Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 30.2

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Chapter 30 Part 2 Plan

When Xiào Mu returned to the dormitory, he took a boost pill and regained his physical fitness. After taking a bath, he opened his terminal to check information about guides. After reading for a long time, he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Guides are precious because they can do spiritual treatment for the sentinel and their number is small. They are overprotected because of their preciousness. There are several reasons. First, their physical fitness is generally weak, and easy to get injured. The second is that their average spiritual power is worse than the sentinel, so they can be forced into estrus heat and get ‘taken’ by the sentinel who has higher spiritual power. In short, it’s just because guides are not strong enough. If his identity is revealed, Xiào Mu doesn’t have to worry about the second point. As for the first point, his stamina is indeed too weak.

Xiào Mu rested his chin on his hand to think, his spiritual power is very high so is there any way to use his spiritual power to make up for lack of physical fitness and enhance self-protection ability? As he was thinking, his terminal vibrated, which was a reminder that he had browsed the webpage for more than 2 hours. Only then Xiào Mu realized that it is already midnight. He closed his terminal and decided to think again tomorrow.

The next day, Xiào Mu bought materials to make high-grade healing pills and mid-grade boost pills online, as well as the porcelain bottles to store the medicine. After breakfast, he took the courier and drove his aircraft to the Wilderness Forest. He made 100 pills of each of the 2 medicines, which cost a total of 5,000 spiritual power. Xiào Mu ate a high-grade healing pill halfway through and prepared to take another one after 2 hours so that his spiritual power would be fully restored at night.

After storing all the pills, Xiào Mu thought about the things he considered before going to bed and stretched out a spiritual filament. The filament twisted and swayed under his control; various postures were effortless, and it could be thickened and thinned at will. When conducting spiritual treatment, his spiritual filaments can organize the chaotic spiritual filaments of sentinel in an orderly manner to achieve the therapeutic effect. So what if his spiritual filaments are not treating, but attacking instead?

A guide can touch the spiritual power of the sentinel in their spiritual state, and it stands to reason that it can be attacked. If guides can attack the spiritual state, even if they are physically weak, they can protect themselves through mental attacks, and the attacks are invisible. If Xiào Mu has the ability to protect himself, and he won’t be forcibly ‘taken’ by a sentinel, there shouldn’t be any reason for Golden Tower to imprison his freedom, right?

There is another reason why the Golden Tower may be reluctant to release the guides is their matchmaking tradition. But he has a medicine-making level beyond this world, and this ability can benefit many people. Xiào Mu believes that even if Golden Tower wants him to marry someone they selected, knowing that he has pharmaceutical capabilities, the rest of the sentinel community will never agree to the arrangement. After all, when a sentinel ‘combined’ with a guide, the guide will only serve their own sentinel.

The more Xiào Mu thinks about it, the more optimistic he feels about his situation. The most important thing now is to practice his mental attacks and make sure it is useful. Looking back at how he hid himself in a panic when he first knew about his identity as a guide, Xiào Mu smiled. Right now, he dares to think of exposing his identity because of his enhanced ability. If it weren’t for his high spiritual power and strong pharmaceutical capabilities, Xiào Mu would not dare to think about it. After all, he can’t joke about his freedom.

Xiào Mu picked up his backpack and left Wilderness Forest. At night, instead of going to the black market, he entered the staff area of the battledome directly from the back door. Xiào Mu has thought about it earlier. It has been less than half a month since the last time he sold the medicine, so selling it again in a short time will easily attract people’s attention. He plans to save all the medicines and sell them together a month later. He is currently unable to bear the consequences of the exposure, nor is he confident to say that he can protect himself and does not need the protection of Golden Tower after the guide’s identity is exposed.

Xiào Mu pushed open the door of the waiting area and saw 5 sentinels forming a circular arc at the entrance of the infirmary. Several people were talking at the same time, their tone was fast and anxious, and it sounded very noisy. Generally, the waiting area is very quiet, and the sentinels who are waiting for their turn will play their own games, so they are rarely like this.

“If you want it, just go to the hospital to buy it. There are piles of them. I use the same thing as the hospital here. It’s no different.” Hawke’s voice came out of the circle, in a very annoyed tone. He was completely covered by the sentinels.

Xiào Mu couldn’t see Hawke at all if he didn’t speak. Hearing his voice, Xiào Mu thought he was being bullied, and hurriedly walked over, “Get out of the way, what are all of you doing?”

Hawke pushed away the sentinel in front of him and met Xiào Mu’s gaze, “Oh, you’re here. I’m almost getting annoyed to death by them.” Hawke was on the verge of exploding.

Xiào Mu was confused by the situation and asked, “What happened?” He glanced at the sentinel in front of him. They all looked familiar and should have come to the battledome before.

Hawke helplessly glared at the group and pointed to a sentinel with a striped shirt, “He came first and said he wanted to buy medicine from me.” Then he pointed to a sentinel in cartoon clothes, “and then he came to ask the same thing.” Hawke proceeds to point at the remaining few people one by one, “Next, they all came with the same request. The most ridiculous thing is that they all came to buy medicine from me. I asked them to go to the hospital to buy medicine but they said it was different. The effect is far better than the ones from the hospital.”

“Absolutely different. After I lose the battle and get a treatment here, my spiritual state seems to be reborn,” the sentinel in striped shirt said, “You must have used other medicine.”

“Yes, yes, me too,” the sentinel in cartoon shirt hurriedly supported with his statement, “The last time I came to the battledome was because my mental confusion was irritating me. I didn’t expect that after I was treated here, my spiritual power recovered and I don’t experience any minor discomfort anymore.”

Xiào Mu felt a sigh in his heart because he knew what was the real reason. After these people were injured, he gave them spiritual treatment. Now it seems that his previous thoughts were correct. They secretly came to the battledome and found that their spiritual state had changed but they were afraid to talk about it. They just wanted to buy what they thought was a high-efficiency medicine.

Hawke became annoyed, “I said it a hundred times, but it will still be the same!” He backhand dragged the box behind him forward, “All the medicines I bought are here, and these are the same thing I used on you. Want to buy? Sure, just pay double the price than the hospital’s amount.”

The sentinel in the striped clothes glanced at the box and said in dissatisfaction, “This is what the hospital sells, it’s not what I want.”

Hawke glared at the sentinel, almost give in the urge to twist his stubborn head off.

At this moment, Xiào Mu said, “You guys must have misunderstood something. Why don’t you think maybe it’s because of other reasons? If we have such a good effect medicine, why would we use it on you?”

Hawke’s eyes lit up upon hearing that and he raised his chin, “Yeah, I’m not familiar with you. If I really have any high-efficiency medicine, I would have sold it a long time ago. Like I could expect you to make enough money for us in the battledome?”

As soon as these words came out, the sentinels hesitated. This is indeed the truth. The infirmary only needs to ensure the safety of the injured participants, and there is no need to use high-efficiency medicines on them. The sentinel in the cartoon clothes guessed, “Perhaps, maybe it’s your pharmaceutical test product? And you used us to test the drug!”

Hawke often does experiments to make medicines, almost everyone who has been to the infirmary knows.

“Yes, that’s it.” The striped clothes sentinel felt that this should be the truth when he heard it. He looked at Hawke, “As long as you sell me the medicine you make, I won’t report you for using untested medicine.”

The other sentinels nodded.

Hawke rolled his eyes and said, “No, I only used the hospital’s medicine to treat you. The medicines I make are offensive types. You want to try?”

As Hawke is talking, the door is pushed open. A sentinel who had just lost the fight is carried in by 2 staff members.

“What are you doing crowding around here? Get out.”

Hawke hurriedly drove the people at the door of the ward aside, and said to the staff who carried them, “Bed 1.”

After the patient was placed on the bed, Hawke and Xiào Mu began to treat the wound for him.

The other sentinels stayed back, watching around the bedside. Hawke curled his mouth unhappily and didn’t yell at them to go away. These idiots, after seeing that he is using the medicine from the hospital, they won’t pester him to buy any unnecessary medicine, right? After dealing with the patient, he waved his hand and drove them away, “See it all clearly now? Really annoying. Go and find out the real reason yourself!”

“It must be because of us watching by the side that you deliberately didn’t use the medicine you made.”

“Fxxk off!” Hawke felt completely outrageous. “I already said there isn’t anything like that! Are you guys here to make trouble? Think I’m easy to bully, huh?!”

Hawke raised his wrist and was about to contact the security department. All of a sudden, the 5 sentinels shook at the same time, and a gentle but domineering male voice came from the door, “Are you guys making trouble here?”

Xiào Mu was taken aback by the voice. In an instant, 5 animals appeared in the room, all with their ears drooping, as if they were afraid of admitting their wrong. Xiào Mu looked at the door and saw Manager Zhao in a black suit leaning against the door while casually sweeping his eyes across the 5 sentinels. In front of him stood a majestic cougar1 with a mouth wide open and sharp teeth. Isn’t he in charge of the black market? Why is he here?

The striped shirt sentinel trembled and said, “Manager Zhao, it’s a misunderstanding, no trouble here,” he wiped his forehead and whispered, “Can you remove your pressure as a high-level sentinel?”

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, of course.” Manager Zhao smiled gently. As he said that, the cougar disappeared instantly, and the other animals with their heads drooping disappeared as well. The 5 sentinels all breathed a sigh of relief.

Hawke hummed triumphantly, and ran to Manager Zhao holding his hand, “Cousin, why are you here now?”

“Have you forgotten that my father’s birthday dinner is tonight?” He glanced in the room, “Say it, what’s the matter?”

Hawke explained about the matter very quickly, and said uncomfortably, “I’m so exhausted, they won’t listen to any explanation.”

Manager Zhao’s expression moved slightly. Then his eyes fell on Xiào Mu, and his eyes narrowed slightly, “This is?”

“He is my friend Xiào Mu and he works part-time here. We are from the same school,” Hawke smiled and said to Xiào Mu, “This is my cousin, Zhao Sheng. He is a Level AA+sentinel, super awesome!”

Zhao Sheng looked at the 5 sentinels, “Not leaving yet?”

The 5 people left the ward busy.

Zhao Sheng walked to Xiào Mu and stretched out his hand, “Student Xiào, nice to meet you.”

Xiào Mu established a second layer of spiritual barrier before stretching out his hand, “Mr. Zhao is too polite2.”

The next moment, Xiào Mu blinked and looked a little confused. His spiritual filaments did not respond with the contact. In his experience, he has a very high match rate with sentinels above Level double-A, and it is impossible to have no response when contacted.

Hawke smiled and said, “Don’t be too polite with each other,” he looked at Xiào Mu apologetically, “I’m going to the dinner tonight, are you okay with the patient alone?”

Xiào Mu has long been used to working part-time in the hospital so he nodded, “No problem.”

Hawke shook Zhao Sheng’s arm and said, “Then let’s go quickly, cousin’s wife is so timid. There are so many people in the family today. If you are not here, he/she3 must be scared to death.”

Zhao Sheng showed a gentle smile at the corner of his mouth, and poked Hawke’s forehead, “Don’t say it like that about Miao Miao.”

Seeing the two leave the infirmary, Xiào Mu lightly tapped his chin as he fell into thinking. His spiritual filaments did not respond, could it be because Zhao Sheng is married?

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