Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 83

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)
莱恩 Ryan (Lion) / 黄远 Huang Yuan (Female)
巴奥 Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear) / 霍斯 Howth (Golden winged lion)
雷切尔 Rey (???) / 艾德琳 Adeline (Female)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf) / 球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)
里亚 Ria (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)
米莎 Misha (Female)

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Chapter 83 Giving birth

Although winter is long, spring will naturally come after.

The ice and snow melt and the earth rejuvenates. Occasionally, one can see a light yellow color amid white, letting people know that spring is really here. The thick frozen layer of ice on the small river in the valley is getting thinner day by day. When people found that the ice in the river has melted out one day, the greenness of the riverside has become gratifying. Today is a sunny day. The sun has the temperature of spring, and people don’t have the bloated body shape in winter anymore. Naturally, they feel better after shedding all those warm clothing.

Lin Mu’s house is very lively today. There are about a dozen people, young and old, and all the cubs and females in the tribe were present. It’s lively to see everyone chatting and eating together. The most striking thing is Ria’s big belly. Both Lin Mu and Huang Yuan are curious about men giving birth to children, but because Huang Yuan has been a witch doctor and helped delivered births in person, he naturally knows a lot, but Lin Mu doesn’t. He watched as Ria’s belly change day by day. Eventually, he got very curious, but when Lin Mu saw Ria’s belly looking like those pregnant women he had seen before, he couldn’t help but feel grateful. It was fortunate that he transmigrated with his own body. Otherwise, like Huang Yuan, wouldn’t he need to have a baby and carry a big belly like Ria? Thinking about it scared Lin Mu. He patted his chest and thought, so fortunate, so fortunate.

Over the whole winter, Ria’s body has become a lot more rounded. There is credit for Lin Mu’s food, but Damon’s effort is also indispensable. Damon managed to make the pregnant female feel safe and comfortable. He took care of the female and be detailed which has reduced the mood swings problem during the pregnancy. Damon has done an excellent job, hence he finally won the female’s heart. For Ria and Damon could finally be a pair, everyone is happy to see it happen. After all, it is quite difficult for a single female to live and support a child by himself. It is a good thing for the two to become a pair and everyone does not need to worry about Ria anymore. Plus, Damon’s personal problems have been solved. On the other hand, it is also gratifying that Casso has a new dad and will soon have a new brother.

“Ria, when will you give birth?” Looking at Ria’s big belly, Sasha couldn’t help but touch it. Occasionally, the baby will give Sasha some face and moved a bit as a reaction. It will then make Sasha exclaim in happiness as if he is the father of the child. But when talked about him having a baby with Locke, he thought for a while and started backing out. Sasha heard that giving birth to a child is painful, and he is most afraid of pain.

Ria stroked his belly with a motherly smile, “I heard Ah Yuan said that it should be in a few days.”

“Then, are you scared, Ria?” Sasha asked.

Ria shook his head. He is looking forward to the arrival of this child. Although the child’s biological father made him very sad, it would not reduce his love for this child. After all, it is difficult for females to get pregnant. He originally thought that he won’t be able to have children in his life, but the benevolent beast god probably didn’t want him to be lonely in this life. God sent this child to him, and he even has Damon with him. Ria thought to himself that he will never feel lonely anymore. Thinking of Damon, Ria has infinite sweetness in his heart. He finally had the chance of being treasured and cared for by someone.

Lin Mu just walked out of the kitchen and saw Ria with a blissful expression, “What are you talking about? You seemed so happy.” Lin Mu put a plate of fried fish fillet in his hand on the table.

“We’re talking about the baby. Oh, it smells good!” Sasha immediately took a piece and bit it. Then he handed another one to Ria. Sasha sighed as he ate and looked at the plate, “So little.”

Lin Mu smiled, “These are for you two. Ah Yuan and the other females’ portion are in the kitchen. I made a lot, so rest assured, there’s enough for you.” On the other hand, Lin Mu thinks Sasha could really eat, but his body doesn’t seem to get fatter. What a waste.

“En, Ah Yuan and the rest went to your backyard to pick vegetables? Are you not afraid that they will ruin your vegetable garden? But then again, they should be fine with Lais there.”

Lin Mu was not worried about those. He smiled and said to Ria who was eating the fish fillet, “I think the delivery day should be in these few days. Is everything ready?”

Ria nodded, “En, the baby’s clothes are ready, and so is the food.”

Females can’t breastfeed in this world1 so the cubs can only drink the juice of a kind of fruit at the beginning. Lin Mu saw that fruit once, it was called Lacto. He smelled the juice and it didn’t smell like milk, but has a delicate scent. However, Lin Mu thought that it would be healthier for the baby to drink milk, so Damon and the others caught 4 lactating cows and 2 lactating sheep. Of course, the cubs of cattle and sheep were also brought back.

“You have to pay more attention these days. Don’t do anything by yourself. Let Damon do it. You have to prepare for anything that might happen, be careful.”

Ria smiled and nodded. He felt that he is lucky to meet these people.

Lin Mu thought again and advised, “Don’t go out these days. If you are really bored and want to come out for a walk, you must let Damon follow along. Who knows when this little guy suddenly feels happy and decided to come out?”

Ria nodded. Nowadays, Damon wouldn’t agree with the request if he said not to follow. If it’s not because he is going to Lin Mu’s house today, Damon would definitely insist to accompany him.

Whenever Lin Mu thinks that a new baby will be born in their tribe soon, he would feel joyful. “Not sure if this baby is a little beastman or a little female. It would be nice if the baby is a little female. Our tribe is really short of females.”

Ria smiled, “I like both little beastman and little female.”

Lin Mu chuckled, “Indeed.”

Maybe because the young ones smelled the scent, they came out and surrounded Lin Mu for food.

“Wait for me.” Lin Mu said and went to the kitchen to get the food. These little guys’ appetite is not small at all.

At noon, the beastmen came to Lin Mu’s house to pick up their females. Lin Mu did not let them stay longer, knowing that the beastmen prefer to spend time alone with their partners. So he gave them some food to take back home.

Lin Mu stretched lazily. Making so much food in the morning really tire him out, “Patrik,
what shall we eat for lunch?”

Patrik rubbed Lin Mu’s soft hair. In the blink of an eye, Lin Mu has been in this world for nearly half a year, and his hair can now be tied into a small ponytail with a headband.

“You go and rest for a while, I’ll cook lunch.”

Lin Mu nodded. Although Patrik couldn’t cook a lot of food, his barbecue is absolutely top-notch. During these times, Patrik managed to learn a few stir-fries from Lin Mu, so that he can cook simple lunch without any problems. “Don’t make dishes that take too much work. Just stir-fry a dish, and reheat some steamed buns. En, you can serve some cold side dish with the braised beef.”

Patrik: “En. You can go to nap for a while. I’ll call you when food is ready.”

Lin Mu went to the back room and lay down on the bed for a while. Soon, he fell asleep without realizing it. Spring sleepiness ah, really makes people fall asleep easily.

Patrik woke Lin Mu and got him a towel so Lin Mu could wake up easier.

The day passed very quickly. With the sun rising and setting, the night had already begun. At night Lin Mu slept comfortably in Patrik’s arms, breathing steadily. One could see that he is deep in sleep. Lin Mu didn’t know that while he was sleeping, something big happened in their tribe – the little guy in Ria’s belly is born.

Because Ria has the possibility of giving birth at any time, Huang Yuan moved to stay at Damon’s house these few days. Ryan is a little unhappy, but the discomfort disappeared when he thinks of the fact that the baby is the first child to be born since their tribe is built. So, what he complained about most right now is not able to go with Huang Yuan. After all, he didn’t have the right identity to stay in the same room with Huang Yuan.

That night, Ria went to lie on the bed after eating as usual, and Damon lay on the bed after he had cleaned up. Although Ria has accepted Damon as his partner in his heart, the part where they sleep in the same bed didn’t come naturally but is something that has only happened in the last few days. Damon said that the child might come any time and he is not at ease. It would be better for them to sleep together so that he can help by Ria’s side if he has any problem.

Thinking about his current situation, and the fact that Ria already considered Damon as his partner in his heart, Ria agreed without hesitation. In the beginning, he was a little embarrassed, that’s for sure. But after spending time together every day, he got used to sleeping in Damon’s arms.

It’s just that this ordinary night was unexpectedly unusual.

Ria was sleeping well, but at midnight, he started to feel uncomfortable in his stomach and started to feel a little pain. At first, he didn’t care much about it, but he couldn’t sleep anymore. He didn’t want to wake Damon up, who is sleeping next to him. But as the pain got worse, Ria realized that this time is a little different from the previous pain. He can’t help gro-a-ning in pain.

Damon didn’t sleep very deep at night because he is concerned about when Ria’s going to give birth, so he woke up immediately after hearing Ria’s painful voice. He saw the pained expression on Ria’s face, and immediately became anxious, “Ria, what’s the matter?!”

“It hurts, maybe the baby is about to come out. You…” Ria heaved a breath, and then said “Go and ask Ah Yuan to come over.”

As soon as Damon heard that Ria is about to give birth, he immediately went to find Huang Yuan. At moments like this, he has no time to bother that Huang Yuan is a female. He immediately broke into the room to wake Huang Yuan up, and then said anxiously, “Ah Yuan, Ria is about to give birth. He is in pain now, go and have a look!”

Huang Yuan was having a good dream when he got woken up suddenly. He was still a little confused, but as soon as he heard that Ria is about to give birth, he woke up immediately. Grabbed his clothes and got out of bed, Huang Yuan said, “Go and get Phil. Also, boil water, and make chicken soup. And…” He took out the ginseng he had prepared, “Add this when making the chicken soup.” This ginseng was found a few days ago, and Huang Yuan still remembers sighing in admiration at the time. The finding is really timely, and Ria has more protection for giving birth now.

Damon took the ginseng and went to do the requested thing immediately, and Huang Yuan went to see Ria without delay. This flurry of actions caused the sleeping Casso and Qiuqiu to wake up. Two little ones came out to check out the situation and immediately understood what had happened. So they waited anxiously together outside the door.

As for Damon, he waited anxiously outside the door after boiling the water. Hearing Ria’s painful cries in the room, he paced up and down outside the door impatiently. If it weren’t for Huang Yuan to sternly say not to let him in, he would have rushed in a long time ago. Seeing the used hot water being taken out, Damon couldn’t help wanted to rush in but Lloyd managed to stop him.

The baby was born smoothly, and the cry of the baby sounded from the room at dawn. Damon let go of his worries when he heard the child’s cry and then rushed in. Casso also wanted to go in to see how his younger brother looked like, but seeing the situation, he stopped because he didn’t want to get in the way. In his heart, he is thinking that he would definitely be able to see the baby later.

Qiuqiu whispered, “Casso, did you hear it? It’s the cry of a child.”

“Of course, children will cry.”

“Idiot, cub beastman can’t cry.”

Casso suddenly understood, “Ah, my brother is a little female!” Casso rushed in immediately.

On the second day, the news that Ria gave birth to a young female spread through the tribe, which made many people super excited. It’s a female; such a rare existence. What does this mean? It means that their tribe is changing to better day by day.

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