Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 64 Part 1

Chapter 64 Yu Guangtao (ETL) Part 1


Chapter 64 Gu Ye: I’m here to cause trouble, come out and fight!

Lu Ling returned home with hope, but she didn’t expect that as soon as she entered the door, she would be greeted by a terrible scene that would cause her soul to be destroyed.

The house was full of talismans to kill ghosts. Bright yellow talisman paper, blood-colored cinnabar, and murderous intent everywhere. Lu Ling realized that something was wrong right away and retreated in a hurry, but it was too late. A Bagua mirror shone from a hidden place, and the scorching temperature directly burned Lu Ling’s soul. The power that hurt her soul made Lu Ling scream in agony, and her soul emitted white smoke after being burned. She wanted to escape, but a middle-aged man wearing Taoist clothes and holding a horsetail whisk blocked the door and said coldly, “You are already dead, how dare you wander around in the world and hurt people?”

Lu Ling was forced into a corner and said desperately, “I have no other way, my son is still waiting for me.”

The master said regretfully, “Then your soul will be scattered. After all, people and ghosts are different entities. Don’t be stubborn.”

When Lu Ling heard this, she knew that this master was not as easy to talk to as Gu Ye. He was determined to kill her. She said in grief and anger, “I am the victim here, I am the one who was killed!”

The master said coldly, “Since I’m here, I can’t just watch you harm people. I only care about ghost-related matters, not humans.”

At this moment, Yu Guangtao quietly opened the door a crack and said fearfully, “That’s right, Master, save me! I knew it, that previous master was unreliable. Catch her quickly! She wants to kill me!”

“Yu Guangtao!” Lu Ling spat out the name word by word. The resentment on her body became stronger and stronger, and her pupils gradually turned red, “You scum! Beast!”

“Master, look at her like this! She was fierce when she was alive, and she still wants to kill people when she is dead!”

Yu Guangtao was frightened by Lu Ling’s expression and his legs went weak. He didn’t dare to move forward at all, and only begged the master, “Master, save me! After this, I’ll proceed with payment to your boss. Then, I will give you another 2 million yuan as incense money!”

Lu Ling was so angry that she was shaking all over. She rushed towards Yu Guangtao with hatred, “You used the money I earned to buy my life!”

The master’s gaze turned cold. He raised the horsetail whisk in his hand and swung it at Lu Ling. This ghost was not full of resentment, nor did she have a bloody aura, so it was very easy to deal with.

At this moment, a red wide sleeve swung over, and the master’s heart jumped. He didn’t dare to take it head-on and took two steps back vigilantly. Because female ghosts wearing red clothes are generally very violent. It was very easy for them to absorb the resentment of heaven and earth, and become evil ghosts. If they are not careful when dealing with red-clothes female ghosts, they can easily get injured.

However, after the red shadow flashed, Lu Ling also disappeared. The master finally realized that something was wrong. He did not detect any ghostly energy.

Got fooled!

The master’s expression turned cold, and he shouted to the person hiding outside the window, “Stop them!”

A peach wood sword slashed out a white light and successfully stopped Hong Dou and Lu Ling. If Gu Ye was here, he would definitely recognize that this little apprentice was the little Luo Huai he met in his master’s hometown. But the person he was following now was not his master Huai Xiang Guo, but his uncle, Wu Xizhao.

[Banana: In case anyone forgot, Luo Huai appears in Chapter 28, in the ghost-wedding case where an evil spirit snatched a female ghost to become his bride]

Luo Huai was slightly stunned when he saw Hong Dou, and for a moment he couldn’t bring himself to attack her. Hong Dou chanted Buddha’s scripture every day, so she naturally had some Buddhist nature in her body. The resentment that didn’t originally belong to her also disappeared. If it wasn’t for her spiritual body, she would look just like an ordinary person.

Wu Xizhao ran out from behind and saw that his nephew did not take action, so he scolded, “She is helping the evil ghost! She must not be a good thing as well, get her!”

Hong Dou supported Lu Ling and asked gently, “I have never harmed anyone, why do you have to take my life?”

Luo Huai added with uncertainty, “Uncle, she has no ghostly aura or resentment, she really has never harmed anyone.”

“You know shit! She is a spirit, not a ghost! Once a spirit does evil, it is more terrible than a ghost. It is better to kill her than to let her go. Kill her!”

Wu Xizhao rushed forward with his horsetail whisk raised and swung out 3 times. After all, Hong Dou had no experience in fighting with others. She was gentle and kind, so she could only block and retreat. Wu Xizhao has been famous in the circle for many years, and he is really capable. The horsetail whisk in his hand emits white light, and when it hits the soul, there is a kind of pain that weakens the ghost/spirit.

Hong Dou has no way to avoid the attacks. She raised the red umbrella with a pale face to resist but the red umbrella was broken after a few hits. This red umbrella is connected to her life. When the red umbrella broke, her spirit body shook and became more transparent. She was seriously injured.

Lu Ling pushed Hong Dou away anxiously, blocking in front of the 2 masters, “Miss, I can’t let you get in trouble, please leave quickly. Go back and tell Master Gu that I can’t repay his kindness, I have to shamelessly ask him to adopt my son again!”

After Lu Ling finished speaking, she rushed forward with a thick ghost aura all over her body. However, facing a horsetail whisk and a peach wood sword, Lu Ling’s resentment soon cut down, leaving only a thin layer of soul, wavering weakly like a candle in the wind. She looked back in despair, her eyes reddened, “Why didn’t you leave?!”

Hong Dou smiled slightly, and her beautiful figure walked over step by step, “If I leave, your soul will be scattered, and they will not let me go either. It’s better to delay for a while and seek a glimmer of a chance to live.”

As Hong Dou spoke, she raised his hand, and a pipa appeared in her hand. She hooked her fingers and made a pulsing sound. Lu Ling’s soul which was about to disperse was shaken, and the pain didn’t hurt so much now.

Wu Xizhao frowned, the more he looked at Hong Dou, the more familiar she looked. “Red clothes, red umbrella, ancient pipa, stunning beauty, I remember! Are you the spirit in the painting raised by Gu Ye?”

Hong Dou’s smile was still gentle and moving. Her beautiful face was even more pitiful because of the injury, making people want to care for her. She lightly replied, “Yes, I am the spirit in painting that belonged to Gu Ye. When you mentioned his name, I saw fear.”

With a slender finger hook, Hong Dou’s red sleeves fluttered in the rapid sound of the pipa. She wrapped around Lu Ling’s soul and jumped away. The red clothes were dancing in the air, and Luo Huai was stunned for a while.

Wu Xizhao kicked Luo Huai in anger, “Chase after her! We must not let her go! Kill her while she is down!”

Getting kicked, Luo Huai looked aggrieved and asked, “Why?”

Wu Xizhao rushed forward anxiously, “Gu Ye that a kind of person, if you hurt the spirit he raised, how could he let the matter go?! Kill this spirit in the painting first!”

Gu Ye’s name is simply a curse for the older generation. Even though they all know that he is dead and the current one is his junior brother, this name still gives people a headache. In addition, the two have the same unruly temperament, so they are unnaturally regarded as one.

The two chased the ghost and spirit all the way to a park. Wu Xizhao saw Hong Dou supporting Lu Ling, their souls both unstable and about to disperse. He sneered, “I knew you couldn’t run far!”

The whisk swept an arc of white light, and Hong Dou dodged it narrowly. Then, a red net appeared in front of her. When she turned her head again, the nets surrounded her from all directions.

Taking Lu Ling with her, Hong Dou had nowhere to go, so she had to stop. She smiled and said to Lu Ling, “Tell him to take good care of himself and make sure he eats breakfast.”

The random sentence caused Lu Ling to be stunned. Before she could react, she was thrown out by a strong force. Lu Ling flew far away. After she stopped, she looked back and was horrified to see that Hong Dou had been entangled in the red net, and her spirit body gradually became transparent.

“Hong Dou!!” Lu Ling knelt on the ground in despair, and a tear of blood flowed out of regret. She caused an innocent girl to be harmed and died for her sake!

Hong Dou’s mouth curved up and signaled to the other party with her eyes, ‘Go, don’t look back.’

Thousands of years in the painting is like a day, and she sat dully in the mountainous forest. Only the days she followed Gu Ye were her happiest. Unfortunately, this was probably her fate. However, the few months of being able to move freely and feel the joy of being a human being was enough. Hong Dou looked up, glanced at the stars in the sky again, and closed her eyes with regret.

At this moment, a powerful ghost energy fell over Hong Dou. The bone-chilling coldness flew past, and Hong Dou opened her eyes in shock. A black shadow flashed in front of her, and she suddenly felt lighter. The Ghost General wearing a ghost mask tore open the ghost-catching magic weapon with his bare hands, and with a kick, he sent it back to the middle-aged Taoist priest.

“Hold on! Gu Ye will be here soon.” Ghost General’s voice was low, a little hoarse, and cold. It was not gentle, but Hong Dou suddenly felt relieved and said weakly, “Thank you.”

“This is a treasure passed down from my master!” Wu Xizhao held the net with trembling hands, glaring at Ghost General with gritted teeth, “You destroyed it just like that!”

Lu Ling rushed back again and helped Hong Dou to the side. Having freed his hands, Ghost General swept the big knife in his hand and cut off the horsetail whisk beside Wu Xizhao. He didn’t say anything, but the meaning was very clear. I destroyed another one of your treasures, what can you do about that?

Wu Xizhao’s eyes were red with hatred. He grabbed the peach wood sword from Luo Huai and rushed forward, “I will kill you, evil ghost!”

“Uncle Master! My sword!” Luo Huai just finished shouting this sentence and saw that the peach wood sword passed down to him by his master broke into two pieces. Luo Huai was so angry that he almost cried, “That was the token of the head of the sect passed down to me by my master, and it’s gone!”

Then, looking at Ghost General’s body again, Luo Huai noticed that there was actually a layer of purple aura wrapped around it. Obviously, this ghost is not ordinary. It has an owner, and the owner is blessed by God. It is an existence that cannot be provoked.

Luo Huai cried in anger, “Uncle Master, look at his body! What kind of purple aura can contain the heavy killing intent of this ghost? The fate of an emperor! The son of destiny! No matter how many treasures you have, it is not enough to attack it! Let’s run!”

After breaking 2 treasures in a row, Wu Xizhao finally calmed down. Seeing the purple aura on Ghost General, he took two steps back with a pale face and turned around and ran.

Luo Huai was stunned for a moment. Realizing that he was left behind, he climbed up with a pale face to chase after his uncle master.

Ghost General snorted coldly and flew over along the ground with a ghostly aura. He kicked Luo Huai to the ground first, then raised his sword and hit Wu Xizhao on the back, knocking him to the ground, and then stepped on him.

Wu Xizhao struggled for a while, but couldn’t move. Death was so close to him, he asked tremblingly, “Whose ghost are you? Is it Gu Ye?”

The answer Wu Xizhao got was a kick, Ghost General didn’t talk to him at all. Since the Ghsot General caught him but didn’t kill him, Wu Xizhao asked angrily, “What do you want to do?” He was answered with another kick, this time getting stepped on the head.

The Ghost General slapped the man’s face on the ground, leaving the person only concerned with breathing some air and no time to talk.

Luo Huai rolled on the ground for more than 2 meters from the force. When he raised his head, he saw that his uncle was controlled. He got up and wanted to rush over, but Ghost General looked at him coldly. With that scary ghost face and cold eyes, Luo Huai was so scared that he swallowed his saliva and sat there without daring to move.

Everyone could see that Ghost General was waiting for someone, the person who would handle this matter.

Wu Xizhao was trampled for a quarter of an hour before he heard the sound of a car. Gu Ye got out of the car, cursing, and vowed to buy a sports car tomorrow! Then, buy a plane next year! It was too hard for him to go out1!

Hong Dou was seen meditating on the ground from a distance. Her figure was almost transparent, but she was still there. Gu Ye’s heart, which had been heavy with uncertainties all the way, finally relaxed, and then his anger rose up. He ran to Hong Dou, bit his finger, and drew a talisman on Hong Dou’s forehead. Hong Dou took a deep breath and opened her eyes. When she saw Gu Ye, she smiled at him tiredly.

Gu Ye had a cold expression on his face. Pulling Hong Dou’s hand to him, Gu Ye bit another finger, and drew talismans on the back of both her hands. The pure Yin energy from the moonlight passed through the talismans and dispersed into Hong Dou’s body. Hong Dou’s body gradually stabilized and her face looked much better.

“Enough, stop drawing.” Hong Dou knew that Gu Ye was most afraid of pain, so she grabbed his hand and bandaged it. “I’m fine now.”

Gu Ye still had a gloomy face as he threw a handful of talismans at Lu Ling. “Madam Lu, go and do your thing. I will handle the matters here.”

Lu Ling looked at Hong Dou worriedly, “I…”

“Just go,” Gu Ye urged, “It must be before 1 a.m., so don’t miss the time.”

Hong Dou smiled, “Go, Yi Ze is still waiting for you to pick him up.”

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