Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Discovery

Xiào Mu looked at the narcissist Leo in front of him and didn’t know what expression he put on for a while. He explained, “You misunderstood, I have a business to find the Marshal.” As he said, he raised his hand and rubbed his forehead. His spiritual power was less than 20%, making his forehead feel hot as his head was placed in a steamer. It was stuffy and hot, and he was a little dizzy.

“Business?” Leo raised his eyebrows. His gaze swept through Xiào Mu’s face, and he humphed, “You are blushing.”

Xiào Mu: “…”

Gritting his teeth, Xiào Mu rushed to Leo quickly and squatted down so that his forehead was against the back of Leo’s hand on the armrest. In an instant, his spiritual barrier thinned, and the spiritual filaments struggled crazily wanted to get close to Leo. Xiào Mu moved away as soon as he touched the back of Leo’s hand and returned to his original position with a serious look. Then he said, “My face is red because I’m having a fever. I am really not thinking about you.” Although Leo is the type he likes, this kind of like is similar to liking idols; just purely appreciation.

Leo looked down at the back of his hand. The person had already left, but the warmth of his forehead seemed to remain on it. He leaned against the back of the sofa and put his hands on his feet.

“You are more proactive than I thought,” Leo stared at Xiào Mu, “but, no next time. I hate physical contact with other people.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. Does this person have a filtering system? Anyone saying they don’t like him will automatically be filtered. He thickened the spiritual barrier and calmed down the spiritual filaments. Right now, the distance between them is only 2 meters. Because of the spiritual barrier, his reaction to Leo is almost negligible. Hence, hearing that Leo didn’t like to be in contact with people made him feel happy; it was simply great. In the future, he will immediately establish a spiritual barrier if he saw Leo. Without physical contact, his spiritual barrier will not be affected and his identity will not be exposed.

“Don’t worry, I will keep a distance from you.” Xiào Mu said and shifted his seat to the left; leaving more distance between them.

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu and closed his eyes to rest. Although this child always tried his best to jump around in front of his eyes, he(XM) was not noisy, not disturbing, not sticky, and lastly, he(L) was not disgusted by him.

“Xiào Mu,” Ren strode out of the study with a friendly smile and sat down beside Xiào Mu. “Sorry for my rudeness earlier, did I scare you?” Ren still has memories of when he was mentally confused. Xiào Mu looked weak, so he is really worried that he would scare Xiào Mu away.

Xiào Mu could still feel slight discomfort from Ren, but Ren acted like he is fine with a relaxed smile.

“Not scared,” Xiào Mu said, and couldn’t help asking, “Are you well?”

Ren waved his hand, “Yes, it’s nothing. Relax a bit more, we are at home now so no need to be so polite.”

Xiào Mu nodded and turned to glance at Leo. He happened to meet Leo’s eyes, so he quickly moved away his gaze. The Marshal said he’s fine, but he thinks he(R) just afraid he will be worried.

Leo sat upright, humphed softly to himself. The guy said he didn’t like him, but he peeked at him just now.

Ren looked at Xiào Mu with a smile, “You said you have something to ask me. Do you want to ask about Leo? Which year do you want to know1? I will tell you slowly.”

“Grandfather.” Leo gave him a warning look.

Ren glared back at Leo, “It’s hard for someone to finally dared to approach you. Give me a good attitude. If you scare away another person again, are you expecting to find a partner from those people who profess love to your pictures online?”

Xiào Mu: I didn’t approach him!

In order to prevent the grandfather-grandson pair from shifting to a topic that caused him headaches, he hurriedly said, “Mr. Marshal, I want to ask you for help.” Ren turned his head to look at him. Xiào Mu proceeds to explain that he was not Greene and that he had been misidentified. Then he said, “Greene should be taken away. I want you to help him find him.”

Ren looked at Xiào Mu in surprise, “Are you an orphan? If Greene is found, then you will have nothing.”

Xiào Mu said, “Well, I want to live as myself and don’t want to pretend to be someone else.” He helplessly spread his hands, “I told Major General Greene several times, but he didn’t believe it. He thought his son was just throwing tantrums.”

Ren asked Leo, “Lyle is in charge of the interstellar guide trafficking case, right?”

Leo nodded, “Yes, not much progress, but I’ll contact him.”

Xiào Mu watched Leo raise his left hand and quickly said, “Can you bring up the tracking video? As long as you make sure that they didn’t throw anyone away in the middle of the escape, then you can prove that I am not Greene, and the real Greene has been taken away.”

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu and swiped a few times on the terminal. After a while, he gestured at Xiào Mu with his chin and said, “We didn’t add each other as friends, so I am unable to share the video directly with you. Come here.”

Xiào Mu was about to get up, when Ren cut in, “Why didn’t you two add each other as friends? You can add now. It’s nothing big anyway, you can watch the video together.”

Leo ignored Ren’s words. He turned on the video and pulled the virtual screen larger.

Xiào Mu instantly felt like he was watching a movie and stared at the screen. In the video, 3 young people; 2 male and 1 female, were walking on the road when an aircraft suddenly hovered beside them. A man who covered his entire body reached out and grabbed the girl. The girl was pulled backward by the boy in green, while he pushed the boy in white forward at the same time. Hence, the man grabbed the boy in white, pulled him into the aircraft effortlessly, and then quickly left.

Upon seeing this, Xiào Mu gripped his fists. The boy in white is Xiào Mu Greene. He was not mistaken as a guide and captured, but he was a substitute for someone else. The aircraft flew to a remote place. Then, 3 tall men and Greene could be seen transferred to a smaller earthy gray spacecraft and proceeded directly to Zone F. At the end of the screen, almost in the blink of an eye, the earthy gray spaceship disappeared. Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief. During the whole process, the spacecraft did not stop for a moment and did not throw anyone out.

“Can pass the video to…” Xiào Mu turned to ask if he could pass the video to Kain, but when he saw Ren and Leo staring at the screen with serious expressions, he shut up subconsciously.

Leo furrowed his eyebrows and his expression was almost fierce. He swiped at the screen and in the video, 5 seconds before the spaceship disappeared was cut out separately and replayed back slowly frame by frame.

Ren murmured, “It’s exactly the same.” After he finished speaking, his expression stunned fierce, “I’ll contact Louis.”

Leo turned off the video, Xiào Mu looked at him nervously. Just now, he could feel the uncomfortable feeling that Leo passed to him. Xiào Mu knew that he was in a state of mental confusion, but he couldn’t understand why. Leo obviously looked fine before this. Is there any problem with this video?

Leo rubbed the bridge of his nose, and when he lowered his hand, he threw a swear word, “Is Lyle blind? He didn’t notice anything wrong.” As he talked, he went to contact Lyle again and fiercely scolded, “Have you seen the video where Xiào Mu Greene is captured? Are your eyes grown on your face just for symmetry purpose?”

Lyle was stunned. He knew Leo, and know that he is furious right now, so he furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s the matter? There are 2 other people captured on the same day as Greene. Both were guides. Since Greene was found, my followers doing the follow-ups for his case. As for me, I am looking for the 2 guides. Golden Tower put a lot of pressure on us.”

Leo took a few deep breaths and restrained his temper, “Send me the tracking videos of the other 2 guides.”

Lyle looked at the hung-up call with an inexplicable expression. Then he quickly posted the video to Leo. Thinking of something, he stood up all of a sudden.

“My dear, en, I missed you. We found a clue, come back first, alright”

Xiào Mu watched Ren hang up the call with a gentle face, and was shocked. Is this the Marshal? This is clearly a young man in love!

After Ren hung up the call, he wiped his face and said, “Louis will be back soon,” he turned his head to Zorn, who acted as an invisible man, “Contact Golden Tower and ask them to arrange a guide doctor for me.”

“Grandfather,” Leo glanced at him worriedly. Then he asked with a sneer, “Can those trash in Golden Tower enter your spiritual state?”

Ren helplessly spread his hands, “We can always try,” he looked at Zorn, “We should get in touch with the Association of Pharmacists too, and them to prepare more advanced medicine.”

Zorn nodded.

Leo played the other 2 videos he received and closed the terminal, “It’s not the same.”

Ren looked at Xiào Mu, “Xiào Mu, I will help you contact Major General Greene. You should be able to recover your real identity soon.”

Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up, “Thank you, Marshal.”

Ren patted Xiào Mu on the shoulder, “No, I should thank you.”

Xiào Mu is puzzled, but judging from their previous behaviors, they should have found some important clues in the video. He didn’t ask too much. With their identity, things that can make them nervous must be big.

Ren asked again, “You are an orphan, so where did you live previously?”

Xiào Mu said, “I don’t have a fixed place to live. I work everywhere and live everywhere.”

Ren looked at Xiào Mu in surprise, “To think that there are still wanderers in the empire. After you move out of the Greene apartment, where are you going to live?”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help but worry about the issue as well. He thought for a while and said, “I work part-time in the hospital, so I can stay in the hospital temporarily. When the school starts, I will live in the school.”

Ren sighed, “What a pitiful little guy. Have you applied for social assistance?”

“Social assistance?” Xiào Mu leaned forward, “Can I apply? How much assistance can I get each month?”

“You are not an adult, and you don’t have a guardian. Of course, you can apply. Social assistance is subsidized at 1,000 coins per month, but after you started working as an adult, you have to pay it back,” Ren said, “You haven’t applied for it? How did you live before?”

Xiào Mu scratched his head awkwardly, “I don’t remember very clearly. I had a brain injury when I woke up, and I forgot most things.”

Hearing that makes Ren felt that Xiào Mu is even more pitiful. After thinking about it, he looked at his weak appearance and suggested, “Why don’t you come to live with me? After Louis comes back, I don’t have much time to live here.”

“No need,” Xiào Mu hurriedly waved his hand, gratefully said, “Thank you, Marshal.”

Ren had some scruples at first, but when Xiào Mu refused, he persuaded, “Just live here. There are many vacant rooms in the house. You are about to start school, and you won’t be staying for many days here.”

Xiào Mu thought about the hospital bed fee and couldn’t help but be moved. His salary before the start of school will be almost 2,500 and if the bed and car fees were deducted, it might be less than 2,000. Although the school does not require tuition fees, it does require accommodation fees. He forgot to check the accommodation fees of the Imperial Military Academy. Besides, he also needs to eat. When he started school, he can’t go to the hospital except on weekends. Not sure if he can find other part-time jobs.

“Thank you, Marshal, then I will bother you.” Xiào Mu sat upright and thanked Ren formally.

Early the next morning, Xiào Mu’s terminal identity information was locked. To get the terminal unlocked, he had to go to the Citizen Information Collection Institute. He searched for the route, closed the door, and walked slowly towards the flight station.

“Come up.” A black aircraft stopped beside him, and Xiào Mu turned his head to see Leo leaning on the back of the chair lazily with his legs folded, looking sideways at him.

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