Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 Making medicine

Staring at the search results on the screen, Xiào Mu skipped a series of introductions about hospital monitoring equipment and focused on the key points. In order to ensure the patient’s safety and their privacy, the hospital does not have monitoring in the ward. There is only monitoring on both sides of the corridor, which can monitor everyone who enters the ward.

Doom! Xiào Mu cursed in his heart. If it is confirmed that the hospital does not have a new type of guide pheromone agent, someone will definitely suspect a guide hidden in the hospital. As long as someone checks the monitoring, they will find out that he has been in all the wards of those sentinels who acknowledged the forum post.

Calm down, don’t panic!

Xiào Mu closed his terminal and tried to calm himself down. No one doubts him yet, he can still think of a way. If he is found to be a guide, he will be forced to enter the Golden Tower and get assigned to a marriage with a stranger. He can never let this happen! Xiào Mu hopes that no one can think of checking the monitoring system, but he knows that there aren’t many fools in this world! It was only a matter of time before someone realized that the same person has entered all of those sentinels’ ward. So, is there any way to prevent them from suspecting that he is a guide who has been giving the sentinels spiritual treatment? Xiào Mu rubbed his forehead, closed his eyes, and thought. After a while, he opened his eyes. That’s it, guide pheromone agent.

Just as how someone suspected that the hospital has a new type of guide pheromone agent, as long as he has a good guide pheromone agent or any type of medicine that can treat mental confusion, he can use this as an excuse to remove his suspicion as a guide. However, where to find this kind of medicine? Xiào Mu has no money and doesn’t know how to make it himself. It would be nice if he could do it. Thinking of this, a familiar mechanical sound suddenly came from his mind.

[Congratulations, host. Activating life skills: Manufacturing type – Medical skill]

The notification caused Xiào Mu to freeze for a moment. He opened the system panel and saw that the life skills panel was slightly glowing. Tapping on the panel, he can see the medical skill icon was shining with a light green light. He looked over and saw a line of explanation that appeared next to the medical icon.

[The initial skill level is Level 10. Once successfully created a medicine, gain 1 experience point. The next upgrade level is Level 20, which requires 100 experience points.]

When Xiào Mu looked down, there is a progress bar at the bottom of the medical icon. The bar looked like this – the number 10 is stated at the top left of the bar, while the number 20 at the top right of the bar. In the middle of the bar is 0/100. At the same time, there is a smaller icon on the right side of the icon, which says: Primary basic recipe. He checked the icon, and a long line of familiar medicine names immediately appeared on the panel. Two vertical bars were displayed side by side. Except for the top two medicine names lighted up, the rest were greyed out.

On the left vertical bar says ‘Low-grade healing pill’1 (Material: Rhubarb 2g): Instantly recover 100 points spiritual power, with an interval of 2 hours per usage.

On the right vertical bar says ‘Low-grade boost pill’2 (Material: Liquorice 2g): Instantly recover 100 points physical strength, with an interval of 2 hours per usage.

Xiào Mu looked down and found that the middle-grade and top-grade pills were all greyed out. There were no descriptions, only stated that the medical skill level limit was 20 and 30. He immediately understood that when his medical skill level reached Level 20, he could make middle-grade healing and boost pill. Then when his level reached 30, he could make high-grade ones.

The lowest value of spiritual power in this world is 100 points, Level E. For sentinels, they are at least more than 500 points. The effect of the Low-grade healing pill is far from enough for him. Xiào Mu doesn’t know how much spiritual power the middle-grade pill can recover, but it is at least more than 100, so he should raise his skill level to Level 20 as soon as possible. Thinking of the sudden activation of his life skill, Xiào Mu couldn’t help but ask, “How to activate life skill?”

[It is automatically activated when the host wants a certain skill. After activating a skill, you need to raise the skill to the full level before you could learn another life skill.]

Hearing that, the corners of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. Similar manufacturing type skills include casting, cooking, and sewing. If he accidentally thought of wanting to learn cooking or sewing clothes, he didn’t know how long he would have to wait to learn medical skills. Moreover, after careful consideration, Xiào Mu felt that the most useful thing for him to live in this world is medical skills. Although it is the era of mecha, and casting is the most practical skill, he needs to conceal his identity as a guide, and his physical strength is like a weak chicken. Hence, medical skills are the most suitable option for him.

Thinking back to the food made by household robots and the button that got pulled apart by Leo, Xiào Mu said in his heart, this is dangerous. He ignored the boost pill for restoring physical strength and focused on the healing pill, which was used to restore spiritual power. The material needed is rhubarb 2g, which means that one pill requires 2 grams of rhubarb. His skill experience points need to reach 100 to upgrade to Level 20, which means that at least 100 units of low-grade healing pill are required. Therefore, he required 200g of rhubarb.

Xiào Mu did not delay and immediately opened his terminal to enter the imperial online trading market, and input rhubarb in the search box. Looking at a series of shops, he sighed slightly. Fortunately, this world has Chinese medicine, otherwise, it will be over for him. Xiào Mu glanced around and found that the price of rhubarb in each store was the same, all of which were 500 star coins per catty, which was equivalent to 1 star coin for 1 gram. Looking at the balance of more than 300 star coins in his account, Xiào Mu gritted his teeth and bought 220 grams of rhubarb. The extra 20 grams is for backup, in case he failed the production at the beginning.

Xiào Mu filled the hospital’s address as the delivery address and paid the order. He looked at the time, there was a little more than 5 minutes left to 1.00 pm. He got up, went to the bathroom before starting his second shift. At 1.30 pm, there was a message from the dispatching room that his express order has arrived. Xiào Mu was very surprised because he didn’t expect the delivery speed to be so fast. He didn’t hesitate and took the package, which he also asked for leave at the same time. Xiào Mu must prepare the pills as quickly as possible; the slower he is, the more dangerous his situation is. The staff in the dispatching room was very dissatisfied with Xiào Mu’s emergency leave. However, seeing that Xiào Mu seemed rushed, he approved the request for leave. Xiào Mu took the package, thanked the staff, and trot out of the dispatch room.

Doctor Xi Mu was about to enter the dispatch room when they almost collided. Xi Mu reacted quickly and moved a step to the right.

Xiào Mu apologized in embarrassment, “I’m sorry.” Then he continued to walk outside.

Doctor Xi Mu grabbed Xiào Mu and asked, “Where are you going in a hurry?”

Xiào Mu: “I have something to do, and I have asked for a leave.”

Hearing that, the doubts in Doctor Xi Mu’s heart became greater, and he turned to study Xiào Mu’s appearance up and down. Xiào Mu’s long black hair was tied behind his head, his face like a polished jade, and his features are exquisite. His figure is petite, and his skin is pale and tender; completely a standard guide’s appearance! It’s just that he couldn’t understand one thing. He had done a physical examination on Xiào Mu before, and he was clearly not a guide. Besides, the quantum receptors on his terminal did not respond.

“What’s the matter?” Xiào Mu was chilled by Xi Mu’s gaze. Could it be Xi Mu found out something?

Doctor Xi Mu pulled Xiào Mu with him and said, “Come with me to the office.”

Xiào Mu was even more agitated, “I have something urgent, can I not go?”

“Not going?” Xi Mu sneered, looking back at Xiào Mu before adding, “If you don’t go, I will tell everyone about your secret.”

Xiào Mu’s heart trembled upon hearing that and did not speak anymore. He followed Xi Mu and entered the office; secretly guessing what clues he had in his hand.

Xi Mu closed the door and leaned against the door panel, “Say it, are you a guide?”

Xiào Mu looked puzzled, “Guide? Didn’t you say that I am not a guide?”

Xi Mu said, “Uh, I don’t understand this, but,” he paused and continued, “you have treated those sentinels in that post, right?”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “I don’t remember, but it should be on my work record if you want to check.”

In a matter of fact, almost none of those sentinels were assigned to him. Xiào Mu had concerns and worried that his work records would expose him. It’s just that he forgot about the CCTV! Thinking of this, he couldn’t help sighing – ‘a hundred of precautions but still missed one’3. But think about it again, if he didn’t treat the patient’s mental confusion, his spiritual power cannot be unlocked, and his skill activation progress will not increase. In order to live well, he must have the ability. It’s a fact that Xiào Mu understood a long time ago. Therefore, even if he knows that there is a monitoring system, he will still do it, but he will be more cautious and make extra movements to confuse the tracking.

Xi Mu was silent for a while before saying, “That’s alright. If all those patients were under you, the people from the research institute won’t just look for me.” He raised his eyebrows and stared at Xiào Mu’s expression, “When I am free tonight, I will check the surveillance camera. Say, do you think there will be the same person who went in and out of these wards?”

Xiào Mu gripped his fingers. Since Xi Mu is saying that, it means that he hasn’t watched the recording from the surveillance camera yet. Right now, he’s just suspecting him. Xiào Mu followed the flow of Doctor Xi Mu’s words and nodded, “It should be,” he tilted his head in distress, “and it may be me.”

Instantly, Xi Mu jumped up and stood upright, “It’s really you? You gave them spiritual treatment?”

“How is it possible?” Xiào Mu stared at the doctor and said, “I am not a guide, how can I do spiritual treatment, but… I think they looked uncomfortable, so I gave them some medicines.”

This is the plan that Xiào Mu thought of. And it’s okay to say it in advance so that he dispels Xi Mu’s suspicion.

“You can make medicine?” Xi Mu was surprised to hear that, as he didn’t expect this to be the reason. But after thinking about it, it feels reasonable. After all, if Xiào Mu is a guide, he couldn’t think of the reason why he couldn’t detect it.

Xiào Mu has not made any medicine yet, and he doesn’t know what the result will be. He solemnly said, “I promised to keep it secret, so I can’t tell you. I have an urgent matter to go out now,” he paused, his tone relaxed as he added, “Can you keep the secret for me if those people didn’t think to check the surveillance camera?”

“Hey, do you think they are all idiots? According to the procedure, the surveillance camera should be checked latest by tonight,” Xi Mu snorted, “But they keep harassing me earlier, so I suggested that they check those sentinels’ body condition. Hence, they are spending some time doing experiments at the moment. Otherwise, they will be checking the monitoring now.”

Xiào Mu did not expect an incident like this to happen which provided him with time to make medicine, and said gratefully, “Thank you.”

Doctor Xi Mu glanced at Xiào Mu, “It’s useless to thank me. What you did will definitely be exposed. Although the medicine you gave to the patients doesn’t conform to the hospital’s regulations, nothing bad has happened to the patients. And with the medicine you have, no one will hold you back. It’s just that it will be hard for you to hold on to the prescription.”

Xiào Mu thought about the prescription for the low-grade healing pill and the corner of his mouth twitched. 2g of rhubarb, whoever wanted it can take it.

“I have to go now,” Xiào Mu said, “I will cooperate when I’m exposed.”

Xi Mu waved his hand, “I thought you were a guide earlier. That gave me a scare.”

Xiào Mu smiled and left the office. While waiting for the elevator, he suddenly remembered that he had no personal space to work on the medicines. Where to go then? The marshal’s apartment is definitely not a good place. The marshal is too powerful, and several Level AA sentinels are guarding nearby, it is too easy for him to get spotted. After thinking about it, Xiào Mu entered the elevator but did not go downstairs, and went to the balcony on the top of the hospital instead.

It’s the farthest location from the first floor. Every floor above the first floor is full of ordinary people and no one will disturb him. It’s a good place. He opened the package and took a look at the rhubarb. The quality was pretty good. Xiào Mu sat down cross-legged and opened the system panel. Recalling how the process to make medicines in the game, he looked at the medical icon.

[Start making medicine? Yes/No]

He mentally tapped at ‘Yes’.

[Lacking tool ‘Big Medicine Mortar’, medicine cannot be made.]

Xiào Mu rubbed his face. As expected of a game system, my god, they even included the tools as one of the requirements.

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