contact me?”

Hawke glanced at the door, then he replied with a serious expression, “I can’t say here. It’s very important, super important!”

Zhao Sheng showed a look like he didn’t expect that. Hawke is pure-hearted and always had a big heart. Such seriousness is rare. But this also shows that what he wanted to say is extremely important. Zhao Sheng couldn’t help but become curious, what would be something that is important and could not be said casually?

Xiào Mu took out the porcelain bottle containing the low-grade boost pill from his backpack, walked to Zhao Sheng, and handed it to him, “If it is convenient, let’s find a quiet place to talk after we get off work.”

Zhao Sheng took the medicine, and the medicine disappeared in his hand in the next second.

Xiào Mu looked at the space ring in Zhao Sheng’s hand enviously.

Zhao Sheng said, “It’s about 90 pills. 1,000 star coins per pill mean 90,000 coins. I will transfer the money to you.” After he transferred the money to Xiào Mu, Zhao Sheng sent a message on his terminal and said, “Both of you have to go to class tomorrow, so just get off work now. We’ll talk.”

Hawke hesitated, “There are still 10 arena matches left. What about the injured?”

Zhao Sheng pointed at his left wrist and explained, “I have asked someone to take over, let’s go!”

Xiào Mu rejected the suggestion to hitch a ride with them. He drove his aircraft and followed Zhao Sheng’s deep blue aircraft, and they stopped at a single-family villa with a beautiful environment. Walking into the villa, Zhao Sheng instructed the robot to make drinks and desserts. Next, he turned on the villa’s defense system and sound isolation system, before pointed to the sofa, “Sit down, it’s absolutely safe here.”

Hawke could not hold back anymore and pulled at Zhao Sheng’s arm to sit down. Then he blurted without a pause, “Xiào Mu is that medicine maker. He is a guide, a Level S one. I told him about our family’s plan and asked him to join us. But I can’t tell him properly about our plan so I want you to explain to him.”

Zhao Sheng crossed his fingers on his knees. He leaned forward slightly, and his face was full of surprise. He looked at Xiào Mu’s expression and asked, “Really?”

Xiào Mu nodded. The next moment, a majestic cougar appeared in front of Xiào Mu, baring its teeth at him with its mouth wide open. Xiào Mu moved back with a wry smile, and pointed at the cougar which is taller than him even when sitting, “I am quite timid, and your spiritual animal is too fierce.”

“Sorry,” Zhao Sheng apologized mildly. The cougar disappeared instantly, his eyes were bright and excited, “I believe that my spiritual power is not bad. But except for your short stature and weaker physical fitness, I can’t detect you as a guide at all.”

“He’s Level S.” Hawke triumphantly said with his chin up, as if the person with Level S spiritual power is him.

Xiào Mu released Fatty and silently instructed in his heart. Fatty raised its hands and shook them back and forth as if it is giving them a New Year greeting. Its actions were very cute.

“So cute!” Hawke couldn’t resist at all, staring at Fatty with beaming eyes.

Zhao Sheng smiled and said, “Thank you for your trust. As Hawke said it, the Huo1 family has been planning for many years, but unfortunately, there has been no progress.”

“Guides are only special due to their special ability – they can give sentinel spiritual treatment. Although the guide pheromone agent in the market can treat mental confusion, the retention time will decrease as the use of guide pheromone agent increases. Moreover, prolonged usage of the same type of guide pheromone agent will produce resistance. Then the effect will be greatly weakened, or even completely useless.”

“Our plan is to solve the problem fundamentally so that the ability of the guide is no longer unique. We are committed to inventing a spiritual power medicine that can replace the guide and has the same effect as the spiritual treatment.”

As Zhao Sheng said that, he clenched his fists and his voice became excited, “According to our tests, the mid-grade healing pill you made has this effect.”

Xiào Mu thought for a moment. He admired their ideas. He had only thought about how he would convince Golden Tower to obtain freedom after being exposed, without considering other guides. However, after thinking about it, the possibility of him getting privileges (freedom) alone is very low. If the problem is solved from the root cause, he doesn’t need to worry at all.

“I agree with your ideas, it’s just…” Xiào Mu frowned, “The medicine I make needs the guide to inject their spiritual power into it, so we still need the guides.”

Zhao Sheng pondered for a while, and asked, “How long is needed for a guide to make a pill?”

Since Xiào Mu decided to talk about it, he won’t hide the information, “I don’t know about other guides. If I only make healing pills, I can take a pill every 2 hours to restore 2,000 spiritual power. With this, I can make about 500 pills during the day.”

Zhao Sheng immediately caught the keyword, “Restore 2,000 spiritual power?”

Only then did Xiào Mu remember that this world doesn’t have a specific value for spiritual power. He thought about it, and explained in easy-to-understand words, “It means people who have just reached Level A (80002) can restore a quarter of their spiritual power with the pill.”

Zhao Sheng’s jaw tightened, “In other words, if one takes 3 pills in 6 hours3, they will be able to return their spiritual power to the max?”


“No, that’s not right,” Zhao Sheng suddenly thought of the test results. “According to the test, the mid-grade healing pill can only restore half of the spiritual power for sentinels who has just reached Level D (2000).”

Xiào Mu explained, “I’m talking about high-grade healing pill. I only learned it recently. It is better than middle-grade.” Since he had made top-grade today, Xiào Mu automatically thought of top-grade when he answered the question. He forgot that Zhao Sheng only knows about middle-grade ones.

“Oh my God, Xiào Mu, you are so amazing!” Hawke heard this and looked at him admiringly.

Xiào Mu touched his nose awkwardly, “I just had better luck.” If he doesn’t have a golden finger like the game system, he would not be able to make these medicines.

Zhao Sheng restrained his excitement as he said, “If it is as you said, then your worry is completely unnecessary. Guides often need to rest for some time after giving spiritual treatment. Many sentinels cannot be treated in time, especially on the battlefield. This medicine could solve these troubles.”

“Your medicine can completely replace the guide. It is even more powerful and convenient than a guide.” Zhao Sheng added, “With you at our side, our ideas will definitely be realized.”

Xiào Mu: “The number of sentinels is too large. So you definitely can’t rely on me alone. I have replied to related posts on the forum and suggested guides to use their spiritual power to make the medicine. Maybe someone will succeed soon. I think we can get more allies because it shouldn’t be just me and Hawke who dislike the locked-up life in the Golden Tower.

“I’ve read that post,” Hawke said excitedly, “So you deliberately put up that idea!”

Zhao Sheng nodded, “You are right. I believe that it is human nature to desire freedom. Even though there are people who enjoy the caged canary-like life at the status quo, it is definitely not all of them.”

“I will secretly follow the news of guides making medicines. If someone succeeds, I will arrange contacts and win more allies.”

Xiào Mu: “I have an abrupt idea.”

Zhao Sheng looked at Xiào Mu questioningly, “What is it?”

After Xiào Mu said his thoughts4, Zhao Sheng looked at him in surprise, while Hawke jumped up from the sofa, “Xiào Mu, you are so smart. I actually understand everything you said!”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help laughing, and looked at Zhao Sheng, “I will need your support. You have to handle most of the processes and I can probably only make medicine.”

“For this plan, you are irreplaceable,” Zhao Sheng said, “I will arrange it as soon as possible.”

Xiào Mu nodded, “The sooner this suggestion is achieved, the faster the speed of your plan,” he got up, “it’s getting late now, I’ll go back to the dorm first.”

Hawke quickly stood up, “I’ll go back to the dorm too.”

Zhao Sheng thought for a while. Since they have said everything that should be said, he offered, “I will send you off.”

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