Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 28.2

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Chapter 28 Part 2 Princess carry

Leo looked down at Xiào Mu. He was less than 1.8 meters tall and looked so small in his arms. He who originally hated weak chicken the most, suddenly felt that the weak Xiào Mu is less annoying now. Moreover, the soft touch under his palm is really comfortable, making him want to squeeze more. Leo coughed heavily to disperse the messy thoughts. He suddenly wanted to say something he used to say to himself; his mind got problem ba!

Hearing the cough, Xiào Mu raised his eyes to glance at Leo. He curled the corner of his mouth. Running so fast, serve you right for getting choked by the wind! Why are you in such a hurry? Won’t it be better to let him go and walk by himself?! Xiào Mu retracted his gaze and a thought moved in his mind. This is a good opportunity! After his spiritual power reached Level S, the thickness of the established spiritual barrier is almost 1 cm. He knew that the barrier would become thinner after contact with a sentinel with a high matching rate, but the specific change was unknown. If he knows how fast the barrier disappears, he would know how to handle the matter in the future. Then he can show a lot of calmness, and he won’t act abnormally to make people suspect him. This way, the chance of exposure will be even lower. With this in mind, Xiào Mu opened the terminal and checked the time.

4 minutes later, Leo stopped at door 601 of Building 30. He put Xiào Mu down and said, “Open the door.”

Xiào Mu looked at the first barrier that had just disappeared and breathed a sigh of relief. One barrier lasted for about 5 minutes. He built another layer and tapped his terminal with the door lock. After the door slid open, he hurriedly walked in and pulled the distance between them. After that, he said with a sincere smile on his face, “Thank you.”

Leo didn’t care much about Xiào Mu’s action, “I just made up for my mistakes. I will help you order a takeaway for lunch. I hope you will act as a good patient so you can recover as soon as possible.”

“En, I won’t go to class today and I will have a good rest.” Xiào Mu responded.

Seeing his well-behaved appearance, Leo felt itchy in his heart. There was a sudden urge to rub Xiào Mu’s head. He glanced over Xiào Mu’s flushed face and secretly said in his heart; still so pleasing to the eye. He made an En sound and turned to leave. But he thought for a while, and said, “If you feel uncomfortable, turn off the dormitory sound insulation system and call me at the window.”

Xiào Mu thought to himself that it’s really convenient for the dormitory to be close, but suddenly he thought of something. With a stunned expression, he said, “No need.”

Leo looked down at Xiào Mu, “Don’t want me to help?”

“No,” Xiào Mu looked serious as he replied, “You are a sentinel. You always control your 5 senses during the day but you need to rest at night. If you don’t turn off the sound insulation system, you will definitely not be able to sleep.”

For Leo to be able to hear his call, the soundproofing system in his bedroom must also be turned off. Xiào Mu knows very well that in the apartment where Ren lives, the entire apartment has a soundproof system, as well as every room, and the soundproof system is turned on every day. Leo’s door almost never closes, nor is it soundproofed. He can know anything that happens in the apartment at any time. However, his rest at night is not affected at all because few people are living in the apartment and it is quiet at night. But the school is different and there are too many noises.

“Are you caring about me?” Leo put his arms around his chest. He leaned against the door and looked at Xiào Mu, with a smile on his lips.

Xiào Mu said seriously, “I don’t want to cause trouble to others.” Then he smiled, “I am recovering very well now. I will rest after eating and there won’t be any problems. I am just exhausted, and not injured.”

Leo’s gaze fell on Xiào Mu’s delicate face. Thinking about the aircraft he bought and the medicines he sold to Ren at a low price, Leo stopped insisting. The Xiào Mu he knew is indeed a person who didn’t like to bother others and owe favors. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Xiào Mu’s left wrist.

Xiào Mu was startled, and subconsciously moved to retract his hand, “What is it?”

Leo naturally wouldn’t let Xiào Mu take his hand back. He opened his terminal and said, “Requesting to add your number. I will turn off the sound insulation system of my room. If anything happens, contact me by the communication device.” Leo paused before adding, “This will not cause me trouble. If you have an accident, it will cause me big trouble. Your in-class arrangements are made by me, and I will not shirk responsibility.”

Xiào Mu heard the words and said, “Let go. I will open my terminal to approve the request.”

The two added each other’s contact information, and Leo left with satisfaction.

Xiào Mu moved his wrists and felt a bit amused. They lived in the same apartment for half a month, and now only they have each other’s contact information. Leo is a little different from the first time they met, or it can be said that he saw another side of Leo. He isn’t that difficult to get along with.

Lunch was delivered quickly and it was an energy-rich food. After Xiào Mu had eaten it, he sent Hawke a message to confirm that he is in his dormitory now and is about to go to him to get his backpack. Hawke disagrees and said he will deliver the bag to him personally. After seeing that Xiào Mu is just weak but okay, Hawke let go of his worries. Fearing to interrupt Xiào Mu’s rest, Hawke left soon after.

Xiào Mu opened the backpack and checked the medicine in the secret compartment. He was relieved to see no traces of them being touched. Xiào Mu only left 2 healing pills and 2 boost pills in his backpack. The pills were small and difficult to be found, but he was still worried. Going back to his room, he put the backpack away, and took out a boost pill from the corner of the closet, and ate it. After a while, a warm current of energy rushed into his limbs, and his whole body became vigorous.

Leaning on the bed, Xiào Mu searched about the Empire’s information on stamina recovery. When he was working part-time in the hospital, he already felt strange that the doctor’s treatment methods were the same as on Earth. The people here pay attention to high efficiency, so this kind of slow treatment is too inconsistent with their habits unless there is no better way. Sure enough, as he thought, all the information showed that in the Empire, stamina exhaustion can only be relieved through an infusion of nutrients, and then add medicine to supplement food and rest. There is no special medicine like his boost pills.

Xiào Mu lightly tapped his chin with his finger, it seemed that he couldn’t expose his boost pill. Although his healing pills have a good effect, it has at least the same effect as a guide pheromone agent and reliever, so its appearance is not too glaring. However, the boost pills are different. It is a completely new medicine and will definitely cause a sensation. Thinking of the 2 boost pills he sold before, Xiào Mu regretted it very much right now. If he had known earlier, he would not sell it. But thinking about the attitude of the two at the time, the sentinels didn’t seem to be too surprised by the boost pill’s effect. Probably because he said that the pills won’t recover much at the time, the sentinels thought it is similar to the effect of high-energy food.

Not sure who will they give the pill to after that. If it is for people with high physical strength, they should not be able to find the problem. Xiào Mu is just afraid that if the pill is given to people with Level E physical strength, then the effect will be too conspicuous. Thinking about this, he felt a little uneasy. Xiào Mu searched the Internet for news about abnormal physical strength, but no one talked about it. Instead, he saw the news about spiritual power recovery. He clicked on it saw that it is an anonymous forum for the netizens. The topic of the post was ‘Shocking – Spiritual Power Recovery Medicine with Guide’s Scent.’

Xiào Mu was taken aback and quickly clicked on the post. The number of comments has been over 1,000 replies. Many of them were scolding the thread starter (TS) for fishing for replies. However, after more than 100 comments, someone echoed the TS’s claim and testified that he had also seen medicine with a guide’s pheromones scent. The discussion afterward was varied. Some people asked where they saw it, and some people guessed which pharmaceutical company produced it and when it will be publicly sold. There are also many members of the Pharmacy Association and students of the Department of Pharmacy discussing the possibility of the existence of medicines, and how to make them if they exist.

Xiào Mu looked at the comments and had a sudden flash of inspiration. He double-checked about the security of the forum’s anonymity, to ensure that his identity would not be found out before returning to the forum again. He put his nickname as [Wonderful Imagination] and posted his comment – ‘Since it smells like a guide’s pheromone, could it be made by a guide injecting his/her spiritual power into the medicine? The spiritual power of the guide can treat the sentinel. So when combined with medicine, the effect will be better, right?’

After Xiào Mu replied, his words quickly stirred up waves in the thread.

‘As expected from someone called Wonderful Imagination, that’s a large brain hole there.’

‘I’ve never thought about it this way, but it somewhat makes sense when you really think about it.’

‘Makes sense +1, is there any guide who can try it out?’

‘Golden Tower shouldn’t study pharmacy. I hope some married guides will try it. I remember that many military generals’ wives are from the pharmacy department. Could it be they are the ones who made this medicine?’

‘Come on, the guides should be living a great life after they got married. Going to university is just a front. You still hoped as if they really learned anything!’

“This one above, just a glance and I know you are an ordinary person. See that disgusting and jealous reply.”

Xiào Mu looked at the scolding war in the discussion and shrugged helplessly. He felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity from them. No matter which world, the style of netizens is the same. Xiào Mu closed the forum with a smile. Since he provided a start, those who have the same ideas will definitely put it into practice. If there is more than one medicine that has a guide’s scent, his medicine will not be too conspicuous. Although there will be competitive pressure, he is not nervous and he has confidence in the quality of his medicine.

At the same time, bored people from different places saw this comment. Some people started thinking, some people stood up excitedly, and some people’s eyes gleamed with ideas.

“Eileen, I will go to Golden Tower on Friday to pick you up home for the weekend.”

“Alright, brother.”

Roa Greene stared at the hung-up call and his heart is beating wildly. This time, the reputation of the Greene family will surely rise!

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