Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 28.1


Chapter 28 Part 1 Princess carry

Xiào Mu was startled, Leo sending him back? With his weak appearance right now, physical contact is definitely unavoidable, absolutely not!

Hearing the words, Tang Cheng glanced across the two of them, and smiled meaningfully, “With Major General Leo around, it must be safe. After the infusion, you can leave.” After saying that, he walked out of the ward and shut the door deliberately.

Xiào Mu blinked and looked at Leo, “I can ask my friend to pick me up. You should be very busy, right?” When he spoke, even Xiào Mu couldn’t help but dislike it himself; his voice was too soft.

Leo sat down on the stool beside the bed, “I’m not busy, I’ll see you off,” he paused, “This time it’s my mistake.”

Xiào Mu turned his head to look at Leo puzzledly, “What mistake?”

“I made your schedule in PE class,” Leo looked into Xiào Mu’s eyes. “As a teacher, I’m sorry.”

“There are too few students like me who have low physical fitness, so it is inevitable to have no experience to refer to.” Xiào Mu can understand that, and finally, understood why Gillett has always been sure that he can do it. After all, it is an in-class arrangement made by Major General Leo.

“No,” Leo leaned forward, the distance between the two of them become less than arm’s length. He put one hand on the bed, and looked at Xiào Mu’s expression, “I have a lot of experience with you.”

“You trained every day before school starts and I know your physical fitness well. Although it is difficult for you to complete the 3 items, you should still be able to finish it.” He wrinkled his brows and lowered his voice. “So why did you faint today?”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu’s eyelashes quivered quickly. He knew where the problem was. When he was training in the apartment, he would take a boost pill in the middle to regain his stamina. But today, the situation does not allow him to take the pill. He couldn’t tell the truth, so he thought for a moment before replying, “I don’t know. Maybe because I was only running before this and wasn’t used to other sports.”

“Really?” Leo felt something was wrong. He knew the physical stamina required for sit-ups and pull-ups, and they had all been calculated.

“I can’t think of another reason.” Xiào Mu said.

Leo looked at Xiào Mu. The reason why he asked was because he couldn’t think of other reasons either. After pondering for a moment, Leo made a decision, “You will train with me every night from now on, and I will find the reason.”

Leo has brought up countless soldiers, formulated training content countless times, and has always been able to formulate the most suitable plan from person to person. This is the first time a situation like this has occurred.

“That’s… no need ba.” Xiào Mu’s mouth curled.

His spiritual power is now at Level S, and his guide pheromones are completely imperceptible after creating a spiritual barrier. But if they train together and stay together for too long, accidents will inevitably occur.

“You are not willing?” Leo narrowed his eyes.

Xiào Mu has a sincere expression as he said, “I can run by myself. If I interrupt your exercise, I will be very guilty.”

Leo stared at Xiào Mu for a while, and Xiào Mu’s expression almost turned stiff by his staring. Then Leo thoughtfully asked, “Are you afraid of me?” He paused, “Before this, I thought you liked me and were too shy to stay around me or have physical contact. But now it seems that it is not the case.”

Xiào Mu was almost moved to cry. This man finally understood that he has no interest in him. Of course, he wasn’t shy, Xiào Mu thought for a while, and gave a barely plausible reason, “I am a wanderer, and you are a major general. I have never gotten along with anyone with high status. So, I am nervous and afraid to look at you.”

Leo lightly humphed, clearly not convinced, “Really?”

Of course, Xiào Mu can’t refute his own words, so he nodded, “Yes.”

“Nervous and scared, huh? Great then,” Leo’s mouth twitched, “You must dare not refuse what I said. So, follow my instructions. Starting tomorrow, you will go to Room 333 of the gymnasium at 7.00 pm every day.”

Xiào Mu whispered, “Can I not go?”

Leo raised his eyebrows, “If you don’t come, I’ll go to your dormitory to find you.” He leaned forward, and the distance between the two of them became closer. “Perhaps you prefer me to take you there personally?”

Leo is tall and was sitting next to the bed, so when he leaned down, he almost covered half of Xiào Mu’s body. Xiào Mu got very nervous, and he had no energy to avoid any contact at this time. If Leo got any closer, they will touch each other. Hearing what Leo said just now, Xiào Mu hurriedly said, “I will go by myself.”

Leo was satisfied to hear the confirmation. Seeing Xiào Mu’s nervous appearance though, he asked in displease, “What are you afraid of? You are not my soldier.”

Xiào Mu didn’t want to upset Leo and he doesn’t have the power to resist him. He complimented, “This is just the normal reaction of the weak to the strong.”

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu, “You have a correct understanding of yourself. You have made progress recently, but it has been too slow. Train with me, and I will re-form your class schedule according to your situation. The training will make you progress faster.”

“You asked me to train with you. Is it because you want to help me make appropriate in-class arrangements?”

“More than that,” Leo frowned, “I must find out the cause of my mistake.”

Xiào Mu felt very helpless. If he knew earlier that his training in the apartment would be noticed by Leo, he would definitely avoid Leo after taking the boost pill. But he never thought that the Empire had a tradition of having major generals to come as PE classes substitute teachers. Unfortunately for him, it was Leo this year, and he didn’t even think that Leo would make in-class arrangements for him. The physical education teacher he met was obviously Gillett, and Leo was a substitute teacher for the university department.

After Leo stated his decision, he saw that Xiào Mu is looking tired so he said, “You take a rest first, and I will send you back to the dormitory later.”

Xiào Mu is exhausted indeed. Knowing that Leo is not someone he could persuade, he closed his eyes and rested. He hoped to restore more strength and at least make sure that he could walk back by himself. Xiào Mu woke up from the pain of needle removal.

Tang Cheng used a sterile cotton ball to press on the wound. Seeing Xiào Mu opened his eyes, Tang Cheng smiled and said, “Press it for a bit, and the pain will disappear soon. Then it will stop bleeding.”

Xiào Mu pressed the cotton ball in embarrassment. He used to coax the child like this too. “Thank you, doctor.” Xiào Mu glanced at his character panel and saw that his physical strength has recovered to 18%, but his body muscles were exhausted and he can barely move. He got out of the hospital bed, and Leo, who was sitting beside him, got up and reached out to help him. However, Xiào Mu took a step aside, “I’m much better now.”

Leo stared at Xiào Mu for 2 seconds, then retracted his hand, “Let’s go!”

Xiào Mu said, “Wait a minute,” he turned to ask Tang Cheng, “Doctor, how much is the medical fee?”

Tang Cheng patted Xiào Mu’s shoulder, “You are injured in class, so you don’t need to pay for medical expenses.”

In his heart, Xiào Mu secretly sighed in admiration about the good treatment at the school. He managed to save money and felt much better. He tied his hair, said goodbye to Tang Cheng with a smile, and left the infirmary with Leo.

Leo was walked in front of Xiào Mu but when they are about 100 meters out of the infirmary, Leo suddenly stopped. He turned and stared at him. Being stared like that makes Xiào Mu uncomfortable and he subconsciously touched the hair he had just tied, “It’s not tied properly?”

“You didn’t avoid just now,” Leo said solemnly, looking upset.

“What?” Xiào Mu couldn’t understand Leo’s words for a moment.

Leo snorted, “Just now the doctor patted your shoulder and you didn’t avoid it. When you got up, I stretched out my hand to help you. Before I can even touch you, you avoided it.”

Uh. Xiào Mu was stunned. He had no defense against people who would not stimulate his spiritual filaments. It’s not like he is being taken advantage so he had no special feelings about that. After all, when he was a doctor, he often came into contact with people like this and is not sensitive at all. But he forgot the obvious difference in treatment in Leo’s eyes.

“You are a major general,” Xiào Mu said with a dry smile, “so how can I dare to let you help me? I am under a lot of pressure here.”

“At school, I’m a teacher, and it is right for the teacher to help the classmates.” Leo took a step forward. Before Xiào Mu had time to react, he carried Xiào Mu up in a princess carry and ran to the dormitory building like a gust of wind. “You are really slow, this is so much faster.”

Xiào Mu was startled. The image of trees on both sides of the road flew past quickly, he subconsciously supported himself on Leo’s shoulders, but suddenly let go. His body was trembling from trying to control the spiritual filaments, and Xiào Mu swiftly built another spiritual barrier 5 centimeters away close to his head; like a small circle within a big circle.

“Let me down, I’ll go by myself!” Xiào Mu kicked his foot. But the hands around his waist and knees exerted some force and easily controlled his struggle without any problem.

Leo kept walking and softly scolded, “Be a bit more obedient. A patient should act as a patient, and stop trying to be strong.”

Xiào Mu squeezed his fingers to calm himself down. There is 2 layer of barriers now. He still has more than 8,000 spiritual powers to use. He can build barriers many times; don’t panic. Otherwise, he would look abnormal and easily aroused suspicion. Xiào Mu calmed down and stopped struggling.

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