Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Transmigrated

In the dark, on the vast pile of rubble, the wind blew and lifted the dust from the ground.

“Cough cough cough…” Xiào Mu coughed non-stop, looking up at the boundless black, looking despair.

Where the hell is this? Why the road seems to never come to an end? Had it not been for the deep feeling of exhaustion, he would have almost suspected that he was dreaming. Walking further, he was really tired and can’t keep standing. His feet softened and he tripped by a stone, fell facedown to the ground. A strong sense of dizziness filled his mind, he closed his eyes. Not sure how long it has been, there is a sound from the top of the head and that sound is getting nearer and nearer. His eyelids moved, and Xiào Mu mustered all his strength trying to turn over. Finally facing the sky, he took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

A white dot was getting closer and brighter, and he could see clearly that it was the light on the plane. Although, he had never seen such an aircraft – all black, oval-shaped, like an alien aircraft in a movie. The ‘plane’ came closer and closer, eventually hovering not far away, and two men in dark green uniforms jumped down and ran towards him. The familiar color made him feel at peace, heaved his last breath, and fainted.

“My God, he’s so petite. Could it be he’s a guide? The tall man was shocked.

“He is just an ordinary person.” The short man crouched down to check his breath.

When the tall man heard it, he bent over and carried Xiào Mu on his shoulders like a gunny sack, “Scared me to death, I thought he is a guide. Since he is an ordinary person, we can just throw him to the hospital.”

When Xiào Mu opened his eyes again, the sky was shining brightly, and he squinted subconsciously before he got used to it. It was a white-dominated room, it was supposed to be a hospital. He came to this conclusion after looking around. At this moment, the door was pushed open, a man at the height of at least 1.85 meters, wearing a white coat came in.

The man saw that he is awake, and said, “Get up now. You are not a weak guide, still lying down?”

Xiào Mu doesn’t understand what he means by ‘guide’, but he still understands the word weak. A little embarrassed, he sits up, “I’m sorry…”

The doctor put his hand up to stop his words, “Tsk, stop dilly-dallying.”

That stunned Xiào Mu. In the hospital he worked in, he never such a bad attitude of the doctor. Is he not afraid of being complained about by patients?

“You’ve got a brain injury. Now I’ll ask questions, you answer. Name?”

“Xiào Mu.”



The doctor glanced at him, “Where are you from?”

“A Province, B City.”

The doctor pitifully looked at him, “Amnesia plus delusional. Dude, I really sympathize with you. I must say, don’t randomly join the pro-retro group even if you have free time. Is your brain is not clear/rational?”

Xiào Mu has a stunned expression on his face. Is it okay to be so sloppy with the QA? He has no amnesia and not delusional! What is the pro-retro thing he talked about?

“Doctor, are you mistaken? I didn’t…”

The doctor raised his hand again to stop his words, very straightforward and confident.

“We did a genetic test for you, oh, we didn’t spy on your privacy, but you don’t have a personal terminal1. We can’t determine your identity, so we want to check your identity through gene matching. Unfortunately, no result.”

“But we can be sure that you’re 17 years old now. As for the provinces and cities you said, I think if my history studies haven’t been completely forgotten, I supposed those are area boundaries back in ancient Earth.”

Ancient earth? Xiào Mu swallowed, subconsciously wanting to reach out to take the nuts from his pocket, and stopped.

“Is this the patient attire of this hospital?” So retro? But it’s a little familiar. He immediately realized why the doctor was saying ‘pro-retro group’.

“You even forget what you’re wearing – oh well, you’ve lost your memory and I understand.” The doctor rolled his eyes.

Xiào Mu felt uncomfortable in his heart. He looked at his hand and saw a pair of white slender hands, but, very unfamiliar.

“Is there a mirror?” His hands trembled and he tried to keep his composure.

“At the bathroom.” The doctor raised his finger to the left.

He rushed into the bathroom like a whirlwind and the doctor rolled his eyes again, “Rest assured, you are not disfigured. I say, you already looked like a guide, but you even acted narcissistic like them?”

Xiào Mu did not bother with the doctor as he looked at himself in the mirror in disbelief. He pinched his face and immediately felt the pain. This is not a dream! He is no stranger to the face in the mirror and is even quite familiar. Isn’t this the character he played in the Sword Heroes/剑32 game, Wanhua sect male disciple? Even the clothes he is wearing are Wanhua sect uniforms.

[Banana – To get a feel of how his character looked like, check this vid -> Click on the first vid, the thumbnail of a girl. Please note that the author based the details/skills on the real game (剑网3) and Banana doesn’t play Chinese MMORPG so I’m going to butcher the terms lol]

That year due to the college entrance examination, he temporarily stopped playing the game, and parked his character in the sea of flowers in the Wanhua Valley, while wearing the sect uniform – that is his current appearance.

“I admit you look good, but do you have to look at yourself for so long? Don’t you think there’s a problem?” The doctor impatiently asked after waited for a while.

Xiào Mu returns to his senses, it seems that he has inexplicably transmigrated into his game character, and here, presumably, is not Earth.

“I’m sorry, ” Xiào Mu said, a little uncomfortable and a little confused. “Where is this?”

“Empire First Hospital, ” said the doctor, not ready to continue to say nonsense again, “these days the relevant departments will do some questioning with you. If there’s no problem, they will give you a personal terminal after that.”

“Amnesia and delusion are difficult to treat and need long-term treatment. Right now, you’re penniless so you can’t be treated for the time being.”

The doctor paused and continued, “Oh yeah, you currently need to pay a total of 1,300 star coins for medical expenses. Since you have no money, you need to do labor in the hospital. You only need to work half a day every day. The pay is 100 star coins daily.”

Xiào Mu was relieved to hear that. No matter how much is it, it’s fine if he could make money. He looked at his hospital bed and said, “Can I live here?”

The doctor raised eyebrows, “Do you like this ward? Of course, you can. It’s 50 star coins for bed charge per night. Starting tomorrow morning, go to the instrument room on the east side of the second floor to get the treatment device. Someone will inform you about your work.”

Xiào Mu noted down the info, “Thank you, how do I address you?”

“Just call me Xi Mu.” When Xi Mu finished talking, he turned and waved his hand, “Lunch will be delivered by a robot.”

There was only Xiào Mu left in the ward. He sat on the edge of the bed with a wry smile and looked down at his ancient-style clothes, feeling incredible.

Lunch was delivered by a robot half a human’s height. Xiào Mu stared at it for a long time while it placed the lunch box on a shelf by the door and walking out robotically. He took the lunch box and was surprised to find that the food was very good, with cabbage tomatoes, and meat. Just don’t know if it’s his illusion, he feels the food is a little weird – and looked slightly different from common food. He picked up some cabbage with his chopsticks, a bland taste passed to the taste buds. His brow frowned and ate a piece of tomatoes, the same bland taste. Finally ate the meat, the same blandness! He desperately figured that he has lost his tastebud.

Intending to make sure he is full, he ate all the food. After eating enough, he was a little sleepy. Just as he is ready to go to bed, a ‘Ding’ sound suddenly sounded in his brain, and then a mechanical sound said:

[Congratulations to the host on activating the game system.]

At the same time, his mind appeared Sword Heroes game panel, the panel opened to his skill interface. Each skill he is familiar with, but all gray. In the game, if the skills are not learned, the icon is dark. The Wanhua sect has two kinds of cultivation methods, Sacred Fire is a healing type, where replenishing blood/health (red bar) can also add to the blue bar. Flower Space is the attack type cultivation. At this time the panel displays the icon of Sacred Fire skill. He is a Wanhua player who used both Sacred Fire and Flower Space to play. He remembered that he just finished a mission before going offline. The reason why he remembers it so clearly because he got the pendant he wanted from the mission.

“How do skills be activated?” He asked in his head.

[Click on the skill description] A clean mechanical voice explained.

Xiào Mu wonders, how do I click? He stared at the panel, only to find that the skills on the panel were not quite the same arrangement as in the game. There are two rows, the first row full of blood/health healing skills, while the second row has skills for reducing the injury and refill the blue bar. The far left side of the first row is the most common skill he used – Pin Hold, which is a continuous blood-refilling skill. As he looked at it, a row of words suddenly appeared on the Pin Hold icon – [Continuous recovery of spiritual power. Activation condition – Help 100 patients with mental confusion, current progress 0.]

What does mental confusion mean? Soon he understood what is that.

Early the next morning, at Xi Mu’s instruction, he went to the instrument room to get a treatment device, as well as a Bluetooth headset-like walkie-talkie. After that, he went to the ward to treat the patient according to the room number said in the walkie-talkie. Many patients have abnormal gruesome wounds and need at least twenty stitches on Earth. Here, holding a treatment device to the wound, wait five minutes, the wound will recover as before, no scars at all. He finally understood why Xi Mu did not ask him whether he knows how and let him work directly. With the treatment device in hand, once one learns to operate, even a fool can use it.

He came out of the ward, looked at the door number, and said to the walkie-talkie: “Room 303, the patient has finished treatment.”

The voice of the hospital staff on the walkie-talkie sounded almost immediately: “Room 118. ”

He was stunned, and this was the first patient on the first floor today. He was on the third floor, so he didn’t take the elevator, took the stairs to the first floor. 113… 114… He looked at the door sign as he walked along. PENG! A chair was suddenly thrown out of room 115, flying straight in front of him, and the wind from impact blew his long hair up. Xiào Mu stared at the chair that had hit the wall and was torn apart ten meters away, his heart beating fast.

Such strong strength, if he has taken one more step, his ending is probably the same as that chair!

“Keep him down, the sleeping device, hurry up!” The roar came from 115. It’s the voice of Xi Mu.

He peeked in and saw Xi Mu and two other people in white coats pressing down on someone struggling on the bed, and soon the man lay down motionless. He took two subconscious steps in. Strangely, he seemed to be able to feel the man’s pain, and there was an impulse in his heart to help him.

“Hope the chair didn’t hit you?” After settling the patient down, Xi Mu went to the door and asked Xiào Mu.

“No, ” he glanced at the hospital bed. “Mania?”

“Mental confusion,” Xi Mu shrugged, “common illness of sentinels, injection of guide’s pheromone will be fine. His control is too poor, so added some sleeping agent to make him obediently lie down.”

“Why are you here?” Xi Mu asked and answered his own question, “Must be a busy day. It seems that the summer vacation is really a good day to get injured for the young sentinels!”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, there are good days for injury? Once again, hearing a keyword he didn’t understand, he couldn’t help but ask, “What does sentinel mean?”

Xi Mu’s action of walking out stopped, and as if looking at the idiot he said, “Dude, you should probably go to the children’s department for a few days.” Then he looked over at the treatment device on the hand of Xiào Mu, “Which room?”


Xiào Mu felt helpless. Looking at Xi Mu’s reaction, he knows that question he asked is very idiotic in this world.

“Just right, I’ll go with you. I’ll tell you more as we walk.” Xi Mu waved to him, and he trots to keep up.

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