Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 65 Part 1

Chapter 65 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 1


Chapter 65 Gu Ye: If can’t stand it, then just bring it down!

An old man couldn’t stand being scolded by Gu Ye. Gu Ye dared to compare them to earthworms. He asked angrily, “Who is your sister? We haven’t done anything excessive to women!”

Wu Xizhao answered gloomily, “He raised a spirit, it’s the spirit in the painting he got from Old Yu.”

Gu Ye admitted proudly, “Yes, that’s my sister and this is my big brother. I also raised a ghost son, a ghost daughter, and a ghost pet, what can you do to me?”

Wrapped in ghostly energy, Ghost General revealed himself. Everyone was shocked and gasped, “How did you get in?”

Gu Ye explained with a smile, “Sorry, we two broke all the formations you set up outside. To be honest, it was effortless. You people from the association are all rookies.”

The two old men were so angry that they wanted to slam the table. It was too much!

Qi Zong suppressed anger with a cold face and asked Wu Xizhao, “What else did you do? Tell me everything!”

Seeing Wu Xizhao hesitated, Gu Ye glanced at him with contempt and said, “My sister is just a spirit in a painting. She usually reads scriptures and chants Buddha’s prayers. She relies on the moon to cultivate and yet you want to kill her and put her to death!” As Gu Ye said, his temper flared up again, “You fker really have to thank the rule of lawful society! Otherwise, I will definitely kill you tonight!”

Wu Xizhao opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word from being aggrieved.

An old man couldn’t bear it anymore and stood up directly, “Gu Ye, if you have something to say, please say it properly, don’t be so wild!”

“If I wasn’t wild, I wouldn’t be here. You should apologize to my sister! Is it because you are not good at management and failed to educate these ‘three grandsons’1 well?”

Gu Ye’s expression turned cold, his eyes were as dark as the night outside the window, deep, indifferent, and cold. Standing up, he stepped forward and slapped the table in front of Qi Zong. Then he leaned forward slightly and stared at Qi Zong with burning eyes. Gu Ye would not give up until he achieved his goal.

“I’m just venting anger on behalf of my sister. You see, even if I can’t make it in this business, I still have my father to support me. The Gu family has nothing but money! But then again, if I really want to make this business big, you half-baked people will have nothing to eat!”

Hong Dou came out of the Buddhist beads and pulled Gu Ye anxiously, “Don’t be angry, calm down.”

Gu Ye knew that Hong Dou was worried that he would suffer if he made a big deal out of this matter, but since he was here, he was not afraid, “If you don’t give us an explanation, we will never be done!”

Qi Zong saw Hong Dou didn’t have a single evil aura on her. His expression turned gloomy and he glared at Wu Xizhao with gritted teeth. Finally, he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “We, the Xuanshu Association, apologize to you. We didn’t manage our matter well. Sorry.”

“Leader Qi!”

“Our association has lost all its face!”

The two old men were so angry. The dead Gu Ye once came to their doorstep for the sake of a ghost, and this Gu Ye came to their doorstep again to ask for justice for a spirit. The word ‘Gu Ye’ was like Gu Ye was born to conflict with them!

Qi Zong said sullenly, “We are at fault in this matter, and we should apologize.” Then, Qi Zong said to the front desk, “Call all the people who handled this task, I want to check the matter myself.”

Hearing that, Gu Ye’s mouth curved up. He was quite satisfied with Qi Zong’s performance and said, “Leader Qi, please check it slowly, we won’t disturb you.” Next, he looked at Luo Huai, who was sitting beside him and was frightened, “Don’t learn from the adults to be indistinguishable from good and evil. Leave this place early, and you can still become a talent.”

Luo Huai held his broken peach wood sword and carefully glanced at his senior uncle. Then he lowered his head in grievance and did not respond. He was adopted by his master when he was a child, and the education he received was to respect his teacher and elders. Also, what his master said was right and could not be refuted. At this moment, he had an idea in his mind that gradually became clear, he did not want to be someone like his uncle.

After Gu Ye left, the old man said with regret, “The association has lost all its face! Leader Qi, you shouldn’t have bowed your head! If this gets out, will our reputation be ruined? Will our face be lost? At moments like this, even though we know we are wrong, we can’t admit it!”

Qi Zong snorted self-deprecatingly, “Why don’t we dare to apologize when we are wrong? Are we really earthworms without spines?”

The two old men were speechless, and their expressions still say that they disagreed with Qi Zong’s approach.

Qi Zong stood up and said tiredly, “If you don’t change your mindset, the association won’t be able to go far.”

After Gu Ye left the building, he smiled and said to Ghost General, “Brother Ghost, I will pay you your labor fee when I get back.”

Ghost General shook his head, “No need, you gave me a lot before.”

Gu Ye was determined not to owe anyone a favor, “That was before, I still have to pay what I should pay.”

On the other hand, Ghost General also felt that he owed Gu Ye too many favors and was determined not to accept them, “You already called me Brother, I don’t want any reward.”

Gu Ye squinted his eyes and looked at the other party. He felt that Ghost General was so powerful and his temperament was quite honest. Suddenly, he had an idea, “Then, I would like to thank you for protecting me. Brother Ghost, do you think my sister is pretty?”

The question caused Ghost General to be stunned and he subconsciously glanced at Hong Dou who was also stunned. After that, he lowered his head and said nothing. Because he was wearing a mask on his face, no one knew what his expression was.

Gu Ye was dissatisfied, “Why are you still hesitating? You won’t find a girlfriend like this!”

Hong Dou left after saying “Don’t talk nonsense” and got into the Buddhist beads. Gu Ye called out twice, but Hong Dou seemed to be angry and ignored him. Gu Ye was helpless and thought to himself, ‘Sister, are you stupid? This man is so reliable, he can fight and resist attack, and he is loyal. He doesn’t like to spend money and doesn’t go out to ‘play’. Having him is like having an extra bodyguard. Who dares to bully you if you are together with him?’

Ghost General coughed and changed the subject in a cold voice, “Qi Zong is not bad.”

The topic change was too abrupt. Gu Ye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Thinking of what happened today, his expression gradually turned cold.”Yes, it’s a pity that there are not many people like this in the upper echelons of this society. It’s getting more and more distorted. As long as they are paid, they don’t distinguish between good and evil. The more I see them, the angrier I get. Sister Hong Dou almost died tonight, and they were too unhappy to apologize. I feel even more upset.”

Ghost General had nothing to say. This is not the society with royalty back then 2. People can’t be killed casually, and he can’t help much.

Gu Ye was silent for a while with a cold face, then suddenly laughed. He kicked the stone under his feet far away, and said proudly, “Life is short, if you don’t agree with something, then just fight it. It’s meaningless to hold it back. I can’t stand this association, I want to get rid of it.”

Ghost General raised his eyebrows and said in appreciation, “What courage!”

Obviously, after what happened just now, Ghost General was particularly appreciative of Gu Ye and talked more than usual. “But the people in this society have been trained to think in this way. Once they are dismissed from the association, it may not be a good thing. Just like a group of soldiers who don’t know right from wrong, after being separated, they may still stick to their original ideas and act accordingly.”

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, “Do you mean we should replace the upper level instead, brainwash them again, and cultivate their correct worldview?”

Ghost General nodded, “This is also a method.”

Gu Ye touched his chin, “I do have a candidate for the leader, but he is too young.”

Ghost General put his hands behind his back and said to Gu Ye as he walked, “Are you talking about the young man who used a whip when the ghost gate opened last time?”

“Yes, he is so poor, but he has a broad mind. He doesn’t care how much money he has, and he will definitely not be blinded by greed. He has a sense of justice, and his master can keep him in line. Isn’t it a good thing for him to replace his senior brother?”

Ghost General disagreed, “He is too cheerful/jumpy and a little unreliable.”

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, “Why not we let that person3 in charge today help him? I’ll think about how to deal with this matter.”

If someone in the mythical society saw the two of them, they would definitely be shocked. In the middle of the night, a master and a ghost with a killing aura walked together as they talked, discussing things like friends. It was weird no matter how you looked at it.

Gu Ye took a taxi and it was already past 2:00 am when he reached home. He yawned and sent a message to Zhao Pengyu: [Please help me to ask for leave at class in the morning, don’t disturb me.]

After sending the message, he turned off his phone and went to sleep.

The next morning, Lu Yize got up early and saw the new clothes next to him. He happily put them on himself. Ling Ling told him that his father would come to pick him up this morning. The child came out of the bedroom happily and found Gu Ye still sleeping on the sofa. His little action of running immediately turned into light footsteps. Walking to the sofa carefully, the child looked at Gu Ye’s sleeping face and lowered his head to Ling Ling at his feet. He said, “Shh! Little doll, don’t disturb big brother’s sleep.”

Ling Ling moved away lightly. In this family, only this child made a sound when walking, and none of them made any sound. Lu Yize followed Ling Ling and went to the study quietly. At this moment, his stomach growled. Ling Ling patted his belly and asked, “Kid, are you hungry?”

Lu Yize asked curiously, “Little doll, do you get hungry?”

Ling Ling bared her teeth in a bad way, “Of course not, I eat people at night and sleep during the day.”

Lu Yize was startled and subconsciously hid back.

Ling Ling was amused, “Stupid!” She took out 20 yuan from the small basket where Gu Ye put the change and handed it to Lu Yize, “There is a breakfast shop at the entrance of the community, go buy some buns.”

Lu Yize then realized that the little doll was just scaring him. He took it embarrassedly and promised, “I will ask Dad to pay back the money.”

Ling Ling: “Don’t forget the interest.”

“Oh.” Lu Yize opened the door of the study carefully and found that he did not wake up Gu Ye. Then he ran out on tiptoe and closed the door very lightly.

Ling Ling stood on the windowsill, holding her hands and curling her lips in disdain. With this kind of IQ, her father would not accept him as a son. Her father is satisfied with having a daughter. A daughter does not need to eat or drink water. His daughter is a ‘fairy and can grow up just by drinking some dew’4. Humph!

Just after Lu Yize bought the buns, he found a familiar car parked at the entrance of the community. Lu Yize stood in the corner and first looked at the expression of the person who got out of the car. Finding that he was not impatient or angry, unlike that irritable father, he ran over from behind the corner, a few steps away from him, and shouted, “Dad!”

Yu Guangtao heard the familiar baby-ish voice and ran over excitedly. He hugged Lu Yize and said, “Baby, Dad is here! Dad is here to take you home!”

Lu Yize’s eyes were red with a grievance, “Dad, are you cured?”

“Yes, Dad will never be a bad dad again.” Yu Guangtao hugged his son happily and was also full of emotion, his eyes couldn’t help but warm, “Let’s tell Brother Gu Ye, and we can go home. Dad will never beat you again in the future.”

Lu Yize sniffed his little nose and hugged his father’s neck happily, “But, brother is still sleeping.”

Yu Guangtao smiled and touched his son’s head, “Then let’s wait for brother to wake up.”

As soon as they arrived at Gu Ye’s door, the door was opened by someone. As soon as they entered the door, they found Gu Ye sitting lazily on the sofa, waiting for them.

“You’re so late.” Gu Ye yawned, “I thought you wouldn’t wait until dawn to rush over.”

Yu Guangtao, or Lu Ling at this time, apologized, “There was a traffic jam on the road. How is Hong Dou?”

“It’s okay. She needs to rest for a while.” Gu Ye lay down again, hugging the pillow, and said aggrievedly, “I would have to either eat takeout or do it myself during this period.”

Lu Ling felt relieved. Seeing Gu Ye like this, the corners of her mouth finally curled up, “I still have to thank her. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be standing here today.”

Gu Ye laughed, “My family members are all the same. They do things with a clear conscience and don’t need others to be grateful. You can go with the child now and live a good life in the future.”

Lu Ling took out a check from her wallet and put it on the table, “It was agreed before that you would be rewarded with 3 million for saving me.”

However, Gu Ye lazily refused, “Donate it to the charity department. After all, it’s not what you promised. I don’t want it.”

Lu Ling thought about it and understood Gu Ye meant it, and put the check away again, “Okay, I will donate to the charity every year in the future, accumulate good deeds, and pray for the children. I will bring Yize to see you when I have time in the future.”

Gu Ye smiled and almost fell asleep again wrapped in the quilt, “Okay, Yize, come and play with me when you are free.”

Lu Yize ran to Gu Ye reluctantly and saw that Gu Ye had closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep again. Smiling, he bent down and hugged Gu Ye’s head, “Brother Gu Ye, the new clothes you bought for me are very suitable and super handsome.”

Gu Ye opened his eyes and was amused, “It’s good that it’s suitable, it’s quite handsome indeed.”

“When I grow up and make money, I will buy you a lot of clothes, which is considered an interest for you.”

“Okay, I’ll remember it. I will keep a ledger for you.”

“Well, then I’m leaving, you go back to sleep.” Lu Yize looked back every 3 steps as if he couldn’t see Gu Ye for a long time.

Lu Ling smiled and said, “Silly child, if you miss him, we will come to see him. Even if 10, 20, or 50 years have passed, as long as your brother Gu Ye is still alive, you must come to pay your respects to him every year and festival. If he dies 100 years later, as long as you are still alive, you must kowtow to him and burn incense to him on the 15th day of the lunar calendar and the Qingming Festival, just like you treat your father. Remember that?”

Lu Yize didn’t quite understand, but he still nodded obediently, “I’ll remember, Dad.”

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