Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 65 Part 2

Chapter 65 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 2


Chapter 65 Gu Ye: If can’t stand it, then just bring it down!

Gu Ye slept until noon, got up, and had lunch before going to school.

Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang thought Gu Ye was sick, and planned to come out at noon to see him. But after seeing Gu Ye and that he didn’t look sick, they asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I slept in the morning.”

“Did you go to eliminate evil for the people last night?”

Gu Ye looked at Zhao Pengyu and said with a smile, “I almost adopted a younger brother for you.”

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu’s mouth twitched. He made a fist gesture on Gu Ye’s stomach and said, “I’ll beat you!”

Just after Gu Ye sat down in class, his cell phone rang, which scared him. It turned out that his father sent him a message.

Seeing Gu Ye’s confused expression, Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang were puzzled, “Your father sent you a message, why are you so shocked?”

Gu Ye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Because, my father never sent me a message.”

Hearing that, both of them sympathized with him. Papa Gu can be seen as a strict father at first glance.

Papa Gu: [Your uncle’s son didn’t come back. Just like your eldest brother a few years ago, he was being rebellious. You have such a crow/jinx mouth.]

Gu Ye realized that his father was talking about the uncle who was about to retire. He replied helplessly: [It’s not my crow mouth, it’s just his fate. In 3 years, his successor will be back and he can live out his retired life in peace. He is lucky.]

Papa Gu: [Then calculate for me, when will I retire?]

Gu Ye laughed. This is the main point. The old man was embarrassed to ask him directly, so he changed to a roundabout tactic. Gu Ye smiled and replied: [You can do it next year. Big brother is so capable that it won’t be a problem to take over everything.]

Papa Gu: [Alas, look at the heir of the Yu family. Old Yu has retired long ago.]

Gu Ye curled his lips. His father must be so happy in his heart at the moment. But now he is changing the subject and started complaining. Why didn’t he notice before that his father is getting more arrogant as he gets older?

Gu Ye took a screenshot and forwarded it to his eldest brother: [Big brother, Dad said that Yu Ze is excellent. Tell me, if he doesn’t want me anymore, what should I do?]

Gu Sen: […]

Gu Ye: [If he doesn’t want me anymore, the four of us brothers should go and get him back. Big brother, you will definitely take the lead, right?]

Gu Sen: [Don’t even think about it!]

Gu Ye knew that he had angered his big brother again, but there was nothing he could do. If he wanted to deal with his father in the future (about his relationship with Yu Ze), he had to let his big brother come forward, his father might not listen to others. As for his little mom and Old Fourth at home, Gu Ye didn’t count them as targets to be conquered. They were too easy to coax, alright? His stepmother only needed to be flattered mindlessly, and Old Fourth only needed a lollipop.

Although Gu Sen was angry now, he still couldn’t help but call the second brother to discuss.

Gu Lin had just finished a meeting and asked while reading a report: “What’s up?”

Gu Sen asked dissatisfiedly: “What with the attitude?”

Gu Lin’s mouth twitched, “Did Old Third make you angry?”

Gu Sen said nothing with a cold expression. Gu Lin immediately realized that he was right. His big brother would only take it out on him if someone among his brothers made him angry. Even if Old Fourth had ‘a hundred guts’1, he would not dare to provoke Big Brother. The only one who dared to make him angry was the little devil at home.

After a moment of silence, Gu Sen suddenly sighed, “I’m worried. If Yu Ze falls in love with someone else one day, won’t this kid go crazy?”

Gu Lin signed the report and answered lightly, “Who knows?”

Gu Lin’s attitude made the eldest brother very dissatisfied, “Why don’t you worry about him? How do you be a brother? Do you care?”

“I care, but he told me that he finally found someone who he can be at ease with. He said that he was tired of living, so I softened my heart.” Gu Lin put down the pen and said helplessly, “As long as he is happy, it’s better for him to find a person than a ghost.”

Gu Sen didn’t believe it, “He can find a ghost?!”

Gu Lin explained helplessly, “He has several ghosts and a moving human skin doll at his house. It’s unsurprising for him to find a ghost.”

“How do you know about that?” This question sounded a bit jealous. Gu Sen had already discovered that the second brother was close to Old Third, and Old Fourth was also close to Old Third. Only he, as the eldest brother, was avoided by them all.

Gu Lin was also very busy with his work, but he was the second brother, the middle child. He said with a smile, “Take some time to check his Weibo. Female ghost, human skin doll, Kuman Thong… Also, he worships the King of Hell, and I don’t know what he believes in (religion).”

Gu Sen suddenly felt guilty, “I care too little about him.”

Gu Lin smiled, “Who doesn’t? Brother, you can let him check it when you want to buy land in the future. Old Third’s calculations are quite accurate. The saying that Dingnan Entertainment will go bankrupt within half a year is about to come true.”

“You did something?”

“That Xu Shun wants to ruin me. Wouldn’t it be boring if I didn’t fight back? But Old Third already calculated it half a year ago. Within a week, the outside world will know about this. By then, Old Third may be on the hot search and become famous again.”

Gu Sen sighed tiredly, “What’s so good about this kind of fame? Wouldn’t it be good for him to help me manage the company after graduation? I have 2 companies and I’m too busy.”

Gu Lin smiled and said, “Then you should please him now, maybe he can share some of the duties of the real estate business with you in the future. If you don’t need him, I will bring him to be my consultant, and let him calculate whether I can make a profit in any decision.”

Gu Sen mentally thought of Gu Ye holding a divination plate, looking at a sand table, and muttering, “I calculated with my fingers, if I buy this piece of land, I will get rich.”

Big brother Gu couldn’t help but hold his forehead and couldn’t bear to watch!

After class in the afternoon, the Gu Ye who was being thought about by his elder and second brothers, sent a message to Yu Ze: [Are you free? I want to call.]

Then, Yu Ze called and said gently, “I’m free.”

Gu Ye said aggrievedly, “I went out to play last night and found a serious problem.”

Yu Ze asked in cooperation, “What’s the problem?”

“I don’t have a car, so I can’t play properly!”

The reply amused Yu Ze, “Last time I said I would buy you a car, and you said you had a bicycle.”

“Don’t mention it, it was ruined by Zhao Pengyu that naughty kid. I want to buy a sports car, so help me buy one, and I’ll give you money.”

“I’ll buy it for you.”

“No, I have money. On my birthday, the pocket money my dad, my eldest brother, and my second brother gave me added up to more than 4 million.”

Yu Ze heard Gu Ye’s insistence so he said, “Okay, you’ll spend your own money. Do you need a driver?”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “No need. Just help arrange the test for me. I’m going to take a driver’s license test on Sunday. I can drive and I can pass it in one try.”

Yu Ze agreed happily, “Okay, I’ll arrange it for you. I heard that you went to make trouble last night? Do you need help?”

Gu Ye laughed, “You got the news too quickly. I don’t need your help for now. I want to meet Elder Tang first and ask for his opinion before I start. After all, the association was founded by them few old gentlemen.”

Yu Ze chuckled and said lightly, “I’ll listen to you. But it’s not difficult to get rid of it (association).”

Hearing that, Gu Ye said exaggeratedly in an admiring tone, “Wow! President Yu is so awesome! ‘The weather is getting colder, let this stupid association close down’2!”

Upon hearing Gu Ye’s, Yu Ze simply said lovingly, “Naughty as usual.”


Since it was the first time Gu Ye made a request, Yu Ze arranged for someone to buy a car for Gu Ye that day itself. Gu Ye’s request is to buy a fast sports car. 2 days later, Yu Ze sent Gu Ye a picture. He ordered a Porsche 911 for him. The appearance is pure white, clean, and elegant, 3.8T twin-turbocharged, 700 horsepower, and it can run as much as you want. It only costs 4 million yuan.

Gu Ye was stunned when he saw the reply. He just wanted a fast car for transportation. He didn’t say he would spend all the money! This prodigal man! No matter how fast he drives, he can’t exceed the speed limit anyway!

Yu Ze: [You don’t like it? I can ask them to return it and change it to a better one. 4 million really can’t buy a good car though.]

Gu Ye quickly replied: [No, no, no, it’s good enough! Don’t change it again!]

Who knows how expensive the next car will be? Gu Ye looked at his bank card distressedly and swore secretly that he would never let Yu Ze help him buy things in the future. The other party’s concept of money is not at the same level as his. It’s so freaking terrible!

On Sunday, Yu Ze deliberately set aside a day to accompany Gu Ye to take the driver’s license test. Witnessing Gu Ye’s skilled driving skills, Yu Ze was secretly puzzled. According to his understanding of Gu Ye, Gu Ye has never touched a car, but looking at Gu Ye’s skills, it’s something that will take 5 or 6 years to practice.

Seeing Gu Ye get out of the car, Yu Ze walked over and tightened his slightly opened collar.

Gu Ye smiled and said, “I’m not cold. There was a heater in the car just now. I’m feeling hot.”

Yu Ze still zipped Gu Ye up without saying anything. Then he said, “Don’t catch a cold. And you drive well, even on mountain roads. You will definitely pass it.”

Gu Ye said happily, “I really like driving on mountain roads, especially downhill. It’s so exciting!”

That made Yu Ze’s eyes darkened. Hiding the inquiry in his eyes, he told Gu Ye in a normal tone, “It’s too dangerous. Don’t go there in the future.”

“I don’t have time to go either,” Gu Ye said regretfully, “I’m still a student, still a baby.”

Yu Ze raised the corner of his mouth and pinched Gu Ye’s face, “You will always be a baby.”

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, “Then aren’t you very pitiful?”

Yu Ze thought for a long time before reacting to the meaning of Gu Ye’s words3. He didn’t expect Gu Ye to be so bold. When there was no one around them, Yu Ze pressed Gu Ye in his arms with a gloomy face, “I think you are grown up now.”

“No, no, no,” Gu Ye struggled like a fish, trying to escape, “I’m still young, I can grow a few more years!”

“You are already 20.”

“23 still has a chance for growth spurt4!”

“You know, that’s not what I meant.”

“Shut up, I have the final say! What I mean is what I mean.”

Yu Ze didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Can you be reasonable?”

Gu Ye smiled evilly, “As promised, I’m the head of the family, you will listen to me!”

Just as Gu Ye was messing around, the phone in his pocket rang. Gu Ye used Yu Ze as a backrest and answered the phone with a smile.

Xie Cheng said cheerfully: “Gu Ye, it’s my master’s birthday the day after tomorrow. He invited a few old friends and a few young people. There aren’t many people. He hopes you can come.”

Gu Ye paused and asked subconsciously: “Old friend? Is Old Master Yu here too?”

“Yes, Old Master Yu is here every year. They have been friends for life.”

Gu Ye: “…”

Xie Cheng: “What’s wrong? Why don’t you say anything?”

Gu Ye looked up at Yu Ze and said, “I’m suddenly nervous!”

Yu Ze’s mouth curved up and used his eyes to comfort Gu Ye, saying it was okay, no need to be nervous.

Xie Cheng thought Gu Ye was talking to him and laughed: “What’s there to be nervous about? Old Master Yu has a good temper and is a very fashionable old man. By the way, you were awesome last night!”

At the moment, Gu Ye looked well-behaved and didn’t want to say anything.

Xie Cheng: “Hello? What’s wrong with you, buddy?”

Gu Ye’s face was tense, “Nervous!”

“Nervous? You’re not secretly in love with me, are you? Meeting my master is like meeting partner’s parents? Hahaha~~”

Gu Ye’s expression turned cold and he scolded, “Get lost!” before hanging up.

Xie Cheng then sent Gu Ye a message: [I was just teasing you! Please look at me, rich man!]

Gu Ye felt tired just looking at this idiot. He looked up at Yu Ze, aggrieved, “Honey, your dad is going, I’m nervous!”

Yu Ze comforted lovingly, “Don’t be nervous, I’ll go with you.”

Gu Ye covered his face. If Yu Ze is going, wouldn’t that become an official meeting with the parents, he is even more nervous now!

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