Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 Selling medicines

Xiào Mu looked at the words ‘Big Mortar’ and was very worried. He didn’t know if there was such an ancient medicine-making tool in this highly technologically advanced place. He opened his terminal and searched for a large medicine mortar. The result popped up 2 stores, and both were not pharmacies, but antique stores. Their price is the same, 100 star coins. He browsed around in the store and saw that the big medicine mortar was the cheapest of all products. At the moment, Xiào Mu’s account is only left with a little more than 100 star coins. With a painful expression, he placed an order for a mortar and filled in the delivery address as the entrance of the hospital.

Looking at the balance of less than 100 star coins, Xiào Mu slapped his forehead; he forgot to apply for social assistance. Thinking of money, he quickly inquired about the accommodation fee of the Imperial Military Academy. The accommodation fee is divided into 3 levels; 20,000 coins per semester for single rooms, 10,000 coins for double rooms, and 5,000 coins for quadruple rooms. ‘Why is it so expensive?! Why not stay in the hospital then?!’ Xiào Mu thought. It is a pity that the Imperial Military Academy adopts militarized management, which means students are not allowed to leave the school except on weekends, which means that they must stay in the school. While he worked part-time in the hospital, he had already learned that minors can only work part-time during holidays. Institutions like hospitals and all companies do not recruit minors during the non-holidays period. Especially in the compulsory academic years before the age of 18, young people have to go to school to study. It’s probably only wanderers are special cases. The only way is to raise money right now for accommodation.

Xiào Mu submitted an application for social assistance online while thinking about the ways. As long as the checking is passed, he will receive a 1,000 coins subsidy every month. With 10 days left before school starts, his part-time at the hospital can earn 2,000 coins, which means he is 2,000 short from the lowest accommodation fee. Not sure if the school accommodation fee can be paid in installments, or… Xiào Mu’s eyes fall on the rhubarb. The medicine he makes can be sold for money, right? Although low-grade medicine can only restore spiritual power at 100 points, it can be taken once every 2 hours. For the weaker sentinel, taking it 5 times a day will restore their power to full value. At present, the cheapest guide pheromone agent on the market costs 1,000 coins. He only sells one-tenth of the price, which is 100 coins each. The medicines should be able to sell, right? Xiào Mu can’t be sure, but even if he sells it at 20 coins each, he still can get 2,000 star coins for 100 low-grade healing pills. This thought gave Xiào Mu peace of mind when he thinks about it.

20 minutes later, Xiào Mu went downstairs to receive the mortar, and then returned to the top floor. Then he opened the system panel and look at the medical icon.

[Do you want to start making medicines?]

Xiào Mu directed his mind to the word ‘Yes’.

At the next moment, as if he is guided by some kind of force, Xiào Mu naturally poured the rhubarb into the big medicine mortar. Holding the medicine pestle, he started pounding on the medicine. In the process of pounding the medicine, his spiritual filaments were divided into countless branches and penetrated the medicine. Soon, the rhubarb changed its shape, and it was divided into 110 parts evenly and displayed three-dimensionally in the big medicine mortar.

Xiào Mu thought while doing the action, ‘this is not in accordance with physics; a lot of rhubarb are floating!’ He stopped pounding the medicine and concentrated on each small portion of rhubarb, with his spiritual filaments touching on each medicine. Suddenly, each filament emits a faint white light. After a while, the white light dissipates, and all the rhubarb becomes a yellow bean-sized pill.

Imagine them in yellow

[Congratulations, host. Your level of medical skills has reached 20. Activation formula: Mid-grade healing pill, Mid-grade boost pill]

The moment the spiritual filaments were retracted, the small round pills fell to the bottom of the large medicine mortar, and at the same time, the mechanical sound of the main system sounded in his head. The medical icon glowed with a pale green light. After he looked over, the light disappeared, and the progress bar at the bottom changed to reflect 20 – 30, and the middle value was 10/200. In other words, to reach level 30, 200 finished medicines need to be made.

Xiào Mu swept his gaze across the panel and accidentally discovered that his spiritual power had been reduced by 1100 points. So, every low-grade healing pill costs 10 spiritual power. Thinking of the white light that came out of the spiritual filaments before, Xiào Mu couldn’t help thinking; could it be his spiritual power went into the medicine?! He took out a pill and looked at it carefully. When his fingers touched the pill, Xiào Mu noticed that his hand was stained with yellow powder. He took a closer look and came to a realization; no wonder that the medicine was called ‘San’ (pill medicine/散); it means a sphere wrapped in powder. He carefully put the medicine back into the large medicine mortar. Then Xiào Mu looked at the medical icon again and checked the mid-grade healing pill.

[Mid-grade healing pill: (Material: Chinese peony 2g) immediately replenish spiritual power to 1,000 points. Use interval once per 2 hours.]

Upon reading the description, Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up instantly. The spiritual power of the sentinel who came to the hospital was mostly between 500 and 5,000 points. Even if the sentinel’s spiritual power is 5,000 points, the mid-grade healing pill can already restore one-fifth of the spiritual power. The mid-grade healing pill can be used as an excuse for his spiritual treatment of the patients.

Without any hesitations, Xiào Mu immediately buys peony online. 1g of peony cost 2 star coins so he bought 20 grams, leaving 10 star coins for transportation fare. A total of 10 mid-grade healing pills were made, which cost him 200 spiritual power points. In order to make the mid-grade medicine, Xiào Mu poured all the low-grade healing pills from the mortar into the express packaging bag. He wanted to safely store the mid-grade healing pill but was depressed to find that he didn’t have any containers with him except the express package. If he knew it earlier, he would be more careful when he opened the courier; like making a smaller opening. Packing the medicine in his hand, Xiào Mu stood up, and a gust of wind blew his clothes up. Thinking of his current dilemma of almost penniless, he felt inexplicably sad.

No, he still has the medicine!

Xiào Mu inquired about the famous shopping street in Area A, chose Huan Le street which is very popular with sentinels. He took the public aircraft and went straight to the destination. People are coming and going on the street, and there are voices and music everywhere. If he ignored the oppressive feeling brought by the tall and big passers-by, Xiào Mu even thinks that he has returned to Earth. He was really not used to this kind of visual sense, and it made him feel that he had suddenly shrunk.

As Xiào Mu walked along the street, he found that most items sold in the stalls were minerals, mecha models, trinkets, weapons, and medicinal materials. He deliberately went to observe a medicine stall. The stall sells primary relievers, which are effective in relieving mental confusion. The selling price is 1,000 star coins. In less than 3 minutes of observation, Xiào Mu can see how the 80 pills on the table got sold out.

The one who set up the stall was a middle-aged man. After the medicine got sold out, he began to clean up the folding table. While doing so, he glanced at Xiào Mu, who was still standing nearby, and saw that he was a fair and handsome young man. With an understanding look, the middle-aged man smiled and said, “Coming to buy a reliever for your boyfriend? Mine already sold out. You can check if there are any more left in other stalls.”

Xiào Mu waved his hand awkwardly, “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Oh,” the middle-aged man smiled ambiguously, “with such a good appearance, you do need to slowly pick your choice. You are still young, you can try a few more people first to know what a good life is.”

Xiào Mu originally wanted to borrow the man’s table, but when he heard this, he immediately dismissed the idea and walked away with a blush. In his mind, he thought to himself that the function of the healing pill is to restore spiritual power. Although the amount of recovery is not enough to treat a sentinel to complete health but isn’t it equivalent to a reliever? Xiào Mu made up his mind, walked to a fork in Huan Le Street, and sat cross-legged in a less crowded place. He unfolded the bag containing the low-grade healing pills, and carefully spread out the soybean-like medicine, making sure that no pills got piled up. Next, he opened his terminal and called up the virtual screen. On the screen, he wrote about the low-grade healing pill, its price as 500 star coins each, and its effect which is relieving symptoms of mental confusion. After enlarging the font size to the maximum, and making sure there are no typos, Xiào Mu flipped the screen to face outward. Originally, Xiào Mu wanted to sell the pills at 100 star coins each, but the lowest in the market price seemed to be at 1,000 star coins. So, if other people saw his price of 100 star coins, they might doubt the effect of his medicine.

His advertisement was straightforward and conspicuous, and soon a tall, dark-skinned sentinel approached. Xiào Mu glanced at the man and saw his stat – spiritual power 1,000 Level E, physical strength 5,500 Level C. Xiào Mu currently only has 22% of his spiritual power. Although he really wanted to establish a spiritual barrier to check the man’s spiritual state, he dare not take any risks.

“Can this pill really alleviate the symptoms of mental confusion?” The dark-skinned sentinel squatted to look at the small yellow spheres, frowning. He sounded not convinced as he continued, “This is the first time I see relievers like this.”

Xiào Mu smiled sincerely and answered, “It’s true. Since you are so tall, you must be a sentinel. I heard that you guys are sensitive to spiritual power. If you don’t believe my words, you can try one first. After that, you can pay if the pill is indeed working.” He paused and added, “This medicine can be taken every 2 hours, and the effect is the same every time.”

“Is it really possible to eat first and then pay?” The dark-skinned sentinel looked at Xiào Mu incredulously.

Xiào Mu nodded with a smile. His eyes were very bright and his smile was gentle. For a moment, the dark-skinned sentinel stared at his beautiful face in a daze, and couldn’t react.

Xiào Mu: “…”

This kind of scene is like ‘a young girl getting on the wedding sedan chair for the first time’1. He coughed slightly, “Do you want to try it?”

“Oh, yeah.” The dark-skinned sentinel lowered his head in a panic. He randomly grabbed a pill and swallowed it.

At this time, a tall green-clothed sentinel came over. He probably heard what Xiào Mu said earlier because he directly reached out and picked up a pill. Putting it in his mouth, he was about to swallow the pill but immediately took it out in surprise, “Huh, this ……”

“Really useful!” The dark-skinned sentinel exclaimed, interrupting the other sentinel’s words. He jumped up as he said, looking excited, “My God, this is definitely the fastest remedy I have ever seen. 500 star coins, right? How many you have in total? I want them all.”

Xiào Mu was about to answer when the green sentinel said, “Wait, I want it all.”

The dark-skinned sentinel looked at the other sentinel in displeasure, “I’m here first.” Then he looked at the pill in that sentinel’s hand, “You haven’t tried it yet, maybe it’s useless to you.”

The green-clothed sentinel said, “It is definitely useful. This medicine has the smell of a guide… the fresh nutty fragrance makes me feel comfortable just by smelling it.”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. Why didn’t he smell it before? Isn’t it just smelling nutty… Thinking of his favorite snacks and the form of his spirit animal, Xiào Mu was startled. Don’t tell him that after using his spiritual power to make medicine, the medicine will have the residue of his spiritual power!

The green-clothed sentinel put the pill near his nose, “It’s a pity, the smell is too weak. It would be nice if the smell is stronger.” He looked at Xiào Mu, “You made this medicine?”

Xiào Mu heard his words and shook his head quickly: “No, no, I bought it from a short boy the day before yesterday. He seems to be in desperate need of money, so he sold it to me cheaply.”

“Shorter than you?” The dark-skinned sentinel asked subconsciously.

Xiào Mu has black lines (=_=ll) on his face and asked, “Are you going to buy it or not?”

“Of course, I want them all.” Both sentinels said at the same time.

“I’m here first.” The dark-skinned sentinel glared at the green sentinel.

“I’ll buy all at 600 coins per piece.” The green-clothed sentinel took out a 2 palm-sized box and handed it to Xiào Mu, “Help me pack it up.”

“Axxhole!” The dark-skinned sentinel gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll buy all at 700 coins per piece.” Then he took out a bag from his pocket and handed it to Xiào Mu.

“I give 800…”

“I give 900…”

The two people raised their prices after each other with furious expressions and their voices became louder each time. The distance between the two became closer and closer, and they looked like they were about to fight.

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