Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 27.2

Alright, here’s the part 2.

Chapter 27 Part 2 Fainted

Xiào Mu didn’t have any strength left in his body. His chest was tight and uncomfortable, and if he tried to breathe even slightly harder, it would feel as if he was being stabbed by a knife. Contrary to his physical strength, Xiào Mu has sufficient spiritual power and a clear mind. He could hear the sound and knew what was happening outside, but he didn’t have the strength to open his eyes.

Gillett broke into the infirmary and kicked the door open for ward 1. After putting Xiào Mu on the soft bed, he shouted, “Tang Cheng, look at what’s wrong with him.”

Tang Cheng has worked in the infirmary for 3 years and is very familiar with Gillett. Gillett usually has a good temper and a stable temperament. Hence, him acting this way is rare. Tang Cheng pulled Gillett away from the bed and asked while checking Xiào Mu, “What happened before he fainted?”

Gillett rubbed his face, “In class training. He only had 3 simple items to do. Just now, he reached the second one. I thought…”

“You thought?” Tang Cheng interrupted Gillett with a cold face, “This student fainted from exhaustion. His physique is very poor and his life is almost in danger.”

“How could this be?” Gillett was puzzled. “It shouldn’t be like this. There will never be a problem with his class arrangement.” This was made by Major General Leo, how could something go wrong!

Tang Cheng put on oxygen equipment for Xiào Mu and hung up a bag of glucose for him. After he was done, he turned around and crossed his arms while facing Gillett, “He is that Level E physical strength student, right?” He sneered, “As far as I know, this is the first time you have encountered this kind of student. Obviously, you made a mistake in your class arrangements. As a teacher, didn’t you find the problem before he became unconscious? He didn’t tell you that he was uncomfortable? ”

Gillett was ashamed, “He said it but I thought he was afraid of hardship,” he paused, “but there is nothing wrong with the arrangement in class.”

“Oh, how confident.” Tang Cheng curled the corner of his lips, “What’s the matter? You don’t plan to amend his training schedule? You know, treatment for physical trauma is easy, but physical strength can only rely on oneself to recover. Medicine and food’s help on the recovery is very slow. If it is not dealt with in time, it is easy to get problems.”

Gillett was embarrassed. Major General Leo was his idol and was omnipotent in his heart. He didn’t believe that there is a problem with the schedule he made.

“Could it be that he is unwell today?” Gillett wondered about other possibilities.

“He is in good health, and everything is good except for completely exhausted.” Tang Cheng frowned, “Since when you don’t dare to admit your mistakes?”

Gillett subconsciously didn’t want to mention Leo and didn’t want others to know that Major General Leo might have made a mistake.

“I go back to do data analysis and research. If there are really problems, I will apologize to him and make new in-class arrangements for him.”

Tang Cheng waved his hand: “Go, the student will be fine with me.”

Have to trouble you.” Gillett finished speaking and exited the infirmary.

After thinking about it, Gillett sent a message to the teacher in the hall next door. Instead of returning to the stadium, he went straight to the office building. When he passed the private office for the military substitute teacher, he hesitated for a while. While he is hesitating, the office door opened, and Leo frowned, “Mr. Gillett, if I remember it correctly, it’s class time.”

Gillett stood at attention immediately, “Major General Leo.” His lips moved to say something, but his expression looked complicated.

“Say it quickly if you have something to say.” Leo snapped coldly. People who dawdle are most annoying.

Gillett was startled and subconsciously blurted about Xiào Mu’s fainting incident. After he finished speaking, his voice became quieter, “I think the major general’s in-class arrangement must be correct, maybe there are other reasons.”

Xiào Mu’s bright eyes from last night suddenly appeared in Leo’s mind, and he felt uncomfortable thinking that he has fainted right now. He called up the in-class arrangement he saved in his terminal and asked, “This is what you gave him?”

Gillett looked at the screen earnestly. Since the training program was simple, he finished reading it at a glance, “Yes.”

Leo frowned, “How much did he do today?”

“2 kilometers run, plus 98 sit-ups.”

“For the time being, change his arrangement to a 2-kilometer run and 100 sit-ups,” Leo said, adding, “There is no time limit.”

Gillett nodded and lowered his head to make changes in his terminal. After he made the changes and set them to deliver to Xiào Mu tomorrow morning, Leo was gone.

When Leo walked into the infirmary, Tang Cheng was surprised, “Major General Leo, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Leo asked, “Which ward is Xiào Mu in?”

“Number 1.”

Few patients in the infirmary need hospital beds. Although many people are fighting in schools, the medical team only needs to carry the treatment device around for mobile treatment. Patients who need the bed for more than 2 hours will not stay in school but will go to the hospital instead. As Tang Cheng watched Leo walked into ward 1, he stroked his chin thoughtfully.

Xiào Mu was lying on the hospital bed, with long black hair scattered on the white pillow. There is a needle in his right hand, and breathing support equipment connected to his face. Leo walked to the head of the bed and looked down at Xiào Mu. His face looked especially pale by the contrast of his black hair. Leo furrowed his eyebrows. Whenever they met, Xiào Mu’s face was always red, and at the moment he only felt that it was particularly unpleasant1.

Xiào Mu was very surprised in his heart. His spiritual filaments had a unique and crazy reaction to Leo. Although he could not hear any movement and couldn’t open his eyes, he knew that Leo is beside him. He felt it when Leo entered the infirmary, and he immediately established a spiritual barrier. Xiào Mu was puzzled and didn’t understand why Leo came here. After half an hour, his physical fitness finally recovered to 5%. Xiào Mu opened his eyes and saw Leo looking at him. He curved his eyes and wanted to speak, but found that his nose and mouth were blocked by the oxygen mask.

Leo frowned, “Such simple 3 items and you can’t complete it. Why are you smiling?”

Xiào Mu looked dumbfounded, he was not trying to smile, but subconsciously smiled as a greeting. This person came all the way to see him just to show his disgust? Xiào Mu glared at Leo and raised his hand to remove the oxygen supply mask, but unfortunately, his hand was soft and powerless; he couldn’t move it. Leo bent over and reached out to help him. Before Xiào Mu could withdraw his hand, his fingers accidentally touched Leo’s hand, and his fingers curled up immediately.

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu, “You are that afraid of contact with people?” He lifted the oxygen mask and didn’t take it off. “Is it difficult to breathe?”

“No.” Xiào Mu couldn’t help frowning as he said, his voice was too weak.

Leo hesitated, then put the oxygen supply mask on Xiào Mu again. The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, and before he could speak, Leo left the ward and called the doctor.

Tang Cheng came in and took a look at Xiào Mu’s situation, “It’s okay, just rest more and you will regain your strength.”

Leo bent down again and took off the oxygen supply cover. Tang Cheng received the cover and glanced at the glucose solution, “It will take about an hour, but after that, you should still have no energy. So you want to go back to the dormitory or be hospitalized?”

“Go back to the dormitory.” Xiào Mu didn’t hesitate, he didn’t want to feel so weak and soft all the time. He wants to return to the dormitory to avoid people seeing him taking the boost pill, and he would soon recover.

Thinking of this, Xiào Mu quickly sent a message to Hawke, asking him to help take out the backpack he left in the hall locker.

Tang Cheng: “It’s better to have someone take you back. It’s not safe for you to go back alone in this condition.”

Xiào Mu was about to say he could get a friend to come, when Leo said, “I will send him.”

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