Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 33.1

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Chapter 33 Part 1 Jealous

Leo exhaled lightly, suppressing his urge to destroy his terminal, and closed the page. What kind of messy answers was that?! With a cold face, he returned to the search box and typed ‘signs of sentinel feeling moved’. Many answers popped up in an instant, Leo’s gaze fell to the top of the answer. But his thoughts were still filled with the list of guide’s reactions, and Xiào Mu’s recent actions automatically replayed in his mind. Leo realized in depression that Xiào Mu didn’t seem to have any of these reactions! Though Xiào Mu easily blushed and panicked at first when they met, he(XM) is calmer now. Could it be because they have seen each other too much? Leo humphed dissatisfiedly and clicked on the answer at the top of the search interface. Then he scanned the content with a serious face.

Seeing Leo’s serious expression in the rearview mirror, the driver was shocked. In his heart, he is thinking that something serious had happened to the military.

Signs of a sentinel falling in love:
1. Want to ‘conquer’1 him (the guide),
2. Feel happy when seeing him (the guide),
3. Doesn’t have any self-principle in front of him (the guide),
4. Anyone who bullies him (the guide) can go to die,
5. People who covet him (people) can go to die as well,
6. He is mine,
10. He is mine.

PS: When you start searching about this problem because of someone, then brother, don’t hesitate. Start chasing this person!

Staring at the last sentence, Leo tapped his finger on his leg, and Xiào Mu’s delicate face appeared in his mind. He closed the terminal and gritted his teeth, “It’s not reliable at all!” He hates weak chicken the most, how can his heart moved by… Xiào Mu? The hell, he can’t even imagine associating bad words like ‘weak chicken’ to him(XM)! His brain must be malfunctioning.

The driver’s expression became solemn, and he wondered which unlucky person angered the major general.

In the afternoon, Xiào Mu returned to his bedroom after a major class. He logged into the virtual net and made biscuits, then put them on the vending machine. When he left the virtual net, it was almost dinner time. He struggled internally for a while, before deciding on something and placed an order for a treadmill online. Next, he sent a message to Leo.

“Thank you for the personal training last week. From today on, I won’t go to the gym, Room 333 anymore. I felt sorry for always interrupting your own training. I just bought a treadmill and planned to train in the dormitory in the future.”

After Xiào Mu sent the message, he leaned back on the sofa with a sigh of relief. He will train in his dormitory in the future. The possibility of encountering Leo is greatly reduced, so Leo will not find out that his physical strength is abnormal. In fact, training in the dormitory is also a lot more comfortable. Although fewer people are staying in Building 30, people would still occasionally pass by. Every time they saw him jogging around the area, they would laugh, not to mention that he come across even more people on his way to Room 333 every night. Xiào Mu is guessing that if it hadn’t been for the rumor that his physical strength is too poor, and those people are afraid of accidentally killing him, many of them would have taken action to teach him a lesson by now.

Xiào Mu’s bakery has been in business for more than a week, and the business is very good. No one knows how much his actual profit is but his spending can be covered by the bakery. As long as his spending is not exaggerated, there is no need for him to worry about his source of money being suspected. There is no pressure in buying a treadmill. Xiào Mu stood up and was about to go to the cafeteria to eat when his terminal suddenly vibrated. It was a message from Leo, and a location was included in it: “No need to thank me, I just want to find out the reason for my mistake. As an apology, I treat you to dinner.”

The location included in the message indicated the private room in the dining area for school staff, which is on the 3rd floor of the cafeteria.

Xiào Mu quickly replied: “No need, I should treat you to dinner instead.”

If it wasn’t for him concealing the fact that he took the boost pill to restore his stamina, Leo wouldn’t have to worry about the mistake at all.

“Alright then, the location is already selected, you can pay the bill.”

Xiào Mu stared at the message with a stunned expression for a moment. He was just being polite when he wrote that, he didn’t mean to treat Leo for real! Although Xiào Mu is not afraid of getting close to Leo anymore, he is afraid of unexpected accidents, so he still wants to stay away as much as possible. But when things have come to this stage, he didn’t have time to regret it. After thinking for a moment, Xiào Mu asked cautiously, “Why don’t you just send me the bill, and I will pay it later?”

Sitting on the chair facing the door in the private room, Leo looked at Xiào Mu’s reply and his expression turned uglier. In his heart, he was very depressed. Obviously, Xiào Mu didn’t want to meet him. He frowned and felt impatient to communicate via messages, so he called Xiào Mu’s number directly.

Xiào Mu was waiting for Leo’s reply and didn’t expect Leo would call him instead. His finger accidentally touched the Reject button. Umm, Xiào Mu looked at the missed call in his call log, and his back felt inexplicably cold. Did he just refuse to answer Leo’s call? With his knowledge of Leo, Leo will definitely be furious! Xiào Mu hurriedly called back. In almost less than a second, the call interface showed that the opposite party refused to connect. Xiào Mu secretly felt that things are not good, and quickly dialed again. His call is still refused at the next second, and Xiào Mu repeated the attempt 5 times in a row. Then Xiào Mu gave up. Just when he wanted to send a text message to explain, his spiritual filaments suddenly went crazy.

That got Xiào Mu stunned, and he subconsciously established a spiritual barrier. 3 seconds later, the door of his dorm was knocked on by someone. Xiào Mu hesitantly opened the door, and not given any time to be surprised, the person at the door walked in and pushed him against the wall.

Leo’s face was sullen, with anger and dissatisfaction in his eyes, as well as unexplainable irritability. He put his right hand against Xiào Mu’s left shoulder and pressed him against the wall. Then he lowered his head and asked viciously, “Dare to reject my call? You are good! ”

Xiào Mu quickly built another barrier and shrank his neck, “Don’t be impulsive, I just accidentally touch the reject button.” As Xiào Mu said that, he raised his right hand with an innocent look, “I swear, it was really accidental.”

This innocent action pairing his beautiful face, Xiào Mu looked unexpectedly cute in Leo’s eyes. His anger disappeared all of a sudden. He captured Xiào Mu’s raised hand with his left hand. The sensation felt strangely smooth, so he couldn’t help rubbing his thumb on the back of Xiào Mu’s hand.

“So, it’s not that you don’t want to talk to me?” Leo asked.

Xiào Mu’s small body is covered by Leo’s figure, and his heart became tensed. The touch on the back of his hand made him stare in shock. He threw his question to the back of his head and pulled his hand out forcefully, “Leo, you… are you alright?”

Leo glanced at his empty left hand, only then realized what he had just done. His body just moved unconsciously, what he did just now didn’t go through his mind at all.

“Why won’t I be alright?” Leo asked while maintaining a serious face. Ignoring the scene just now, he threw a glance at Xiào Mu, “Aren’t you going to treat me to dinner? Let’s go.”

The person concerned already showed up at his door, Xiào Mu couldn’t refuse that. Seeing Leo with the same expression as usual, Xiào Mu only felt that what had just happened was an accident, and didn’t think much about it. He just hoped that Leo would let him go quickly so he swiftly nodded, “En, let’s go!”

Leo lets go and Xiào Mu stretches his shoulders. Seeing that, Leo’s eyes flashed and asked, “Did I hurt you?” Leo felt kind of annoyed with himself and added, “I did control my strength.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “It’s okay, I’m not made of tofu.”

Leo snorted slightly, apparently feeling that Xiào Mu’s rebuttal was weak. In his eyes, Xiào Mu is almost the same as tofu. When he is about to walk out, Leo’s gaze scanned the coffee table in the living room, and he suddenly said, “I won’t go out to eat anymore.”

“Huh?” Xiào Mu didn’t understand what he meant.

Leo pointed to the biscuits on the coffee table, “You can make biscuits. I will watch you make them.”

Xiào Mu felt a little amused by the change, “Biscuits are snacks. It’s not good to eat it as a staple food. Let’s go to dinner. If you want to eat biscuits, I will make some for you later and put them on the windowsill.”

“Who said I want to eat it,” Leo snorted coldly, and took a step to the living room. “I’m not going out anymore. Go and make biscuits, I want to watch.”

Xiào Mu was helpless, but right now he just wanted to meet Leo’s request quickly, and send him away, “Okay, I will first place an order to buy materials, and then order 2 takeaways. Wait a moment.”

The express order arrived soon, and Xiào Mu handed Leo’s takeaway to him, “You can eat in the living room and I will make the biscuits now.”

“Eat first.” Leo frowned.

“It’s okay, I’m not hungry right now.” Xiào Mu wanted to finish making the biscuits earlier so Leo can take the biscuits and leave. He went to the kitchen, and kneaded flour skillfully. Then he used molds to make the shape, put them on the oven tray, and slide the tray into the oven.

“AH!” After Xiào Mu washed his hands and turned around, he saw Leo standing behind him and he didn’t realize it at all. Taken aback, Xiào Mu stepped back subconsciously and shifted his back against the counter, “When did you come into the kitchen?”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu with complicated eyes. Just a little bit more and he could almost hug Xiào Mu, which was abnormal 3. A brief thought flashed in his eyes, and Leo took a step forward, making them almost touching each other. He lowered his head and replied in a low voice, “While you were putting the batter into the mold.”

Xiào Mu covered his ears and his face flushed. How could Leo speak next to his ears?! The heat from Leo’s breath hits his ears, and it’s making his heart beat faster.

Leo stared at Xiào Mu’s blushing face, and his eyes darkened suddenly. Xiào Mu can feel his scalp going numb from Leo’s staring, and he walked 2 steps to the right to widen the distance between the two. His heart is beating rapidly, there is something wrong with Leo. It’s not that he is narcissistic but he had a feeling that Leo is trying to get close to him. Does Leo finally start doubting his identity? But after thinking about it, Xiào Mu couldn’t figure where did he reveal loopholes.

“We just have to wait for the biscuits to finish baking, I’ll go to eat first.”

Xiào Mu almost ran to the living room as if he is fleeing from something. He opened his takeaway and was unpacking his chopsticks. When he saw the nuts beside the biscuits on the table, a thought moved in his mind. Could it be that Leo saw the nuts and linked the mid-grade healing pill with the fragrance of nuts, then doubted him?

Leo returned to the living room and ate his takeaway across from Xiào Mu. He would glance at Xiào Mu from time to time while showing a thoughtful expression.

Xiào Mu stayed on guard the entire time, ready to deal with Leo’s testing. However, until they finished their takeaway, Leo said nothing, and his spirit animal did not appear either. When Leo left with the jar of biscuit, Xiào Mu simply couldn’t believe it. He watched until Leo’s figure disappear into the corner and wondered to himself. So Leo just left? He’s not going to test me?

Suddenly, Leo returned like a gust of wind. Seeing Xiào Mu is still standing at the door, looking in the direction he left just now, Leo revealed a cheerful expression.

Xiào Mu is still on guard so he waited for Leo to make a move. He didn’t expect Leo to do nothing. Leo just said solemnly, “Your stamina is very poor. Practice hard, and I will check it when I come back!”

Dumbfounded, Xiào Mu watched as Leo disappear into the corner again. What does he mean by ‘check after he comes back’?

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