Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 29.2

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Chapter 29 Part 2 New skill

“Are you okay?” Hawke rushed to Xiào Mu and asked anxiously when he saw him standing there in a daze.

Xiào Mu returned to his senses, “It’s okay.” From the corner of his eyes, he saw the players coming over, so he let go of his hand holding the fence and stood upright.

One of them asked for the basketball back, and the other 5 players walked up to Xiào Mu. The guy in the front said, “I’m sorry that my hands slipped. Hope I didn’t scare you?”

Xiào Mu looked at the guy coldly. He finally remembered who this person was. Without saying anything, Xiào Mu turned on his terminal and dialed a number according to his memory.

Roa Greene was very dissatisfied that Xiào Mu is ignoring him. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Hey, I am asking you something…”

“Which one?” A familiar voice came from Xiào Mu’s terminal. Roa instantly turned dumb as he stared at Xiào Mu with wide eyes.

Xiào Mu ignored Roa and said directly to the terminal, “Major General Greene, I’m sorry to disturb you. I am Xiào Mu, uh you asked which son… I don’t know which one, it’s the one with short yellow hair. He bullied me at school and frightened me greatly. It seems that you have yet to explain about Little Greene to him. Perhaps I can explain it on your behalf so he will not trouble me again in the future.”

Kain was silent for a moment, and his voice was gentle but with a tone one couldn’t refuse, “No need for your explanation, I will tell Roa myself. If you are harmed in any way, the medical expenses can be charged to my account.”

“I have quite good luck, so I’m okay for the time being,” Xiào Mu got angry thinking about what happened just now, and raised his eyes to Roa, “Do you want to say something to your father?”

“Roa?!” Kain obviously didn’t expect Xiào Mu to complain to him right in front of the perpetrator, and his tone was surprised. But he quickly calmed down and added, “Mr. Xiao, I am very busy now. I will find another time to formally apologize to you.”

Xiào Mu knew in his heart that the excuse for being busy was that he didn’t want to talk about the issue in front of Roa. Saying it was an expression of apology, but Kain is just trying to get him to stop talking. Just now, when Xiào Mu said to help Kain to explain about Little Greene to Roa, he is using Little Greene’s status as his illegitimate son to threaten him. Obviously, Kain immediately understood what he meant and gave him a satisfactory response.

“Okay, as long as it’s not during class time, I should be able to pick up the call at any time.”

After Xiào Mu hung up the call, Roa looked at him incredulously, “Why do you have father’s contact information?”

Xiào Mu: “Your father took me as the wrong Little Greene before this, so we contacted each other.”

Xiào Mu didn’t mean to memorize the number, but Kain’s number has only 4 digits, which is super simple to remember. Apart from that, Kain always pressed him to send his location previously. Hence, he remembered the number after messaging him a few times. After Xiào Mu finished speaking, he warned Roa, “You can hate whoever you want to hate but don’t trouble me. Otherwise, I will call your father every time you do it.”

Back on Earth, Xiào Mu have encountered too many naughty and stubborn children in his work. It is impossible to expect them to be obedient, so threatening to tell their parents is effective to stop their bad behavior.

Hearing that, Roa was very angry. He would never be frightened if it is just saying harsh words and fighting, but he didn’t dare to offend his father. He has to agree that Xiào Mu has caught his weakness.

“Hey, he is the Xiào Mu discussed on the forum, right?” Roa’s companion asked, and patted him on the shoulder.

“Yeah, it’s that’s weak chicken,” Roa replied angrily.

His companion sneered, “Let’s go ba. I heard that he is very weak, and he almost killed himself in PE class. It is better for us to stay away from him. If we accidentally bump into him and he dies, then the blame will be on us. That’s really bad luck.”

Roa glanced at his companions. It was obvious that they are trying to make excuse for him to step down1. He glanced at Xiào Mu sarcastically and took his companions away.

Hawke looked at Xiào Mu carefully, “Don’t be angry, their mouths are dirty as always.”

Xiào Mu shook his head and smiled, “I’m not angry. I saw those words on the forum. I thought they were all talk but didn’t expect… for anyone to really take action.” Then his eyes curved to a smile, “And I was wondering earlier why those people only pointed at me but didn’t start a fight. Turns out they were concerned about this!”

Hawke rolled his eyes. “It’s not something worth being happy2.”

Xiào Mu shrugged helplessly, “Of course it is worthy of getting happy. At least my safety is guaranteed now. To be honest, I also want to punch the child to teach them a lesson, but it is impossible for my physical strength to do it. Since I can’t do it, it’s better to look optimistic about the current situation.”

Hawke thought for a while and nodded, “What you said makes sense. Anyway, let’s go to exercise hall No. 1.” Before he took another step, Hawke opened his mouth again, “How about you ask the teacher for leave? What if you faint again?”

Xiào Mu opened his terminal and showed Hawke the new class schedule he received in the morning, “It’s okay, I can finish the items now.”

Hawke looked at the class schedule on the screen and felt that his perception of weak physical ability is being refreshed again. But thinking of the scene happened previously, he couldn’t help asking, “How did you manage to evade just now? I didn’t see it clearly, it was like you teleported.”

Xiào Mu replied vaguely, “Maybe the danger stimulated my hidden potential.”

“That’s so timely. I was frightened into a cold sweat.” Hawke said thankfully without doubting Xiào Mu’s words.

In the PE class, Xiào Mu noticed that many people were observing him in secret. He was very uncomfortable, but there was nothing to do. He had no choice but to train according to the arrangements. This time he finished the items smoothly. After class, he and Hawke returned directly to the dormitory, and the two separated downstairs of Building 30.

Back in his room, Xiào Mu placed an order for making biscuits in reality and virtual net respectively. Then he clicked on the ‘Fragrant Sweet Shop’ interface and was surprised to find that the biscuits were all sold out. There are many comments left in the message area of the store:

‘When will the goods be restocked?’

‘It’s delicious, I want to buy it again.’

Xiào Mu smiled, he is very happy that someone likes his food. 10 minutes later, he entered the virtual net to make biscuits again and put them in the vending area. It was lunchtime when he left the virtual net. After he finished his meal, he went back to his bedroom to make biscuits3. There was a sweet smell in the kitchen. Being surrounded by the smell make his thoughts relaxed. When Xiào Mu is done, he stored the biscuits in a jar. He took the jar with the lowest sweetness and walked to the window. Then he sent a message to Leo, “Are you in your dorm now?”

Leo was sitting opposite Ren on the sofa in the apartment when his terminal vibrated. He glanced at the message and replied, ‘No, what’s the matter?’

Ren asked curiously, “Who is messaging you?”

Leo understands his grandfather very well. If he answers truthfully that the message is from Xiào Mu, his grandfather can immediately start to consider the date of their marriage. So he automatically filtered away the question, and switched the topic to business matters, “It’s fine as long as it’s ordinary soldiers?”

“Yes.” Ren glared at Leo, he actually dared to conceal something from him.

However, after hearing Leo’s question, Ren nodded affirmatively, “The Pharmacy Association and Golden Tower are cooperating this time, trying to make a medicine that treats spiritual power similar to a guide’s treatment. You know that the Golden Tower is extremely protective of its guides, right? So it is impossible for them to leave the Golden Tower to go to the Pharmacy Association4.”

Ren paused and spread his hands, “However, the Golden Tower does not have professional pharmaceutical equipment. All the equipment needs to be sent to the Golden Tower but they are not at ease to let other people do it, so they apply for the help of the First Group Army.”

“The chairman of the Guide Protection Association is worried that sentinels will do radical things when entering the Golden Tower, and specifically emphasized that only ordinary sentinels5 are needed.”

The so-called radical thing is forcing a guide to fall into estrus heat, ‘combine’ with the guide, and ‘occupy’ the guide. You should know, sentinels from the military are powerful, and it is not difficult for them to do this in the face of guides whose spiritual power is very different. Most sentinels dream of having their own guides, and the number of guides is far fewer than sentinels so many sentinel’s dreams are destined to break. Hence, when a sentinel enters the Golden Tower, he is facing a huge temptation and his heart will inevitably shake. The chairman’s worry is not unreasonable.

Leo stood up and said, “I will arrange the manpower,” he snorted coldly, “I hope that group of caged canaries can make some achievements, and don’t let my soldiers do nothing.”

Ren optimistically said, “The medicine I took before this should be made by a guide. If other guides can do it, then the trouble of sentinel getting mental confusion during the war will be solved.”

Leo has reservations as he said, “Grandfather, it is inferred that the maker of the medicine you took has at least spiritual power Level A+,” he walked out and added, “don’t hope too much, I’m leaving.”

Ren glared at Leo; not cute at all.

After receiving the reply, Xiào Mu felt complicated for a while as he is considering whether to answer honestly or simply say it’s nothing. Then his gaze fell on the window sill, and he remembered how Leo jumped from there to take the biscuits before this, and he had an idea. Xiào Mu opened the window and put the biscuit jar on the window sill. Then he closed the window and sent a message to Leo.

‘I made biscuits and put them on the windowsill. You can pick them up when you come back.’

How convenient, and there is no need for them to meet at all.

After waking up from the lunch nap, Xiào Mu went to the kitchen and took a look outside the window. The biscuit jar had been taken away. He turned on the terminal to check the time, only to find that there were 2 unread text messages.

Leo: ‘Took it.’

A few seconds later, Leo sent another one, ‘Thank you.’

Xiào Mu couldn’t help but smiled, closed the terminal, and went to class.

At dinner, Xiào Mu checked the situation in the store and found that the biscuits had been sold out. After eating, he went to the virtual net to make another 10 jars. When he left the virtual net, it was 6.40 pm. He quickly went downstairs with a backpack and walked to the gym. Xiào Mu was worried that if he is late, Leo would really come to him personally.

When he walked to the door of Room 333, the door was closed. He docked his terminal with the LED screen on the door. The next moment, the door slid open from left to right. As soon as the door opened, the indoor scene was revealed to him. Xiào Mu was stunned because he saw a panther mecha nearly 3 meters high standing in the middle of the room. Under the spotlight, the mecha’s whole body exudes a metallic luster. Suddenly, the panther’s head turned to him, and Xiào Mu’s body turned slightly stiff. The panther was extremely oppressive. Even if it just stood still and looked at him quietly, it made him feel stressed.

Leo jumped out of the control room6 lightly. He was wearing a black vest and black military pants. His arm muscles were uncovered, and his whole body was full of strength; Leo looked like a moving hormone container.

Seeing Xiào Mu standing in a daze by the door, Leo raised his hand, and hooked his finger, “Come here.”

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