Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 27.1

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Chapter 27 Part 1 Fainted

Leo looked a little uncomfortable, but one couldn’t see it in the dim night. He threw a glance at Xiào Mu and said solemnly, “Don’t be too happy, I just don’t like wasting food.”

Really now? Xiào Mu restrained a smile in his heart, he won’t believe it. With Leo’s character, if he really didn’t like it, he would just throw it away. He wouldn’t wrong himself to finish it. Moreover, this deliberate act of returning a jar, this jarring behavior is a bit weird no matter how you think about it!

Xiào Mu tentatively said, “The next time I made more biscuits, I will give some to you. Will you eat it?”

Leo suddenly felt that Xiào Mu, whose physical ability was extremely poor, is very pleasing to his eyes. He replied with restraint, “The upbringing of the Arnold family taught me not to refuse the kindness of others.”

Like I ever believe that! Xiào Mu looked at the Leo with a serious expression and felt compelled to believe it if he didn’t know the truth. Unfortunately, he is quite experienced in dealing with this kind of awkward personality. Xiào Mu met several kids acting cool before who wanted to show that they are different from other kids by not eating desserts. When he saw them sneakily eating the food, they would sullenly say that because the snacks were sent by the doctor uncle, they have to give him face and eat it.

“That’s great,” he smiled crookedly, “the next time I send it to you, please don’t refuse it.”

Xiào Mu’s face was not very clear in the night, but his eyes were very bright. Leo looked at his eyes and faintly replied, “Okay.”

Xiào Mu thought of his bakery shop that is about to open, and asked, “Is the taste of the biscuits I made too strong for sentinel?” Sentinel has developed 5 senses, and he doesn’t know if everyone can eat the biscuits he makes. His bakery is aimed at all groups of people after all.

“No,” Leo thought of the biscuits he had eaten not long ago, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly. His gaze fell to Xiào Mu’s eyes that are seeking answers, and he snorted softly, “Level S sentinel can control their spiritual power freely, hence could strengthen and weaken 5 senses at will.”

“Of course,” Leo raised his eyebrows, “Lower-level sentinels do not have enough control over their spiritual power, especially those sentinels that are still in the White Tower. They can’t control their five senses and the senses will be enlarged infinitely. Hence, they can only eat special food. As for the sentinels who graduated from the White Tower, it’s no problem for them to live like ordinary people. If they can’t control their tastebuds and greedily ate something, they are the ones suffering.” After Leo said that, his eyes narrowed slightly, “Who other sentinel are you going to give the biscuits?”

Xiào Mu shook his head and took the opportunity to advertise his shop, “I opened a bakery on the virtual net, and I was worried that it would not meet the customers’ appetite.”

Leo stared at Xiào Mu’s smiling face. Thinking of his life experience, Leo’s heart felt moved slightly. Although this person is weak, he… is very self-reliant.

“Just drop the intensity of taste for every raise of level, aren’t that good enough?” After speaking, Leo turned and walked toward his room at the next building.

Xiào Mu smiled. Indeed, the biscuits should be made with different sweetness and saltiness. Ordinary people like different tastes as well. He looked down at the jar in his hand, opened the lid, and smelled it. The remaining milk scent wafted out, and the corners of Xiào Mu’s mouth couldn’t help but curve up. It turns out that Major General Leo likes to eat sweets!

At breakfast the next day, Xiào Mu received a PE class arrangement from Teacher Gillett. He clicked to check it, and Hawke, who was sitting next to him, leaned close to his head curiously.

“So simple?” Hawke couldn’t help being surprised after reading it. “Could it be the teacher set the value wrongly?”

Xiào Mu didn’t feel it’s simple at all, and his expression tightened. There are a total of 3 items in the PE training schedule. The first item is a 2-kilometer run in 10 minutes, followed by 200 sit-ups in 10 minutes, then 60 pull-ups in 10 minutes. In the middle of each item are a 5-minute break, which is exactly 40 minutes.

“What’s the matter with you?” Hawke couldn’t help asking when he saw Xiào Mu’s face looking serious.

Xiào Mu took a deep breath and asked, “You think it’s easy?”

Hawke nodded, “10 minutes is enough for everything.” Then, realizing that Xiào Mu’s expression looked wrong, he blinked, “You… you think it’s hard?”

Xiào Mu didn’t hide the truth. He nodded and replied, “En, it’s not difficult but totally impossible for me.”

Xiào Mu runs every day and knows his physical fitness well. At present, the limit of his physical fitness to the safe point is 5 kilometers in half an hour. He can barely finish a 2-kilometer run in 10 minutes in the 40 minutes class, plus 1 item in the list. If he takes a boost pill halfway to recover to 100% physical fitness, he can complete all 3 items. However, there are many students and sentinels in PE class, so he can’t take the pill. Although he can’t smell the fragrance of the low-grade boost pill, but using the low-grade healing pill as an example, Xiào Mu guessed the boost pill will also carry his scent. After all, his spiritual power was also consumed when making medicine.

Hawke scratched his hair and gained a new understanding of weak physical ability.

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “I will tell the teacher in class, maybe it can be changed.”

After breakfast, the two took a major class on medical history. After half an hour of rest, they went to the exercise hall together. Seeing Gillett walk into the stadium, Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief. At least they met each other once before this, he should be easier to talk with.

Gillett pointed to the right-hand side, “Students who did not attend PE class yesterday, stand in a row of 10 to the right field to test their physical fitness. The rest of the students, trained according to the class arrangement. That’s all.”

Except for the 12 students who moved to the field on the right, the other students dispersed and went to different exercise areas. Xiào Mu stood there waiting, and Hawke said, “I’ll go for a run first. Call me if you need anything.”

Xiào Mu nodded. 2 minutes later, the 12 students got their arrangement and scattered to different exercise areas. Gillett crossed his arms and leaned against the wall while scanning around the hall at the students. Xiào Mu walked over, “Teacher, I have something to look for you.”

Gillett was surprised. He was very impressed with this student who broke the school’s physical fitness lowest record. Thinking of the class arrangements he sent, he smiled and asked, “Does it feel too easy for you? Don’t rush for success. Overtraining is actually harmful to your body. If your physical fitness is strengthened in the future, I will increase the difficulty of your training.”

Xiào Mu: “…”

Xiào Mu took a deep breath and explained his intention, “Teacher, the arrangement in class is too difficult. I can’t finish the whole thing at the moment. Can I reduce it?”

“What?” Gillett rubbed his ears. “Am I hearing it wrongly?”

Xiào Mu was slightly embarrassed, and his face was slightly red, “Can it be reduced?”

Gillett realized that Xiào Mu was not joking, and his gentle complexion suddenly became serious. His thick black eyebrows furrowed into a frown, “Xiào Mu, you have a poor foundation and have no capital to be willful. Maybe the set of training will be hard, but you can’t be lazy.”

“No,” Xiào Mu explained quickly, “I’m not being lazy. It’s just that I really can’t complete the whole set. I can do 2 items though.”

“Not negotiable, you can definitely do it.” Gillett sternly said. This is an in-class arrangement made by Major General Leo himself, which is absolutely suitable for students with Level E physical ability. Gillett glanced sharply across Xiào Mu’s fair face, “If you are afraid of hardship, don’t enter this school. If you haven’t tried it, don’t say you can’t do it. The school doesn’t welcome cowards.”

Xiào Mu pursed his lips. He didn’t know why Gillett could be so sure. He guessed that other Level E students might have completed it. The range of Level E is from 100 – 999. He currently only has 260 points, which is at the lower part amongst the Level E students. However, the test here can only test the physical strength level but not the specific value, so Xiào Mu can’t refute the verdict.

“Come with me.” Gillett lowered his hands and walked towards the start of the runway. Xiào Mu followed him, and when he reached the starting point, Gillett pointed to the timing terminal standing next to him, “Connect with your terminal, and then start running.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t refuse. He moved his terminal to face the LED screen on the timing board, moved his hands and feet, and started running. The moment he ran out, the terminal started timing. There was a 500-meter lap of the stadium track. After 4 laps, the terminal vibrated slightly. Xiào Mu glanced at it and it showed 9 minutes and 38 seconds. The running item was completed.

“See, you completed the first one.” Gillett glanced at his terminal, and motioned with his head, “Come with me.”

Xiào Mu panted, controlled his breathing, and followed Gillett to the sit-up area. There are 2 long rows of rectangles juxtaposed on the ground of the area. Each rectangle has a movable vertical plate in the middle and a movable foot holder at the top.

Gillett walked to the far side and pointed to the ground, “The 4-minute rest begins.” The walk to this area has taken a minute of the rest.

Following the instructions on the vertical board, Xiào Mu sat in the rectangle with his legs straightened and fixed with a fixator. Sitting upright at a right angle, Xiào Mu moved the vertical board to the place where he can touch his forehead. 4 minutes later, he swept his terminal across the LED screen on the vertical panel. He folded his hands behind his head and started doing sit-ups. The left side of the vertical version shows a 10-minute countdown, and the right side is the effective value of crunches. Only when the forehead touches the vertical version is valid. After doing 10 crunches, Xiào Mu lay down and panted. After taking a break, he slowed down and continued. His speed got slower and slower, and Gillett frowned as he watched.

A system’s warning sounded in Xiào Mu’s head, stating that his physical fitness is about to be less than 10%. He gasped for oxygen and glanced at the timing board. He only did 83. Xiào Mu tilted his head to look at Gillett, “Teacher, I can’t do it.”

Gillett said with a stern face, “Continue and hold on. You can still speak means you can move. I can see with a glance that you usually don’t exercise much. Right now, you are sure to feel uncomfortable, but don’t escape, just go through this stage.”

The students from two machines away yelled, “Teacher, haven’t you heard a sentence, ‘The mud can’t climb the wall’? He is so weak and delicate, I think you might as well apply to order him to drop out.”

Xiào Mu squeezed his fist and turned his head to look over. The student looked at him mockingly, and start doing sit-ups like a spring, already finishing 10 in a glance.

Gillett glared at the student. “It’s nothing to do with you, exercise by yourself.”

Xiào Mu took a deep breath and mustered his strength to bend down. It took about 5 seconds to barely make a crunch. The more energy he lost, the faster his physical strength flows out, and his speed became slower and slower. When the remaining stamina was less than 2%, the warning noise sounded again. Xiào Mu barely lifted his body, and suddenly fell down when he is less than 5 centimeters from the ground. His whole body turned soft, and he couldn’t even open his eyes.

“Xiào Mu!” Gillett was taken aback and quickly squatted down to see his situation. Xiào Mu was pale, and lying on the ground softly, as if he is dead.

“How could this happen?” Gillett murmured incredulously as he quickly unfastened the foot restraint. He carried Xiào Mu and ran out of the hall like the wind.

The students looked over curiously when they heard the commotion, and many people stopped their training to discuss what had happened. Gillett stopped for a while at the door, and said with a solemn expression, “Continue to exercise, the teacher in the next hall will come and check on you. If the items in this class are not completed, stay back for the next class.” After speaking, he ran out of the stadium and rushed to the infirmary. Gillett was carrying Xiào Mu in his hands, but his speed was fast as if he is empty-handed.

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