Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 64 Part 2

Chapter 64 Yu Guangtao (ETL) Part 2


Chapter 64 Gu Ye: I’m here to cause trouble, come out and fight!

Lu Ling held the talismans, which also contained the spirit-gathering talisman. After absorbing the ghost energy, her soul also stabilized. She said worriedly, “Be careful, I will come back to find you when I am done.”

Gu Ye waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it. This is our family affair now. These talismans can keep you safe. Don’t forget to pick up the child tomorrow.”

Lu Ling opened her mouth but didn’t say anything. Knowing that she couldn’t help at all, she bowed to the two of them gratefully and flew away.

Gu Ye stood up with a cold face and walked towards Ghost General step by step. Ghost General raised his foot, and Wu Xizhao just raised his head. Next, he was lifted up by a strong force. Before Wu Xizhao could see who was in front of him, he was hit in the face with a punch. The force was so strong that his gums were loosened, and stars appeared in his eyes.

“Gu Ye?”

Gu Ye sneered, “Wu Xizhao, you old thing still doesn’t change!”

The statement caused Wu Xizhao to take a breath of cold air. Stunned by the blow, he asked in horror, “Aren’t you dead?”

“Open your dog eyes and look, who am I?”

Wu Xizhao shook his head and finally saw Gu Ye’s appearance clearly. Although they were both beautiful, Gu Ye was younger. He breathed a sigh of relief, “You are Gu Ye’s junior brother.”

Gu Ye then kicked Wu Xizhao, causing him to kneel on the ground. With a gloomy face, Gu Ye grabbed the back of his neck and slammed his head down. With a THUMP, Wu Xizhao hit the ground, facing the direction where Hong Dou was sitting. Gu Ye raised the corners of his mouth, with cold murderous intent in his eyes, “Remember this in the future. You can’t afford to offend this face. You can’t afford to offend anyone who has anything to do with Laozi!”

Wu Xizhao said aggrievedly, “That’s a spirit! The spirit that protects the evil ghost!”

“Spirit?” Gu Ye sneered, “Let’s not talk about the legitimate reasons why my sister protects that ghost. Even if she is an evil spirit, you don’t need to take action to deal with her!”

Luo Huai watched his uncle being beaten up, but couldn’t help but rush over, “Let my uncle go!”

Gu Ye elbowed Luo Huai expressionlessly and said, “Shut up! Otherwise, I’ll beat you too!”

Luo Huai was hit so hard that he squatted on the ground. Holding his stomach, his face turned pale from the pain.

Gu Ye pinched Wu Xizhao’s neck and forced him to kowtow several times, saying regretfully, “You should thank the rule of the lawful society, otherwise you would have lost your life tonight.”

Wu Xizhao was beaten by Gu Ye without any power to fight back. He felt so aggrieved and angry that his eyes turned red. After hearing what Gu Ye said, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Gu Ye didn’t dare to take his life.

Gu Ye let Wu Xizhao go and clapped his hands in disgust, “Let’s go to the Xuanshu Association headquarters. I want to ask which idiot arranged for this dumb shiet to go out so late at night!”

Luo Huai raised his head in shock, “What?”

Gu Ye kicked Wu Xizhao on the back in a bad mood, “Get up, don’t play dead. I’ll capture your soul if you die!”

Wu Xizhao was beaten so hard that he shouted weakly, “I’m going to call the police! You’re using violence against me!”

“Oh?” Gu Ye smiled, “Just call the police. If they can find any injuries, I can only blame my skills for not being good enough.”

Ghost General had already picked up Wu Xizhao, and Wu Xizhao couldn’t struggle free, “You are illegally imprisoning me!”

Gu Ye called a taxi and asked with a smile, “Did I tie you up? Since you’re so awesome, why don’t you run away?”

Ghost General stared at Wu Xizhao with a predatory gaze, looking at him like a dead object.

Wu Xizhao was so angry that he trembled all over. He whispered with resentment, “Gu Ye, you will be like your senior brother, abandoned by everyone and die a miserable death!”

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows and said proudly, “My senior brother was indeed abandoned. He crawled out of a pile of dead bodies at the age of 5. He ate from ‘hundreds of homes’ and experienced the warmth and coldness of the world in an orphanage. His life was quite hard.”

“But he was adopted by his master when he was 6 years old and became famous in the Xuanshu world at the age of 10. Who in the entire Xuanshu circle can compare with him? He saved the lives of millions of people. What did you bunch of trash do? He has been dead for almost a year, and you still talk about him with fear. You all lie under his halo, as humble as a stink bug. Who has a more wonderful life than him? Do you think he died a miserable death?”

“Hehe,” Gu Ye laughed happily, “No, you don’t know how much God loves him.” After Gu Ye finished speaking, his expression suddenly turned cold, “If he dares to run, chop down his soul. Let him die on the spot, his soul will be scattered, and he will never be reborn.”

Wu Xizhao was frightened by the pair of dark pupils and trembled, not daring to say a word.

After stuffing Wu Xizhao into the car, Gu Ye looked at Luo Huai, who was frightened and stuffed him in as well. Luo Huai looked at his uncle with complicated eyes and asked in a low voice, “Uncle, Gu Ye saved people, why do you say he will not die well?”

Wu Xizhao glared at him, “Junior, shut up!”

Luo Huai shut his mouth in grievance. As the junior, he had no right to speak.

The headquarters of Xuanshu Association is an office building, with staff dormitories above and a lobby on the first floor, where guests are received and tasks are given to employees. From the outside, this is a very normal small company.

Only people who know metaphysics can see that there are many formations around, which are for attracting wealth, bringing blessings, suppressing ghosts, and preventing evil… There are all kinds of formations. Especially in front of the door.

It is said that what you do will attract the same thing. For those who learn the mysterious arts, the soul is a great tonic for evil ghosts. The people from the Xuanshu association are also afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night. So they also set up a magic circle in front of the door to prevent evil spirits from entering and buried talismans in the surrounding soil.

Gu Ye got out of the car in front of the door and said lightly, “Chop it down!”

Ghost General jumped down from the roof of the car without saying a word. Holding a big knife, he slashed down. Gu Ye pinched a finger gesture, and purple lightning jumped on his fingertips. With a flick of his finger, the talisman on the door was directly chopped into pieces.

Gu Ye strode into the hall with Wu Xizhao in his hand and flung him on the floor, “Playing with talismans in front of me, what a joke.”

“Gu Ye!”

The young man who was drowsy at the front desk opened his eyes hazily. When he saw Gu Ye’s face, whose photo was nailed to the wall by the Xuanshu Association as a warning to the younger generation, he sobered up right away and was so scared that he pressed the alarm.

Gu Ye shrugged his shoulders. After living two lives, this place is still so hostile to him.

The commotion could be heard from the dormitory above.

“An evil ghost appeared in the middle of the night?”

“No, it is said that it is Gu Ye!”

“Again? Didn’t Gu Ye die? Damn it, Gu Ye’s ghost is back?”

“Gu Ye’s soul was scattered, and he couldn’t be summoned. It was his junior brother who was also called Gu Ye who came!”

“I was scared. I thought Gu Ye’s ghost came back!”

A group of members got dressed and went downstairs. They saw a young man in his twenties sitting steadily in the VIP seat at the reception desk in the hall. He tilted his head and smiled at nearly a hundred of people from the association. Gu Ye said calmly, “Yo, it’s so late now and I’m sorry to disturb you all. I’m here to make trouble.”

When everyone thought of Gu Ye’s background, they immediately understood that this Gu Ye might be more difficult to deal with than that Gu Ye. The other one had no backing and no background, but this one was Gu Decheng’s son. Who dared to touch him?

Gu Ye crossed his legs, “Where’s the ones in charge? Come out and talk. You guys are not qualified yet.”

“You! You are going too far!” An older man came out, pointed at Gu Ye’s nose, and trembled with anger, “You have no respect for your elders! Is this how Shao Fuxian taught you?!”

Gu Ye tsk-ed a few times before saying, “Why don’t you go down and ask him how he taught?”

The old Taoist’s face turned red with anger, and he couldn’t think of a word to scold Gu Ye, “You! Scum!”

Gu Ye rolled his eyes, he was too lazy to confront an opponent of this level.

A young man said loudly, “Call the police! Just arrest him directly, it’s a waste of time!”

Gu Ye smiled, “You can call the police to arrest me but as long as I am not dead, I guarantee that everyone from the Xuanshu Association can’t continue to work.”

At this moment, the crowd separated to make way for someone. A middle-aged man with a calm face walked in. Seeing Gu Ye, he said with a headache, “Gu Ye, I’m here to talk. Am I qualified?”

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, “Among this group of managers, you are pretty good. I remember you. You went to the mountain to find me before, Qi Zong.”

Qi Zong waved his hand and let the onlookers disperse, leaving only the two parties involved – Wu Xizhao and Luo Huai, two older people in charge, and a receptionist who passed the message.

Qi Zong said calmly, “If there is anything wrong, I apologize to you on behalf of the association. However, if it is not justifiable, you have to give us an explanation for making such a fuss tonight.”

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, feeling some admiration for this leader. “The rules in this industry are that there must be a cause and an effect. If a ghost wants to take revenge on those who owe them karma, we have no right to interfere, right?”

Qi Zong nodded, “Based on the cause and effect, it is true.”

Gu Ye pointed at Wu Xizhao, “Then why did he block Lu Ling? Aren’t you the ones who care about this kind of shitty rule the most? Why don’t you follow them now? Or did that bastard give you guys too much money that you don’t even follow the rules?”

Qi Zong frowned, “What’s going on?”

Wu Xizhao said aggrievedly, “The task I received is to eliminate evil ghosts.”

Gu Ye sneered, “If the top beam is not straight, the bottom beam will be crooked! Don’t you guys do an inspection first before accepting a task? Leader Qi, you guys in the investigation team should all be eating medicine for brain-dead. Any task can be accepted as long as there’s money? And you!”

Gu Ye kicked Wu Xizhao, “Didn’t you see what happened at the scene? Lu Ling is obviously the victim, are you blind?! Or did that bastard promise to give you some benefits?”

“No!” Wu Xizhao retorted, so quickly that it made people see that he was hiding something.

Qi Zong was scolded to the point that he had no reason to refute. He looked at Wu Xizhao unhappily, “Ridiculous!”

Wu Xizhao lowered his head in dismay and did not dare to quibble anymore.

Qi Zong clenched his fists in anger and said, “I will investigate this matter thoroughly. Those who deserve punishment must accept the punishment.”

Gu Ye sneered, “Punishment? That’s your internal matter. The purpose of my coming here today is very simple, I want an explanation.“

“First, you guys violated the principles and hurt innocent people for money. This is your internal matter. You owe the entire Xuanshu society an explanation. Whether you want to say it or not, how to say it, depends on whether you have a backbone. If you are all soft earthworms, dare to do it but not take responsibility, I can’t do anything.“

“Second, apologize to my sister on behalf of the entire society! You didn’t teach people well and killed innocent people indiscriminately, you are all wrong!”

Gu Ye: This matter is not over!

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