Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 30.1

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Chapter 30 Part 1 Plan

This is a foul, Xiào Mu thought to himself. He turned back and pressed the close button on the door, taking the chance to calm his heartbeat. After taking a deep breath, he walked to Leo as usual, his eyes couldn’t help falling to the panther mecha behind him. His eyes were full of admiration, “This is your mecha?”

Leo was in a great mood when he saw the admiration. This is not only his mecha but also his fighting brother. The corners of his mouth raised slightly, “Yes, he is called Ying (Shadow).” He raised his hand, and the next moment, a ferocious black panther appeared beside him. His palm was placed on top of the black panther’s head, “It was made in the shape of my spirit animal.”

Xiào Mu’s breathing was stagnant, and he tried his best to control his body to not retreat. He pretended not to see the panther, and his gaze dared not look there. He simply raised his head to look at Leo, “Really? It’s a pity that I can’t see your spirit animal.”

“Do you want to see?” Leo lowered his head and asked, then patted the panther’s head. The panther started walking to Xiào Mu’s side with graceful steps.

Xiào Mu’s body froze, and his head no longer works, “I’m just an ordinary person, how can I see it?”

Leo raised his eyebrows, “Don’t you know that ordinary people also can see the spirit animal of the sentinel guide through quantum glass?” He paused, “The school has a room with quantum glass, should I take you there?”

Xiào Mu only hoped that Leo could quickly recall the panther so he declined his proposal, “There will always be a chance in the future. Let’s start training now.”

As soon as the black panther disappeared, Xiào Mu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and Leo snorted, “It’s not something you can see whenever you want.”

In Xiào Mu’s heart, he hoped Leo will never show him again. It was too stressful for him when the panther is present and he is afraid that he might accidentally reveal a flaw. Xiào Mu smiled and changed the subject, “Am I going to train according to the PE class items?”

“En,” Leo nodded, “the length of this indoor track is 200 meters a lap. Go and finish 10 laps in 10 minutes. After finishing it, take a 5-minute rest and go to the corner to do sit-ups. Stop when you only left the strength to walk. I will see how your results come up.”

Xiào Mu heard the instructions and replied, “Okay.” He put the backpack in the sit-up project area in the corner and then started running.

Leo returned to the control room to continue the robotic basic exercise training.

Xiào Mu paid attention to Leo’s movements as he ran. After a while, the panther was still standing motionless, but its tail began to swing up and down, left and right. It makes this awe-inspiring big guy unexpectedly looked cute. Suddenly, Xiào Mu’s terminal vibrated. He stopped to look and was stunned by the call because it was from Leo.

“Don’t stop, keep running.” Leo’s voice came out as soon as the call is connected.

Confused, Xiào Mu continued to run, and asked with a gasping voice, “Why are you calling me?”

Hearing that makes Leo’s ears felt itchy inexplicably. He pinched his ears, and said sternly, “It is too simple to concentrate on controlling the action of the mecha. I need some interference, so it is closer to actual combat simulation, which is good for improvement.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “Am I a distraction in your training?”

Leo: “Your speech has a stronger effect than news broadcast.”

Xiào Mu didn’t know if it was good or bad. He gasped, “Major General Leo, it may be difficult for you to understand, but I must tell you that talking and not talking while running is 2 completely different experiences. You should just listen to the news broadcast ba!”

After that, Xiào Mu did not hesitate to cut the call. If he continues speaking, his running training will definitely fail.

Leo operated the panther’s tail while staring at the hung-up call. Xiào Mu actually dared to hang up on him?! What does he mean by 2 different experiences? Does talking affect running? Inside the control room, Leo’s spiritual filaments are connected with the mecha, so when the mecha Ying heard his question, it thought Leo was asking it and answered after inquiring online.

[According to online information, for physically weak people, talking while running will affect their breathing rate and thus decrease speed]

Leo heard Ying’s mechanical sound and muttered “so troublesome”, but the anger that arose from being hung up disappeared in an instant.

Xiào Mu glanced at his terminal unexpectedly. Based on his knowledge of Leo, he couldn’t be so quiet after he(XM) hung up his call. At least he would shout, “You dare to hang up?!” Maybe something happened just now, he guessed.

At the end of his run, the panther is still doing the basic movements of tail swinging up and down. Xiào Mu wiped his sweat and walked to the corner to rest against the wall, with some admiration in his heart. Leo repeats such a boring action countless times, insisting on practicing every day. It’s hard to not become a master with such training frequency, not to mention Leo is a very talented sentinel. Xiào Mu suddenly remembered what Leo had said before. What he despised was not the inherently weak, but the weak who had not worked hard. Since such talented people work so hard, he must exercise more seriously!

After resting for 5 minutes, Xiào Mu started doing sit-ups. However, he only did a dozen or so before his terminal vibrated. He looked at the panther mecha helplessly. Don’t tell him Leo thinks that talking while doing sit-ups would be all right? He is now spending more than half of his physical energy. He can barely hold on with not speaking. If he speaks, he won’t be able to straighten his waist the moment he stopped exerting force. Anyway, Xiào Mu took a glance at his terminal. It turned out that it wasn’t Leo’s call, but from a number he didn’t save; he has a deep impression on the 4 digits though. Xiào Mu breathed in and out for a few rounds, making sure to speak well before connecting, “Major General Greene.”

“Are you exercising?” Although Xiào Mu had adjusted his breathing, there was still a gasp in his words, and Kain could hear it.

“Yes, but it’s okay, we can talk now,” Xiào Mu smiled, “I probably know why you contacted me. I am not interested in other people’s family affairs. As long as the people from your family don’t trouble me, I promise that I do not know anything.”

Since Kain’s intended words were blocked by Xiào Mu, Kain paused before saying, “You are very smart. I like to talk to smart people. Remember your words, Roa won’t bother you again.”

“That’s great.” Xiào Mu said sincerely.

Kain: “If I hear rumors that shouldn’t be known, you have to believe that the consequences are not something you can bear.”

Xiào Mu knew this was a warning, and he smiled, “I don’t know anything at all. If someone else spread it out, you can’t blame that on me.”

“Impossible,” Kain said affirmatively, “you are the only instability factor regarding this matter. So please don’t make me regret my kindness now.”

“You are a major general of the empire. Protecting citizens is your duty and mission. Kindness is a noble character. Of course, you will not regret it.”

“It’s best if everything works out. If it’s okay, don’t contact me again.” Kain said slowly.

Xiào Mu smiled, “It’s just what I want.” He hung up the call and curled his lips. He can tell at first glance that this person had done something wrong. Otherwise, why is he so afraid of other people knowing that Little Greene is his biological son?

“Kain’s call?” Leo looked at the call log on Xiào Mu’s screen and asked in surprise.

Xiào Mu was taken aback. He didn’t know when Leo came over. Xiào Mu swiftly raised his head to look at Leo and asked, “You make any sound when you walk?”

Leo sneered, “It’s just that your sense of alertness is too weak. So, why did Kain contact you?”

Both of them are major generals, knowing each other’s contact number is normal, so Xiào Mu is not surprised. However, it is somewhat embarrassing to let Leo know that he complained to a parent. Xiào Mu touched his nose and explained, “His son is making trouble for me during the day so I contacted him to file a complaint. At that time, he said he is busy and will contact me later to express his apology.” Xiào Mu didn’t like to talk about other people’s family matters, not to mention that he promised not to speak out, so he used Kain’s excuse to answer half-truth.

“His son, Roa Greene?” Leo asked thoughtfully.

Xiào Mu nodded and Leo glanced at him from top to bottom, “Where did you get injured?”

“No, I managed to evade it.”

“For you to be able to evade it, Kain’s son is really weak.” Leo disdained.

The corners of Xiào Mu’s mouth curved up; still with that familiar poisonous tongue. If Roa hears it, Xiào Mu afraid that Roa will start a fight on the spot.

Without waiting for Xiào Mu to say anything else, Leo leaned against the wall and looked at Xiào Mu. He crossed his arms at his chest and said, “Go on, don’t be lazy.”

He is not being lazy! Xiào Mu glanced at Leo and did sit-ups again. His speed is getting slower and slower. After 50 sit-ups, each sit-up can be counted in seconds, and he did 10 more at this speed. However, when his body is 10 centimeters away from the ground, his body suddenly stopped exerting force and Xiào Mu fell backward. The expected sensation of hitting the ground did not come, but he felt the hot temperature from a palm. At the same time, his spiritual filaments started to move crazily. Xiào Mu calmly built the second barrier, before thanking Leo between pants, “Thank you.”

Leo furrowed his eyebrows. He waited until Xiào Mu can sit firmly by himself, before moving his palm away. Looking at his palm, Leo swallowed what he was about to say, but raised his eyebrows and stated, “You seem no longer afraid of my touch.”

No, I’m still afraid!

Xiào Mu was worried that Leo would make other contact actions, and said sincerely, “I know you are being kind to help me, so I’m not nervous.”

Leo thought of the scene where he reached out but was avoided in the ward, and recalled the touch of his palm against Xiào Mu’s back just now; feeling inexplicably happy. He helped out twice, and Xiào Mu’s reaction was completely different from last time.

“Can you still hold on after a rest? Or is it the end of tonight?” Leo asked.

Xiào Mu immediately said, “That’s it for tonight.” His physical strength has reached the critical point of safety.

Leo looked at Xiào Mu’s expression and continued asking, “You can go back by yourself, or should I send you?”

“I’ll go back by myself.” Xiào Mu replied and stood up by pressing his hands on the ground. His physical stamina hasn’t reached the safe point yet, he still can move around.

Leo glanced at the numbers on the vertical board of the sit-ups and recorded Xiào Mu’s training tonight. As Leo was recording, he stopped and muttered, “It’s wrong, I shouldn’t start the training like this today.”

Xiào Mu was puzzled, “What’s the matter?”

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu without explaining and instructed, “Come back again tomorrow.”

In the next few days, Xiào Mu’s life is very regular. He took a major medical class in the morning and afternoon every day, plus a minor PE class in the afternoon. Then he will make biscuits for sale on the virtual net at noon and evening, which he will also make a batch in reality. He would still put a jar on the window sill and let Leo pick it up. At 7.00 pm every night, Xiào Mu will go to Room 333 on time, but his training content according to Leo’s requirements, is only running.

After training on Friday night, Leo opened his daily record sheet with a serious face.

“I have to apologize to you. I compared your training data these days with the training you did in the apartment, and exclude other possibilities. I have to admit that I have not considered it comprehensively. Unfortunately, I did not calculate the physical energy you consumed by attending class and daily walking. The arrangement of the class is not properly designed and I have put you in danger.”

Xiào Mu’s daily running amount at school is obviously less than what Xiào Mu did back in the apartment. Leo constantly ruled out the possibility and finally concluded that since his physical fitness is too poor, walking on campus and attending classes will also consume his stamina.

Hearing that, Xiào Mu was stunned. Seeing Leo’s formal apology, he couldn’t help feeling guilty. The real reason for this was that he had eaten boost pills during training in the apartment to regain his strength! Xiào Mu pursed his lips heavily and felt uncomfortable. Does he want to hide his guide identity and his medicine-making ability for the rest of his life? How long does he have to hide, worrying about getting exposed? For this matter, he told lies, one after another. As long as he continues hiding, the lies would accumulate like a snowball, it will only become more. Xiào Mu gripped his fist. He wanted to live a free life, but he didn’t want to live it under cover. Sentinels are not ordinary people and they even can get into mental confusion easily. But sentinels can all live freely, so why can’t a guide?

“What’s wrong with you?” Leo saw that Xiào Mu’s expression was wrong. He tried to recall what he said but found nothing was wrong. After thinking about it, Leo asked, “Are you thinking of the uncomfortable feeling when you are completely exhausted?”

Xiào Mu recovered from his thoughts and smiled reluctantly. Then he said with a serious look, “I’m fine. You don’t need to apologize and don’t mention this in the future.”

Leo heard Xiào Mu said not to mention it again and is even more certain that Xiào Mu didn’t want to recall the feeling at the time. He nodded, “Okay, your plan in PE class will remain unchanged for the time being. I will revise it when your physical fitness improves.”

“En,” Xiào Mu nodded and put on his backpack, “I’m leaving now. By the way, I need to work on weekends so I won’t be coming for training.”

Leo nodded, he wouldn’t stay at school on weekends as well. His lips moved slightly, and he hesitated again when he wanted to ask Xiào Mu what kind of job he is doing. But what does it have to do with him? Leo struggled for a rare moment. It did not matter to him, but he can’t help but wonder. When Leo was determined to ask, Xiào Mu had already stepped out and waved his hand.

Forget it, he will ask next time.

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