Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 63 Part 2

Chapter 63 Yu Guangtao (ETL) Part 2


Chapter 63 Giving You a Good Father

Lu Yize kept a tight face, not crying or making a fuss, and was obediently led out by Gu Ye. The child didn’t say a word. Until Gu Ye noticed that he was wearing little to go outside. Taking off his own coat, Gu Ye wrapped it around Lu Yize, and asked with a smile, “Are you cold? You came out in such a hurry, I should have brought you a coat.”

Lu Yize pursed his lips tightly. His eyes suddenly turned red and tears fell down, crying without making any sound. The more he cried, the more heartbreaking it was.

Gu Ye wiped Lu Yize’s tears with a smile and approached the child. Then he asked with a smile, “Little man, you can’t hold it back? Then if you want to cry, just cry. I won’t laugh at you.”

Before Gu Ye finished speaking, Lu Yize hugged his neck. The child finally couldn’t hold it back and cried aggrievedly. Gu Ye patted the child’s back with pity, letting him vent to his heart’s content. After crying for 3 minutes, a taxi arrived and several passers-by stopped to watch them.

Lu Yize stopped crying and asked Gu Ye with sobs, “Big brother, am I really not my father’s child?”

Gu Ye gently touched the child’s head, “You are, he is just sick and doesn’t recognize you.”

Lu Yize asked hopefully, “Then can Big Brother cure Dad?”

Gu Ye promised with a smile, “Yes, but tell big brother, which father do you like?”

Lu Yize thought about it and tears fell again, “I like my mother. I miss my mother. Big brother, can you bring my mother back?”

Gu Ye gave a helpless smile. He pulled Lu Yize by his little hand into the taxi and held the child in his arms. Then he lightly said, “Your mother has gone to another world, she can’t come back. Little friend, you must learn to face the facts at any time. If you live well, your mother will be relieved. Let me ask you again, which father do you like?”

Lu Yize finally accepted the fact that his mother would never come back. Wiping away his tears, he wrinkled his red nose and replied softly, “I like the father who cooks for me, sends me to school, and accompanies me with my homework.”

“Okay,” Gu Ye put his chin on the child’s head and squinted his eyes. Then he said solemnly, “Then big brother will cure your father’s illness I’ll let him cook for you, send you to school, and accompany you to do homework until you grow up, okay?”

Lu Yize raised his head in surprise, “Really?”

Gu Ye smiled, “Really.”

Lu Yize’s little face instantly formed a smile. He clenched his little fist and seemed to be full of expectations for the future.

After bringing Lu Yize home, Hong Dou had already prepared the meal in advance. The child was surprised (by the freshly made food) and said, “Wow! Is there a snail maiden1 at Big Brother’s house? So amazing!”

Gu Ye replied with a smile, “That’s right. Big Brother has a very kind snail maiden here. She will do everything at home well, and she is very beautiful.”

Hearing that, Lu Yize who was eating the meal widened his eyes with curiosity, “How beautiful is she? Is she as beautiful as my mother?”

Gu Ye thought for a while, “That may not be the case, because in your heart, your mother is the most beautiful.”

Lu Yize nodded and said seriously, “Yes, my mother is the most beautiful.”

Hong Dou stood beside Lu Yize with a smile. She stretched out a finger and poked Lu Yize’s little face. The child didn’t notice it at all and ate a small bowl of rice happily.

Gu Ye saw the gentle smile in Hong Dou’s eyes and teased, “Sister, when you finally cultivate a physical body, whether you become a human or a demon, you should find a decent person and give birth to a child yourself.”

Hong Dou shyly shook her head, “That will be a hundred years later.”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “I will be dead by then. You must keep your eyes open. Because if you are bullied, I will not be able to help you vent your anger.”

Hong Dou’s expression paused, and she glared at Gu Ye in feigned anger, “You are still so young, don’t mention the word death.”

Gu Ye smiled. Not concerned about the matter of life or death, just fight if you don’t agree with it. Isn’t that what life is like? It’s not much of a taboo actually.

In the end, children are children. Lu Yize did a lot of things today, and he couldn’t bear it mentally and physically. Hence he felt sleepy after eating dinner. Gu Ye found someone to run errands and bought 2 sets of clothes for the child. Before he could let Yize try them on, the child fell asleep on the sofa. Gu Ye picked him up helplessly and sent him to his bedroom.

Gu Ye asked Ling Ling to watch over Lu Yize and close the door. Returning to the living room, he turned off all the lights in the house. Next, he lit a soul-guiding lamp and placed the mirror he brought back today under the lamp.

Not long after, Lu Ling came out of the mirror with a pale face. She doesn’t have enough resentment power to start with. The fact that she is still in the mortal plane is due to her will to protect her child. When she fought with Gu Ye, she used the power of her soul, and now her soul is still a little unstable. She saw everything that happened afterward in the mirror. Without waiting for Gu Ye to speak, she knelt in front of Gu Ye and kowtowed heavily, “Master, please adopt my child.”

Gu Ye dodged the kowtow2 sideways. Then with a bit of ghostly aura wrapped around his hand, he quickly helped the other party up, “If Madam had been so easy to talk to earlier, we wouldn’t have to waste our energies.”

Lu Ling said apologetically, “I’m sorry. It’s because he was the one who invited you and you saw through me at a glance. I don’t dare to gamble. If I’m not here anymore, my son will fall into his hands…” Lu Ling continued painfully, “The child has suffered too much.”

Gu Ye nodded to show his understanding, and he lit another incense stick, “This incense can stabilize your soul, let’s sit down and talk.”

Lu Ling thanked Gu Ye and sat down. Soon she noticed Hong Dou walking back and forth at home and then looked at Kuman Thong who was praying with a talisman. After that, she looked at the black cat lying on the windowsill. A pair of green cat eyes half-closed but actually staring at her closely. Lu Ling now completely believes that Gu Ye will help her. Because which Taoist priest would raise so many ghostly things in their home?

She took a while to calm down. After her soul absorbed the soul-stabilizing incense, she was no longer so weak. Then she slowly told her story, “We were college classmates. He was very good to me before. He was good at studying, had a good temper, and was excellent in all aspects. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.”

Lu Ling smiled self-deprecatingly, “I took the initiative to pursue him. It is said that when a girl pursues a boy, the difficulty is as thin as a veil. It didn’t take long for us to be together. He came from a poor family and was raised by his mother. Later, his mother passed away and he was left alone at home. I am an only child and will take over my father’s business in the future so he had to marry into my family for me.”

At this point, Lu Ling shook her head and said sarcastically, “Now that I think about it, his purpose of being together with me may not be so simple.”

Gu Ye lit another stick of incense, “Don’t be in a hurry, take your time.”

Lu Ling calmed down, “When my father was alive, he behaved very well, treated me well, and cared about the children. We were really happy in those years. Just 2 years ago, my father suddenly got bone cancer and died within 3 months. I had to take over the company. I was young, inexperienced, and a woman, so I was inevitably looked down upon. I had to go to social events, build relationships, and find connections. He said I was too tired and wanted to join the company to help me. But I didn’t agree because my father was worried about my husband before he died, and made me promise that I would not let him join the company, otherwise, he would die with regrets. My father should have seen that my husband had bad intentions a long time ago, but I was the only one who foolishly believed him.”

After calming down for half a minute, Lu Ling continued, “Since then, he has changed. He suspected the child to be not his own blood. He would use all kinds of reasons to quarrel with me, so I had to do a paternity test. When the result was out, he suspected that I had faked it and thought that I bribed the doctor with money to deceive him. No matter how I explained, he didn’t believe it.”

Lu Ling sighed and said weakly, “Later, he found a mistress and often didn’t go home. I was too busy at work and really had no time to bother with him. He took advantage of my absence to abuse Yize and called him a bastard child.” At this point, Lu Ling’s expression turned cold, “I wanted a divorce, but he didn’t agree. This is because before we got married, my father didn’t agree with my marriage with him and forced us to sign a divorce agreement. If we divorced, Yu Guangtao would leave the house without taking anything. We quarreled several times and one night, he pretended to beg for peace. After tricking me home, he gave me wine with a lot of sleeping pills and drowned me in the bathtub.”

Gu Ye nodded, picked up the broken mirror, and looked at it from both sides. “Then, you were in the mirror.”

“Yes, I don’t know why, but my soul stayed in the mirror. I saw him ignore the child after I died, and beat or scold him. I wanted to kill him every day.” Lu Ling said more and more hatefully, “Three months ago, he got drunk and came back to beat the child. I was so angry at the time that I walked out of the mirror.”

Gu Ye explained, “Mirrors are also called soul-sucking mirrors. Some old people hang a mirror at the door. When they go home in the middle of the night, they are afraid that they may bring something terrible back with them. Looking in the mirror will make them feel at ease. Sometimes, the sayings of the older generation cannot be disregarded. You can come out because your resentment is getting stronger and stronger. A mother is strong. I only understood this sentence today.”

Picking up the cinnabar pen, Gu Ye began to draw talismans on the back of the mirror. “This talisman can suppress a person’s soul. No matter how strong your resentment is, you can’t come out again. Don’t point it at yourself when you use it.”

Lu Ling asked in shock, “Master, what do you mean by this?”

“Touch it before using it, and then angle the smooth side to face other people.” Gu Ye smiled and wrapped the mirror before handing it to Lu Ling, “I’m still young. I just want to be raised by others and I don’t want to raise a child at all. The child will stay with me tonight. Remember to pick him up tomorrow morning and give him a normal home.”

Lu Ling finally understood what Gu Ye meant. The huge surprise seemed to have fallen from the sky. She will be able to accompany her child to grow up in the future! This favor was too great. Lu Ling didn’t know how to thank Gu Ye. She knelt in front of Gu Ye again excitedly, “Thank you, Master Gu! Thank you!”

“Aiya! Get up quickly!” Gu Ye couldn’t dodge in time and said, “It’s just a small effort for me. You have to do the revenge yourself. Karma is retribution. This is what he owes you. This mirror can only suppress him for 30 years. After 30 years, the lifespan of his body will also be up. Then you can take him away with you.”

Lu Ling said with emotion, “30 years is enough. As long as the child grows up safely, I will be relieved.”

Standing up, Gu Ye turned to the person standing behind him and said, “Sister Hong Dou, can you do me a favor and send her back? I run too slowly.”

Hong Dou smiled gently, “Okay, go to bed early. You have to go to school tomorrow. I will be back soon.”

After Hong Dou took Lu Ling away, Gu Ye washed up and lay down. With a little guy beside him, Gu Ye was uncomfortable no matter how he slept. In the end, Gu Ye simply carried the pillow to the sofa and slept there.

After finding a comfortable position and dozing for a few minutes, Gu Ye suddenly felt his eyebrows jump and had a bad premonition. He quickly sat up, pinched his fingers, and counted, and his expression suddenly turned cold.

Ringing the bell on his wrist, Gu Ye quickly changed his clothes. Sensing that the ghostly aura outside the window was getting closer, Gu Ye ran out and said, “Brother Ghost General, go save Sister Hong Dou. Just chop down anyone who dares to hurt her! I will bear the responsibility and punishment from Heaven!”

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