Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Spirit Animal

“There are 3 kinds of people in the empire, 9,999 out of 10,000 are ordinary people. 1 out of 10,000 are sentinels and guides, and the ratio of sentinel and guides is about 8:2.”

“Sentinels has a large and tall figure with well-developed five senses, and their fighting power is abnormal,” Xi Mu emphasized on the word ‘abnormal’. Their five senses are too developed. All the sounds, smells, and tastes are magnified in their senses countless times. Therefore, they can only eat the blandest food and wear the softest clothing.”

“Of course, after awakening, they will be sent to the White Tower to learn, learn to use spiritual power to build barriers. Then they will be able to live like ordinary people, but without a guide to help them do spiritual treatment, they will be prone to mental confusion if they are stimulated.”

“There, like him, for example.” Xi Mu stood at the door of 118, pointing to the tall man inside whose face was flushed, clutching his head and jumping up and down.

Xiào Mu looked inside. He felt that the man was in pain, and the urge to help him surged in his heart, just like seeing the patient in Ward 115. He couldn’t help but walk in quickly when a husky half of a human’s height suddenly sprang out from the inside of the bed. Xiào Mu took a step back in fright. The husky didn’t come to bite him, but rushed to the wall, and rubbing the corner of the wall with his tongue out. His big face was half flattened against the wall, unexpectedly cute/meng.

“This…” He was about to ask if it was illegal to bring pets to the ward.

Xi Mu patted Xiào Mu on the shoulder, “Tsk, so timid.” He walked around Xiào Mu and pointed at the patient, “Lie down.” He didn’t even glance at the wall, as if he hadn’t seen the dog.

The patient murmured, “You are too slow, ah ah ah, my head is going to burst…” he complained while lying on the bed, panting with his tongue out.

Xiào Mu endured a smile, “You are really like a dog.”

Xi Mu quickly injected the patient with a guide pheromone agent. The patient looked much more peaceful. He opened his eyes and looked at Xiào Mu.

“You can see my spirit animal?”

Xiào Mu puzzled, “Spirit animal?”

Xi Mu pointed to the patient, “Treat him for the physical injuries.”
Xiào Mu pointed the treatment device at the patient’s wound, and the patient stared at him tightly, making his heart feel itchy.

“Stop staring, he is an ordinary person.” Xi Mu broke the patient’s beautiful imagination.

After Xi Mu finished speaking, he folded his hands on his chest and looked at Xiào Mu. In his heart, he is thinking that even if it was a temporary part-time job, Xiào Mu has no common sense at all, which would affect the reputation of the hospital.

“Didn’t I explain about the sentinel to you before? Every sentinel and guide has a spirit animal, and only they can see each other’s spirit animal. Ordinary people can only see it through the quantum glass.”

“I’ll talk about guides again. Guides are emotionally sensitive, have strong empathy, and can feel the emotions of others. They can soothe sentinel’s irritable emotions, and can lead sentinel from zoning out state.”

Xi Mu raised his eyebrows, “Guide is usually slender and petite, just like you. They are usually difficult to see as all the awakened guides are in the Golden Tower. If you go out, you can see the tallest one in the center of Zone A, it’s a golden building.”

Xiào Mu held the treatment device’s hand tightly, “What is a spirit animal?”

“The mental reflection of the sentinel and the guide,” Xi Mu looked at the patient, “your spirit animal should be dog type ba?”

The patient raised a bright smile and waved towards the corner, “Yes, it’s a Husky, super handsome!”

Xi Mu looked at Xiào Mu, “Time is up here, go see other patients.”

Xiào Mu nodded in a daze, put the treatment device away, and walked out. He was a little puzzled. Xi Mu said that he is an ordinary person. Why can he see spirit animals? Thinking back to the reaction when he saw the injured sentinel, his emotions were much more sensitive than usual. Could it be that he was actually a guide?

“Doctor Xi Mu, how do you distinguish sentinel from the guide?” he asked.

“Everyone has quantum receptors in their terminals, which can be used to distinguish them. As for guide and sentinels, they can directly sense each other, and recognized one at a glance without the aid of tools.”

After Xi Mu finished speaking, he touched the earpiece at his ear, “I’m going to Ward 188.” He stepped away on his long legs and waved his hands casually.

Xiào Mu felt that he was thinking too much. Xi Mu must have checked him already before this. If he were a guide, he would have been discovered long ago. He turned on the walkie-talkie, “The treatment in Ward 118 is complete.”

“Room 1303.”

Xiào Mu glanced back and forth, the elevator in front was closer, so he continued to move forward. There are a lot of people waiting for the elevator, all of whom are about the same height as Xi Mu, at least 185 so his height of 178 is particularly conspicuous. Xiào Mu was a little depressed. He himself was as tall as Brother Hua (the game character) and had a perfect skinny proportion. He had never felt short before.

“Ding…” The elevator door opened, and the patient and family members walked in. Xiào Mu did not react as fast as they did and has to wait to enter last. The moment he stepped into the elevator, his heart jumped wildly. A flash of heat instantly swept over his body. His feet softened making him fell forward, but fortunately, he supported himself at the wall in time.

“Are you okay?” someone asked.

Xiào Mu gritted his teeth and shook his head, while slowly moving into the elevator. There was an unusual heat radiating from his whole body. Something in his mind is raring to move as if trying to break free and rush to the left area further in front. He looked over and found that there were two wards building, and farther away was the hospital gate. Soon, the elevator door closed, and he recovered. He pressed the 13th floor. The elevator rose rapidly, and soon there were fewer people in the elevator. The 13th floor arrived soon, and he walked out of the elevator. The speed of his heartbeat gradually returned to normal, and the heat in his body slowly dissipated. At the same time, there’s an emptiness in his heart that seemed to be missing.

This is abnormal, he thought.

He took a deep breath and walked out of the elevator, but only two steps out, he was stunned. He ‘sees’ a very thin line sticking out of his head. It is strange because though it is transparent, he can see it clearly. Then came the second and third lines. He had a wonderful feeling that these lines could be controlled by him, which was stronger than the feeling of controlling his hands and feet. He tried to direct them to retract them into his brain, and after a while, they all disappeared, as if it was just his illusion. Xiào Mu rubbed his forehead, this brother Hua must have a problem with his body! He has to find a way to save money for a full-body examination.

At the special area of the Imperial First Hospital, an aircraft of the latest model was parked there. At this time, the aircraft was in chaos inside. Several doctors in white coats ran over quickly, and the doctor in the lead rushed into the aircraft. Sitting in the back seat of the aircraft was a tall man with handsome features and awe-inspiring momentum. His black military jacket was randomly thrown aside, and the three buttons on the shirt of the same color were torn off by him, revealing flushed skin.

“Oh, my God, how could Major General Leo suddenly get heat fever?” The doctor who was leading was shocked.

Leo Arnold is the number one blacklisted member of Golden Tower. He has refused to participate in the Golden Tower graduation ceremony for two decades, and he has never asked a guide to give spiritual treatment before. He has never heard of any guide that can make this major go in heat!

“Quiet!” The man, Major General Leo’s light blue eyes half-opened as he roared at the doctor with a grumpy face.

The doctor shivered, and quickly closed his mouth. He proceeds to inject the major with a special guide pheromone agent that is specially used for heat fever. A slender white hand stretched out in front of him, his breath was unstable, “Give me a shot too.”

The doctor turned his head, saw a handsome face, and said in shock, “Major General Lyle, are you having the heat fever too?”

The doctor kept a shocked face and gave Lyle an injection. He felt that he was dreaming that the two youngest major generals in the empire had a heat fever almost at the same time. Is it possible? He stared at Lyle with wide eyes. Could it be this beautiful major general was actually a guide?

Lyle glanced at the doctor and said softly, “What? Do you want to accept a challenge from me?”

The doctor got a chill down back and shook his head hurriedly, “No, no, no, I don’t want to.”

His speculation just disappeared in an instant. Although Major General Lyle was good-looking, he was 1.96 meters tall and had AA+ spiritual power. He would definitely not be a guide!

“When did Golden Tower put people in your hospital?”

The medicine the doctor brought was very useful. Leo wasn’t in a sorry state as before, leaning against the back of the back seat and asking.

The doctor was stunned, “Golden Tower? Major General Leo is talking about guides? How could they let their guides go to our hospital? Although we do want them to work in the hospital, you know that they have affiliated hospitals and never let their guides go to other hospitals.”

Leo flatly said, “There is definitely a guide, otherwise how do you think I and Lyle were affected?”

The doctor quickly understood the meaning of this sentence, with a face full of disbelief, “You mean, there is a guide in the hospital, and that guide put you two into heat fever?”

“Impossible,” the doctor himself retorted, “The match rate needs to be more than 95% to be able to cause a heat fever without contact, not to mention that you and Major General Lyle got it almost at the same time.” He felt absurd, “As a sentinel, you should know that a sentinel who can find a guide with a match rate of more than 70% can be considered have saved the world in his past life.”

“100%.” Leo interrupted him in a deep voice.

“What?” The doctor jumped up, “You mean a 100% match?”

“96%,” Lyle said, looking at Leo, “It’s really a headache. It was so rare to be able to meet a guide with a high matching rate, but that person is 100% matched with you. All sentinels will be so jealous of you.”

Leo snorted, “I’m not interested in weak chicken guides.”

“Before the summer vacation, you also rejected the principal of the Golden Tower?” Lyle raised his eyebrows. “However, for that person’s match rate with us is more than 95%, his spiritual power should be at least A+, right?”

“As far as I know, the guide with the highest spiritual power in Golden Tower currently is only A.” Leo thoughtfully said.

Lyle tapped his chin with his finger, “The principal of Golden Tower has always liked to publicize high-quality students. If there are A+ students, we wouldn’t not heard of it.”

Leo looked at the doctor, “Your hospital is hiding a guide with high-level spiritual power.”

“No no no,” the doctor panicked and shook his head, “absolutely impossible. It is a felony to hide a guide. Everyone in our hospital is good citizens of the empire who obey the law.”

Leo glanced at the doctor and rolled his shirt sleeves to his elbow. He pushed him away with one hand, and jumped out of the aircraft, “Keep this matter a secret for the time being. Take me to the silent room.”

Lyle jumped out of the aircraft. His gaze scanned the hospital, and he shouted at Leo’s back, “Leo, I’ll walk around. We go to see the marshal together later.”

The author has something to say:
Leo: I am not interested in weak chicken guides
Xiào Mu: Oh

Raw word count: 3070



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