Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 Saving the beauty

Because Xiào Mu was suddenly slammed into a tree, his back got injured. But when he saw Leo behind the man in blue, the panic feeling disappeared.

The blue-clothed man snorted in pain. He wanted to grasp the hand that is pinching his neck Just as he lifted his hand, he got thrown heavily to the ground. With a loud thump, the man in blue fainted right away without given a chance to scream out in pain.

Xiào Mu’s eyes widened in disbelief and he looked at Leo in shock, “Did you kill him?” His lips trembled because the shock of witnessing a murder was too great.

“Only fainted,” Leo’s face was dark as he replied. Then he lowered his head to send a message from his terminal. After that, he looked at Xiào Mu and asked, “What? You are worried about him? That’s very ‘kind’ of you. If I’m not here, do you know what will happen to you?”

Xiào Mu pursed his lips, “I’m not worried about him. Just that it’s not worth it to commit a crime for him.”

Leo: “Are you worried that I will be convicted if I killed him?”

Xiào Mu nodded honestly, “Yes, I am very grateful for your help. But if helping me will implicate you, I will feel guilty.”

Leo’s gaze stayed on Xiào Mu’s face for 2 seconds, then he softly humphed, “He dares to commit a crime. Even if I killed him, it is still considered a legitimate defense. Let’s go. I’m about to return home.”

Xiào Mu turned back to take a glance at the blue-clothed man who looked like a dead man on the ground. He followed behind Leo and hesitated for a moment but finally decided not to go back to retrieve the mortar. Entering the aircraft, Xiào Mu quickly sat down. He expended too much physical strength so his physical strength is approaching the safe point. His body felt weak all over, so he leaned back after unloading his tension.

“Mmm…” A sharp pain came from his back, and Xiào Mu bent his body forward out of reflex. His chest is pressing to his knees, and his upper body fell soft and flat on his thighs. But it made him feel comfortable to stay in this position, so Xiào Mu didn’t get up. Suddenly, a pair of black military boots appeared in his sight. While Xiào Mu was stunned, his back suddenly felt a breeze. Then, an excruciating pain ran through his body following the back of his T-shirt being pulled from bottom to top.

“AHH…” The pain caused Xiào Mu’s face to pale, and his heart surged in anger. Raising his head, he asked angrily, “What are you doing?”

Leo stared at Xiào Mu’s back and frowned. “Bleeding.”

Xiào Mu had expected that outcome since the sensation was so painful just from lifting his clothes. It’s probably because the blood got stuck to the clothes, so the wound got torn from the clothes being suddenly pulled apart. Xiào Mu moved aside and slightly put some distance between the two of them. Just now when Leo lifted his clothes, Leo’s finger accidentally touched him, and his spiritual filaments were moving in a frenzy at that time. If he hadn’t immediately established a spiritual barrier the moment he saw Leo1, he might have been exposed. Just a slight touch from him, his barrier has already become a little thinner.

Xiào Mu cheered himself up and said, “It’s okay, I’ll take care of it when I go back.” As he said, he stretched his left hand to his back and pulled his clothes down.

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu and walked to the back. He returned shortly after, holding the treatment device in his hand. When Leo leaned over, Xiào Mu was startled and his body immediately leaned in the opposite direction, “What are you doing?”

“Giving you treatment,” Leo shook the treatment device, “isn’t it obvious?”

Xiào Mu moved further inside of the seat while controlling his spiritual filaments, “Not need to bother you, I’ll do it by myself later.”

Leo furrowed his eyebrows, “You are so long-winded. Grandfather will be worried when he sees it.” His voice sank and raised his hand, “Come here.”

Xiào Mu shook his head. But when he saw that Leo is getting impatient, he quickly said, “Just leave the treatment device here and I will do it myself.”

“Can you do by yourself when the wound is at the back?” Leo humphed. Stepping forward, he bending over to pull the hem of Xiào Mu’s clothes.

Smack! Anxiousness caused Xiào Mu to raise his hand and slapped away Leo’s hand.

Leo’s expression sank, “You better stay still.”

“Don’t come here.” Xiào Mu tried hard to stick himself to the wall of the car. His figure shrank into a ball, as looked at Leo with alert, “I can treat the wound by myself.”

Leo glared at Xiào Mu for a long while, then his expression suddenly calmed down, and his voice became softer, “You… don’t be afraid. I am just treating you and I won’t do anything else to you.”

Xiào Mu blinked and only reacted after a while. Did Leo think he was shocked by the incident just now and gotten traumas? Thinking back of his reactions just now, Xiào Mu felt embarrassed and helpless, he didn’t think in that direction at all. He was just afraid that Leo would touch him again and his spiritual barrier would collapse. However, this misunderstanding is a good thing for him.

“Don’t come near me, I can use the treatment device.” Xiào Mu stared at Leo’s actions closely.

Leo hated ‘soft-footed shrimp’2 the most, like even the smallest thing can scare them into sh i tless. However, looking at Xiào Mu’s pale and alert face, like a frightened little animal, he suddenly couldn’t say any mocking words, which made him feel very upset. Leo threw the treatment device to the seat next to Xiào Mu and said, “Troublesome.” Then he returned to his seat on the other side.

Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief. Holding the treatment device, he proceeded to treat himself with awkward backhand movements. After he was done, a layer of sweat has appeared on his forehead and he softly leaned against the back of the chair.

Soon, the aircraft arrived at the apartment, and Leo jumped off the aircraft quickly. Xiào Mu stood up while supporting himself at the back of the chair. A wave of dizziness came, and he closed his eyes. After the dizziness disappeared, Xiào Mu slowly got off the aircraft. When he saw Leo not far away, he was stunned. With his speed, Leo should have entered the apartment by now. However, at the next moment, Xiào Mu’s eyes widened in surprise. Leo is unbuttoning his uniform jacket one button after another. Then he takes off the jacket and strode toward him. Xiào Mu took a step back subconsciously and asked, “What are you doing?”

Leo sneered, “What do you think I would do to you?” He said, throwing his clothes on Xiào Mu, “Put on.”

Xiào Mu was puzzled by the action so Leo lowered his voice, “You think since the wound is healed, the blood on the clothes will be gone as well?”

Realization hits and Xiào Mu puts on the jacket that still had the temperature of a man’s body. The height difference between them is almost 20 centimeters, so the jacket makes Xiào Mu looked like a child wearing an adult’s clothes, which is very amusing. Xiào Mu was slightly embarrassed and looked up at Leo, only to find that the corners of his mouth were curved up. However, he instantly returned to his usual expressionless face and turned back into the apartment. Xiào Mu blinked, thinking he must have seen it wrongly, otherwise Leo is mocking him for being short!

Ren was sitting in the living room drinking tea. When he saw Xiào Mu, he was choked by the tea. After coughed for a while, he smiled and said, “Not bad, not bad. Go upstairs and have a rest first, and then come down for dinner later.”

Xiào Mu knew that Ren must have misunderstood when he heard this ‘not bad, not bad’ comment, but he couldn’t explain the incident so he went upstairs embarrassedly. He took a shower and changed into clean clothes. As Xiào Mu was wiping his hair, he considered whether to cut his hair or not.

Sword Heroes is a game set in the ancient Chinese period. Men at that time have long hair. His character, Brother Hua even has straight and black hair, with the length reaching his waist. Xiào Mu thinks about it every time he takes a bath, but he is always reluctant to cut it. Whenever he sees his hair, he will deeply realize that this is not his body, nor is he dreaming, but is living in another real world. On the other hand, Xiào Mu doesn’t know if it’s because of the character in the game or something else but his hair is very smooth and doesn’t bother him. Even if it’s not tied, the hair won’t get messy. Just that it’s a little troublesome to wash. Drying his hair with a hairdryer, Xiào Mu grabbed a handful of his hair, and the strands slipped smoothly out of his fingers. Xiào Mu hesitated but decided not to cut it. He will do it when it finally becomes a hindrance. Maybe at that time, he will have a sense of belonging to this world and doesn’t need hair to remind him.

Putting the hairdryer back in the bathroom, Xiào Mu saw the military jacket he took off before. He checked it carefully and found that it didn’t get stained with blood. However, after thinking about it, he decided to put the uniform jacket to wash with his clothes as well; it didn’t seem nice to return it directly.

After dinner, Xiào Mu went online and bought a backpack, a large medicine mortar, 10 porcelain bottles, and 200 grams of peony. After thinking about it, he bought a set of cosmetics. What happened on the road today made him realize that Xi Mu was not joking when he said his appearance looked unsafe. He had to be careful when going out in the future.

Waiting for the delivery to arrive, Xiào Mu strolled slowly around the apartment. By the time he finished a lap, Leo had already finished 10. Xiào Mu’s physical fitness value is low, but the advantage is that he recovers quickly; he can reach full value after one hour of rest. He originally had only 100 points of physical strength. But after he walked for at least 2 kilometers a day in the past few days, his total value has increased to 110 points. Although the progress was much slower than his spiritual power, the moment he saw the value change, he was still very excited.

On the way back to the apartment, Xiào Mu’s physical strength has recovered to a full bar. When Leo passed by him again, Xiào Mu stepped up and ran. Leo is such a strong person who exercises every day, so he(XM) can’t be lazy. Subconsciously touching his back, Xiào Mu pursed his lips and his gaze was firm. He must try his best to improve his ability because he can’t keep counting on other people to help every time; he must rely on himself. Xiào Mu kept running until he heard the main system’s warning that his physical strength is left only 11 points. He stopped and walked slowly for a certain distance to ease the pumping heart. Xiào Mu felt that his hands and feet were soft and his heart was beating like a drum, but he felt grounded with his achievement. Perhaps, he should take some stamina boost pill and eat it once every time he exercises. Then his training volume will be doubled. In this way, he can train in the morning, then take the pill to recover when his physical strength is low, it will not affect his daily exercise routine during the day.

‘Just do it if you can think of it’3. His current physical fitness only needs a low-grade boost pill so Xiào Mu bought the material for making low-grade boost pills, 200 grams of liquorice.

“Do you have common sense? Don’t stand still after exercise.” Leo’s voice came from behind.

Xiào Mu looked up from the order confirmation page and saw that Leo’s frown. He replied with a smile, “I finished walking the ease-up part.”

Leo snorted, “If you can keep doing this, you won’t be so weak.”

Xiào Mu watched Leo’s back until he enters the apartment and shrugged helplessly. He has only been here for a few days! He went back to the bedroom to take a shower, changed into his pajamas, and went downstairs to get the courier. He put the large medicine mortar, porcelain bottle, and medicinal materials in his backpack. Then he checked online for secluded places around District A. After searching for a long time, Xiào Mu finally determined the destination; Wilderness Forest.

This is a semi-natural flora and fauna attraction, and it is also an educational base. Tickets are sold for 20 coins. It is the most frequent place for young people in Zone A to visit. Since young sentinel and guides are isolated from the outside world, almost only ordinary people come to this attraction. Moreover, most of the tourists are children, which means it is a very safe place. This place is the new location for him to make medicine.

Early the next morning, Xiào Mu ran around the apartment, and not surprisingly saw Leo. Leo was a little surprised to see him but he did not say anything and passed by him like a gust of wind. When Xiào Mu’s physical strength reached the safe point, he stopped his morning jog and returned to take a shower. After that, he used 30 mins to put on makeup in front of the mirror before going downstairs to eat.

Leo was sitting at the dining table, and holding a sandwich in his hand. He about to take a bite when he saw Xiào Mu’s face. He wrinkled his brows, “Is the hospital organizing a masquerade party? So you going as a ghost?”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “I’m not that scary ba?”

HXiào Mu used various dark primers to darken his skin and thickened his eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Then he dotted a small mole on the bridge of his nose. Xiào Mu doesn’t know those high-level techniques like changing the shape of the face with highlights and shadows. He could only do simple makeup like these. Although his appearance is uglier than usual, he definitely doesn’t look like a ghost!

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