Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 Stalked

Hearing that makes Xiào Mu feel depressed. He panted lightly and said, “I know that I have poor physical strength. You don’t need to be sarcastic, just say it straight.”

Leo put his arms around his chest and glanced at Xiào Mu, “You do know your limitations.”

Xiào Mu looked at his stamina value of 110 points, and said helplessly, “There is no point in denying the obvious.”

“Oh?” Leo turned his head to look at Xiào Mu, “Then why do you always deny that you like me?”

Xiào Mu: “…” How is it an obvious thing?

Realizing that this might be a good opportunity to make it clear, Xiào Mu said with a serious look, “I admit that you are an excellent person and I admire you. But it’s not that kind of ‘like’.”

Leo’s eyes fell on Xiào Mu’s face. He raised his eyebrows and said, “You should look at yourself in the mirror when you say this. If you see how red is your face, you won’t say that.” Then he squinted his eyes slightly, “Or did you say this deliberately to highlight your difference from other people, to get my attention?”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “My face is red because I just exercised. I already said that my face gets red easily after exercise.”

“Really?” Leo sneered. “Do you think I’m blind? Every time you see me, your face turns red.”

Xiào Mu gritted his teeth. That’s because every time he saw Leo, he was trying to keep his spiritual filaments in control, making his face turned red. But this reason, he can’t say it out.

“No more excuses? I have never seen someone so wishy-washy like you,” Leo humphed. “Don’t mention this again in the future. I’m not interested in weak chickens. You don’t have to rack your brains about it.” He paused before added, “Grandfather likes you a lot but don’t even think about using him to approach me. Since your medicine can make my grandfather better, I will take care of you. Don’t think this as something else, taking a mile after I give an inch.”

Xiào Mu was overjoyed when he heard the words, and nodded happily, “Don’t worry, I will definitely keep a distance from you. My weak chicken body is not worthy of you, and I won’t have wishful thinking either.”

Leo threw a glance at Xiào Mu and said nothing.

The aircraft landed directly at the entrance of the hospital. This was a surprise to Xiào Mu. He smiled and said, “Thank you so much.”

Xiào Mu’s features are exquisite, and although he is a male, he is particularly beautiful. At this time, his smile is bright and his eyes seem to glow. Leo thought to himself, it’s not like Xiào Mu didn’t have any positive points, at least he looks pretty good. Leo nodded, “Not need to be polite, it’s only a delay of 2 minutes for me. I already said I will take care of you a bit.”

In case someone forgot, XM should look something like this
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Xiào Mu jumped out of the aircraft and waved his hand to bid Leo farewell. He felt that it was worthwhile to sell the medicine to the Marshall/Leo at a discounted price. He was trying to express his gratitude and get a free ride in return. Just as he arrived at the hospital, he received a call from Doctor Xi Mu to go to the dean’s office.

Other than the dean and Xi Mu, there is another stranger in the office. Xi Mu introduced, “This is Director Jones from the institute.”

Xiào Mu greeted Jones, and asked in confusion, “May I ask what’s the matter? My working hours are coming up soon.”

Jones looked at Xiào Mu again and turned on his terminal. A 16-inch virtual screen appeared in front of them, and Jones pressed the play button. The video was obviously cut to show the main point, no more than 2 minutes in total which is the scenes of Xiào Mu entering different wards. After the clip ended, Jones asked directly, “Is that you in the surveillance?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “It’s me, what happened?”

“All the sentinels in the ward and their spiritual states have been perfectly treated. According to our investigation, this is related to you,” Jones asked with fiery eyes, “What did you do to them?”

Since Xiào Mu is expecting the question, he calmly answered, “I gave them some medicine.” He explained the process of him buying the medicine from a stranger again. Then he added a note to avoid being held responsible, “I have confirmed that there are no side effects, and I will give it to them only when they are uncomfortable.”

Jones stepped forward excitedly, “Where is the medicine now? Is there any more?”

“There is only 1 left.” Xiào Mu took out the pill he kept for this purpose.

Jones took the pill carefully, and Xiào Mu couldn’t help but said, “There is only the last pill, do you want to buy it?”

Jones nodded, “Of course, how many star coins are you willing to sell?”

“I heard that the same type of guide pheromone agent is worth 5,000. You can just pay me 5,000 then.” He smiled in embarrassment. “You are not a sentinel patient in this hospital, so I can’t gift it to you.”

“No problem.”

Jones paid the money readily and even felt a little disbelief that he got the new medicine so easily. In a particularly good mood, he said to the dean, “Even the part-time doctors in your hospital are so caring. Your hospital really deserves to be the best hospital in District A.”

The dean smiled after hearing this, “Thank you, thank you. Doctor Xi Mu, please add 1,000 star coins in his pay as a reward.”

Doctor Xi Mu nodded and took Xiào Mu away.

When they are approaching the dispatch room, Xi Mu asked in a low voice, “Did you really buy this medicine from someone else?”

Though being asked suddenly about the matter, Xiào Mu still calmly answered, “Of course, do you think I simply picked it up from the ground or something? I dare not give the patient medicines that I randomly picked somewhere.”

Xi Mu sighed, “Tsk, that’s very lucky of you. But you gave away so many medicines for free, that’s a lot of money you lost. A pill is almost your 1 month worth of wages.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “It’s okay, I only bought it for 50 coins each, and I just made five thousand, no loss.”

Xi Mu glanced at him, “Dogshit luck.”

Changing into a white coat, Xiào Mu started working his shift. Although it was not obvious on his face, he was actually very worried inside. In order to avoid getting exposed, he can’t do spiritual treatment to the patients anymore. This means that the progress of the ‘Pin Hold’ skill will be stopped. His spiritual power cannot continue to unlock, and his ability will stagnate. The higher his spiritual power, the stronger his control over spiritual filaments, and the easier it is to conceal his identity. Moreover, the establishment of spiritual barriers and making medicine require the use of spiritual power. The higher the spiritual power, the more spiritual power he can utilize. The inability to continue spiritual treatment is a very serious problem.

In the morning between work, Xiào Mu bought a bag and a porcelain bottle online. At noon, he took advantage of the rest time and went to the rooftop. Using the 200 grams of peony he bought the day before, he made 100 mid-grade healing pills and left the large medicine mortar on the rooftop. A total of 2,000 points of his spiritual power was consumed. From last night to noon today, he only recovered 1,700 spiritual power points. When he finished making 80 pills, his spiritual power was close to the 20% safe point. After he ate 1 pill, his spiritual power recovered 1,000 so he continued to make the remaining 20 pills. Xiào Mu stored the remaining 99 mid-grade healing pills into the porcelain bottle, capped the bottle, and put it in his bag.

When he got off work in the afternoon, he tendered his resignation. He originally worked in the hospital not just for money, but mostly to take the opportunity to carry out spiritual treatment on sentinel, unlock his spiritual power and activate skills. In this situation, staying in the hospital no longer useful for him. If he continues to treat the patients secretly, the act will definitely be discovered, and the first person to be suspected is him. Moreover, he already said that he has no medicine left on him.

Turning in his temporary work card and changing his clothes, Xiào Mu took his bag and put the large medicine mortar in it, then he left the hospital. After getting off the public flight station, he thought as he walked, is there any place with sentinels and no surveillance? It would be better if those sentinels were in a coma too. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but laugh; sounds crazy.

Although there are more sentinels than guides in this world, their numbers are still pitifully small compared to the total human population. Every sentinel is cherished by the empire. How could there be such a place1? Stopping to think about it, Xiào Mu looked at the road carefully. After walking a certain distance, he seemed to hear footsteps behind him, which is getting closer and closer. He turned his head abruptly and swept his eyes around but there was nothing behind him.

There were 2 rows of thick green trees neatly arranged by the road. The trees are lush green, full of vitality, and when the setting sun falls through the cracks of the trees, the rays formed spots of light. On the other hand, it is quiet here. Xiào Mu thought he should have heard it wrong, and continued to walk forward. Not long after that, he heard the fast-approaching footsteps again. His heart suddenly jumped, and he suddenly stopped in his tracks. After a sound of footsteps, he stopped, and he turned his head, still nothing. He frowned and scanned the trees on both sides, and suddenly his eyes stopped. A black leather shoe tip was exposed beside the root of the tree on the right-hand side.

Xiào Mu tightened his hand that was holding the bag containing the big medicine mortar. In his mind, he is thinking about whether to scare the person away with a stern voice or just run away. Within a second, he turned and ran forward at his fastest speed. Xiào Mu felt that with his small figure, it was too difficult for him to scare people away. Although he probably couldn’t outrun the person, the front is a residential area, where they may encounter people. At the same time, his behavior is a signal to tell the man that he has noticed him. If the person hiding has guilt in his heart, he will probably leave. Xiào Mu hoped that the man does feel guilty.

However, the next second, the sound of footsteps coming from behind let Xiào Mu know that his hope was lost. After a while, when the sound of footsteps was very close, he gritted his teeth and stopped. He turned around and yelled, “Stop!”

Only then did Xiào Mu see the man’s face clearly. He was a young man wearing a blue T-shirt and black pants. The man had a beard and slightly long hair. His eyes fell straight on his face with wretched eyes. Xiào Mu panted while holding the big medicine mortar with a guarded look on his face. He scolded, “What are you doing following me?”

“Hehe,” the man’s eyes stuck to Xiào Mu’s face as he said, “You ask what I want to do? I didn’t make a mistake, you looked really good.”

The young man stretched out his hand as he said that to touch Xiào Mu’s face. Xiào Mu was shocked and disgusted. He never thought as a big man, he would encounter such a thing as getting stalked. He swiftly avoided the man’s hand, and kicked at the man, “Get away.”

However, Xiào Mu has forgotten about the difference between his body and the natives of this world. Instead of kicking at the man in blue, his foot was caught by him.

The blue-clothed man chuckled and said, “Such light strength, area you flirting with this brother?” As he said, the man rubbed Xiào Mu’s ankle.

Xiào Mu gritted his teeth and pulled his feet back hard. He took a few steps back before standing still. Seeing the man in blue stretching out his hands again, he lifted the large medicine mortar with both hands and slammed it on the man’s head.

“Can you not so fking disgusting? Damn per-vert2.” After he smashed the man, Xiào Mu turned and ran without looking.

“Arggh…” The blue-clothed man exhaled in pain. He didn’t expect that Xiào Mu would be so ruthless to hit him. He could only move to the right in time, resulting in his left forehead slammed by a heavy object, and blood flowed down immediately. He wiped his forehead, his gaze became fierce when he saw the blood. The man immediately ran after Xiào Mu while shouting, “You dare to smash Lao Zi?! Wait until Lao Zi catches you, I will teach you a good lesson!”

Xiào Mu’s heart was at his throat. Hearing the man’s declaration, he knew that he will be dead meat if caught.

“Help!” He didn’t care about the embarrassment and started yelling loudly.

The blue-clothed man grinned, “Scream as much as you like. Lao Zi will have you scream under me later.”

Xiào Mu clenched his fists heavily. If he had a ‘g u n’ in his hand, he really want to take this man down with a shot.

“Ngh…” Xiào Mu felt a sharp pain in his arm, and he gro-aned in pain.

Half of the man’s face was stained with blood, and his hideous face looked even more terrifying at this moment.

“Still run?” The blue-clothed man forcefully dragged Xiào Mu to the side of the tree. Then he pushed him against the tree, “Dare to smash Lao Zi? See if Lao Zi will…”

“See how what? En?”

A deep voice carrying a furious tone came from behind the man in blue. At the same time, the man was pinched by the back of his neck and lifted into the air.

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