Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 66 Part 1

Chapter 66 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 1


Chapter 66 When enemies meet, their eyes turned red

Seeing Gu Ye acting like this, Yu Ze comforted him gently, “Really don’t worry, my father likes you very much.”

Gu Ye asked worriedly, “Really? Your father has been so looking forward to having a grandson. When he knows that you are predicted to have no descendants, he invites masters home every year to change your fate. Now that you suddenly bring back a male partner, will he really not beat me with a cane?”

Yu Ze comforted, “Don’t worry, he won’t.”

Gu Ye understood in his heart, it seems that Yu Ze has already dealt with his father. He doesn’t know how much effort Yu Ze has put in private to settle it with the old man. Gu Ye took the initiative to hold Yu Ze’s hand, “The more you say this, the more nervous I am. I’m afraid that I won’t perform well and will not live up to your feelings for me.”

Yu Ze smiled, “My father will never make it hard for you. You are so good, he likes you so much.”

Gu Ye nodded, “I think I am good too, I suddenly feel confident.”

Hearing that, Yu Ze was in a very good mood and pinched Gu Ye’s fingers, “That’s the right attitude.”

“Then what gift should I buy for Elder Tang? I don’t know what he likes.”

“He likes jade, Peking opera, and handmade wood carvings. Let’s go buy them together later.”

“Okay, but we should go to eat first. Let’s have grilled lamb chops!”

Yu Ze touched Gu Ye’s belly and said seriously, “How come you eat so much meat and don’t get fat?”

Gu Ye stared, “I grew up drinking dew1, I will never get fat.”

Although Gu Ye said that, he still finished a large plate of meat during the meal. Under Yu Ze’s gaze, Gu Ye said seriously, “I will drink dew after I am full.”

Yu Ze held back his laughter and fed Gu Ye a mouthful of hot milk tea, “This milk tea is also made with dew, so you won’t get fat if you drink it.”

Gu Ye was so amused that his eyes were bent with laughter. Yu Ze actually learned how to joke, he(GY) really made a great contribution.

After eating, the two went to a jewelry and jade shop together and bought a jade Pixiu. After wrapping it up, Gu Ye gave it to Yu Ze, “You take it. I’m afraid I’ll forget it on the day.”

Yu Ze took it and said, “Okay, I’ll manage/solve all your worries.”

Gu Ye smiled and instructed, “Write our names on the greeting card, and I want my name to be written first!”

Yu Ze can see what Gu Ye was planning2 but he didn’t care about being taken advantage of. He went along with Gu Ye’s temper and said, “Okay.”

Gu Ye was coaxed happily. Reaching home, he saw that it was still early, so he took the initiative to pull Yu Ze into his home. He got a pair of slippers for Yu Ze and said, “This was prepared for you, you can sit here for another hour.”

Yu Ze grabbed Gu Ye’s wrist and said seriously, “When you are free, come and change my house3 too.”

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, “Change what?”

Yu Ze’s mouth curled up slightly, “Change anything to however you like.”

Gu Ye smiled and used his shoulder to push Yu Ze against the door. Raising his head, he blinked mischievously, “Wife, have you decided to form a family with me and live together?”

Hearing that, Yu Ze’s eyes darkened. He lowered his eyes to look at Gu Ye’s face which came closer, “Do you know what you are doing?”

Gu Ye smiled and took a half step back. His reasoning was very simple, “I just want to admire the handsome man up close. Aiya, this eye-catching appearance of my wife, tsk tsk tsk.”

Yu Ze chuckled from anger. He stared at Gu Ye with deep eyes and said, “If you can be a little naughty, I will have a chance to stay overnight tonight.”

Gu Ye took Yu Ze’s hand and shook it left and right, “Don’t do it. You are so beautiful, I’m afraid I can’t help teasing you, and then you will be the one who suffers.”

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye’s eyes in surprise and found that he was not joking, which means that Gu Ye always thought that he was the one who suffered4. Yu Ze was so angry that he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Flipping his hand, he grabbed Gu Ye’s wrist and pulled him to his side. Then he turned around and pressed Gu Ye against the door, leaving him no way to escape. Yu Ze lowered his head and said deeply, “I think you think too much about this issue.”

“Ah?” Gu Ye tilted his head, not knowing why.

Looking at Gu Ye’s clear eyes, Yu Ze felt powerless. Gu Ye said that he was afraid that he(YZ) would suffer a loss, but Gu Ye was just talking about taking advantage of him verbally. He really had no other thoughts.

Yu Ze helplessly placed a kiss on Gu Ye’s forehead and hugged him tightly like a treasure, “Besides verbal teasing, what else can you do to take advantage of me?”

Gu Ye’s heart skipped a beat, the temperature on his forehead was not high, but he felt that his face was burning. He thought nervously, “There is nothing else, I think.”

Yu Ze: “… It’s nothing. You should study hard and graduate quickly.”

Gu Ye: “En.”

As their relationship is heating up recently, Gu Ye and Yu Ze went out openly, without hiding their relationship. The news that they went in and out of the jewelry and jade store together was quickly written into gossip news and posted on the Internet. Overnight, it was rumored that Yu Ze and Gu Ye had obtained a marriage certificate abroad and bought a ring together. The gossip was so detailed that many of Gu Ye’s fans believed it. They left a lot of comments under Gu Ye’s Weibo: [Happy wedding! May you have a long and happy marriage! May you have children soon! May you have ten!]

Gu Ye who was browsing his Weibo while eating breakfast, replied with a confused look on his face: [???]

Fans saw Gu Ye’s reaction and realized that something was wrong: [Oh! I thought the couple I was supporting was showing off their love, but it turned out to be fake!]

[Since you guys have bought rings, when are you going to get married?]

[Just get married already, I have photoshopped your wedding photos!]

[Guys, stop making trouble. They may just have a socialist brotherhood, which is very pure!]

[This reply above, even you yourself don’t believe what you said, okay? They are definitely a couple!]

[Can Gu Ye clarify whether it is true or not?]

Gu Ye posted a Weibo post speechlessly: [It’s fake! I went to buy gifts for my elders. People who write such gossip will get their paws burned no matter what they eat in the morning.]

Gu Ye’s fans are also funny people. Underneath his post, all the comments were about them lighting candles for the gossip article’s editor. There are rows of candles as if they are celebrating the Qingming Festival.

On the other hand, President Yu, who is busy with many things, took a screenshot of Gu Ye’s Weibo and asked Gu Ye: [I want to clarify something.]

Gu Ye immediately denied it: [No, you don’t want to! Shut up, thank you for your cooperation!]

On the day of Elder Tang’s birthday, Xie Cheng called to ask Gu Ye early in the morning, “Friend, how are you coming here? Do you need someone to pick you up? I can’t leave the place today because I have to greet guests.”

Gu Ye: “No need, I’m going with my friend.”

“Traveling partner?”

“No, my ‘partner’.”

“Frck!” Xie Cheng asked gossipingly, “When did you find yourself a partner? Are you in the same society? Which sect?”

“Outsider, not in the same society. You’ll know when we arrived.” Gu Ye evaded the question. If he told Xie Cheng now, it wouldn’t be shocking enough to be fun.

Gu Ye thought about how Xie Cheng would react when they got to the venue and thought it would be fun. He couldn’t help but send a message to the 3-person group: [My boyfriend is treating you guys to dinner tonight, are you coming?]

Zhao Pengyu was the first to reply: [No!!!]

Gu Ye: [Haha, you really don’t give me face!]

Xia Xiang: [Zhao Pengyu is banging his head against the wall again. If you tease him again, he will go crazy.]

Zhao Pengyu was so angry that he sent a row of table-lifting emojis: [Don’t scare me anymore! I have a bad heart!]

Gu Ye: [You worked hard, my dear nephew!]

Zhao Pengyu replied with kneeling and crying text emojis in the group. Xia Xiang sympathized with him and sent him a red envelope of 25 cents to comfort him. It was a particularly strong plastic (insincere) brotherhood.

At 10:00 am, Yu Ze drove over and picked up Gu Ye. After getting in the car and seeing Yu Ze’s face, Gu Ye couldn’t help but stretch out his claws and touch Yu Ze’s face. With a troubled look on his face, he said, “I really want to hide you and not let others see you.”

Yu Ze didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. The fact that Gu Ye could accept him must be largely because of his face.

As a junior, Xie Cheng waited at the door of Elder Tang early. The people who could come today were all Elder Tang’s friends, seniors who were highly respected in the circle. There were a few young people who were also favored by Elder Tang. They were all very good in terms of character and ability.

Xie Cheng smiled and invited the visitors into the house. Seeing Gu Ye getting out of the car from a distance, Xie Cheng’s eyes lit up and he ran over. However, after seeing the person getting out of the car behind Gu Ye, he was slightly stunned. But Xie Cheng still welcomed happily, “Brother Yu, you didn’t come together with Old Master Yu? He hasn’t arrived yet, and my master is talking about him.”

Yu Ze replied in a very good mood, “He is preparing himself mentally, so he needs some time.”

Xie Cheng laughed, “They are old friends, why does he still need to prepare himself mentally? Didn’t your family send a few koi to my master last year? They are still alive now!”

Yu Ze glanced at Gu Ye and raised the corner of his mouth. Gu Ye understood it all at once and grinned awkwardly, “Hehe, for real. Three’s no need to prepare.”

Xie Cheng secretly followed Gu Ye and asked curiously, “Where is your partner?”

Gu Ye pointed at Yu Ze beside him, “It’s him.”

“Stop it!” Xie Cheng swiped his paw on Gu Ye’s shoulder in a bad mood, “I really believed your lies! I thought you really brought a partner, and I told my master about it!”

Gu Ye held Yu Ze’s hand, and said seriously, “I’m not kidding you, don’t you know how to read fortune for the marriage line?”

Xie Cheng was shocked when he saw that Gu Ye didn’t seem to be teasing him. He stared at the two of them in amazement and explained, “My master taught me, but I didn’t learn anything except fighting.”

Gu Ye smiled and praised Xie Cheng, “You are really a talent!”

Yu Ze hugged Gu Ye’s shoulders, gently touched the place where Xie Cheng had hit him, and took him away expressionlessly.

Xie Cheng: “…I didn’t hit him hard!”

Gu Ye paused walking, looking at Yu Ze with a smile, “Do you really need to?”

Yu Ze did not reply and took Gu Ye to find Elder Tang first.

The old gentleman was 80 years old this year, and he was in good spirits. He was wearing a festive Tang suit, and there was a young man in his thirties following him. Judging from his clothes and appearance, he should have retired from this society a long time ago, and he looked like a businessman.

Before they walked in, Gu Ye looked at the face of the young man. He had slender phoenix eyes and was born with a rich and noble fate. His eyes were clear and without evil thoughts, and he was a person with outstanding abilities. The young man has a nose which is a typical truncated nose. Such people would be rich and achieve great things in middle age. Judging from his age, he was just starting to make a fortune.

Elder Tang greeted them with a smile, “Yu Ze, for you to come so early today, I am flattered! It seems that it is the credit of this young friend, Gu Ye!”

Yu Ze admitted without hiding anything, “He was afraid of being rude if he came late, so he made a fuss to come early in the morning.”

Gu Ye smiled and gave Elder Tang a gift, “I wish you good health and a long life.”

“Good, good, I’m happy today that you can come. I’m already this old…”

“Master!” The rest of Elder Tang’s words were obviously not suitable to be said on the day of his birthday. The young man next to him interrupted Elder Tang and stared at him dissatisfiedly.

Elder Tang smiled, “Don’t scold me, I won’t say anything, alright? So for Yu Ze, I don’t need to say anything as you already know about him. Let me introduce, Gu Ye, this is my second apprentice, Jiang Xu. He is not good at learning the skills, so he is not suitable for this line of work. That’s why he went to do business early.”

Jiang Xu looked at his master helplessly, and shook hands with Gu Ye politely, “I have heard of your name for a long time, and often heard Master and my junior brother mention you. Thank you for taking care of my junior brother. With you as his friend, we are feeling more assured.”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “Xie Cheng is kind-hearted and loyal, and helped me a lot.”

After a few polite words, Elder Tang told Jiang Xu, “Take them to sit inside, you should take care of them yourself.”

Jiang Xu politely gestured to Gu Ye, “Please come in.”

Gu Ye saw that Elder Tang had something to say to Yu Ze, so he followed Jiang Xu into the hall first. As Xie Cheng said, there were really not many people here, a few old people, and a few young people who looked very decent from their faces. In total, there were only about ten people together. When Gu Ye arrived, everyone present inevitably showed a look of surprise on their faces. An old man smiled and said, “I didn’t expect that Old Tang would invite such a little friend to celebrate his birthday.”

Gu Ye walked up to several old men with a smile and bowed to each of them, “Hello, seniors, I am Gu Ye.”

“Oh!” A master wearing glasses and looking like an old professor suddenly realized, “You are the junior brother of that Gu Ye, also called Gu Ye.”

Gu Ye smiled, “Yes.”

“Your senior brother is a ruthless person, but it’s a pity that we have no chance to make friends.”

Several young people greeted Gu Ye in a friendly manner and said, “Sit here, let’s have a good chat.”

This was what Yu Ze saw when he entered the hall. Hearing others say that Gu Ye’s senior brother was also called Gu Ye, he couldn’t help but frown. Is there such a coincidence? Thinking back to what Gu Ye said about his master before, he never knew that Gu Ye had a master. When there are so many doubts piled up together, it’s not a coincidence. Yu Ze always feels that there is something going on.

At this moment, Gu Ye waved to Yu Ze, and Yu Ze temporarily suppressed his doubts. When the people present saw him coming, except for a few old people, everyone else stood up. Yu Ze nodded indifferently as a greeting and sat coldly beside Gu Ye. His indifferent expression made people unable to approach him.

In less than 2 minutes, someone said from outside, “Old Yu is here. Finally, everyone has arrived!”

Gu Ye paused with a smile on his face, “He’s here?”

Yu Ze held Gu Ye’s hand, and a smile appeared in his eyes, “He has arrived, you can’t run away.”

When Yu Ze smiled, everyone who saw that was stunned. Gu Ye was amused and replied, “I didn’t want to run away.”

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