Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 11

Here’s Chapter 11 yo~

Chapter 11 Exposed

Xiào Mu was taken aback and hurriedly ran over. He sat down by the window farthest from Leo, and thanked him with a smile, “Thank you.” With a flying car, he can go to his destination much faster without getting tired.

Leo waved his hand casually, “It’s along the way, I’m going to the guest house.”

Xiào Mu still remembers that Leo brought a person of the same rank as him to the guest house. He guessed that Leo had a business matter to discuss and consciously said, “I’ll go down to the guest house too.” The remaining journey to the flight station is less than 2 km, which is not far.

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu; quite sensible.

“Which district did you wander in before this?” Leo asked suddenly after being quiet for a while.

Xiào Mu looked at Leo innocently, “I don’t remember. The doctor said that I was found in Zone F, so it should be in Zone F ba.”

Leo sneered, “Zone F? Can you even survive a day there?” He narrowed his eyes. “I investigated you and found no clue. You simply appeared in Zone F out of thin air.” He tapped his finger on the armrest of the seat, “Or, you are not from the Empire. You illegally smuggled into the Empire?”

Being suspected, Xiào Mu sat upright and looked serious, “I don’t remember. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not, I forgot it all.”

Since he came into this world suddenly and has no reasonable identity at all, Xiào Mu could only insist that he had forgotten everything and start a new life again. Leo stared at him, and he openly let Leo stare his fill. He just wanted to live well in the Empire, and he didn’t have any bad intentions.

Finally, Leo looked away and said, “You better said the truth. If I find out that you have any bad ideas, I can pinch you to death with one hand.”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo’s hands subconsciously. His hands were big and his five fingers were slender and strong. Then Xiào Mu touched his pale and tender neck, he doesn’t doubt Leo’s words.

“It’s all the truth, I have no bad ideas.” Xiào Mu said seriously.

“We have arrived,” The driver said.

Xiào Mu glanced outwards. This was the entrance of the guest house. Leo jumped off the aircraft, and he jumped off to follow immediately, “Thank you.”

Leo looked down at Xiào Mu. His skin was particularly white, even dazzling under the sun, Leo thought; like a soft bun. “The meeting here ends at 6.30 pm.” After Leo finished speaking, he turned to enter the guest house.

Hearing that, Xiào Mu blinked and became happy. What Leo meant was that if he gets here at 6.30 pm, he could hitch a ride home? Xiào Mu glanced at the time and trot briskly to the flight station. Soon, he couldn’t continue to run and could only walk slowly. After 25 minutes, Xiào Mu arrived at the flight station. He sighed slightly, if he kept this speed, he could catch up with the free ride in the evening.

The process to register for a new terminal was handled very smoothly, but the part to take samples of his blood and gene which will be kept in national record took some time to process. Xiào Mu didn’t have any money to buy a new terminal. The terminal was given by the Empire, and it was quite functional, similar to a modern computer. Looking at the personal information on the terminal, the corners of Xiào Mu’s mouth curled up. This is the ID that belongs only to him.

After setting up the terminal, Xiào Mu went directly to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, it is almost 10.00 am, which means he took only 2 hours of leave. For the remaining 2 hours, he could still get the 50 coins wages. The dispatching room was so busy that the staff didn’t ask too much when he saw him. The staff only urged him to change into his white coat and hurry to work. Xiào Mu put on the walkie-talkie and held the treatment device in his other hand. Then he said while buttoning his shirt, “Xiào Mu is free.”

“1003.” As soon as the words fell, a ward number was reported in the walkie-talkie.

After Xiào Mu treated 6 patients consecutively, he finally heard the room number on the first floor in the walkie-talkie. He glanced at his remaining spiritual power, which was more than 2,500 points. It means he has recovered more than 1,500 points from last night to now. He did a mental calculation; right now the limit of his spiritual power bar has been unlocked to 5,500. That means his minimum safety value is 1,100 points. He can use more than 1,400 points, but with the increase of treatment for the sentinels, his spiritual power will unlock more, and the safety value will also increase. To avoid accidents, he decided to give spiritual treatment to only 3 sentinels today.

There is not much time left in the morning, and Xiào Mu’s plan is only carried out ⅓ of it. He is not in a hurry. There is a lot of time in the afternoon. It is not difficult to find 2 sentinels who will be taking sleeping medicines. About 2 minutes before noon, when Xiào Mu came out of a ward, a staff’s voice came from the headset, “End work, change shift.”

Xiào Mu rubbed his wrists and walked towards the lounge. A part-time worker like him works 2 shifts; 1 in the morning and another in the afternoon. Then he has an hour to eat lunch and rest at noon. When he reached a corner, someone coming quickly from the opposite direction ran into him. The bump caused Xiào Mu to stepped back several steps, and he held on to the wall to stabilize his body.

“Are you okay?” Xi Mu’s face was grumpy, and he was about to curse out. However, seeing Xiào Mu holding on to the wall, he swallowed his original words, he asked about Xiào Mu instead.

Xiào Mu shook his head in depression, “I’m okay.”

Doctor Xi Mu is just an ordinary person but when they ran into each other, Xi Mu didn’t budge at all. Instead, Xiào Mu took a few steps back. He was…too weak.

Doctor Xi Mu waved his hand, “Go to eat now.”

Xiào Mu nodded and took the elevator to the lounge.

After Xiào Mu left, Doctor Xi Mu turned his head and said to the middle-aged man in a suit next to him, “I already said no, that means I don’t have it. The guide pheromone agents used by our hospital are all standardized. I did not use any new type of guide pheromone agents.”

“Impossible,” the man denied. “If it’s just 1 or 2 cases, it can be said to be a coincidence. Now there are more than 10 people. The thread in the sentinel’s forum that talked about the new guide pheromone agent has accumulated more than 10,000 posts.”

“Director Jones,” Xi Mu was extremely annoyed, “All the guide pheromone agents we used are sent from the hospital. Rather than asking me, it is better to investigate the guide pheromone agent storage room.”

“It’s been investigated,” Jones then added, “Those patients’ spiritual state was like a brand-new state, and almost all of them were patients under your care. If you didn’t use any new type guide pheromone agent in private, could it be you are actually a guide, and you secretly gave them spiritual treatments?”

Xi Mu stopped abruptly, pointed at himself, and smirked, “Do you think I am such a weak creature like a guide?”

Recalling the scene where Xi Mu bumped Xiào Mu into taking a few steps back, Jones shook his head quickly. He smiled and said, “I’m just kidding,” then he persuaded with all his heart, “Dr. Xi Mu, a new type of medicine with such a good effect is a boon for all sentinels. I assure you that as the creator of the formula, you will definitely be acknowledged as the sole owner, and no one can pretend to be you.”

“The patent of the formula is also yours. You can sell it to any pharmaceutical company freely. Of course, our Pharmacy Research Institute will research the formula and pay you the corresponding fee. Other than that, we will never let your research be stolen.” He said in a seductive tone, “As you can imagine, this is a huge asset.”

Xi Mu squeezed the bridge of his nose. He can’t remember how many times he repeated, “I didn’t use any new guide pheromone agent. I am just a doctor. I don’t have a hobby of studying guide pheromone agents, and I don’t usually do experiments.”

He turned his head and spat a swear word, this Jones has been pestering him all morning. He went to work for less than an hour, and Director Jones of the Pharmacy Research Institute called for him. It is said that someone posted on the sentinel’s forum that the First Hospital has developed a new type of guide pheromone agent, which worked better than any guide’s spiritual treatment. After that, their spiritual state would feel like a brand-new life. And he only managed to work less than an hour, as Jones investigated the guide pheromone agent of the hospital, and checked all the staff in charge, to no avail. In the end, Jones discovered that almost all the dozen sentinels who acknowledged the post were handled by him. That’s why Jones suspected that he had developed a new type of guide pheromone agent, but only used it secretly and did not announce it. Listening to what Jones said just now, he(J) probably thought that he(XM) is afraid that his credit will be robbed by his superiors as he is a small doctor.

Jones frowned and looked at Doctor Xi Mu, “This is illogical. You have seen it yourself. All the dozen sentinels have released a before-and-after comparison image of their spiritual state. Moreover, they have only received treatment in your hospital during that period.”

Xi Mu nodded, “I’ve seen it, and I’m also very surprised. I suggest you gather them together and check their physique carefully. It might be something about their body.” He affirmed again, “I don’t have any new guide pheromone agent.”

Jones spread his hands helplessly, “Well, I will check them as soon as possible, but I remain suspicious of you. I promise you that your glory will not be replaced by anyone. Our research institute respects every researcher.”

Xi Mu watched Jones leave, and couldn’t help rolling his eyes; what a stubborn mule. He glanced at the time and returned to his office. He ordered a lunch then sat on a stool thoughtfully. This incident was very strange. A sentence Jones said suddenly appeared in his mind, ‘Could it be that you are actually a guide and gave them a spiritual treatment?’ Doctor Xi Mu stood up abruptly, he had a bold guess in his heart that there is a guide in the hospital.

At the same time, Xiào Mu was eating lunch in the lounge. Temporary colleagues changed every day, so everyone ate their meal and played with their terminal, and there was no communication between them.

“Is it true?” A short man on the right put his chin on the shoulder of a big man sitting on the stool and looked at his virtual screen.

The big man released his chopsticks and tapped the screen, then retracted his hand to continue eating, “There are the images of their spiritual state before and after as comparison, it should be true.”

“Our hospital is really amazing, to research out such a powerful new guide pheromone agent.” The short man sighed.

“Yes, but it’s strange that the hospital didn’t announce it in public, and there were only a dozen beneficiaries.” The big man was puzzled.

The smaller man nodded in agreement, “This sentinel’s forum is about to explode because of this post. Believe it or not, we will get busier and busier soon.”

The big man wailed, “I don’t like dealing with those arrogant sentinels. If I get beaten accidentally, it hurts like hell.”

Since hearing the words ‘spiritual state’, Xiào Mu has been paying attention to their conversation. Upon hearing this, he opened his terminal and searched the sentinel forum. After entering the forum, at a glance, he saw the hot post stickied on the top in red and bold wordings, “Imperial First Hospital has a new type of guide pheromone agent, and the effect is amazing. ’

Xiào Mu clicked on the post, set the post to slide up automatically. Then he read the thread while eating. After seeing the before-and-after comparison images sent by the sentinels of their spiritual state, he gradually tightened his hold on the chopsticks. He has an impression of these people, and they are the ones to whom he gave the spiritual treatment. Xiào Mu became nervous and scrolled the post to the end. Every post was copied and pasted: I will go to the First Hospital for treatment immediately.

Closing his terminal, Xiào Mu began to wonder what to do. Suddenly thought of something, he turned his head and looked around; he forgot an important thing. Is there any CCTV in the hospital ward? Xiào Mu took a deep breath and put his lunch box in the recycling area. Then he opened the terminal again and searched in the input box, CCTV in the Empire First Hospital.

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